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Assistant Coach: Josh Vi

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Team Manager: Glenn Wright
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Trainer: Amy Walker
Trainer: Ned Halliday
Trainer: Joe and Jacob Clarke

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Team Photographer: Daniel Ingvarson

The Team

Mila Williamson
Phoebe Twining
Matilda Wright
Iris Mullan
Ciara Gleeson
Lucille (Luci) O'Neill
Zahra Zakharia
Amelia Clarke
Gemma Lourey
Kitty Ingvarson
Lily Sawyer
Gracie Halliday
Kalyca Vi
Pearl Clayton
Claudia Panichi
Saoirse McPhee
Aika Wright
Eve Walker
Harriet Gooi
Milly Walker Guerin
Zoe Hannaford
Noemie Leroux
Isabel Tozer

Match Report - Round 13 - Heidelberg v. Fitzroy

Sunday saw another bruising loss for the girls. In any other team this might send spirits plummeting. But in ours – spirits never fade. Quite the opposite – they soar. And, despite the losses, the girls continue to dazzle with sparkling bits of play, which show what they really are capable of.

The team wrapped up their final Tuesday training session with a fun dance-off. It was a close call, but in the end Milly, Iris, Issy, Gracie and Ciara nailed the win with their routine performed to the club theme song.

Next weekend marks the end of the season, when the team plays Kew on our home ground. So, one last chance to dazzle ‘em girls!

A reminder – don’t forget to check out Dan’s fantastic photos via the link shared to the WhatsApp group.

Until next time – Go Roys!

(Your editor’s apologies for MIA last week!)

Match Report - Round 11 - Macleod v. Fitzroy

The girls played an outstanding game against Macleod on the weekend. The teams were evenly matched, and both played with passion and intensity. The result could have gone either way, but in the end, it was Macleod’s game. A massive congratulations goes to Noemie who kicked her first goal in what was only her second match – quite an achievement.

Until next week – Go Roys!

(With thanks to our coach Julian for assistance with the wrap-up.)

Match Report - Round 10 - Heidelberg v. Fitzroy

The team had a tough match against Heidelberg on the weekend. Nevertheless, they met the pressure and physical attack with poise and put some great passages of play together.

Special mentions go to our new players, Noemie, Zoe and Issy, who all played a great game.

Thanks to our coach for help with the wrap-up. Until next week – Go Roys!

Match Report - Round 8 - Boroondara Hawks v. Fitzroy

The team played a competitive game against the Boroondara Hawks on the weekend. Once again, they took off with a slow start in the first half, giving the Hawks a three-goal lead. With teamwork and relentless attacks in the second half, they managed to turn this around. Special coach’s mentions go to Gracie and Milly.

The game marked 50 games for Harriet – a huge achievement.  She is a committed and fantastic player. Congratulations Harriet!

We also welcomed Zoe into the squad. It’s great to have her onboard.

Until next time – Go Roys!

Match Report - Round 7 - Fitzroy v. Bulleen

It was a beautiful day for a game of footy. But sunshine and the team’s characteristic persistence weren’t enough to ease the Bullants’ sting.

Nevertheless, our side of the scoreboard wasn’t left empty. Eve kicked a mighty goal – giving the team (and a few noisy parents on the sideline) cause for celebration in the last quarter.

This week we thank Kitty’s dad, Daniel for taking on the role of team photographer. In the coming weeks you’ll be able to see some of his pics on this page. In the meantime, I’ve posted his great shot of Eve’s goal-kick below.

This weekend is the King’s Birthday, which means a day off for players and parents. The next game will be on 18 June.

Until next time – Go Roys!

Match Report 21 May 2023 - Round 5 - Fitzroy vs Heidelberg

Welcome to the inaugural match report for 2023! The indigenous round is a fine way to kick off our team page for the year. Thanks to Mim for starting off proceedings with a terrific Welcome to Country.

It was a bruising game at the hands of a powerful and persistent Heidelberg – but at no time did the girls let the strong opposition (or the weather) dampen their efforts.

A huge congratulations goes to Harriet who was the well-deserved recipient of the Joe Johnson medal. Not even a cold could hold her back. Special coach’s mentions go to Nina, Saoirise and Matilda.

And finally, a very warm welcome to our new players (and their families), Phoebe, Matilda, Lucille, Zoe and Noemie. It’s a great team be a part of.

Until next week – Go Roys!





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