Life Membership Policy

1. Purpose

This document outlines the FJFC’s policy on Life Membership of the club. The purpose of this policy is to assist the FJFC Committee in offering to an individual the award of Life Membership of the club.

2. Policy Statement

The award of Life Membership is the highest honour that the FJFC can bestow on an individual, and is done to recognise outstanding service to the club (Rule 5.3(d) ). A Life Membership of the FJFC is an honorary award and is intended by the Committee to be a highly regarded and prestigious award.

3. Implementation

Number of Awards per Year

The number of Life Memberships to be awarded during any year is at the discretion of the FJFC Committee.

Life Membership Entitlements

A Life Member of the FJFC will receive:

  • A presentation of the award at a suitably significant FJFC event;
  • A life member club pin;
  • Publication of the award in FJFC communications;
  • Entry into the club’s records as a recipient of the award; and
  • Invitations to suitable club functions.


The following process will be followed:

A. Nomination

Candidates for Life Membership of FJFC must be nominated in writing by a member of the FJFC Committee (Rule 5.4(iii)). This nomination must use the approved nomination form which outlines the achievements and activities of the nominee. This nomination form is to be delivered to the FJFC Committee for consideration.

B. Consideration

The FJFC Committee will appoint a sub-committee to assess the nomination. The sub-committee will consist of:

    • The FJFC President;
    • At least one of the following:
      • Vice-President;
      • Treasurer;
      • Secretary; and
    • One ordinary member of the Committee.

The role of the sub-committee is to consider the nomination according to the criteria listed in this Policy document, to recommend those nominations considered appropriate for Committee consideration and to put recommended nominations to individual votes at the next Committee meeting. The sub-committee should also ensure that all recommendations for Life Membership of the FJFC are recorded.

C. Majority Committee Vote

The decision to award a Life Membership must be made by a majority vote of the FJFC Committee (Rule 5.4 (iii)). All matters considered in relation to a nomination should remain confidential. If the majority of the Committee vote to award an individual with Life Membership, the President or Secretary of the FJFC will communicate with the individual to ask if s/he is prepared to accept the award. Only at this stage should decisions of the Committee in favour of a nomination be announced publicly.

D. Presentation

Once the Committee has agreed to bestow the award, and the individual has agreed to accept the award, arrangements will be made to invite the recipient to a presentation where the Life Membership will be announced to the wider membership of the FJFC.

Criteria for Consideration

To be offered the award of a FJFC Life Membership, an individual has to have made an outstanding contribution towards the club (Rule 5.3(d)).

Nominees should be considered individually, on their personal attributes and achievements, and not in comparison to other Life Members, nominees or other individuals.

When reviewing if the nominee’s contribution has been outstanding, the FJFC Committee will consider if that contribution has been:

  • Significant;
  • provided in a sustained manner or with a high quality of service which has enhanced the reputation and future of the club;
  • provided with a general attitude and overall demeanour which reflects a dedication to the values of the FJFC;
  • provided with a demonstrated commitment to the principles of fair play and good sportsmanship;
  • provided valued leadership and/or an outstanding role model to members; and
  • provided with a level of participation that exceeds what is reasonably expected of an average club member, coach or FJFC Committee member. A reasonable expectation for an average club member, coach or FJFC Committee member is that they will be a regular, consistent and reliable participant or volunteer.

The individual’s outstanding contribution to FJFC must be demonstrated on the written application for Life Membership to the FJFC Committee.

4. Evaluation & Review

This policy was reviewed and approved by the FJFC Committee in April 2020. The policy is scheduled for review in April 2022.

5. References

Fitzroy Junior Football Club Constitution

6. Related Policies

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