Coach: Glenn Meade
0419 529 199
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Assistant Coach: Sam Tram
[email protected]

Team Manager: Peter Iliades
0411 131 430
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Trainer: Paul Silver
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Team Page Editor: Justine Norton
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The Team

#1 Cara McKie
#2 Phoebe Jorgensen
#3 Charlotte Silver
#8 Claudia O'Farrell
# 9 Gemma Toews
#10 Harriet Fitzgerald
#11 Nell Finch
#12 Eva Gadsby
#13 Molly Hyland
#14 Matilda Sekhon
#15 Ava Allen
#17 Ondine Thompson
#18 Pippi Aucar
#19 Grace Pearson
#20 Bethany Ryan
#21 Callia Meade
#22 Sophie Tram
#23 Saskia Elliott
#24 Scarlett Kinder
#25 Alexandra Iiliades
#26 Amy Jones
#28 Gabrielle McCue

Match Report Round 11

A chilly breeze greeted us on the hill at Schramm’s Reserve for Round 11 against Doncaster. The girls last faced this team in Round 6, so were keen to put their hard-earned skills and new-found confidence into play.

Captained by Ava, the team had only one player on the bench (compared with five of the opposition), so the girls put in a mighty effort to go the distance and make it to the end of the game.

In the rooms prior to the match, the Coach announced it was Nell’s last game for the season and asked the girls to play their best for her. He shared a few tips, suggesting the girls move the ball quickly, run hard and “play in front of your man”.

The Roy girls went out hard in the first quarter, with Phoebe scoring the first goal of the game. Amy did a great job in the wing, we witnessed some great kicks from Scarlett and Ava, and the Coach commended Matilda on holding up a certain goal.

In the second quarter, the girls played into the wind. Pippi took off quickly, breaking out of the pack and we saw some awesome tackling by Nell, Phoebe, and Matilda. Gemma stopped a goal with a nice tackle, while Bethany, Ava and Phoebe impressed with their kicking and Molly took a nice mark.

Eva and Phoebe displayed some good tackling early in the third quarter. Matilda played a nice handball out of the pack and Pippi stopped a likely goal. Glenn commended Nell for “getting in and under” and Gemma on a “beautiful tackle”.

The girls were kicking against the wind in the last quarter but despite this, never gave up. The team put in a fantastic effort to get the ball from the back line to the forward line – all working to get the ball to the point where Claudia was able to kick their second goal of the match. The Coach commended the girls on their “fantastic effort”.

We wish Nell all the best for her adventures in Broome and hope to you next year!

Go Roys!2017 U12-2-Girls Green R11 32017 U12-2-Girls Green R11 52017 U12-2-Girls Green R11 4

Match Report Round 10

Your usual reporter was away for this match, so no match report. Suffice to say that this was the second win in a row for the U12 Girls Green team, with two goals scored and another opportunity to sing the team song! In the club rooms, the Coach was reported as saying: “Two wins in a row – we’re a juggernaut!”

Yay Roys!

Match Report Round 9

2017 U12-2-Girls Green R9 74Back at our home ground for Round 9 against Templestowe, this was to prove an incredibly exciting game for the girls, being their first fabulous win of the season!

Captained by Grace, the girls were keen to take on the opposition. Templestowe were short of players so a couple of the Roy girls joined the opposition to balance out numbers in the first two quarters.

It was a nail-biting game, with three goals kicked in the second quarter and Phoebe saving the game twice in the dying minutes. Our girls kept the pressure up until the very end and proved that their hard work is really paying off.

The post-match round up by the Coach had him commenting on the three things he took away from the game:

  1. The girls have a better understanding of what is required out on the ground; such as guarding space, where to lead to, setting up at stoppages.
  2. Teamwork: assessing situations to look for a teammate in better position then passing off, dropping back to help defend and getting around each other to support teammates when things go right (and wrong too).
  3. Resilience: their efforts to keep going when the tide was turning against them late in the game, and never give up!

Some of the game highlights:

  • Nice marks: Matilda, Ava, Bethany, Grace, Cara and Phoebe
  • Great tackling: Callia, Eva, Grace, Phoebe, Amy, Bethany
  • Good kicking: Cara, Pippi, Nell, Phoebe, Ondine, Scarlett and Ava
  • Saskia – fantastic effort at full-back
  • Spectacular goals from Claudia, Amy and Phoebe
  • Resilience shown by Pippi, Ondine and Matilda who all took knocks for their efforts
  • Phoebe saved the game with two tackles in the final moments – heart-stopping stuff

Summing up, Coach had this to say:

The girls put in a wonderful effort to get their first win on the board, and it was a buzz to see them so ecstatic on the ground after the win … But nothing compares to them getting to share the moment with their teammates and singing the team song!

We couldn’t agree more!

Go Roys!

2017 U12-2-Girls Green R9 162017 U12-2-Girls Green R9 72

Match Report Round 8

It promised to be a lovely day as we rolled up to the Victoria Park Upper for a game against the Kew Comets.

Captained by Pippi, the Roy girls played a great game of footy – one of the best for the season.

The first quarter saw Amy take a mark and Harriet take two, while Charlotte displayed some strong kicking. Molly made a nice break away from the pack and Sophie showed some good tackling in defense.

In the second quarter, number 8 from the Comets was proving to be a bit of a problem for the Roy girls but this didn’t stop them playing a fantastic game of football. According to the Coach, it was the girls’ “best quarter of footy for the year” and our girls were “killing the opposition at the ground contest”. Phoebe made a good pass to Ava and the girls did some fantastic tackling of the opposition.  Matilda kept the ball moving forward, Gemma was running and kicking long and Eva provided some good options and played in front.

The Roy girls really started to warm up and outscored the Comets in the third quarter. Once again, Phoebe was in the thick of things – kicking to Cara then leading up the field to receive the ball back from her. Claudia, deep in defense, was pinned but wouldn’t let go of the ball and Eva was rewarded for a good tackle. Cara kicked a goal; and both Amy and Gabby had a shot each at goal. Matilda received a knock as a result of going in exceptionally hard.

The girls were down but not out in the fourth quarter. Sophie made an impressive kick at goal but unfortunately missed. Late in the quarter, Claudia was trying to find space to score in the dying moments but was beaten by the clock.

Following the game, the Coach commended the girls on playing a great game of footy: plenty of running, good ball movement, creating options, fantastic tackling and good intensity at the ball!

Go Roy girls! And a belated happy birthday to Gabby for Sunday!

2017 U12-2-Girls Green R8 4

2017 U12-2-Girls Green R8 392017 U12-2-Girls Green R8 8

Match Report Round 7

We were met with a pea-souper of a fog upon arrival at Surrey Park for our game against Surrey Park at 10am. Captained by Gabby, the girls took on the weather and the opposition with gusto.

The girls had a fantastic first quarter, showing aggression with the ball, ripping it out of the hands of the Surrey Park girls and calling for the ball. Ava took a great mark in defence.

Bethany, Scarlett, Molly and Ava displayed some great tackling in the second quarter, with some nice kicks from Ava, Callia and Scarlett. Amy made a good break out of defence. Scarlett’s run off the backline and kicking the footy was commended by the Coach at half-time.

The final quarter saw Phoebe, Pippi and Ava take three marks in a row, Amy score a point and Ava score our only goal of the game. Bethany and Scarlett followed up with some good marks.

The girls enjoyed their footy and they received some lovely sun for their efforts!

Go Roys!

2017 U12-2-R7 Pea soup 2

2017 U12-2-R7 Words from coach

2017 U12-2-R7 Wating for the ball


Match Report Round 6

We were pretty sure we were in for some bad weather when we arrived at Alfred Crescent for our game against Doncaster. By the second quarter the clouds started to look ominous and the brief rays of sunshine were replaced by rain, making for some wet and slippery play in the second half.

Despite the weather, the girls showed the courage and tenacity asked of them by the Coach in the pre-match warm up. Captained by Bethany, the team was missing seven players but still put in a fantastic effort against their opposition. In the words of the coach:

“The girls showed great heart, playing against Doncaster. The tackling and effort the team put in, in such abysmal (character building) conditions was amazing.”

Highlights of the game included:

  • Excellent tackling from Pippi and Nell, with Nell’s tackle in the second quarter described by the coach as “one of the best tackles from U12s this year”
  • Some great kicks by Scarlett, Cara, Claudia and Phoebe
  • A goal in the second quarter kicked by Phoebe

Following the match, a player from each team was awarded the ‘Joe Johnson’ medal for demonstrating endurance, tenacity, courage, loyalty and pride. These were presented to Phoebe from Fitzroy and Lara from Doncaster. Congratulations to both girls!

2017 U12-2 R6 Before the game

2017 U12-2 R6 Go Cara

Phoebe 3

Match Report Round 5

We were met with a lovely sunny day at our home ground for Round 5 of the season: Fitzroy 2 v Ivanhoe. The game was to prove an exciting one with the team scoring their first goal for the season!

Captained by Matilda (# 14) and with three new players (Claudia, Gemma and Eva) joining the team, the girls were keen to put their skills into action.

Under the guidance of coach, Glenn, the girls are really starting to come together as a team – showing greater focus and a better understanding of their assigned positions. Their training drills are also really starting to pay off with the girls doing some great kicking throughout the game and demonstrating they are capable of getting hold of the ball and then getting rid of it quickly.

The team got off to a great start with five marks in the first quarter. An awesome kick by Cara from the centre line and a dashing run out of defence by Molly. Some good tackling was also on display with the girls locking the opposition down quickly and not leaving any players open. At the end of the first quarter the score was: 0.0-0 (Fitzroy) 1.1-7 (Ivanhoe).

In the second quarter we were kicking against the wind but despite this the girls continued to put in a great performance. Amy (#26) was doing some great things across the field and we saw a nice long kick from Bethany. At the end of the quarter scores were: 0.0-0 (Fitzroy) and 4.2-26 (Ivanhoe).

Things really started to pick up in the third quarter, with the girls kicking two points, shortly followed by Amy kicking the first goal of the season! Amy’s goal was greeted with plenty of excitement, fist pumping and whooping for joy from the sidelines (yay, parents). Amy’s goal was quickly followed by another sterling goal, this time kicked by Nell (# 11). At the end of the quarter scores were 2.3-15 (Fitzroy) to 4.2-26 (Ivanhoe).

The girls kept up the pressure in the fourth quarter and finished up with a third goal kicked by Cara (# 1) – playing only her second game for the season. Final scores: 3.3-21 (Fitzroy) to 6.5-41 (Ivanhoe).

Our coach had this to say about the girls’ performance:

“What a great effort by the team on Sunday. The girls showed plenty of heart and actually won the second half of the game. It was really pleasing they got some scoreboard reward for all the effort they’re putting in!

I was really impressed with the run, drive and enthusiasm the girls displayed, as well as the resilience to dig in and keep going when the game got tight.

The team is really gelling well and the girls are really loving their footy. Great work girls!”

Go Roys!

2017 U12-2 R5 Coach Glenn in action

2017 U12-2 R5 Whose mark

2017 U12-2 R5 Girls on bench 2

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