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Finals Round 2 | The last stand

A very short final match report.

Well done Roy Girls! Some of the girls had never played football before — some had never even watched a football match! — and yet we made it to the preliminary final. Truly amazing stuff. Congratulations to the team, the coaches, the manager and the parents.

Borrowing some of Martin’s very clever words: We gathered upon the fatal shores of Doncaster Reserve, and unfortunately went down to our seafaring foes, the Templestowe Dockers.

See you next season.

Second final pics




Finals Round 1 | The Frozen round

Brrr … A bit chilly down at Zwar Reserve in Preston for the Roy Girls’ ‘do or die’ semi-final game against the Camberwell Sharks. My notes are so rain-smudged I can barely read them.

Drew was back at the helm. Blankets, sleeping bags and hand-warmers were must-have accessories for the players on the bench. In the background, not many prospective students braved the cold for Polytechnic college’s open day (behind the ground).

Captain Sabine led the girls to a strong first quarter in arctic conditions. Chole, Esme and Paige had a great start. Lucy did some sensational shepherding. Stazja landed the first score on the board — a point. Tess almost kicked a goal, the ball touched just on the line.

We had the advantage of kicking with the rain in the second quarter. Jess, Dulcie and Stazja each kicked a goal. Harriet put in a strong effort. Sabine was super strong on the wing, but came off injured.

All the girls played well in freezing conditions in the third quarter, and we were ahead at three-quarter time.

Frankie, Mia and Stazja had a fabulous final quarter. No Shark escaped Ava’s tackles. Dulcie kicked a second goal. Congratulations Dulcie!

We almost froze, but lived to sing the team song, and to fight another day (grand final!).

Congratulations Roy Girls!

The final score:
Fitzroy 4 | 11 | 35
Camberwell 2 | 1 | 13

Semi-final pics




Round 15: The road to September glory

Well your regular match reporter couldn’t be with us this week so I’ll keep this shot – WE WON!!!

Another great effort by the girls who are really coming together as a team..

Congrats to the goal kickers – Bethany, Stazja & Matilda.

The final score:
Fitzroy 4 | 8 | 32
Templestowe 3 | 0 | 18

Round 15 pics




Round 14: The Bon Jovi round

Wild was the wind (quoting Bon Jovi) at Olney Oval for the Roy Girls’ 14th game — against Heidelberg.

Tim was at the helm again, with Dave second in command.

Led by captains Chloe and Dulcie, the Roy Girls started strongly. Kicking uphill into the wind, we managed to restrict Heidelberg to one goal in the first quarter. There was some magnificent bouncing, kicking, tackling and all-round great play by Hilary, Mia, Paige, Ruby, Dulcie, Niamh and all the girls.

We took the lead in the second quarter, putting great pressure on the opposition. Bethany, Frankie and Paige were on fire. Stazja kicked two fabulous goals, with a dog running onto the ground trying to steal her glory for the second one.

Bon Jovi rocked the change room at half time: Whoa, we’re halfway there! Coach Tim’s advice: ‘Relax, sugar up on snakes and oranges, and listen to Bon Jovi’. And ‘Play for Dulcie’ who came off injured after putting her heart and soul into the game, as she does 100% every week.

Tess, Hilary, Harriet and Ava had a terrific third quarter. Mia was the only player (from either side) to kick a goal against the wind.

Three-quarter-time words of team encouragement from Paige, the General: ‘Do it for Dulcie’.

Frankie, Bethany, Niamh, Mia, Esme and Sabine had a fabulous final quarter, and champion Stazja kicked yet another goal. It was a nail-biter — so close. Unfortunately we went down (just) in ‘A Blaze of Glory’.

Congratulations, Stazja, on your three goals!

The final score:
Fitzroy 4 | 5 | 29
Camberwell 4 | 9 | 33

Disclaimer: I only know these Bon Jovi songs because I’m researching a book set in the 1980s. Really!

Round 14 pics

Lucky Round 13:The M&M Round

It was an icy-cold day at Olney Oval for the Roy Girls’ lucky 13th game — against old rivals Camberwell. Tim donned the Navy Blue Bib, with Dave taking on the Assistant Coach role.

Captains Mia and Niamh led the Roy Girls in an amazing first quarter. We scored two quick points, followed by two magnificent goals — one from Stazja and one from Niamh!

Frankie and Mia had a strong second quarter. Chloe and Frankie played blinders. Niamh was on fire with her great kicking. And we scored another goal — this time from Matilda!

Coach Tim gave a rousing half-time speech comparing goals to M&Ms. You can’t have just one of either without wanting more. He issued a challenge: the Roy Girl who put in the best effort would win a bag of M&Ms.

The girls were surely thinking of those M&Ms in the unbelievable third quarter! Coach Tim had his work cut out choosing the prize winner. Matilda and Stazja both kicked their second goals — stella effort girls! Meanwhile, arctic wind was blowing everything, including the orange cones, off the ground.

Chloe and Bethany played an outstanding final quarter, as did all the girls. Stazja and Mia each kicked another (Stazja’s third for the game!)

Every week the girls have been building up to this magnificent win. They played exactly as Coach Drew had instructed (a pity he missed it). Their running and goal-kicking was spectacular!

We led for the entire game. The final score:
Fitzroy 7 | 14 | 56
Camberwell 0 | 0 | 1

And who won the M&Ms? Champion goal-kicker Stazja.

Round 13 pics


Round 12: A draw

It was a crisp day with clear blue skies at Olney Oval for the Roy Girls’ twelfth game — a nail-biter against Templestowe. I arrived late and missed the Abba songs in the warm-up. Apparently the girls’ renditions of ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘Mama Mia’ were rousing!

Captains Frankie and Lucy led the Roy Girls in a fantastic first quarter. Ruby was as solid as a rock in defence — picking up, running and chasing her own kicks. Harriet, Frankie, Ava, Hilary and Niamh also had a strong start. As did the Water Carrier, joining the game at one stage.

Kicking downhill with the wind in the second quarter, Fitzroy took the lead. Frankie, Dulcie, Hilary and Tess were on fire. Champion Bethany kicked a goal. And Ella (from NSW, unfamiliar with AFL — until now!) kicked her first goal ever!

Hilary, Paige, Esme, Frankie and Mia were fabulous in the third quarter.

Coach Drew’s advice at three-quarter time: “Just keep running, running, running.”

Excitement built; ‘best and fairest’ forms were blown across the ground as the scores drew level within minutes of the final siren.

The result: a draw! ‘The Winner Takes It All’ [trying to bookend with another Abba song] — a win for football!

Well done, Roy Girls — ‘Super Troupers’! And congratulations on your goals, Bethany and Ella!

Final score:
Fitzroy 2 | 9 | 21
Templestowe 2 | 9 | 21

Round 12 photos

Round 11: back to business

Time to blow off the cobwebs in the first game after the school holidays.

Under a deceptively blue sky, it was a cold windy afternoon at Warringal Park for the Roy Girls’ 11th game, against Heidelberg.

Captains Esme and Niamh led the Roy Girls in a fantastic first quarter. Paige, ‘The General’, took two amazing marks and displayed some terrific speed and timing. Dulcie was fabulous with one-handed pick-ups and running through the middle.   Ruby also played a great first quarter.

No cobwebs in the second quarter! The girls were outstanding, attacking the ball, running with the ball, and tackling with ferocity. We had the football more often, put in a stronger effort and outscored the opposition. Harriet, Matilda, Mia, Lily, Billie and Frankie were all on fire.  Hilary laid a tackle and a half. We kicked four points, and Dulcie and Bethany each kicked a goal!

A red-snake sugar rush helped us narrow the score-gap in the third quarter. Mia kicked a fantastic goal, taking us to one point behind Heidelberg, before they ran away with the lead. Lucy did a great job on the wing, and Dulcie played another outstanding quarter.

The red snakes wore off in the final quarter, and we ran out of legs. However, we kept the opposition from scoring any more goals.

Congratulations on your goals, Dulcie, Bethany and Mia!

Well done Niahm and Mia in the ruck; Jess — fantastic anchoring; Chloe and Dulcie — you took your game to another level; and Paige — you played your best game yet!

Final score:
Fitzroy 3 | 7 | 25
Heidelberg 5 | 9 | 39

Round 11 Photos

Round 10: A win!!

It was a chilly afternoon at Lynden Park oval for the Roy Girls’ tenth game, against Camberwell for the second time. The last time these two teams met, it was a very different story …

Led by Captain Frankie and General Paige, the Roy Girls played one of their best first quarters ever, kicking uphill towards the high-altitude-end of the lopsided ground. Paige and Mia were on fire. Ruby, Ella and Stazja also had a strong start, running in numbers and delivering some fantastic handballs.

Frankie scored an amazing quick goal in the second quarter. Another point from Hilary brought us even with the opposition. Our defence was strong, and there were some fantastic efforts from Matilda, Stazja and Ella. Dulcie, Harriet, Mia, Esme and Chloe also had a terrific quarter. Scores were still even on the board at half time.

Kicking uphill again in the third quarter, Bethany kicked a beautiful goal, which rocketed us back into the lead. Gen and Billie both scored points, but Camberwell were ahead by a goal at three-quarter time. The oranges and snakes arrived late, but there was chocolate cake to make up for it — possibly our advantage in the final quarter!

All the girls played a great final quarter. They were well organised, played one-on-one, and Bethany kicked another goal!

The final score saw the girls singing their club song in the rooms!

Fitzroy 3| 3 |21
Camberwell 3| 2 | 20

Congratulations on your win, Roy Girls, and to Bethany for your two goals!

Round 10 Photos


Round 9: And Noah brought the ark..

Due to a persistent cold your regular footy reporter was relegated to the seconds this week (ie: a 9yo birthday party at Latitude).

Wet, Wet, Wet – a 1980s Scottish band and the condition of the Templestowe ground last Sunday. After completing their warming up, Drew brought the girls together to deliver his final message: Run & Tackle hard. Kicking uphill and into the wind, the ump blew the whistle and we were off..

The defensive was tight for most of the first quarter, until Lucy (15) broke through Templestowe’s defensive line and streamed towards the goals. Kicking on the run she let fly and the ball went sailing through the big sticks. GOAL FOR FITZROY!!

Second quarter was an arm wrestle with Templestowe scoring just one point.  The girls went into the rooms at half time in front…

I missed the start of the third quarter as I thought the break was a good chance to fill up on some hot chips. By the time I got back to the action it seemed that Templestowe had managed to pile on two quick goals, just as the run began to bucket down.

Drew made some changes for the last quarter, and reminded the girls of the goal for each of them to land 3 tackles per quarter. Kicking downhill and with the wind, we were ready to go out all guns blazing.

Templestowe stood firm and started the quarter with a quick goal. But in the dying stages of the last quarter there was flash of Fitzroy brilliance as Chloe (6) ran into the forward line and kicked a goal.

Overall – a good day of tough, wet weather footy. Well done girls.

Final score:
Fitzroy 2|0|12
Templestowe 5|3|32

Round 9 Photos


Round 8: Indigenous round

It was a foggy afternoon at the massive Warringal Park ground for the Roy Girls’ eighth game, against Heidelberg for the second time. The game started with an Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners and Elders from our captains, Lilly and Niamh.

The Roy Girls’ set-up was fantastic and they held tight, not letting the ball get away from them. Frankie had a gutsy start on the wing. Esme had a blinder of a first quarter, running down the forward line, brushing off tackles. Niahm saved us a goal. Hilary and Sabine also had strong starts, and Mia and Ruby both kicked points.

Frankie and Hilary continued their outstanding play in the second quarter, picking up and running with the ball. Ruby, Paige, Sabine, Tess, Lucy and Chloe also played a fantastic quarter. And Matilda kicked a goal!

We outscored Heidelberg in the third quarter, with two brilliant goals from Hilary and Tess! Stazja and Niamh did some great running and tackling. Billie and Lucy were awesome in the backline.

All the girls put in a great effort in the fourth quarter. We got another point on the board from Hilary, and a goal from Harriet!

Despite two finger injuries and a lost (and miraculously found on the ground) mouthguard, Coach Drew said the Roy Girls put into practise everything they’d learnt at training, and played their best game of the year.

Congratulations to Matilda, Hilary, Tess and Harriet for kicking goals. And to Frankie and Tess for receiving Indigenous Round medals.

Final score:
Fitzroy 4|3|27
Heidelberg 8|4|52

Round 8 Photos


Round 7: A stellar game

It was an unseasonal 20 degrees at Olney Oval for the Roy Girls’ seventh game, against Camberwell. Dulcie was still out with a hamstring injury. We had two new star players making their debut: Mia (21) and Ella (23).

The Roy Girls, led by captains Harriet and Matilda, started strongly with some awesome tackling, running, handballing and marking. Sabine, Frankie, Ruby and Paige played a great first quarter, and Bethany kicked a sensational point.

New recruits Mia and Ella took to the ground for the first time in the second quarter. Chloe, Frankie and Tess played well. Aiva, the pocket-rocket, did some terrific tackling. The girls scored four fabulous points — two from Stazja.

Three-quarter time advice from Coach Drew was to spread out more on our forward line.

Assistant Coach Tim gave us an interesting Saturn analogy: The players contesting the ball are like the inner ring of Saturn, while the forwards are like the outer ring. There is no other planet like Saturn due to its rings but, in this game, the rings were too close. Saturn is in space, and that’s what the girls need to remember: space.

Mia’s first kick of the football in the third quarter resulted in a stellar goal! The goal had been set up by Estela (‘star’ in Spanish or Latin, I think). Billie, Gen, Tess and Chloe also played a terrific quarter, as did Stazja.

We kicked three more points in the final quarter. Lily put in an astronomical effort, with her natural ability to read the play and always be in the right place. Paige and Matilda did some five-star running and defending.

Although the opposition — dare I say it — ran rings around us on the scoreboard, we were not defeated.

Stellar game, girls!

Final score:
Fitzroy 1|8|14
Camberwell 5|9|39

Round 7 Photos


Round 6: A royal win!

A cold grey day at Olney Oval couldn’t dampen our spirits for the Roy Girls’ sixth game, against Templestowe. It was a late start (3pm), with lots of umbrellas out, but not many dogs. Templestowe were a couple of players short, so Chloe and Paige helped out, kindly donning the opposition’s jerseys.

The Roy Girls won the toss and kicked towards the Chandler Highway end. We led from the start with Harriet and Hilary both kicking points. Ruby played a sensational first quarter, as did Stazja, Tess and Esme.

The rain came down and mud slicked the ground in the second quarter. The girls did some top-notch tackling, some free kicks finally came our way, and Stazja kicked a terrific point.

Tess played a fantastic first half in the ruck for the first time. Esme displayed the blueprint for ferocious tackling. Hilary did a great job — ‘breaking lines’ — picking up and running with the ball. Matilda had some sensational kicks from the back line.

Half-time advice from Assistant Coach, Tim: “Channel your inner Meghan Markle and play a royal second half.”

In the second half, Ava and Estela swapped jerseys with Chloe and Paige, to play for Templestowe. All the girls made a royal effort! Ruby had a legendary third quarter. Sabine was on fire. Chloe, Lily, Frankie, Esme, Matilda and Paige did a great job. Car horns tooted for Stazja’s goal. And soon after, Bethany kicked another goal, which saw the Roy Girls take the lead! The scores was level at three-quarter time: 2|3|16.

Three-quarter time advice from Coach Drew: “Run like you stole something.”

The girls hit the front again in the final quarter with a point from Bethany. A goal followed by another point from Hilary secured our lead, and had the parents high-fiving on the sidelines. We were jumping up and down as Esme kicked another goal! To top it off, Sabine kicked the final goal, which was [quoting Assistant Coach Tim] “better than a royal wedding”.

Sensational work, girls. Our first win. A royal win!

Final score:
Fitzroy 5|5|33
Templestowe 2|3|15

Round 6 Photos

Round 5: Mother’s Day game

It was a crisp sunny day at Olney Oval for the Roy Girls’ fifth game, against Heidelberg. Welcome Lily (number 16) — our star new recruit. And thanks Linda (Lily’s mum) for the delicious home-baked fruit buns, which were enjoyed by all.

The girls, led by captains Niamh and Tess, had another fantastic game. We got off to a great start. Bethany and Tess had some terrific plays. The first quarter ended with an amazing tackle by Stazja in the goal square, which saved us a goal.

The ball was down our end a lot in the second quarter. Niamh and Dulcie were on fire, and Esme put in an incredible effort, as did ‘Sabine the tackling machine’. And — yaass! — an amazing goal from Bethany had us all cheering. Congratulations, Bethany!

The Roy girls were still in the game in the third quarter, and kicking with the wind. There was some beautiful tackling by Lucy, and great plays by Ava and Estela on the wing.

All the girls put in a huge effort in the final quarter, never giving up.

Although the scoreboard didn’t go our way (5|8|38 to 1|1|7), all the mums (and dads) were very proud of their girls.

Well done Roy Girls — you’re improving every week.

Round 5 Photos


Round 4: “Daniella and Goliath” [quoting Assistant Coach Tim]

It was a lovely sunny day at Olney Oval for the girls’ fourth game, against a bigger and more experienced Bulleen Templestowe side. Lots of dogs out for walks, and — hooray! — the bathrooms were open (thanks to all those who contacted the council).

Captains Lucy and Ruby led the Roy Girls to a strong start despite some unlucky bounces. Chloe, Lucy and Dulcie played a great first quarter. Jess had some fabulous kicks, and Bethany did well charging out of the middle. The girls followed instructions, executed everything they’d practised, and did some terrific tackling.

All the girls played well in the second quarter. Jess did a fantastic job kicking out. Stazja set an excellent example by always being in position.

The girls doubled their effort in the second half — running, chasing and applying great pressure to the opposition. The third quarter was a nail-biter, the girls finishing strongly with the ball in front of our goal. Chloe was on fire. Bethany had some fabulous tackles. Lucy put in an exemplar effort. Paige had a couple of terrific tackles in the final quarter.

Although the scoreboard wasn’t on our side, the girls were not defeated — they did their best, playing successfully as a team with great intensity and effort. And they all came off the ground smiling.


Well done girls — you’re getting better each week!

Another quote from Assistant Coach Tim: “The score is only one measure of success.”

Round 4 Photos

Round 3: First score for the Roy Girls: GOAL FROM NIAMH in the third quarter!

The girls played a gutsy third game. Below the hum (and beeping) of traffic on Greensborough Highway, we faced a far more experienced St. Mary’s team at AK Line Reserve, Watsonia.

Grey clouds threatening rain gave way to patches of blue sky during the first quarter. We started with lots of energy, terrific tackles and great running. Dulcie took a specky that would put Jesaulenko to shame.

The girls played an awesome second quarter with fearless tackling, and the backs absorbing pressure from the opposition. Stazja took a terrific mark and Niamh did an outstanding job in the ruck. Tess, Sabine and Harriet also had a great quarter.

In the third quarter, Bethany’s skilful tackle moved the ball into the forward, which led to Niamh’s amazing goal. Congrats, Niamh!

All the girls played a strong final quarter, never giving up. Ruby put in an outstanding effort running and kicking. Stazja copped an elbow to the eye but played on courageously.

We’re all proud of you, Roy Girls. Well done. Such an exciting game the assistant manager might need to have his blood pressure checked!

Round 3 Photos

Round 2

The Roy Girls played an impressive second game. They faced a tough Ivanhoe team and warm conditions at leafy Ivanhoe Park.

After an ANZAC ceremony, Ivanhoe won the first bounce and led from the start. Captains, Hilary and Stazja, set a great example — they ran and ran. The girls had some good tackles. Matilda saved us an early goal with some outstanding play.

All the girls put in a fantastic effort in the second quarter. Gen took some terrific marks. Bethany and Staszja were strong in the ruck. Harriet played on despite a nasty bump to the shoulder.

The weather warmed up and lots of oranges were consumed at half time. Some wise words from the coach: ‘DO NOT BE NICE. Don’t smile at the opposition.’

And from Captain Stazja: ‘Keep running.’

There was fantastic teamwork in the third quarter, particularly on the wing. Bethany, Chloe, Dulcie, Sabine, Matilda and Esme had some great marks and tackles, saving us a few goals.

The girls continued to pressure the opposition in the final quarter. After running all game, Stazja took a much-deserved break. The game finished with Paige taking a spectacular mark on the wing.

Great effort girls! Despite tough opposition, hot weather and not a great day on the scoreboard, you were impressive as a team working together.

Round 2 Photos

Round One

Welcome everybody to the 2018 season.

Well the girls got off to a terrific start to the new season.  In their first grading game the girls opened their account against a solid opposition in Warrandyte JFC. While the sky overhead was dark and overcast, the girls took to the field ready for the task ahead.

The first quarter had Warrandyte kicking with the advantage a strong breeze which helped them to jump out to an early lead. As the clouds threatened and the wind howled, parents and supporters took cover as the wind picked up one of the Fitzroy marquees and sent it cartwheeling across the oval. The wind helped lock the ball in Warrandyte’s half for most of the quarter, but some great defensive efforts from our girls had the opposition kicking inaccurately.

While the second quarter had Fitzroy kicking with the breeze, Warrandyte managed to add a few goals to their score line.

At the half time break Drew brought the girls together to single out some great individual efforts, and highlight the need to be talking and encouraging each other. Drew rotated the girls off the bench and moved his players around to give them the change to build experience playing across different positions.

The second half saw Warrandyte increase their lead, with our girls competing at the contest around the ground. By the final quarter the wind finally died down and the sun peaked out from behind the clouds. The girl’s defensive pressure helped to lock the ball into our forward line leading to a few shots at goal.

So while the girls didn’t bring home the chocolates in their first game, there were plenty of great individual and team efforts that bode well for the season ahead. Most importantly, judging by the smiles everyone had fun and enjoyed coming together as a team.

Thank you to Jacinta (Chloe’s mum) for taking on the role as team photographer:  Round 1 Photos

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