Inclusion Commitment Statement

Fitzroy Junior Football Club (FJFC) recognises that inclusion is about making sure our club reflects the diversity of our local community and we are committed to working towards achieving this.

We commit to developing clear strategies and policies to achieve inclusion and remove discrimination within our club and we commit to establishing clear targets for measuring success. To do this we will prioritise Inclusion as part of our 3-year Strategic Plans, as well as our Annual Implementation Plans. We will dedicate a Club Committee Role to fostering Diversity and Inclusion.

We commit to promoting a safe, welcoming and respectful culture where everyone feels welcome and accepted regardless of age, gender, ability, socio economic status or cultural, ethnic or religious background.

We commit to informing, supporting and empowering our members and all others involved in FJFC in relation to inclusion and diversity issues.

We commit to ensuring our football activities consider the individual needs of participants and are appropriate to the level of development and skill. Where necessary we will make adaptations and modifications to cater for individual needs.

In making this commitment we recognise that our club has an important role to play in leading our community towards ensuring everyone has the chance to participate in Australian Rules Football at the level and in the roles they choose.

FJFC is a valuable part of our community. We have an opportunity to shape the culture of not only our club but the wider community by ensuring FJFC is a welcoming, safe and accessible club for all.