Brisbane-Fitzroy Historical Society 2017 Club Person of the Year - John Ramshaw

Club Person of the Year 2017

August 21, 2017

Congratulations to John Ramshaw who received the Brisbane-Fitzroy Historical Society Club Person of the Year Award at Roys Recovery.

This award recognises outstanding contribution to the ongoing development of the FJFC, community-based football and young people. Nomination usually reflects several years of service to the club in either administration or coaching and a commitment to the club values of participation, fitness and fun.


  • Honour Board
  • Perpetual Trophy – on display at Fitzroy Historical Society Museum at Docklands
  • Individual Trophy
  • Donnini’s $100 Dinner Voucher
  • Bottle of premium wine


John Ramshaw

Brisbane-Fitzroy Historical Society Club Person of the Year: John Ramshaw

Presented by Sam Lord (Brisbane Lions Victorian Manager)
Recognised by Jodie Munro (2016 aware recipient)

Sam Lord, Jodie Munro

Sam Lord, John Ramshaw, Phil Murdoch, Kaitlyn Ashmore

John Ramshaw, Perpetual Trophy, Jodie Munro

Roys Recovery Presentation: John Ramshaw, Phil Murdoch

Congratulations John!

See the Club Honour Board.