The Fitzroy Junior Football Club’s purpose is to assist our players to strive to their full potential as people and footballers.

Our financial and operational planning will be focused on enhancing the experience at our club for both players and parents, ensuring our players are supplied the best resources possible, to maximise their development.



  • Junior v IvanhoeFitzroy Junior Football Club will always hold fairness and sportsmanship above on field success. The safety and well being of our players is paramount to our culture.
  • We aim to support and develop all our players in their formative years.
  • We want all of our players lives to be positively enriched through their experience of playing with the Roys.
  • We aim to be a well managed, sustainable club so that we can continue to provide the best available resources to our coaches and players.
  • Our club will always rely heavily on the contribution of volunteers to fill many positions. Our volunteers will always be held in the highest esteem and their positions respected by all members.


Tune: “La Marseillaise”



We are the boys/girls from old Fitzroy,
We wear the colours maroon and blue.
We will always fight for victory,
And we’ll always see it through.
Win or lose, we do or die,
In defeat we’ll always try.
The club we hold so dear,
Premiers we’ll be this year.

Hear our inaugural Girls Youth Team (2014) belt out the song after their first victory.