Introducing the 2018 FJFC Committee

January 9, 2018

We are proud to announce our wonderfully talented, dedicated and dyed-in-the-wool Committee members.

  • President: Phil Murdoch
  • Vice President: Jodie Roker
  • Secretary: Cath Lester
  • Treasurer: Brett Croft
  • Coaching Director: Matt Drew
  • Football Operations: Inger Pearce
  • Brand & Merchandise: Peter King
  • Community & Communications: Scott Hamilton
  • Conduct: John Dailiuc
  • Girls Development: Maree de Bondt
  • Events: Jan O’Meara
  • Safety & Wellbeing: Jane Ainsworth

See Committee page for contact information and details of our extended Non Executive members and roles.

Thank you and a debt of gratitude to our departing 2017 Committee members

  • Andrew Hogan
  • Steve Margetts
  • Denzil Flood

In this our 25th year of celebration we acknowledge all of the past Committee members who have made our Club what it is today.

Go Roys!