25th Celebration of the Ages

August 8, 2018

What a wonderful way to celebrate our 25th anniversary where the Fitzroy Junior Football Club came to Thornbury Theatre.

Past and present mingled, reminisced, told some yarns, danced and had fun.

Enjoy the photo display of the evening’s proceedings below, but be sure to check out ALL the photos from the FJFC 25th Celebration Trivia/Idol Evening.

Welcomed by our MC Georgina McEncroe.

Georgina McEncroe

From Very Humble Beginnings! – Scott Hamilton recites Graham Willingham’s “The birth of Fitzroy Junior Football Club: 1993 one reflection”

Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton

President Phil Murdoch’s welcome and reflection of the efforts of his predecessors.

Phil Murdoch (President)

…and here is are Our Very Special 25th Anniversary Guests – Foundation Players, Past Presidents, Past Administrators, Past Club Persons of the Year, Past Coaches, Past Volunteers.

Foundation Players

Sam Buckley, Richard Willingham, Phil Murdoch & Thomas Wright

Richard Willingham, Sam Buckley, Thomas Wright, Joe Nieuwenhuizen, Jamie Doughney

Past Presidents, Directors, Administrators

Joe Nieuwenhuizen, Steve Turner, Jeff Richardson, Joan Eddy, Ian Sheppard, Phil Murdoch

Mark Buttifant, Phil Murdoch, Jeff Richardson, Steve Turner

Representing our “Michael Wright Club Person’s of the Year Award” and our “James Doughney Club Champion of the Year Award”.

Michael Wright, Jamie Doughney, Phil Murdoch

Our “Club Person’s of the Year” whose enormous contributions have made our Club all that it is today.

John Ramshaw (2017), James Doughney (former Secretary, Treasurer), Jodie, Munro (2016), Craig Mitchell (2014)

Rob Caplikas (2010)

Tony Gillberg (2010)

Sally Grace (2009)

Chris Grace (2009)

Mandy Hudson

Lisa Patience

Fun into the night with our Idol Acts and the Band – all comprised from our talented FJFC parents.

The Idol Acts

Stuart McLean (Under 14 Boys)

Tracy Bell, Ray Matsen, Philippa Frances (Youth Girls)

Paul Harris (U15 Boys), Inger Pearce (U13 Boys, Colts), Jan O’Meara (U15 Boys), Jodie Munro (U15 Boys)

Liz Dean (U14 Boys)

Scott Hamilton (U10 Girls, U11 Boys, U13 Boys)

Louise Dichiera (U10 Boys)

Shane Johnson (U14 Girls, U12 Girls)

…and not to be forgotten or outdone ..


The Band

Sam Hooper (Under 11 Boys)

Dave Vroland ( U14 boys, Youth Girls)

Justin Gray (Youth Girls)

Craig Mitchell (Youth Girls)

…and to finish with the All In Super Group

…along with all Dancing on the Floor.


A memorable evening for all.

Celebrating 25 years of Community Engagement and Participation.

Go Roys!