Coach Selection Policy


1. Purpose

The FJFC has developed this policy to inform players, parents and prospective coaches about the Club’s arrangements for recruiting, selecting and appointing coaches.

2. Policy Statement

This policy aims to provide clear information about the coach selection process and the Club’s expectations and requirements.

3. Implementation

All FJFC coaching positions are declared vacant at the end of each season. An advertisement for expressions of interest (EOI) will be placed on the club’s website and distributed via email to the club’s player/parent/coach database at the end of each season.

The FJFC management committee has the discretion to seek additional candidates by other means, including advertising in local papers.

A coach selection sub-committee will be appointed to interview all candidates and make recommendations to the management committee. All applicants will be required to submit a written FJFC Coach Application Form (use this link to Microsoft Word form) or download the PDF version. All applicants will be subject to an interview regardless of whether they are the only applicant.

The coach application, presentation during the interview and response to questions from the coach selection sub-committee will be used to evaluate coach applicants.

It is expected that all coaches appoint an assistant coach who will be subject to the same interview process. Wherever possible, the coach and assistant coach will be interviewed at the same time. Where a coach doesn’t appoint an assistant, the club will make this appointment.

As part of this process, it is a requirement that all prospective coaches and assistant coaches sign the FJFC Coaches Code of Conduct and commit to follow the club’s policies, procedures and philosophies.


  • In normal circumstances, appointments for teams from U14 to Colts and Youth Girls will be made by the end of November each year, with appointments for other levels made as early as practicable in the new year. It is expected that all appointments will be finalised within four weeks of the YJFL Round 1 game.
  • All coaching positions will be appointed at the discretion of the FJFC management committee.
  • All appointments will be confirmed in writing.


  • Coaches will typically be appointed for no more than two consecutive years with any particular team to ensure players are exposed to a wide variety of instruction.
  • For an applicant to be eligible for a third consecutive year coaching the same group of players, the FJFC management committee will consider the following:
    • The applicant has not been placed with another team
    • A suitable replacement candidate has not applied
    • Considerable effort has been made to find a suitable applicant without any success
  • Coaching tenure will be reset where an applicant does not coach for a season or is appointed to coach a different group of players.


  • The Yarra Junior Football League (YJFL) requires all coaches to attain minimum Level 1 Football coaching accreditation. The FJFC will sponsor all coaches to attend training to attain these qualifications.
  • Where it is considered appropriate, the FJFC will also encourage any coach to obtain his/her Level 2 accreditation.
  • Consistent with state legislation and YJFL policy, all coaches, trainers and team officials are required to obtain a valid Working with Children check.

4. Evaluation & Review

This policy was reviewed and updated in October 2016 and is scheduled for review in October 2018.

5. References

FJFC Coaches Code of Conduct
Working with Children Check
YJFL Coach Code of Conduct Form
2017 FJFC Coach Application Form (preferred Microsoft Word form)
2017 FJFC Coach Application Form (PDF version)

6. Related Policies