Indigenous Round 2022

Birth of the FJFC Indigenous Jumper

Late in 2021, The Fitzroy Junior Football Club contacted local Aboriginal artist, Emma Bamblett and started
conversations around wanting the U15’s to contribute ideas and feelings to be part of the first ever Indigenous jersey design for the club.

Artwork: Pride and Respect

Emma suggested that she would like the players in the U15’s age group to workshop ideas, designs, and their thoughts to start the sketching and design.

On Monday 13 December 2021, eight players met with Emma at the local hairdressers Lucia. A shout out and many thanks to Lucy for organising!!!!

Emma had asked the young people to talk about what is important to them at the Fitzroy Junior F.C. Key discussions around themes such as Community, pride, friendship, effort, teamwork, respect, acceptance, equality, spirit were among the ideas and stories of what makes them proud to play and be part of The Fitzroy Junior Football Club. The players talked about their values, beliefs, their eagerness to learn and celebrate Aboriginal history, culture and their vision for the future players to also acknowledge and respect Aboriginal culture.

This design is a collaboration between the following U15 players Grace Clayton Dowling, Leeroy Cocco, Luca Conduite, Allie de Bondt, Celia Lavelle, Duncan McKie, Roman Moxon, Elias Zombolas and Emma Bamblett.

Artwork Description

A key highlight of the artwork is the footy oval on the bottom left corner to represent Brunswick Street Oval (BOS) where the strong history and community feeling comes from. The Aboriginal flag within the middle of the oval represents the respect for Aboriginal people and the influence that they had on the game of football from past and current players. 

The yellow line work on the footy oval represents the game and journey that football provides for every player on the field. The figures on the oval represent the young players. 

Bunjil the eagle on the top left side of the jersey represents respect for the creator spirit of the Wurundjeri people. The section on the top right side of the jersey with the people sitting around represents teamwork. The gum leaf designs throughout the artwork represent a journey of acceptance and equality. The line work throughout the artwork represents respect and strength. 

The section at the bottom of the artwork with the figures standing represents Coaching and Mentoring and the role that these important roles play for young people. The centre stream that flows across the centre of the jersey represents Merri Creek and the important role that the creek played for the lifestyle of Aboriginal people. The white circles connected by the curved lines throughout the artwork represents a sense of Community and the opportunities which the club plays for creating spaces for a place of belonging.

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Emma Bamblett & Jumper Collaborators

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