James Doughney Club Champion Award 2017

August 20, 2017

The James Doughney Club Champion of the Year award is the Club’s most prestigious player award and recognises outstanding contribution and talent, taking into consideration on and off field conduct and inter-league representation. Nominees must always uphold the Clubs cultural values, have played with the FJFC for at least four seasons, displayed on-field leadership and a commitment to fair play, and not been found guilty or suspended in the year of nomination by the FJFC, YJFL or any development squad.

James Doughney (pronounced Dorney) has a passionate commitment to the all-round development of players. When a FJFC coach and administrator, he continually emphasised the importance of fair play, team play and striving to do the best you can at all times. A coach for four seasons (U10s, 11s and 13s), James also served at different times as Club Treasurer, Secretary and Player Advocate.

U14’s and over Boys & Girls eligible.


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2017 Boys Recipients

Congratulations to the following who received the James Doughney Club Champion Award for 2017.

Josh Ward

James Doughney Club Champion: Josh Ward

James Doughney Club Champion: Josh Ward

Recognised by Brett Munro (U14-1 Coach) and accepted on Josh’s behalf by father Nick Ward.

Nick Ward, Brett Munro, Phil Murdoch

Jack Hart

Recognised by Phil Murdoch (President).

Jack Hart, Phil Murdoch