Parent Roles


These roles are appointed to the team for the season, and are a bit too lengthy to be posted here. If you are interested in a coaching or team management role, please speak to a current coach or team manager, or to a committee member.


  • One umpire is provided by each team
  • Boundary Umpire must wear a white shirt/top and carry a whistle
  • Boundary Umpire has to follow the general course of play around
  • When the ball goes out of play they signal to the Field Umpire by blowing their whistle and extending both arms at shoulder height
  • When directed by the Field Umpire they must then throw the ball back into play


  • One umpire is provided by each team
  • Goal Umpires stand between the large goal posts, behind the boundary line, and are to wear a white coat (supplied by the club)
  • If a goal is scored, two flags (supplied by the club) are waved
  • If a point is scored, one flag is waved
  • The goal umpire at the opposite end of the field to which a score is made mirrors the flag-waving of the scoring end
  • Each goal umpire records on their scorecards (supplied by the club) all scores made at both ends of the field
  • A goal scores six (6) points, a behind or point scores one (1) point

GROUND MANAGER (Home Games Only)

  • The Home Team is responsible for providing a Ground Manager at each home ground hosting YJFL games
  • Ground Manager will be responsible for monitoring crowd behaviour and bringing any inappropriate conduct to the attention of club officials
  • The Ground Match Manager will also be the point of contact for any queries or concerns about the venue
  • Must wear the League approved identification
  • The Ground Manager must be a responsible adult and should not hold any other match day official role (e.g. the Ground Manager should not be the Team Manager or the Canteen Manager)


  • The Orange Person does not need to wear any uniform or identifying clothing
  • Their role is to provide oranges (cut into quarters, or eighths for younger players) to players at half and three-quarter time
  • A large container with a secure-fitting lid is recommended for this purpose


  • The Home Team is responsible for providing a Scoreboard and someone to keep the score displayed accurate
  • Formally, the Time Keeper is responsible for keeping the scoreboard accurate and up to date, however, at Fitzroy’s grounds another parent (or responsible younger person) is typically needed as the scoreboard and Time Keeper are usually some distance and/or flights of stairs from each other


  • There is only one Runner per team and they wear the yellow Yarra League issue vest
  • Sole duty is to deliver the coach’s message and then take the most direct route back to the coach immediately after delivering the message
  • Only two messages can be delivered during any one trip onto the field (any more than this is construed as coaching, and is illegal)


  • One Time Keeper is provided by each team
  • The Time Keeper is responsible for matches commencing and running on time so the umpire can watch the game and not his watch
  • At home games the Time Keeper operates the siren and is responsible for maintaining the scoreboard (at WT Petersen Oval (Brunswick Street) it is best to have a separate Scoreboard Operator)
  • At both home and away games the Time Keeper records all scores on the scorecard (supplied by the club)
  • The scorecard is handed to the Field Umpire at the end of the game


  • Fitzroy prefers two Trainers for each team. One is located near the Coach and Interchange Area, the other on the opposite side of the field near the pavilion
  • Ideally at least one (1) trainer will have at least level 1 first aid certificate
  • Trainers wear green Yarra League issue vests
  • The Trainer’s duty is to attend to injured players and then immediately leave the ground
  • Trainers may also act as Water Carrier and take drinks to players
  • Trainers are not to carry messages from the coach and are not to speak to the Umpire(s) or opposition players


  • An adult Umpire Escort must be supplied by the Home Club
  • The Interchange Steward acts as the Umpire Escort and must wear a white coat (supplied by the club)
  • The Umpire Escort walks the Field Umpire/s from the field at half time and after the match and stands with the Field Umpire at quarter and three quarter time
  • The Interchange Steward records the jumper number of each player going onto and off the field, as well as the time they change


  1. Coach
  2. Assistant Coach
  3. Team Manager
  4. Boundary Umpire
  5. Goal Umpire
  6. Ground Manager (home games only)
  7. Orange Person
  8. Scoreboard Operator (home games only)
  9. Team Runner
  10. Timekeeper and Scorer
  11. Trainers (maximum of two)
  12. Umpire Escort and Interchange Steward (home games only)