Guidelines for Team News/Match Reports

This page provides some guidelines for the creation of Team News items which may include:

  • General Team News such as information about a Pie Night, Team Activity or Training information
  • Match Reports

General Team News

In most cases it is recommended that the Team Page be used for team news that you want to have readily accessible to all people associated with the team (this might include grandparents, friends, family etc that extend beyond the normal email contact channel to parents/players) and there is a desire to have the information accessible beyond the initial delivery. If it is just a quick message intended for one time and immediate delivery to parents/players, then it might be easier to just use a team email distribution group.

Match Reports

Our players, parents and friends love to read about the games each week. The Team Page is an ideal way for people (particularly players) to show their literary skills and post a match report. Thanks to John Harms from The Footy Almanac, we have some guidelines that can be used to give you some hints on how to author a top quality match report.

Match Report Guidelines for older Players and Parents

Match Report Guidelines for younger Players

Junior Footy Almanac

John Harms (Theo’s Dad) is the editor of the popular sportswriting website The Footy Almanac and a separate website specifically for younger writers The Junior Footy Almanac.

These are places where anyone – no matter how experienced – can publish their sports stories and photographs and artwork and so on. It’s a lot of fun. Writers tend to graduate from the junior site once they get to high school.

If you would like to publish your FJFC story on either almanac site you are most welcome. This will guarantee a wider audience – around the world!

FJFC stories can feature on the almanac sites by two methods

  1. By publishing your words on one of the almanac sites (and then provide the link for inclusion on the Team News), or
  2. By creating a post on the almanac site which links back to your full match report on the FJFC Team Page

To get set up as an almanac contributor email John Harms [email protected]

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