2019 - Seb Donnellan - 50 Games

Congratulations: Seb Donnellan – 50 Games

July 5, 2019

Seb was thrilled to play his 50th game for Fitzroy Junior Football Club on the 23rd June.

He has a real affinity for Fitzroy, with many Donnellans and relatives like champion Billy Stephens, playing for the Fitzroy Football Club over the years. Seb, of course, barracks for The (Brisbane) Lions and would love to continue the family tradition and play for them as well. His Grandfather’s ashes were even sprinkled over the BSO.

Seb loves the fact that he plays in the old Fitzroy jumper and has the number 1, the number of the great Paul Roos (though Seb is a little shorter than the great man). Seb has bumped into Kevin Murray a few times around Fitzroy North; another one of his Fitzroy idols. He has even worn Kevin Murray’s Brownlow Medal.

Seb Donnellan with Kevin Murray

Seb loves the camaraderie and collaborative play of his team. His favourite position is midfield/rover. He is a big tackler and has not been frightened to take on boys double his size.

Seb takes ‘em all on in David and Goliath fashion

He is a passionate player, loves playing in the wet and is a strong team player.

Seb – down and dirty

Seb is hoping to continue to play for Fitzroy for many years to come.

Well Done, Seb!

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