Roys Recovery - Full House

Roys Recovery Wrap – Volunteer Recognition 2019

August 28, 2019

We had a great crowd at the Roys Recovery to applaud our volunteers.

General volunteer recognition of the efforts put into making our Club a strong, vibrant and desirable place to be.

These awards recognise an above and beyond contribution throughout the Season.

Volunteer Recognition Recipient – Jane Ainsworth

Presented by Maree De Bondt (Vice President/Girls Development Manager).

Jane (formerly on the Committee as the Safety and Wellbeing Manager, Child Safety Officer) had to retire from the Committee due to daughter moving Club, however she stayed on board to facilitate policy – Child Safety Policy, Good Sports Accreditation, anoint a new Child Safety Officer and assist a new Head Trainer. Thankyou, Jane!

Phil Murdoch, Jane Ainsworth, Maree De Bondt

Volunteer Recognition Recipient – Keli Symons

Presented by Matt Drew (Coach Director).

Keli, one of our first female parents to put her hand up to Coach, she then stepped up to be the Coaching Coordinator. Always super organised, Keli facilitated the Coaching Development cohort. She organised the pre-season practice match carnival and hosted Western Australia interstate teams with aplomb.

Phil Murdoch, Keli Symons, Matt Drew

Volunteer Recognition Recipient – Darren Oliver

Presented by Monty Stuart (Colts 1 Coach), Shannon Swan (Colts 2 Coach), Ben Murdoch (Colts 3 Coach)

Not only did Darren coach the Under 13.2 boys team, he also took on the critical role of Colts Chairman of Selectors. The three Colts Coaches marvelled how Darren could manage the “argy bargy” of competing interests along with adhering to the YJFL qualification process. Darren was also able to help out and fill in where necessary.

Darren Oliver, Ben Murdoch, Phil Murdoch, Monty Stuart, Shannon Swan

Volunteer Recognition Recipient – Ken Seakins

Presented by John Ramshaw (Colts 1 Assistant Coach and former Club Person of the Year).

Ken reflected on his own parents and their Community contributions, one he recognises as his natural impulse.

As the semi reluctant Colts 1 Team Manager, when Ken took the role on, the team was in safe hands. Ken, always the person to come to the aid, always helping out, he sets the example of that which embodies volunteering.

Ken Seakins, Phil Murdoch, John Ramshaw

Volunteer Recognition Recipient – John Daniliuc

Presented by Jane Ainsworth (former Safety & Wellbeing Manager).

John (formerly on the Committee as the Conduct Manager 2017, 2018) had to retire from the Committee due to his boys finishing Colts, however he stayed on board to as a Conduct advocate, to assist with the Conduct process.

Most importantly, John assisted with the development of our Child Safety Policy, he took on the role and remains the Clubs Child Safety Officer.

Jane Ainsworth, Phil Murdoch, John Daniliuc

Volunteer Recognition Recipient – Dean Robinson

Presented by Phil Murdoch (President).

No stranger to the stage Dean, (former Club Person of the Year 2015, Volunteer Recognition Recipient 2017

Dean embodies all that Community service is!!!

A Former Committee member, a former Coach Development Manager, a former Club Person of the Year 2015, a former Volunteer Recognition Recipient 2017 for establishing the Clubs website he continues to operate as the Clubs webmaster.

Dean, keeps on keeping on and wears the Hotel California – Eagles “you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave” cloak.

Phil Murdoch, Dean Robinson