2018 Colts-1 Premiers

2018 Grand Finals Wrap

September 3, 2018

A Fathers Day Feast with the Gravy

To the two teams gallant in defeat on Sunday…well done on your super efforts.

  • Under 12 Girls Gold – Fitzroy 1 (Glenn Mead) 3.1=19 V’s Glen Iris 7.4=46
  • Under 12 Blue – Banyule B 4.9=33 V’s Fitzroy 3 (Cletus Brown) 1.4=10

To the parents…take some consolation that the kids got over it soon after and will back up all the better for it next season. For the Under 12 Blue team, the Grand final loss was quickly forgotten over a round of lemonades and a couple of hands of high stakes Uno.

2018 Under 12 Blue

AND Congratulations to the PREMIERSHIP WINNERS!

  • Under 14 Brown – Fitzroy 1 (Paul Broderick) 10.11=71 V’s Preston Bullants 6.3=39
  • Under 15 Div 4.- Ashburton R 5.5=35 V’s Fitzroy 2 (James Ciuffetelli) 14.12=96
  • Colts 1 Div 1 –St Marys 6.8=44 V’s Fitzroy 1 (Monty Stuart) 7.8=50
  • Youth Girls Div 1 – St Marys 7.8=50 V’s Fitzroy 1 (Gray Barton) 7.10=52

You write your place in the Fitzroy Junior Club history books.

2018 Under 14 Brown Premiers

2018 Under 15 Section 4 Premiers

2018 Youth Girls Div 1 Premiers

2018 Colts-1 Premiers

The elation (and relief) of getting the major premiership is profound and can be held high for all to see.

Thank you to all involved – Players, Coaches, TM’s, Game Day Officials and Supporters.

Thank you to all that have made 2018 a wonderful season in so many ways.


“It’s all about the Kids”

Phil Murdoch
FJFC President

Go Roys!