Coach: Daylon Seakins
[email protected]
0421 371 350

Assistant Coach: Heather Munro
[email protected]

Assistant Coach: Kate McKenzie
[email protected]

Team Manager: Tony Peake
[email protected]
0449 191 582

Trainer: Cass Quilty
Trainer: Joe Clarke

Team Page Editor: Grant Hargreaves
[email protected]
0423 144 528

The Team

#3 -- Violet
#7 -- Ruby
#8 -- Iris
#9 -- Aika
#11 -- Amelia
#13 -- Pamy
#14 -- Pearl
#15 -- Phoebe
#16 -- Jade
#19 -- Amelia
#21 -- Nina
#22 -- Grace
#23 -- Jessica
#26 -- Alexandra
#?? -- Kalyca

Match Report - Round 1 v Parade St. Damian's - 23/4/2017 (Ramsden St Oval)

A great start to the season with a beautiful sunny morning and so many happy, enthusiastic young girls. Well done to all the girls who made their debut (and our veterans too) and special thanks to everyone that played a quarter for Parade, who aren’t blessed with the numbers we have at Fitzroy. Congratulations to the new coaching team, Daylon, Heather and Kate, for getting through game one, and thanks to Tony and Narelle for getting everyone organised, a job well done.

I took quite a few snaps during the game but we’re waiting until we have a full list of children whose parents would prefer their photos not to be online before I publish the gallery, so stay tuned.

Go Roys!