Under 13-2 Team

Welcome Back from the Long Break

July 15, 2018

Welcome back from the long break for the last 5 rounds of the Home and Away Season.

Naturally, as we near the end of the season, there will be different expectations for our teams and kids. Success will look different for all of us.

The core values of our  Club are Fairness, Sportsmanship and Wellbeing. We are a Club that prides itself on participation, rather than top-of-the-competition success, and each one of our players is  appreciated for the unique contribution they make.  Our kids are playing junior football and we want them to enjoy the experience. After each game, ask your child, Did you do your best? Did you have fun?”  These are the things that matter.

Please remember that our umpires are human, many are young people,  and all require our respect and support. As adults, we must set the tone through our behaviour at games.

I look forward to seeing you and all of our kids, run out on the ground wearing the Fitzroy jumper with pride, commitment and enthusiasm.


Celebrating 25 Years

Go Roys!




Phil Murdoch
FJFC President