Match Report Guidelines for Parent

These guidelines apply to parents (and older players) that are interested in authoring a Match Report for one of our junior games.


All of the magnificent moments of each FJFC footy season deserve to be recorded in history.

There are no rules! We are happy to receive distinctive reports.

However, while writers are free to choose any structure they choose (no doubt we have many talented writers in the club), here are some guidelines for a simple, easy to follow structure:

  1. Setting the story up
  • Who was the opponent?
  • Where was the match played? When? What was the weather like?
  • Who was missing? Back from injury? Back from Bali?
  1. What happened in the first quarter?
  2. What happened in the second quarter?
  3. What did your coach say at half-time?
  4. What happened in the third quarter?
  5. What happened in the final quarter?
  6. Conclusion – summary and looking forward.

Some Ideas

  • Describe passages of play, especially goals, but also other important moments
  • Mention good things your team-mates did
  • Analysis: perhaps explain some of the key factors in the team’s performance – in a positive way
  • Inclusion: try to mention as many players as you can
  • Tone: warm, friendly, playful, fun, encouraging, earnest (where appropriate!)
  • Mention something funny that happened. e.g. A fox terrier called Samantha started lining up in the forward pocket and we couldn’t catch her
  • Mention something about what you might do next week to continue to improve
  • Mention a connection you might have to Fitzroy – perhaps you could use Google to find out which Fitzroy and Brisbane Lions players have worn your number and


  • The Team Page allows easy incorporation of images with each match report
  • At least one image should be provided with each match report
  • A total of three images in total can be posted on the Team Page for any particular match report
  • Remember the team photo gallery will cater for all full match day photos – these should not be all posted in the Team Page news (Match Report), but you can provide a link to the the team photo gallery

How many words for your Match Report? That’s up to you. But the report doesn’t have to be long. Just enough to tell the story of the game.


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