Parent Roles


Only Team Managers may liaise with Umpires at matches, unless the Umpire(s) initiate an approach to other Club Officials. On the field, only the team captain may approach the Umpire(s).


These roles are appointed to the team for the season, and are a bit too lengthy to be posted here. If you are interested in a coaching or team management role, please speak to a current coach or team manager, or to a committee member.


  • One Boundary Umpire is provided by each team
  • Boundary Umpire must wear a white shirt/top and carry a whistle
  • Boundary Umpire must follow the general course of play around
  • For set shots at goal, stand alongside the behind post to watch the flight of the ball
  • When the ball goes out of play signal to the Field Umpire based on whether the ball is Out of Bounds or Out of Bounds on the Full
    • Out of Bounds: where the football passes completely over the Boundary Line or touches a behind post or touches the padding or any other attachment to the behind post but before doing so, touches the ground or is touched by a Player on or above the knee. If any portion of the football is on or above the Boundary Line, the football is not Out of Bounds. To signal out of bounds, blow the whistle and extending one arm in the air.
    • Out of Bounds On the Full: means the football, having been Kicked, passes completely over the Boundary Line without touching the ground within the Playing Surface or being touched by a Player on or above the knee, or the football has touched the behind post or passed over the behind post without touching the ground or being touched by a Player on or above the knee. To signal out of bounds on the full, blow the whistle and extending both arms at shoulder height.  Show the players the mark (where the ball crossed the line).
  • When directed by the Field Umpire they must then throw the ball back into play


  • One Goal Umpire is provided by each team
  • Goal Umpires stand between the large goal posts, behind the boundary line, and are to wear a white coat (supplied by the club)
  • If a goal is scored, two flags (supplied by the club) are waved
  • If a point is scored, one flag is waved
  • The goal umpire at the opposite end of the field to which a score is made mirrors the flag-waving of the scoring end
  • Each goal umpire records on their scorecards (supplied by the club) all scores made at both ends of the field
  • A goal scores six (6) points, a behind or point scores one (1) point

GROUND MANAGER (Home Games Only)

  • The Home Team is responsible for providing a Ground Manager at each home ground hosting YJFL games
  • Ground Manager will be responsible for monitoring crowd behaviour and bringing any inappropriate conduct to the attention of club officials
  • The Ground Match Manager will also be the point of contact for any queries or concerns about the venue
  • Must wear the League approved identification
  • The Ground Manager must be a responsible adult and should not hold any other match day official role (e.g. the Ground Manager should not be the Team Manager or the Canteen Manager)


  • Each team must nominate at least one COVID Safety Officer and as a minimum this person must
    undertake the free Australian Government online COVID-19 Infection Control Training prior to
    recommencement of Club activity
  • Certificate of completion for above-mentioned online training must be emailed to [email protected]
  • Teams are encouraged to have multiple people take ownership of this role and share the responsibility
  • Duties for the COVID Safey Officer include:
    • Get team sheet from Team Manager on arrival
    • Check in the kids ask them if they are well and tick them off the team sheet kids are not required to sign the team sheet this season
    • Make additional notes on the team sheet if you need to send any players home
    • After checking all the kids in hand the team sheet back to the team manager
    • Sanitise change room benches
    • Sanitise bench and ball during breaks
    • Assist team manager and ground manager to keep all spectators out of change room at half time (players and official only)
    • Assist team manager and ground manager keep spectators five metres from team huddle at 1/4 and 3/4 time


  • The Home Team is responsible for providing a Scoreboard and someone to keep the score displayed accurate
  • Formally, the Time Keeper is responsible for keeping the scoreboard accurate and up to date, however, at Fitzroy’s grounds another parent (or responsible younger person) is typically needed as the scoreboard and Time Keeper are usually some distance and/or flights of stairs from each other


  • There is only one Runner per team and they wear the yellow Yarra League issue vest
  • Sole duty is to deliver the coach’s message and then take the most direct route back to the coach immediately after delivering the message
  • Only two messages can be delivered during any one trip onto the field (any more than this is construed as coaching, and is illegal)


  • Each team must supply a Timekeeper
  • Both Timekeepers are to complete all details on the timekeeping card, including the scores, and sign the timekeeper’s card on completion of the game
  • The Field Umpire can instruct the Time Keepers to add time; this includes when the match is held up to remove an injured player from the field or for any other abnormal time lost.
  • Any time added for a quarter will be for that quarter only; the remaining quarters will be of the prescribed length for the competition.
  • The Timekeepers shall sound the siren to signal the end of a quarter until a field Umpire acknowledges that the siren has been heard and brings play to an end
  • Where the Umpire has mistakenly heard the siren to sound the end of playing time or the siren sounds mistakenly prior to the end of a quarter the Timekeepers must alert the Field Umpire as soon as possible of the error


  • Fitzroy prefers two Trainers for each team. One is located near the Coach and Interchange Area, the other on the opposite side of the field near the pavilion
  • Level 1 First Aid Accreditation minimum, Emergency Response Coordinator recommended
  • Trainers wear green Yarra League issue bib
  • The Trainer’s duty is to attend to injured players and then immediately leave the ground
  • Trainers are not to carry messages from the coach and are not to speak to the umpire(s) or opposition players


  • An adult Umpire Escort shall be supplied by both the Home Club and the visiting Club
  • The Umpire Escort must wear the Yarra League issue bib
  • The Umpire Escort shall be required to escort the Field Umpire(s) from the field at half time and after the match
  • The Umpire Escort will stand with the Field Umpire(s) during the quarter and three quarter time breaks


  1. Coach – Dark Blue Bib
  2. Assistant Coach – Red Bib
  3. Team Manager – Teal Bib
  4. Boundary Umpire – White T-Shirt
  5. Goal Umpire – White Coat
  6. Ground Manager – Light Blue Bib (home games only)
  7. Covid Safety Officer – Fluoro Vest
  8. Scoreboard Operator (home games only)
  9. Team Runner – Yellow Bib
  10. Timekeeper
  11. Trainer(s) – Green Bib (maximum of two)
  12. Umpire Escort