Registration and Transfer Policy

1. Purpose

Each season, the FJFC provides opportunities for more than 700 children to play football. As the club is continuing to grow, it is vital that there is a strong, consistent and transparent registration and transfer policy in place.

2. Policy Statement

This policy has been developed to provide new, current and returning players and parents with clear information about registration and transfer processes, requirements and registration fees.

3. Implementation

Online registration for all players will open on the same day.

Current Players

Registration for current players (players who registered with the Club in the previous season) will open in January each year and close mid-February.

Current players will receive an automatic registration email reminder from PlayHQ, which will include instructions about registering for the new season and the closing date for registration. Notifications will also be posted to the Club’s website and Facebook page.

Current players who register before the closing date, will be allocated to age groups/teams first until capacity is reached.

Allocation to a team in previous seasons does not guarantee allocation to the team in the current season.

Registrations received from current players after the closing date will be incorporated with new, returning and transfer player registrations and allocated positions in age groups, in order of receipt but only if the age group is not at capacity.

A waiting list in order of receipt will be kept in the event numbers support an extra team in the age group or positions become available.

Players who are returning to the Club but did not register in the previous season and do not require a transfer from another Club, will fall under New Player Registrations (below). Players who have been registered with the Club in the past but were unable to play in the previous season due to injury or other extenuating circumstances may apply to be considered as a current player by sending an email to the FJFC Registration Officer ([email protected]).

Returning/New Players

Online Registrations for Returning and New Players will open in January each year and will be reviewed after registration closes for current players.

Once the Club receives an online registration, it will be placed pending in order of receipt. Each new registration must be accompanied by proof of age. A scanned image or clear photo of the player’s birth certificate or passport must be scanned and emailed to the FJFC Registration Officer ([email protected]). ​No player will be approved for registration without proof of age.

Once a position has been found in an appropriate team, the player will receive a confirmation/welcome email and general information to assist in the purchase of club gear.

If teams are at capacity and returning/new players are unable to be accommodated, the player will be notified by email and arrangements made to refund registration fees.

Transferring Players

Transfer Applications will open on 1st of February each year and will be reviewed after registration closes for current players (mid February).

Transferring players are required to complete a request to transfer form by logging into their PlayHQ account. Players transferring out of the Club will be approved automatically. Players transferring into the Club will be held in pending, in order of receipt, until the Club reviews applications. The transfer will only be processed provided there is sufficient capacity in the appropriate team.

Once the transfer has been approved, players will receive a confirmation email and a link to registration. Each new transfer/registration must be accompanied by proof of age. A scanned image or clear photo of the player’s birth certificate or passport must be emailed to the FJFC Registration Officer ([email protected]). No player/transfer will be approved for registration without proof of age.

If teams are at capacity, the player will be notified by email and the transfer will not proceed.

Registration Waiting List

Players may request to be placed on the Club’s registration waiting list if teams are at capacity. This request must be made via email to the FJFC Registration Officer ([email protected]). If a position on a team becomes available, players (in order of position on the waiting list) will be notified via email with a link to registration.

Finalising Teams

After registrations are received and teams approach capacity, the Club will finalise Coaches and Team Managers. The Coaches work closely with the FJFC Registration Officer and under the guidance of the Coaching Development Subcommittee to determine team structure, allocations and finalise player numbers. Please see the Age Group Policy, Girls Player Placement Policy and Boys Player Placement Policy for further details on allocation of players to teams.


Once teams have been finalised, applications to Council for ground permits will commence. Team Managers/Coaches will contact players regarding training dates and times as soon as permits are approved.

Club Fees

These are reviewed annually and available through the PlayHQ registration process and will be confirmed on the FJFC website prior to the commencement of registration for any given season.

Fees are due online at the time of registration. Registration fees do not include shorts, socks or boots. Unregistered players with fees outstanding are prohibited from playing any games for the Club.

Club Fee Subsidies

Parent Lead Coach Fee Subsidy

In recognition of the significant voluntary effort associated with the coaching role, one child in the team of a parent Lead Coach will be fully subsidised. If a parent coaches a different team from that in which their child plays, they are still eligible for one child at the club to receive a full fee subsidy.

Lead Coaches will be required to register their child and pay full fees and then apply for a full refund from the Club’s Treasurer at [email protected]. Applications for the refund will close after Round 4 of the current season.

Low Income/Financial Hardship Subsidy

Low income families or families experiencing financial hardship can apply for a fee subsidy. All applications should be directed to the Registration Officer at ([email protected]).

YJFL Championship Fee Subsidy

The Club will pay 50% of registration fees incurred by players selected by the YJFL to play in any championship squads. The Club will assist with registration fees for championship players already approved by the Committee for a season registration subsidy. Please register player and then apply to the Club Treasurer at  [email protected] for your 50% subsidy.


All registration refunds will be made via EFT to a nominated bank account and will be at the discretion of the Committee. Applications will be assessed and determined on the basis of each individual circumstance. Non-recoverable administration fees charged by the YJFL (or PlayHQ) are generally non-refundable. Refund requests should be made by email to the FJFC Registration Officer ([email protected]).

4. Evaluation & Review

This policy was reviewed and updated in January 2024 and is scheduled for review in November 2026.

5. References

FJFC Parent Information – Registration

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