AFL Volunteer Recognition

May 23, 2019

Last Sunday I was chatting to a mum about the many volunteer roles that need to be filled each week to get a team on the ground.

We concluded that the benefit of this necessity was, that we as volunteers stay connected with our Club, Community and Kids.

There is ancient African proverb “It takes a Village to raise a Child”.

As Parents we look for an environment where our children can grow and flourish; where they are challenged and learn to take risks. As a Club/Village, we help them search within themselves to recognise their potential.  As volunteers we are mentors and role models, together we provide a cocoon around our children that provides stimulation, opportunity and responsibility … and they learn to play football!

To all our dedicated Village of Volunteers – Committee Members, Coaches, Team Managers and our many Parents, I extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you.

I am proud to be a part of this Village.

“It’s all about the Kids”

Phil Murdoch
President – Fitzroy Junior Football Club