2017 Season’s Welcome

April 19, 2017

Message from the President: Phil Murdoch

As daylight saving becomes a fading memory…It’s that time of year again, when we say goodbye to Summer, bring out the brolly, brush off the footy boots, upgrade the mouthguard and drag out the hoodie. Welcome to the Yarra Junior Football League Season 2017!

This season, the Fitzroy Junior Football Club welcomes 214 new players who will be wearing the famous Lions jumper for the first time. Added to our existing list, the Fitzroy Junior Football Club can count over 627 players within 28 teams.

WILL our girls and boys be excited, be nervous, beam with delight when taking a mark, frown in frustration when missing a goal, look to the boundary for praise or for reassuring support, be proud to wear our jumper? YOU BET!

As I talk to people both inside and outside the Club, I am reminded of how the Fitzroy Junior Football Club is respected and held in such high regard. From its humble beginnings in 1993, our Club has grown to be one of the largest junior football clubs within Australia.

But our strength is not only in our numbers.  It is also in our values: of Fairness, Sportsmanship and Wellbeing.

We are a Club that prides itself on participation rather than top-of-the-competition success and as a result our players of all ability are appreciated and encouraged.

Our children grow to become young adults and experience the life skills that come from playing a team sport, including the attributes of resilience, tolerance and fairness. They share the rewards of success and deal with the tribulations of defeat. They do this under the shelter and safety of our Club’s umbrella, with the guidance of our dedicated Committee Members, Coaches and Team Managers and the support of our many Parent Volunteers.  To all of you, I extend an early and heartfelt THANK YOU.

I love that all of our players, irrespective of their skill, run out on the ground each Sunday wearing the Fitzroy jumper with pride, commitment and enthusiasm.

This is time also to recognise Jellis Craig and Chemist Warehouse, our new major sponsors who generously provide our jumpers.

Make sure you visit our new state of the art website to keep up to date with news and activities in and around the Club www.fitzroyjuniorfc.com.au

A warm welcome to all of our players, families and extended community. I look forward to being of service and interacting with you all over the course of Season 2017. Please don’t hesitate to tap me on the shoulder and say hello and remember – You ARE the Fitzroy Junior Football Club.

Go Roys!

Phil Murdoch