Coach: Adam Noel 0417 304 915

Assistant Coach: Cletus Brown 0409314450

Team Manager: Matthew Prestney 0455 455 193

Trainer: Myer Scott 0419 367 339

Team Page Editor: Roland Paterson
[email protected]

The Team

Harry 'Head North'
Ted 'Stealth strategist'
Luca 'Pocket Rocket'
Daniel 'Diesel'
Michael 'Working the dance floor'
Rory 'The wall'
William 'The Whiz'
Hayden 'Lethal'
Ollie 'Rooster'
Ethan 'The Ferret'
Art 'Golden boots'
Xavier 'Loco'
Darcy 'The general'
Huxley 'The flash'
Isaac 'The hunter'
Kato 'Ball string'