The Fitzroy Junior Football Club is committed to conducting its activities – on and off the field – as a model club and we stress the need for good conduct by everyone involved. Please read the YJFL and FJFC Codes of Conduct by clicking the links below:

The Conduct Subcommittee of the FJFC was established to allow complaints about the conduct of players, supporters, officials and parents to be raised. The Subcommittee also provides support to a player who has been called before the YJFL Tribunal.

If you would like to bring a conduct matter to the attention of the Conduct Subcommittee, please contact your team manager or coach. They will contact the member of the Subcommittee best placed to assist. Concerns raised by another Club should first be brought to the FJFC Club Secretary.

The Subcommittee will adopt a process suitable to the particular complaint but this will often involve interviews and a statement of facts from the different perspectives. It may involve some form of mediation but the Subcommittee is not bound to follow rigid processes. The Subcommittee aims to find a resolution satisfactory to the different people involved and will make recommendations to the FJFC Committee as appropriate.