Brisbane-Fitzroy Historical Society 2017 Club Person of the Year - John Ramshaw

FJFC Awards 2021

August 11, 2021

It’s that time of year to recognise the exceptional players and volunteers at FJFC. The player-based award nominations are open to U14 Boys & Girls and up, to align with the criteria of the awards. The Club Person of the Year and Volunteer Recognition Awards are reserved for the volunteers in our Club community.

Please apply some careful thought and consideration to your nominations.

Written submissions for the category relevant to your nomination, outlining the reasons why you are putting forward this nomination for consideration aligned to the criteria for that category, can be submitted via the links below by Monday 30th August.  All nominations will be tabled for discussion and ratification by Committee prior to the end of season presentation.

All submissions will be notified prior to any announcements being made and awards presented.

Club Awards

Brisbane-Fitzroy Historical Society Club Person of the Year Award

This award recognises outstanding contribution to the ongoing development of the FJFC, community-based football and young people. Nomination usually reflects several years of service to the club in either administration or coaching and a commitment to the club values of participation, fitness and fun.

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Dick Terrens Coaches Award

To be awarded to a coach who has demonstrated sustained exemplary coaching for at least 3 seasons and upheld the FJFC Coaches values of “Teamwork, Respect & Mentoring”. The candidates must demonstrate the highest of character, and always place development and fun ahead of winning.

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Volunteer Recognition Awards

General volunteer recognition of the efforts and support put into making our Club a strong, vibrant and desirable place to be. These awards recognise an above and beyond contribution throughout the Season. Selected sponsor vouchers are awarded.

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Player Award

2018 Club Champion – Maeve Barton

James Doughney Club Champion of the Year award

Recognises outstanding contribution and talent, taking into consideration on and off field conduct and inter-league representation. Nominees must have played with the FJFC for at least four seasons, displayed on-field leadership and a commitment to fair play, and not been found guilty or suspended in the year of nomination by the FJFC, YJFL or any development squad.

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Check out our prior award recipients at the FJFC Honour Board.