Coach: Geoff (Hamish)
Assistant Coach: Mark (Raf L)
Team Manager: Merv (Louis)

Trainer: Sharon (Oscar)
Trainer: Danielle (Jensen)
Trainer: Sam (Luca/Gabe C)
Trainer: Kevin (Fionn)

Runner: Tommy (Oscar)

Team Page Editor: Merv (Louis)

The Team

1 Oscar
2 Gabe C
3 Mitch
4 Hamish
5 Sandy
6 Luca C
7 Charlie
8 Louis
9 Otis
10 Seb
11 Tom
12 Benji
14 Jude
15 Miles
16 Fionn
17 Harry
18 Raff W
20 Elliot
21 Samuel
22 Jensen
23 Raf L
25 Evan
26 Gabe G-J
27 Fin W-S
28 Luca D

Welcome to 2022 U12's

Season 2022 is upon us and we are super excited! A huge thanks to Geoff (Hamish) for stepping up into the head coach role this year, with Mark (Raf) assisting. Much appreciated. And a massive thank you to Nate (Otis) who unfortunately cannot coach this year. We have a huge contingent of returning players and some new faces. It’s going to be a great year!  (To relive the past, here are the 2021 highlights).

Grand Final: Fitzroy vs Templestowe

4/9/22 Father’s Day
What a game! Top of the table contest, which delivered an awesome Granny. The stage was set… the teams had played each other four times during the season, with Fitzroy winning the first two (R2, R11) and Templestowe the last two (R16, Semi Final). And now the Grand Final, the decider! The first quarter was extremely tight with the Roys a few points ahead by the end of the term. In the second, Templestowe took control and scored two goals to none, to take the lead and momentum into the half time break. Now for the premiership quarter, the third… the Roys rediscovered their mojo and slammed down three goals to one, to take back the ascendency. With the Roys with a slight lead heading into the final quarter, it was anyones game. However, the Roys wanted it more, hitting the scoreboard with a major within the first minute to continue the momentum… and then another goal later in the quarter to seal the game. Well done boys! A come from behind win to take the Premiership. Sooooo good! Best Father’s Day eva!!!

Prelim Final: Fitzroy vs St Marys

Do or die Prelim Final with the winner into the GF. We kicked with the wind in the first quarter, but unfortunately didn’t quite make the most of our dominance on the scoreboard. The second quarter was even, with both teams only scoring points. In the third term, the Roys fired home 3 goals to 1 to take the lead into the final term. St Marys started the last quarter with a quick goal, but the boys were able to steady the ship and take back momentum with a couple of goals of their own. The Roys through to the Grand Final! Well done boys.

Semi Final: Fitzroy vs Templestowe

The boys were excited to play their first final. A top of the table clash against Templestowe, with the winner straight through to the GF and the loser getting a second chance. The Roys started well, leading at the end of the first quarter. Templestowe took control through the second and third quarters, winning those and take a two goal lead into the last term. The last quarter was even and could have gone either way. Well done to Templestowe, now into the GF. Top effort Roys, didn’t quite go our way today. Next week we’ll play a Prelim Final against the winner of the other game, which was third versus fourth on the ladder.

Minor Premiers

Well done boys! Finished the home and away season on top of the ladder! Huge achievement and great to see our boys grow and develop through the year.

R16: Fitzroy vs Templestowe

14/8/22 Indigenous Round
Last game of the season, top of the table clash and Indigenous Round! Fitzroy has a long-standing history as Joe Johnson was the first acknowledged indigenous player to play in the VFL/AFL league for Fitzroy Lions. Tough conditions for the kids today, with muddy, windy and cold weather. We started strong but unfortunately didn’t capitalise on our time in the forward half. In the second term Templestowe slotted a couple of goals to take the lead. The rest of the low scoring game was an arm wrestle, with Templestowe holding on for the well deserved win. Congrats to Jude for winning our Indigenous Round award for the player who demonstrated the five principles: Endurance, Tenacity, Courage, Loyalty and Pride.

R15: Fitzroy vs Parkside

Practice match against Parkside who were in the division above. We weren’t playing for points, put it was as hard and competitive as ever. An awesome game that went down to the wire. A massive comeback by Parkside after Fitzroy won the first half. Parkside came home in the second half with a wet sail and got within 7 points in the end. Well done boys, with only 16 players today.

R14: Fitzroy vs Parade

An away game against Parade Saints in Watsonia North. Wind levels today were high and swirly too, which made playing conditions tricky. Furthermore the mud pit in the centre was like another planet. The boys started strong with the wind and defended well in the second quarter to go into the main break with a solid lead. The wind changed directions in the third and Parade kicked a few goals and gained momentum. The last quarter was an arm wrestle with no goals score and the Roys just home!

R13: Fitzroy vs Brunswick

Our first home game at Ramo (Ramsden St Oval) against local rivals Brunswick. The boys were out of the blocks fast, putting down 4 goals to 1 in the first. In the second, we continued our momentum to go into half time with a 30+ point lead. Brunswick got the better of us in the third quarter with a couple of goals, but in the last the Roys regained momentum to slam down a few goals to take the win.

R12: Fitzroy vs St Marys

Wowser, this game had everything – rain, mud, lighting and early finish! The Roys started strong against an undermanned St Marys. With the wind in the first quarter the boys put down 3 goals, and in the second it was a goal a piece. The third term saw the boys add to their lead and in the final quarter lighting stopped the game early. A game with all the elements and great to see the boys enjoying the wet and miserable conditions 🙂

R11: Fitzroy vs Templestowe

26 June 2022
Big build up to this top of the table clash. And the game delivered! The Roys started well, kicking a few goals towards the scoring end, however Templestowe edged their way back through the second and third quarters. At the start of the final term, the Roys were only 16 points up and Templestowe kicking towards the scoring end. Things weren’t looking good. However, the kids came out firing, kicking 5 unanswered goals to take the win. Awesome character shown by the boys!

R10: Bye

19 June 2022
No game, but the boys kept training!

R9: Fitzroy vs Parade Saints

5 June 2022
First home game in a while and it was a close one! The boys started with the wind and took full advantage, finishing the first quarter with a 5 goal buffer. Parade responded in the second and added a few goals of their own, whilst we didn’t trouble the scorers. In the third quarter, it was pretty even with Parade able to kick a goal against the wind. The final quarter was tight. Parade peppered the goals but weren’t able to convert their chances. The Roys just home by a kick and half. Phew!

R8: Fitzroy vs St Marys

29 May 2022
Headed north again to play St Marys on their home deck. The boys put on a fast start, piling on 5 goals to none in the first quarter. They continued to ramp up the pressure throughout the rest of the game to pull off a convincing win. Great team effort by the Roys, with many players out injured and sick.

R7: Fitzroy vs Brunswick

22 May 2022
The local derby against Brunswick was a ripper! The Dragons played hosts this time, on their large Gillon Oval and turned up the heat from the first bounce. The first three quarters were an arm wrestle, with both teams gaining the ascendency at various times. The teams couldn’t be split at the final break, the scores even at 33 a piece. It must have been one heck of a speech by Coach Geoff at 3/4 time, as the boys came out and slammed on six goals to one to take the win. Well done boys, finding another gear when it counts!

R6: Fitzroy vs Parade Saints

15 May 2022
We headed north to play Parade Saints on their new huge ground with fancy grand stand and excellent catering! With only 16 players, the boys played exceptionally well. It was great to see them running hard all day and making the most of their opportunities in front of goal. Huge pat on the back to the kids who played end-to-end footy with no rest to notch up a convincing win.

R5: Fitzroy vs St Marys

8 May 2022 (Mother’s Day)
Mother’s Day game at home and the boys delivered! It was an even ball game for the first quarter, but in the second, the Roys kicked four goals to none to take the lead into the main break. It was an arm wrestle for the second half, with the Roys just winning both quarters. Another excellent four quarter effort by the boys to beat our northern rivals.

R4: Fitzroy vs Preston

1 May 2022
We travelled to Preston for our first away game of the season. The Roys started with the wind and snagged a few goals to take the early lead. Similarly, on their turn with the wind, Preston slotted on a few too. At the main break the scores were close, with Preston just ahead. It must have been a stirring speech by coach Geoff at half time, as the kids came our charging in the third, piling on five goals to take a 20 point lead into the last. The boys held on in the final quarter to notch up a very satisfying win.

R3: Fitzroy vs Brunswick

24 April 2022
ANZAC Day round against our local rivals, Brunswick. Always great games, with Brunswick the victors more often than not. But not today! The boys came out hard and fast to get on top early, which continued through the day. Great to see the kids run and run, to maintain the ascendancy for the full four quarters. Awesome win boys! (Photo: Johnny (Miles))

R2: Fitzroy vs Templestowe

10 April 2022
Huge game against Templestowe, a team we’ve always had close games against. The kids started turbocharged this week, putting on a five goal to zero first quarter with the wind. The second quarter, against the win, the Roys were able to keep Templestowe to just one goal. In the third, the Roys capitalised on the wind piling on four more goals and then held off a gutsy Templestowe in the last to record the win. Very satisfying for the kids as it’s the first time they’ve ever beaten Templestowe. Well done boys! Let’s sing the song…

R1: Fitzroy vs Northcote

3 April 2022
Wowser, what a close game to kick off the official 2022 season. A slow start by the Roys gave Northcote a solid lead at quarter time. Great to see the kids respond over the next three quarters and take the game down to the wire. Unfortunately we were 3 points short. Well done boys, next time.

Practice Match: Fitzroy vs Richmond

27 March 2022
Great match today! Kids played well and linked up really nicely. Some great tackles, marks and passages of play. Dusted off the cobwebs in style! Thanks again Sharon (Oscar) for coaching today, with Geoff in ISO. Like Ash Barty, she retires on a high 🙂

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