Join Us for Our 25th Anniversary Celebration

July 20, 2018

Trivia/Idol Evening – Saturday 28th July at Thornbury Theatre

Join us for our 25th anniversary celebration along with Special Guests – Foundation and Past Players, past Presidents, past Administrators, past Club Persons of the Year, past Coaches, past Volunteers – ALL not forgotten.

Held at the at the beautiful Thornbury Theatre.

Rally with your team this weekend to organise a table to support the event.

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25 years ago an inaugural Under 11 ran out onto Alfred Crescent which saw the beginning of the Fitzroy Junior Football Club.

1993 FJFC U11 Team

Did our founders foresee that in 2018 we would field 31 teams, comprising 686 children? Did the 3 girls that played in that team believe today 223 girls would be playing? Did any anticipate that the Fitzroy Junior Football Club would be the first Club to have 3 x Colts teams, 4 x Under 10 teams, 2 x Youth Girls teams?…I’d like to think they did.

Go Roys

Celebrating 25 Years

Phil Murdoch
FJFC President