Coaching Applications and Accreditation

Coaching Applications

Coaching applications for 2021 season are open and can be submitted by clicking on the button below.




Coach Registration

It is an AFL and YJFL Requirement that ALL coaches need to register with on a yearly basis. See Coach Accreditation in 2019 for a summary of all the information you need to know about being registered and accredited through

New to Coaching

As a new coach, you’ll need to get your Foundation Coaching Accreditation. Go to and click on the ‘Join’ button.

It’s My First Year Of Coaching, How Do I Get Started?

Renew Your Accreditation

If your coaching accreditation expired at the end of 2018 you can renew it by going to

Needing to Renew Your Accreditation?

Already Accredited

If you’re a coach that has an accreditation that doesn’t expire until the end of 2019, 2020 or 2021 you still need to join CoachAFL for season 2019.

I’m Still Accredited, What Do I Need To Do?

Please see the flyer 2019 AFL Coach Education. These workshops will be held at YJFL Head Office – coaches can register for these workshops at,  scroll to workshops, then click on ‘Central Melbourne’ Region to register your attendance at the coaching workshops.

If you have any queries in regards to the Coach Workshops please don’t hesitate to contact:

Matthew Young
Football Development Manager – Central Melbourne – Inner
YJFL Office
0433 061-494

YJFL Bylaw Reminder

5.2 Coaches

5.2.5      All Coaches and Assistant Coaches must be registered with the League on the Footy Web (Sports TG) system and have their Level 1 accreditation entered on to Everproof. Clubs must provide a report to the League, by the end of May, of all their Coaching appointments including the status of their Coaching accreditation together with completed Registration Form for newly appointed Coaches. Only new Coaches are required to register each year.

Coaches Development Points

Under the National Coaching Strategy, the AFL is introducing a contemporary coaching accreditation and development framework. CoachAFL and its accompanying annual coaching membership model will provide broader, more relevant and accessible coaching education and development pathways. This framework is based on a philosophy of ongoing learning and coach development.

Within this framework, coaches will be engaged in ongoing learning via the introduction of an annual accreditation process through the accrual of Coach Development Points.

Points will be allocated to coaches engaging in a range of coaching education and development opportunities including:

  • Coaching: Coaches actively engaged in coaching a club or school team will accrue 5 Coach Development Points towards re-accreditation.
  • Online Courses: A range of short online courses addressing relevant topics will be developed for coaches to complete online. Coaches updating their profile on CoachAFL in 2019 will need to complete a short online course at the end of this annual process. This 15-minute course on Mental Health will accrue 2 Coach Development Points towards re-accreditation.
  • Coaching Workshops: Coaches attending workshops facilitated by a State/Territory AFL body in 2018 will accrue 4 Coach Development Points towards re-accreditation.

Due to the shorter re-accreditation window available this season, all coaches with an accreditation expiring in 2018 will only be required to accrue 6 points to re-accredit for season 2019. Re-accreditation for season 2020 onwards will require the accrual of 10 points over the course of the annual accreditation cycle.

Therefore, if you are actively coaching a club or school team, or you have attended a coaching workshop in 2018, you will have already accrued enough points to re-accredit for 2019.  This is because you will receive a further 2 points upon completion of the Mental Health online course which will be made available at the beginning of 2019 during the renewal process.

To view your Coach Development Points* go to the ‘My Coaching’ page on your CoachAFL account, or click here: My Coaching