Tom and Sophia

Umpires Appreciation Round

May 5, 2018

Round 4 of the 2018 Season is the umpires appreciation round.

PUT SIMPLY – Without the umpires our game could not proceed.

With the end of the grading rounds upon us, it’s time to recognise the contribution that our umpires make week in week out.

It can be a thankless role, which is all the more reason for us individually and collectively to take the time to thank them.

Luke and Phil Murdoch (FJFC President)

Our Club and others have a number of children that take on an official umpiring role either on the field or boundary. It is an endeavor we encourage and support. Potential junior umpires take their cues from us as coaches, parents, supporters and fellow players and we can set the tone of encouragement by our actions.

So this weekend, think twice about offering that gratuitous advice and instead pat the umpire on the back and say THANK YOU!

Check out the AFL Vic article on Umpire Week discussing the significant role community umpires play in our great game and the celebrations planned for 2018 Community Umpiring Week.


Phil Murdoch
FJFC President