Volunteer Recognition Awards

August 21, 2017

Thank you to the following who received Volunteer Recognition at the recent Roys Recovery.

General volunteer recognition of the efforts put into making our Club a strong, vibrant and desirable place to be.

These awards recognise an above and beyond contribution through-out the Season


  • Chemist Warehouse $50 voucher
  • Chemist Warehouse premium fragrance


Jan O’Meara

Recognised by Cath Lester (FJFC Secretary)

  • Stepping in to run the Idol a community event available for all adult members to attend and raising funds for the club
  • Setting up first aid kits at start of the season
  • Assisting with the distribution of TM kits at start of season
  • Helping with vote count


Cath Lester (Secretary), Jan O’Meara, Phil Murdoch (President)

Dean Robinson

Recognised by Phil Murdoch (FJFC President)

  • Website establishment
  • Webmaster
  • YJFL Grading Consultant

Dean Robinson, Phil Murdoch (President)

Linda Palmer

Recognised by Matt Drew (FJFC Coaching Director)

  • Player registrations and transfers
  • Team numbers and communications
  • On the frontline with all new members
  • Helping with Welcome Day

Matt Drew (Coaching Director), Linda Palmer, Phil Murdoch (President)