Coach: Phillip Murdoch
0412 569 896
[email protected]

Assistant Coach: Lou Sweeney
Assistant Coach: Eva Mandy

Team Manager: Shelley Pekin
[email protected]
0407 007 473


Team Page Editor: Jacinta Maude
[email protected]

Team Photographer: Jacinta Maude

The Team

1 Edie Bridgewater
2 Mila Jennings
3 Chloe Kodagoda
4 Zoe Hargreaves
5 Alice Lietz
6 Ella Robbins
7 Amy Jones
9 Laura Pekin
10 Hayley Fitzgerald
15 Rachel Da Silva
16 Eloise Bisley
17 Phoebe Jorgenson
18 Ruby Stothers
20 Winnie Buckley
21 Ellie Sbeghen
22 Tina Zeevaarder
24 Nessa Cooney Hunt
35 Amelia Dent
Lexi Louis

Also support by our Under 16 girls

Roxy Flanigan
Jess Fragomini
Amelia Clark
Matilda Wright
Claudia Panichi
Jada Stapleton
Aimie Stapleton
Allie DeBondt


Being our final game to get a chance to make the Grand Final, everyones energy was great before the game. Right before we went onto the field for our first quarter our
Captains, Ruby and Eddie did their usual pregame encouragement, firing everyone up before we went on.
During the first quarter, we came through with the lead, and managed to keep the ball out of the backline, with Tina retrieving every ball that came our way.
We kept going on pretty consistently until the third quarter, when Ashburton kicked 3 goals in a row. But in the end we managed to get away with the win.
The energy after the game reflected our efforts and determination to get into the grand final and singing the song at the end was the perfect way to end the day.
What a hardworking game girls!
Despite an intense 3rd quarter we wanted that win. Even though we deserved it after this seasons hard work, we put in extra effort to make it to the contest, sticking on our opponents and putting in that 100% on and off the ball.
Our physicality, determination makes us such a strong side for the grand final match.
Our structure and teamwork forward, mid and backline is incredible.
Let’s bring it next week!
Come on Roys, let’s bring the flag home !

Grand Final Bound

Congratulations to Roy Girls-1 who after defeating Ashburton in the preliminary final today at Victoria Park are grand final bound.

Well done to the players, coaches and support crew on a spectacular effort.

The final score Youth Girls-1 5:12=42  defeating Ashburton 3:2=21.

Go Roys!


Round 12 - Fitzroy Youth Girls 1 vs. Ashburton

Congratulations on another spectacular win Youth Girls 1.


YG1: 7.3=45 V’s Ashburton 2.6=18

Round 11 - Fitzroy Youth Girls 1 vs. Heidelberg

Congratulations Youth Girls -1 on a well earned win at Ford Park against Heidelberg.

YG1: 5.6=36 V’s Heidelberg 1.4=10

In the lead up to playing Heidelberg, a few of us Fitzroy girls were nervous about the game.
We knew that that Heidelberg was going to show their best and bring their intensity.
We started apprehensively in our attack on the ball, but every contest was fought hard. As the game went on, our pressure and determination prevailed.
Between Chloe torping the ball down to the forward, Edie and Laura expertly spoiling some crucial Heidelberg goals, and great teamwork all round, everyone played their part.
A victorious win, with loud celebratory singing to end off the day!

Round 10 - Fitzroy Youth Girls 1 vs. Surrey Park

A big double header this week at Brunswick Street with Youth Girls-2 up first playing Richmond and and Youth Girls playing Surrey Park at 3.00pm.  It was perfect footy weather but not Youth Girls-1 day loosing to Surrey Park by four points. The final score:

YG1: 2.8=20 V’s SurreyPark 3.6=24

It was a super fun first game back in great weather on Sunday!
Our physicality was very strong, and there were some great instances of teamwork especially around the goals.
Surrey Park were a very strong opponent, and in the end they wanted it more than us, but we put up a good fight and know what to work on.
Massive thanks to Amy, Belen and Pippi who subbed in (playing ANOTHER game in a row!) and were key parts of the team.

Congratulation Bob

Congratulations to Bob Seymour who goal umpired his 1500 game this round.

What an amazing milestone!

Thank you Bob for all your umpiring it is very much appreciated by all the players and the club.

Round 8 - Fitzroy Youth Girls 1 vs. Ashburton

Congratulation on a great game!

The Round 8 game against Ashburton saw the team able to obtain a win and continue our winning streak for the season.
The game had numerous highlights one in particular being the banana kick from Alice which was easily the best goal all season.
The teams physicality and determination at all the contests has been a recurring theme this season and was especially showcased in this weeks game.
Great game girls!!

Youth Girls-1: 8.9=57 V’s Ashburton 1.7=13

Round 7 - Fitzroy Youth Girls 1 vs. Heidelberg

A bit of a tough one this week!

The game on Sunday against Heidelberg was one of our hardest games yet, with an undermanned team taking on our toughest opposition by far.
The physicality of the team was really good and the ability to get out into space really opened up the game to get it into our forward 50.
In the end it was a hard fought game that ended in a draw but incredibly proud of everyone and we will definitely take it as a learning experience going forward.

YG1: 5.6=36 V’s Heidelberg 5.6=36

Round 6 - Fitzroy Youth Girls 1 vs. Surry Park

The team was faced with very muddy and slippery conditions from the get go, but we adapted by increasing our physicality and communication which really helped us take the win.
Surrey Park managed to stay close behind throughout the first half of the game, but our determination really set us apart in the final half.
Congratulations to our captain Edie for being awarded the Joe Johnson medal on her 18th birthday.
…and a big thank you to all the fill ins (Sarah, Pippi, Belen, Nina, Gracie & Amelia), you all made a huge difference.
YG1: 7.8=50 V’s Surrey Park 1.2=8

Meet the Youth Girls - 1 Co-captains for season 2023

Congratulations to Ruby and Edie who have been selected as the Youth Girls -1 team captains for 2023.

Well done girls!


Round 4 - Fitzroy Youth Girls 1 vs. Heidelberg

Congratulations to Chloe Kodagoda who played her 100th game. An amazing milestone for Chloe who has a kicking bag of tricks: Left or right foot, a rocket pass, a long bomb, a torpedo, a banana for a goal on the run!
Acknowledgment to Parkside Junior Football Club where Chloe played in her formative years.
Great job girls!
A harder game and everyone played incredible.
Really great teamwork, and using each other around the contest.
So good to see the team coming together so well, and our talk and looking out for each other showed it!
After a tough match we beat one of the top teams and you should all be so proud of your efforts, go roys!!!


Round 3 - Fitzroy Youth Girls 1 vs. Hawthorn Citizens

Wow what a freezing day it was at Brunswick Street Oval! But the cold didn’t deter Youth Girls 1 who comfortably defeated Hawthorn Citizens 8.13=61 to Hawthorn Citizens 0.0=0.
Congratulations to Ellie Sbeghen who played her 50th game and was also awarded best on ground this week. A terrific milestone and performance by Ellie, the Youth Girls 1 rucking superstar!
Acknowledgment to Brunswick Junior Football Club where Ellie played in her formative years.
Go Roy Girls!

Round 2 - Fitzroy Youth Girls 1 vs. Park Orchards

Well worth the trek out to Park Orchards to witness another impressive win for Youth Girls 1 at Domeney Reserve.  The final score:

YG1: 12.10=82 V’s Park Orchards 1.1=7

Great game girls!
Everyone played their part of the field so great.
Even though we are all still getting to know each other, we are already able to work together so well!
To improve, we could work on our communication on field, letting your team mates know where you are, and keep the support up!
There were so great tackles, marks and efforts made, all showing great courage that make up the team.
I can’t wait to play with everyone for the rest of the season.


Round 1 - Fitzroy Youth Girls 1 vs. Whitehorse Colts (Anzac Round)

What a great start to the 2023 football season with the Youth Girls-1 team defeating Whitehorse Colts on home turf at Brunswick Street Oval.

We had a good warm up and went into the game pretty well. Everyone got around each other.
We were hitting our targets pretty well, and getting heaps of opportunities to score.
Through out the game we could use the switch more, as there was heaps of space towards the other side of the field.
We could also have better communication on the field.
Congratulations team – Go Roys!
Youth Girls-1: 7.10=52 V’s Whitehorse Colts 4.0=24


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