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Round 14 - 11 August 2019

Mud, glorious mud!

Our final game at Greensborough Park (against St Mary’s) started with the girls tiptoeing tentatively around the mud on the ground but ended in an all-in mud fight.

Chloe, amazingly, had the first kick of the game, after an alleged incident in the carpark involving an alleged out-of-control driver allegedly running over her foot.

It was a season of tough games, and today was no exception. True to form — and cheered on by a pink limousine-load of Roy’s fans — all the girls put in amazing efforts, never giving up.

Top scorers: Matilda (goal!), Maya (one point) and Hilary (one point).

Muddiest on ground: Amelia G.

Congrats on a great season, girls!

Final final score:
1 | 2 | 8 (FFC)
7 | 1 | 44 (St Mary’s)

Round 14 photos

Round 13 - 4 August 2019

Grey skies hung over Brunswick Street Oval for the Roy Girls’ penultimate game of the season. Round 13 turned out to be luckier for the Kew Comets 2 than for Fitzroy.

In the first half, Gen and Ella P kindly volunteered to help out the opposition who were short of players. In the second half, Tess and Lucy pulled on the Hawks’ jerseys.

The girls worked hard in the first half, especially in defence. Lucy and Hilary were magnificent. Harriett saved us two or three goals, while Stazja, Chole and Mia did some fantastic running and marking, and Amelia M kicked a point.

Coach Drew’s half-time advice: Energy right from the first bounce. Tess, Mia, Hilary, Estela, Gen and Chloe played an outstanding second half. Beth, Ella, Amelia G and Amelia M were brilliant at getting hands on the ball. Stazja and Dulcie both kicked points. Esme — straight after copping a shove in the back — kicked a goal! It was a tough game, but the girls never gave up. They played with energy and determination right until the final siren.

Final score:
1 | 3 | 9 (FFC)
6 | 7 | 61 (Kew Comets)

Round 13 photos

Round 12 - 28 July 2019

It was a sunny winter day at Ramsden Street Oval — lots of dogs, joggers and cyclists out on the bike path — for round 12. The Roy Girls played Richmond, with Captain Frankie at the helm. In the first half, Estela, Matilda and Ava kindly volunteered to help out the opposition who were short of players. In the second half, Jen, Lucy and Paige pulled on the Tigers’ jerseys.

Lucy, Chloe, Esme, Dulcie and Lilith had a great first quarter. Frankie’s efforts were outstanding. Mia took an amazing mark. Hillary intercepted the ball. Harriet stopped the opposition scoring a goal.

Amelia G kicked a goal in the second quarter!

Harriet saved another goal in the third quarter. Chloe, Hillary, Maya, Beth, Mia, Stazja and Ella played well, and we held the opposition to two goals.

Esme kicked a goal in the final quarter, doubling our score to 2.

Well done girls!

A special thanks to Mick Sutherland for being our water carrier for the day.

Final score:
2 | 0 | 12 (FFC)
12 | 10 | 82 (Richmond)

Round 12 photos

Round 11 - Harriet’s Milestone Game (21 June 2019)

Fitzroy versus Fitzroy! At Ramsden Street Oval, Clifton Hill.

Today was a celebration of Harriet’s 50th game for the club.

Our girls wore white clash tops, and we started off well — especially towards the end of the first quarter.

The wind was behind us in the second quarter. Amelia, Maya, Frankie, Hilary, Esme, Dulcie and Ella had some great plays. When Beth came on, she lifted our game with a boost of energy. Stazja’s running and shepherding were outstanding. Mia had some terrific kicks. And we had another milestone to celebrate: Paige’s first goal!

Ava, Ella, Sabine, Lilith and all the girls put in some fantastic efforts in the second half, running in numbers and tackling ferociously.

It was a tough game and we had a couple of injuries: Amelia M took a knock to the hand/wrist and Esme had a nasty fall, but both continued on playing bravely.

Well done girls!

After the game, Harriet was awarded a certificate for her 50th game. Congratulations Harriet!

Final score:
1 | 0 | 6 (FFC — us)
2 | 10 | 22 (FFC — them)

Round 11 photos

Round 10 - A WIN!! (14 July 2019)

Round 9 - 23 June 2019

Round 8 - Estela’s Milestone Game (16 June 2019)

Today the Roy Girls played their eighth game of the season — at Ramsden Street Oval, against Ashburton — and also celebrated Estela’s 50th game for the club.

The girls started off well, with terrific tackling and great efforts in the first quarter from Mia, Sabine, Ruby and Frankie. Esme, a left-footer, utilised the skills she’s been practising at training (kicking on both sides of the body) — an amazing right-footed kick on the boundary line!

The breeze was in our favour in the second quarter and the game seemed to be turning our way. Stazja kicked an awesome goal, which was set up with a great kick from Paige.

Over oranges and snakes in the rooms, there were rounds of applause for the fearsome efforts of Lilith, Amelia, Paige and Stazja. Drew’s halftime advice: Be first to the ball; chase your kicks; play fast football.

There were more great plays in the second half from Estela, Amelia, Beth, Mia, Frankie, Maya, Paige, Tess, Gen, Ella (what a mark!) and Esme (what a game!). Dulcie kicked a point in the final quarter.

After the game, Estela was awarded a certificate for her 50th game. Congratulations Estela!

Although the score didn’t go our way, the Roy Girls played a mighty game.

Final score:
1 | 1 | 7 (FFC)
6 | 7 | 43 (Ashburton)

Round 7 (2 June 2019)

There was plenty of sunshine at Ramsden Street Reserve for the first half of our game against St Mary’s.

Before the game, the coaches set the target of three tackles per player, and we came close to achieving that. The bravest tacklers were Frankie, Amelia and Ella. Great efforts also from Hilary, Estela, Maya, Dulcie and Esme.

Coaches half time advice: Be first to the ball, and concentrate on attacking the ball. There were some flashes of brilliance from Stazja, Amelia, Mia, Gen, Maya, Hilary, Dulcie and Paige, and some superb shepherding from Esme.

It was a tough game and the scoreboard was not on our side, but a great game. Well done, Roy Girls!

Round 6 U15/16 Girls Development - The Indigenous round (26 May 2019)

During the Indigenous Round the FJFC, alongside the AFL, recognises our shared history. Thank you to Sabine for giving a pre-game speech on the significance of the Indigenous Round.

It was a chilly afternoon at Ramsden Street Oval for our game against Templestowe. The Roy Girls had a great first half. They were consistently getting their hands on the ball, but unfortunately it just wasn’t sticking. All the girls played well, and Amelia, Sabine, Mia, Maya, Chloe, Esme and Ella were outstanding.

Maya played a blinder of a second quarter, and Amelia M kicked a goal!

Well done girls — you played a fantastic game despite the scoreboard not being on your side.

Joe Johnson medals were awarded after the game. Joe Johnson was the first known Aboriginal football player; he played for Fitzroy in 1904. The medals in his honour are for two players (one from each team) who demonstrate the values and attributes we recognise in the Indigenous Round: endurance, tenacity, courage, loyalty and pride. The medals went to Jess Ryan (Templestowe) and the sensational Sabine (FFC).

Final score:

1 | 3 | 9 (FFC)

10 | 14 | 74 (Templestowe)

Round 6 photos


Round 5 U15/16 Girls Development (19 May 2019)

Grading of teams is over and our girls are in a new grade: Under 15/16 Girls Development.

It was a sunny 21 degrees at Brunswick Street Oval for our first game in the new grade. Our opposition was Warrandyte. Unfortunately, it was a tough day at the office with more injuries than goals.

In the first half, there was a clash of heads — Estela copped a nasty cut to the forehead, while the opposition player was taken to hospital with suspected concussion. In the second half, Amelia copped a knee to the stomach and Gen injured her wrist. Hopefully all injured players will be OK and ready to play again next week.

Let by Captain Ruby, our girls kept trying for the entire game and they all played well. Their structure on the ground was fantastic. However, Warrandyte were a stronger, more experienced, long-kicking team, and the scoreboard was against us.

Congratulations to Stazja for kicking a goal in the third quarter.

Final score:

1 | 0 | 6 (FFC)

18 | 16 | 124 (Warrandyte)

Round 5 photos

Round 4 U15G - Mother’s Day game (12 May 2019)

It was a perfect May afternoon — showers of light rain and autumn leaves; bursts of sunshine through grey clouds; and the smell of barbeques in the air — for the Mother’s Day game at Brunswick Street Oval. Our opposition was Aquinas (not the Kew Rovers, for a change!)

The Roy Girls started strongly with Frankie kicking off the play, and Beth putting a quick point on the board in the first few minutes of the game. The girls kept up the intensity throughout the first quarter with terrific tackling, kicking and handballing from Frankie, Mia, Tess, Stazja and Ella. Lilith, Amelia and Chole also had some great plays.

Kicking against the breeze didn’t stop Maya from having an outstanding second quarter, or Stazja from kicking our first goal. Chloe, Ruby and Paige also played well. The halftime score was: 1 | 8 | 14 (FFC) to 0 | 3 | 3 (Aquilas).

We had a fantastic third quarter. Gen’s accurate handball helped Billie kick her first ever goal for FFC — a Mother’s Day present for Trainer Mandie. Congrats, Billie! Tess also kicked an amazing goal.

It was a heart-in-mouth final quarter with swear words from Coach Drew kept to a minimum. Ruby kicked another fantastic goal, taking the Roy Girls to a short lead, which they held onto to win the game.

How great to hear the Fitzroy song in the club rooms! There was one other celebration song: Happy Birthday to Coach Dave.

Final score:
4 | 1 | 35 (FFC)
4| 7 | 31 (Aquilas)

Round 4 photos


Round 2 U15G - Anzac day clash (28 April 2019)

It was a crisp autumn afternoon out at Greythorn Park where the houses are big and the footy teams are tough. The Roy Girls faced the Kew Rovers for the second time in a row.

After a minute’s silence for the ANZACs, Captain Maya led the girls in a courageous first quarter. They played well — contesting the ball, sharing the ball around, running hard, and taking some magnificent marks. Mia, Frankie, Amelia, Beth, Lilith, Chloe and Dulcie had some terrific plays. And there was lots of great cheering from the girls on the bench.

The girls maintained intensity in the second quarter. There were some fabulous kicks and handballs. Chloe kicked our first point! Paige, Dulcie and Hilary played well. As did Stazja, despite a knee injury, which was expertly attended to by trainer Christine.

Sabine, Amelia, Beth, Stazja, Harriet, Frankie, and all the girls put in a huge effort in the second half. Tess took an amazing mark in front of the opposition’s goal in the final quarter. Stazja copped another injury, this time to her wrist, and we’re all hoping she’ll be OK for next week’s game.

It was a tough game — a few injuries, a couple of tears — against a strong opposition. Although the scoreboard wasn’t on our side (17|20|122 to 0|1|1), the improvement from last week was remarkable. Great effort girls!

Go Roy Girls!!

Round Two photos

Round 1 - Welcome to a new season

Not the start we may have wished for, but a great effort from the girls to get the season off and running.

Go Roy Girls!!

Round One photos

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