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Assistant Coach: Linton Duffin
Assistant Coach: Peter Hopkins

Team Manager: Pepi Zombolas
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Team Manager: Miranda Frankel

Trainer: Mark Nikolich
Trainer: Sam Wilson

Team Page Editor: Cameron Conduit
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Team Photographer: Peter English
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Round 16

August 14, 2022

Fitzroy Wilson    5.7 – 37
Preston   13.24 – 102

In our final match for the season, it was a case of pack away your picnic rug – the ants of Preston were marching into town. Preston looked all bright red and alarmist, while the ‘Roys looked magnificent… proudly donning the Indigenous guernsey in front of the Brunswick Street Oval grandstand for our Acknowledgement of Country. 

We think it was Garry Wilson himself who once said, ‘If ya gonna go out… for crying out loud, go out rockin’… or something along those lines… and that’s exactly what the Wilsons were determined to do. To take us into the game, Angus gave us a spine-tingling performance of Goanna’s ‘Solid Rock’ that had the ‘Roys primed for battle.

Missing in action were Henry ‘H-Bomb’ Wallace, James and Ned. Luca was on light duties, Elias just going, and Stefen and Bruno with only two lungs between them. However the Wilson’s backbone, as always, was in fine working order.

Matt was back to full-strength and starting in the ruck – jumping high and following up his handywork with big second efforts. Robbie was working hard at the fall of the ball, and Tez was getting involved early – winning his own ball and finishing with poise.

Some precise kicking and attacking mindset from the Prestonites threatened to overwhelm the ‘Roys, but our men stood firm. Eli’s personally-insured fist of fury was working overtime. Sim’s chasing pressure was simply outstanding. But we weren’t quite able to impact the scoreboard.

Fitzroy started to turn things around in the second quarter. Marco was getting dirty at the bottom of the packs, and dishing the ball out to teammates. Robbie was imposing himself on the game, with some slick hands creating some forward momentum for the ‘Roys. Spence was giving his opponent the slip and creating great opportunities.

Fitzroy hit back on the electrofuntastic scoreboard when Henry N-type got a firm hold of the pill and went bang! A magnificent 6-pointer by our resident hard-man. Bruno carried the ball on a scorching run, and finished superbly for another high-quality major. 

Jono was taking the game on and using his powerful leg to great effect. Stefen went down back and spread the field beautifully with some fantastic leads coming out of defence. 

At half time we contemplated over a few lolly snakes how we wanted to finish the season, and decided it would have to be the Wilson-way.

The ‘Roys played bravely in the third quarter. Eli burrowed in for the ball and copped a snoz full of claret for his trouble. Harry ‘G Train’ Gruenert was getting right into the contest, and Henry N-type continued to crash and bang a path through the Ants.

As he’d done all season, Angus showed the way with his desperation… taking a huge leap to spoil a Preston marking attempt.

We entered the last quarter with plenty of pride to play for.

It wasn’t long before the Tezzinator launched a missile from a neighbouring postcode that never looked in doubt. A Malcolm Blight-like goal that immediately energised the Wilsons. In a close impersonation of his previous goal, Bruno streamed forward and pierced the goalface with authority.

Cic was rolling-the-dice in his contest, pressing forward and rebounding strongly at every opportunity. Luca was providing spark in the forward line. 

With a crook back, we struggled to keep Elias on the field ‘Weekend at Bernie’s-style’ to become the first player since Fred Fanning to play every single minute, of every game in a season. Parked at full-forward with a YJFL-approved Zimmer frame, he managed to clunk a beauty, then went back to put through the ‘Roys fifth major.

At the final hooter, Preston had proved too good on the scoreboard.

And so ended a very satisfying season… with every player walking out the door at least an inch taller, packing with them some good times, friendships and footy skills.

That’s a big fat double u we reckon! Thanks to all the sensational players and parents that made it a great ride.

Great season, ‘Roys!

Round 15

August 7, 2022

Whitehorse   10.11 – 71
Fitzroy Wilson    6.8 – 44

For the third time this season we met Whitehorse at our home-away-from-home, Springfield Park. The canteen lady doesn’t even ask me what type of coffee I’d like, anymore… just starts making it. We’ll miss this joint in off-season.

We’d had a couple of respectable but unsuccessful cracks at the Colts this year. This time round we were without Matt and Luca, but on the plus side Jimmy was back fit and firing (for about a nanosecond as we’ll discuss shortly), Tez was back from the wilderness, and Cic had overcome a vicious lurgy-slash-jet lag combo. Coach Pete’s absence left a gaping hole in the overall composure of the dug out, but we battled on.

Fair to say the Wilsons didn’t get off on the right foot. At the opening bounce the ball was rushed out of the centre by Whitehorse, and took an express route through their big sticks. Moments after the centre restart, James charged at the footy with typical courage, but came out second-best against an equally brave Whitehorseman. James had a jelly-legged wander around the place for a few moments, before being escorted to the banana lounge. His day done.  

Fast forward a couple more minutes, and Jono hit the deck hard with a temporarily bung leg after tripping over Eli’s noggin… leaving both players sore, but quickly up-and-about after a special delivery of pickle juice. 

From the outset, Marco was winning the contested ball and firing the ‘Roys into attack. Robbie was giving it a real crack in the ruck contests. Sim was chasing down everything, and applying maximum pressure. Elias was vacuuming-up everything he could across half-back, but weight of numbers and forward entries was hurting us on the scoreboard. 

The forward line was battling hard from limited opportunities, with Tez using his awareness to create chances at half forward, and Ned prepared to fly for everything. But it was Ned’s ground work that provided the first quarter highlight, with a  big bear hug on his opponent earning a holding-the-ball. 

By the end of the first quarter, the other mob had opened up a 20 point lead. It didn’t any easier in the second, as the Wilson defence continued to come under pressure. Stefen was setting the tone by taking the game on and rebounding strongly.

Sim stepped into the ruck role and competed very well. Henry W-type was moving nicely through the centre starting to assert his authority. Angus was taking on the opposition like a terrier, throwing himself into the action and creating turnovers.

Then came a bit of push’n’shove… a bit of lip… and all of a sudden it started to look like a Uno argument over who had to skip a turn, with cards flying everywhere. Henry N-type was told to take a spell, and after a perfectly-executed Heimlich maneuver from trainer Mark, coughed up his angry pills.

The half time airhorn gave the ‘Roys a chance to reset, and stew on the indignity of the vacant G column on the scoreboard. The never-say-die Wilsons came out in the third determined to lower the eyes and make more from our opportunities.

Back in the action, Spence set the example by working hard into space, and delivering the ball with calm precision. Robbie was linking up superbly by hand and foot, and Bruno found the on-switch to his afterburners to get things moving.

When the Tezzinator wheeled around on his left and kicked a long drop punt through the middle, the ‘Roys were finally away in style! It was followed up shortly after by a brilliant smother by Marco – sending the message that the Wilsons were up for the fight.

The comeback rolled on when Elias pounced on an intercept mark, bounded away and slammed through a fantastic long range goal. That was quickly followed up by a surging run from Bruno, ending with Robbie snapping a brilliant goal under pressure.

The defensive desperation was there, with Henry N-type tackling desperately, Eli’s fist-of-fury preventing the ponies from taking any easy clunks, and Cic leading his man to the ball.

In the last quarter Elias moved into the ruck, and Tezz into the guts to provide fresh legs. Henry W-type continued to rack up hard-won possessions and lead from the front.

Our next sausage roll came when Jono picked up a loose ball and turned on a dime to slam through a major. Great reward for his effort throughout the game.

Play of day – perhaps play of the season – came when Rob, Jono, Spence and Ned linked up in a passage of champagne team-first footy. The vital last link in the chain was none other than Marco, who ran superbly into space, seized the ball and skilfully snapped the goal – his first for the ‘Roys! A great note to finish on.

The other mob found a couple of steadiers in the last, but the Wilsons certainly didn’t die wondering. We ended up 27 points short in the end, but finished with all the momentum and heads held high.

Great effort, lads!

Round 14

July 31, 2022

Templestowe   8.14 – 62
Fitzroy Wilson    3.5 – 23

In round 14 we headed up to Templestowe to take on the Dockers – named after the famous wharves of the Melbourne foothills. The ‘Roys welcomed back Marco, Sim, Spence, Robbie and Henry N-type into the line up, but lost Tezza somewhere in the wilderness. 

We’d been trying to address our slow starts for a couple of weeks now, with various strategies including protein balls, star jumps and pie charts to no avail. Turns out all that was required was a bloody good talking to… which Captain Henry delivered perfectly in the pre-match.

From the first bounce the Wilsons’ pressure-rating was off-the-charts, with a string of hard-won holding the pill decisions going our way. Robbie was leading the way with tackling pressure, and Henry N-type wasn’t prepared to let the Dockers get an easy kick. Henry W-type was flying – covering the ground superbly and winning the contested ball. Jono was taking on a new role of ruck rover, and keeping it simple… getting the ball to boot and driving the Wilsons forward. Quick, brave ball movement saw the Wilsons catch the Dockers off-guard. 

When the other mob did manage to get their hands on it, the pressure on the ball carrier, combined with some disciplined field positioning created turnovers the ‘Roys way.

The Wilsons’ defence was nothing short of superb. Eli continued his rich vein of form. Matty was impassable at half back, Stefen charged out like a bull to rebound, and Spence was clever as always – whether it was intercepting or guarding the danger zones – he was constantly bobbing up in the right places. 

It wasn’t long before Robbie lowered the eyes and pin-pointed Luca, who kicked the set-shot from 50 to get the ‘Roys started. Fitzroy quickly extended the lead when Angus pounced on the ball from half-back and found Bruno with a controlled pass. Bruno handled the ball cleanly and with a clever kick allowed Ned to run onto the footy in space, who side stepped his opponent and finished the job. Play of the day.

Robbie then capped off a brilliant first quarter by finding space in the forward 50, and slotting yet another major.

A desperate touch off the boot from the ‘Roys defence, kept Templestowe to just one behind for the quarter. A fat finger in the scorer’s lounge awarded a Dockers goal, but Spence had a quiet chat to the man in green and got the digit shoved to the right. Superb attention to detail.

The ‘Roys entered the second quarter with a handy 19 point lead, after one of our best quarters for the year.

Matt continued to ease back into contested duties this week, and took a stint in the ruck with immediate impact.

Harry was presenting up on one wing and getting his hands on the footy, while on the other wing, Angus was reading the play magnificently… defending when needed, and spreading from the contest to go on the attack.

The boys got a chance catch their breath when the footy got lost in the rough. A clever ploy, but the Easter egg hunt didn’t break the ‘Roys concentration.

The backline was under repeated attack. Sim was defending desperately and leading well to offer an escape route out of defence.

The Dockers hit back hard, getting their noses in front by 5 points at the half-time break.

The third quarter was our last with the breeze, and we loaded up in the big men department, up forward.

Marco crashed and banged himself into the contest with his trademark ferocity. Elias attacked the footy from half-back.

Ned stuck out one hand and took an impossible catch that you’d expect to see in the outfield at Yankee Stadium.

Despite the efforts, we couldn’t quite join the dots all the way to goal. A couple of near-misses edged the score forward, and we entered the last quarter within reach of the Dockers, just 9 points behind.

The final 20 minutes was physically testing. Luca’s scone was mistaken for a Sherrin which sent him to the pine. Harry copped a whack followed up by some friendly-fire leaving him with a free-range egg on the noggin, and an IOU to Hazza that might fall due in about 4 years time at the Lord Newry.

Ultimately, we ran out of gas and ideas before they did. A couple of the Docker’s chief-troublemakers got off the chain, and kicked some goals we really wish they didn’t.

The team kept their heads up, but in the end it was the purple haze that came out on top.

Brave effort, boys! Keep up the fight.

Round 13

July 24, 2022

Fitzroy Wilson    9.7 – 61
Fitzroy Murray   8.8 – 56

It was Derby Day, and the sun was out at Fitzroy HQ for our clash with the Fitzroy Murrays. We took one look at the mud around the place, before deciding to slip into the tri-colours and let the Murrays suit up in the whites.

The lurgy-sniper had mercilessly taken out a few of our toughest troops this week. Marco, Spence, Harry, Robbie, Henry-N type all crook as chooks. Lured by a four-n-twenty sign on bonus, some reinforcements arrived just in time. After a brief initiation ceremony involving matching neck tattoos, the fresh-faced Wilsons were ready to roll. 

Matt was back on light duties after a long injury lay-off, and the boys were fired-up for the milestone games of Ned and Luca. The Wilsons burst through the banner as if it was made of crepe paper.

From the opening siren, the hunger for the contest was on display from both sides. But it was the Murrays that started off stronger, with some zip out of the middle, and tidy entries into their forward 50. The Wilsons couldn’t quite find the handle on the footy, nor a path to goal, but started to gel as the quarter went on.

Fortunately our defence was up for the fight. Eli was defending bravely on the last line. Stefen continued his good form from last week’s debut, with some fierce attack on the footy. And Ben wasn’t giving his opponent an inch, while providing a marking target for defensive clearances.

Angus was attacking the contest with his trademark tenacity. James was providing fantastic attacking run up and down the flanks. All-in-all our defensive efforts helped limit the Murrays to a couple of majors by the first break.

In the second quarter, Samuel brought clean hands and composure to the contest, as the Wilsons started to find some run through the centre. Bruno exploded into the game with some dashing runs through the midfield, selling some candy, and making some unnecessary-but-spectacular bounces through the mud puddles.

Milestone-man Ned was working hard to get on the end of our forward thrusts, and competing superbly. Sonny was getting busy at the fall of the ball. And the Wilsons eventually hit the scoreboard when Matt took a strong grab, and punched the kick straight through the middle.

At the other end of the ground, Eli was having a ripper – when he wasn’t spoiling or intercepting, he was tackling with grit. Still, we couldn’t stop the all-whites from adding four majors to their tally… extending the margin to 33 points by the main break.

We could hear the outside murmurings of ‘How far the Murrays?’ from as far away as Piedimontes – but there was belief in our huddle. The Wilsons came out hunting the ball in the second half, with Henry W-type typically strong in the clinches. Jono went into the ruck and battled hard at ground level. Tezza continued to get right into the contest and win the hard ball. Zip-Zap-Zac was running riot, and Patrick was competing bravely.

The ‘G-Train’ dived through the legs of the team doctor, and sprinted away into the action like the Artful Dodger. He wasn’t going to miss this one. Symbolic.

Henry marshalled the forces superbly to keep the game played in our forward half. And when Luca put through a long goal on the run, the momentum swing was in. 

With a three-goal quarter, the Wilsons dragged the deficit back to just 18 points. The boys could sense they were right in this, and exploded from the three-quarter-time huddle.

In the last quarter the tackling intensity took a step up. Now it was the Wilsons linking up and hitting their targets. Then whooshka! Up stepped Elias in the forward line. With strength, speed, and determination, Elias started kicking them from everywhere. His incredible kick under pressure from the boundary was a real team-lifter. A few majors on the trot, suddenly put the Wilsons within a goal of the lead. 

Deep into the final quarter, the game was up for grabs. With no time to waste, Zip-Zap-Zac snatched the pill and put a bullet-like pass into the path of Luca – who took the grab. Cool as a cucumber, Luca went back and drilled the set shot to put the Wilsons in front for the first time in the day. 

With the clock down to under a minute at the centre restart, the Wilsons charged in like they were fighting over the last dunny roll in lockdown two-and-a-half. Our midfield brigade somehow willed the ball into our forward line… and fittingly into the safe hands of Ned the half-centurion, when the siren sounded.

What an effort from the comeback kids! A great game by both sides, played in great club spirit. 

Great stuff, ‘Roys!

Garry visits the Wilsons!

We added a bit of Fitzroyalty to training recently, when we were privileged to have our team naming sponsor, number one ticket holder, Fitzroy legend, AFL Hall of Fame member, and all-round nice bloke, Garry Wilson, put the Fitzroy U15 Wilsons through their paces.

The boys certainly trained with a spring in their step, and took on plenty of great advice from Garry. Cam C-type and Cam A-type also pitched in with a couple of pearls of wisdom, like ‘Keep ya feet!’ and ‘Just bloody kick the thing’… but by and large the lads were glued to what Garry had to say.

Parents and players got to hear from Garry about his remarkable career with Fitzroy, the ‘Big V’, and his approach to the game. All while knocking back some tiny four’n’twenties and well-earned lemonades at the Bowlo after training.

Garry was happy with what he saw, and spotted a bit of potential out on the ground he reckoned. We’re pleased to report he was happy to extend his naming rights for the remainder of the season.

Round 12

July 17, 2022

Warrandyte   12.19 – 91
Fitzroy Wilson  5.1 – 31

After a couple of weeks off, footy was back. In round 12 the team bus took the windy road up to Warrandyte, causing a little nausea amongst some of the ‘Roys who were more accustomed to travelling the Hoddle grid.

Only a couple of spare seats on the bus, with Marcus crook and Henry N-type tragically marooned with his parents on the peninsula. Stefen was on debut, but looking every bit a ready-made footballer.

Henry W-type won the toss and elected to kick with the lightning in the first quarter. Shrewd. But the other mob were quick out of the blocks, hitting the scoreboard early.

Fitzroy’s defence was absorbing plenty of heat. Eli was letting rip with his spoiling fist of fury. James laid a huge tackle to win a free kick on the last line. And Sim applied the pressure with a gut-busting chase.

The ‘Roys eventually found a path to goal through Spence, who snapped a fantastic major to keep us in touch at the first change.

The Wilsons needed a lift around the contest to give our defence a breather. Rob was working beautifully in the ruck against stiff opposition. The only Henry started crashing in at the stoppages.

Tez was breaking lines through the middle and looking the goods until getting caught in a tornado-like tackle that ended his day.

Ned was leading up and creating a focal point up forward. Angus was working overtime to provide an outlet for the Wilson’s defensive clearances, while keeping his opposite number in check.

Spencer continued to find space in the forward half, and launched a magnificent long shot on goal that may-or-may-not have got some help from Robbie over the line. Both players awarded 3 points each for their contribution. Luca roved his own ruck work to slam through another.

Some brilliant pressure efforts from Marco, and more desperation on the last line from Eli, ensured the Bloods’ kicks drifted the wrong side of the stick. At the main break the ‘Roys had pulled back the deficit to 16 points.

In the third quarter, Jono repelled the Warrandyte attack with desperation and poise at different times. The Wilsons threw everything at the other mob… with Stefen defending superbly at full back, and Bruno taking a courageous mark to send the ‘Roys into attack.

Play of the day came when Harry ‘G-Train’ Gruenert danced around his opponent like he wasn’t there, linking with Spencer, who lowered the eyes to find Luca with precision. Another major on the board.

A lightning storm time out was called to end the third quarter early, just when we were hitting our straps, I tells ya. We huddled in the away sheds and listened to McLeod FC’s pre-match address just out of curiosity.

Play shortly resumed, and we burst out of the rooms for the last. Unfortunately it was almost all wrong-way traffic from that point on, with a sudden burst of classy football from the Bloods.

Elias had battled valiantly at centre half back, but moved into the engine room for the last. He worked hard to throw himself into a contest and convert a free kick to claw back 6 points for the ‘Roys.

In the end, it was a more-than-solid effort by the ‘Roys,  just not quite strong enough for long enough this time round. But a lot of positives to take into next round.

Well done, Wilsons!

Round 11

June 26, 2022

Fitzroy Wilson  11.5 – 71
Kew Rovers   5.8 – 38

Round 11 brought some classic footy weather to Fitzroy HQ, and a ball-bursting Murray-Wilson double feature. The Wilsons last came up against Kew Rovers way back in round one, before our team’s transition into manhood had even begun. This time would be different. 

The ‘Roys had sent Eli, ’Buckets’ Cic and Tez on some well-earned R’n’R anywhere but Kuta Beach, but Ned was back and raring to go. We got a side on the park by the skin of our teeth, with the help of Sonny stepping up for battle.

Plenty to play for this game. The boys were keen to send off Beau in style – having been headhunted to lead a top secret mission elsewhere. And normally we only pay attention to birthdates when we see the oppo driving themselves to the game… but the double-header birthday of Robbie and Elias called for a special effort. 

The first quarter was a tight tussle… with both teams landing some early blows. Robbie opened the account for the Wilsons, snaring a clever goal worthy of a slo-mo replay on the electrofuntastic scoreboard. Ned’s brilliant ground ball work in the goal square produced another major.

Following on from last week, the Wilsons brought some immense tackling pressure. Henry N-type was keeping his opponent in check and clearing the packs. Angus’ outside run and positioning behind the ball was giving him plenty of the pill, and generating the drive for the ‘Roys.

Luca and Robbie were humming in the tandem ruck role, giving the ‘Roys rovers some silver service. Henry W-type was creating some blistering centre square clearances around the mud pit, while Marco brought the pressure to the contest.

At quarter time, Fitzroy held a hard-fought one goal lead.

In the second quarter, the Wilsons defensive unit really found their cohesion. Spence just knew exactly where he needed to be – his awareness was outstanding. Beau at full back, and Elias at centre half back were holding down the positions superbly. A powerful cocktail of anticipation and desperation from James was stopping the other mob in their tracks, and setting our rebound in motion. 

Sim was running hard to give the Wilsons an attacking avenue through the corridor. Luca’s clean marking and big hoof was helping the ‘Roys to win the territory battle.

Up forward, Jono went selectively bezerk… putting on an exhibition of goal kicking for the ages. Hard to remember one that didn’t split the middle in a devastating ten minutes of football. By the oranges, the ‘Roys had opened up a four goal lead.

After the frenetic pace of the first half, the contest tightened in the third. Goals suddenly became harder to come by than an iceberg lettuce.

The tough contested work of the ‘Roys was putting a stop to the Rover’s attacks, and creating plenty of stoppages. Charlie was producing some of the most impartial YJFL throw-ins we’ve ever seen.

Eventually it was Sonny who put his head over the ball, for a hard-earned free kick in the forward line. The little Little put it through the middle, and the team got around him with gusto.

We entered the final quarter 21 points to the good, and looking for fresh legs to run the game out. Beau slid into the ruck duties in the last, to ensure the ‘Roys finished off strong. Elias rolled through the guts, and with a head of steam sent the ‘Roys repeatedly into attack.

Determined not to allow any last quarter lapse, the Wilsons worked hard to keep the ball in the forward half. Well led by Henry W-type, the ‘Roys held onto their structure and their nerve. More straight kicking led to another couple of team goals in a strong finish.

Great stuff, ‘Roys! We’ll enjoy the holiday break and hit the back end of the season with everything we’ve got.

Round 10

June 19, 2022

Fitzroy Wilson  3.8 – 26
Hawthorn Citz   15.13 – 103

This was a very special round on the FJFC calendar, and a big honour for the Wilsons to have the very first run in the sensational FJFC Indigenous guernseys. A fantastic project initiated by Lucy Moxon, and designed by Emma Bamblett with the help of ‘Roys girls and boys including Elias and Luca from the Wilsons.

It was magnificent to see the Wilsons run onto our historic ground wearing depictions of respect for Indigenous culture, Brunswick Street Oval, Merri Creek and a footballer’s journey. Supporters and players can check out and possibly purchase a guernsey, here.

So the morning got off to a shaky start when Coach Cam brought along nothing but a wire coat hanger to get into the sheds. Fortunately, a responsible adult in Captain Henry W-type got proceedings back on track, with a very well spoken Acknowledgment of Country. He then spoke about the medal both sides would be playing for, in honour of the Fitzroy premiership player Joe Johnson – the first recognised Indigenous player in the VFL/AFL.

Great to see an almost-full magnet board this week! Sure, a few were a little limpy or carrying remnants of crooktivity… but no shortage of resilience!  

After snipping the price tags off the new threads, we were ready to roll. The ‘Roys wasted no time getting the ball out of the middle from the opening bounce, with Henry W-type and Angus connecting beautifully. Elias set the tone at half back by resisting a Hawks attack, and following his work right up to the forward line. Beau was leaping high in the ruck and tapping superbly to set up some stoppage scoring opportunities.

Our defence was standing up well under pressure, with Spence judging the ball to perfection and driving the ‘Roys forward. Robbie was providing attacking run from half back, and tackling fiercely. But despite some close checking from some of our toughest hombres, the Citz big forwards were a bit too strong in the contest and clean with the footy. 

Fair dinkum, we thought the electrofuntastic scoreboard must have been on the blink. It did not tell the whole story at the first break… 31 points behind, despite all the effort.

The Roys’ intensity lifted in the second quarter and we started to see more numbers around the ball. Across town, Sim threw down his tennis racket (incurring a code violation) and said ‘get me to the game’. He got straight into the action with some fantastic run and pressure.

The match quickly turned into a hard-fought arm wrestle. Bruno was a driving force, bursting through packs with intent. Marco continued to crash in at the contest and fight desperately for control of the footy. 

James burst into the game up forward, leading up magnificently and marking strongly. Tez was getting right into the contest and running away with more than his share of hard-won footy, while Angus continued running his guts out and linking up play between the arcs.

The highlight came when Jono kicked the indisputable goal of the year. Cornered by an opponent somewhere out on Alexandra Parade, he barged through and kicked truly from an impossible angle. Had to catch a number 11 tram just to get back in time for the centre bounce re-start. Incredible scenes.

Marco was again just a bee’s appendage away from his first snag for the ‘Roys colours. Stay tuned next week… we can sense it coming! 

We went into half time with the margin still at 31 points. Coach Pete called on the vice-like arms to come out in the second half.

Up forward, Harry ‘G-train’ Gruenert was working over his opponent with some great leading up to the ball. Marcus was also leading strongly to spread the Hawks defence and present as an attacking option. Henry N-type brought his trademark tackling pressure to the contest. Luca was working hard to pepper the goals, but couldn’t quite find those elusive majors.

When the other mob tried to score, Eli cracked in with a couple of desperate efforts to save goals on the very last line… brilliant stuff. And with each Hawks shot the wrong side of the stick, Tezza’s laser-like kicking precision was helping the Roy boys get on the attack from the kick ins.

Eventually the Tezzinator found himself streaming forward, pouncing on the ball, and punching through a great goal for the Wilsons.

After a couple of quarters of high intensity footy, we entered the last quarter with not much left in the tank. It was a bit of a Citz Blitz to start the last… 

Cic flexed some newly-acquired muscle to get in front of his opponent and rebound strongly out of the backline. The G-train was running an express service up and down the wing, and Robbie went into the ruck, bringing some fantastic aggression to the stoppages. The momentum-breaker came with a beautifully worked ball down to Tezz, who put his set shot straight through the middle. 

However the Hawk’s onslaught earlier in the quarter had left its mark on the scoreline. By the final proper-siren we were a fair way short, but pride well and truly intact. Great effort, lads!

Picking the Roys recipient of the Joe Johnson medal, had the opposition bench stumped. Harder to pick than a broken nose, they reckoned…with 18 blokes in the ‘Roys jumper capturing the spirit of the day. The statisticians got a well-earned rest here… this medal was about displaying ‘Endurance, Tenacity, Courage, Loyalty and Pride’ – and every player had their moments. 

The award went to Elias, recognition for a brave four quarter effort under siege in the backline. Congrats Elias!

With the aid of video technology we might have just got this week’s match report within cooee of truthful chronological order. Don’t expect it next week. 

Go ‘Roys!

Round 9

June 6, 2022

Brunswick     7.13 – 55
Fitzroy Wilson  5.2 – 32

The Brunswick Dragons were our round 9 challenge, with both teams keen to get back on the winner’s list.

Cic was out mustering brumbies, and a few others were still sidelined for the Wilsons… but on the flip side we welcomed back Angus and Henry N-type. Marco and Sim parachuted in, despite not being in top nick. Dedication right there.

In the first quarter the ‘Roys kicked into the antarctic blast, and got familiar with the Gillon Oval surroundings. We watched a couple of our kicks into the breeze travel higher than longer – which wasn’t so amusing after the first time – and our boys generally found it a bit tough transporting the pill into our forward line.

With the goal review technology on the blink, the Dragons capitalised by crumbing a ball off the goalpost to snare a major from point blank range.

The ‘Roys were battling hard, with Angus and Harry full of run on the wings. Elias was competing strongly across half back and forcing the ball wide.

Just when we thought we’d restricted the Dragons sufficiently, they added a third goal in the dying minutes of the quarter. The irrates started to creep into the coaches box, particularly as our socks were starting to get a bit wet.

It was a solitary point on the board for the ‘Roys at quarter time and a bit of catching up to do.

The second quarter was a different story. Henry W-type began powering through the middle, Tezza was using some slick hands to get things moving, and Robbie glided into the ruck. Marco was competing hard, and Jono was presenting up well. 

Down back, Ned was stepping up fantastically to the challenge of an unfamiliar role in the back line. Eli was putting together a typically resolute performance, and Marcus was keeping a close check on his opponent.

A typical sharpshooter’s 6 pointer from Robbie, and a run, gather, goal combo from Luca got the ‘Roys back into the contest. When Henry W-type booted a magnificent goal from long range, the ‘Roys had all the momentum.

Defending bravely, James laid a huge tackle to stop the Dragons from scoring. But eventually, the other mob got one kicking to the ugly end. 

The Wilsons were 9 points adrift as the mini-league ran out. Well within striking distance and set for a big second half.

In the all-important third quarter, the other mob delivered some quality forward 50 entries, but the Wilson backs put up a fight.

There were some disciplined defensive efforts to force the ball to the death valley side of Gillon Oval. But we couldn’t stop the Dragons blowing out the lead to 30 points. 

The never-say-die Wilsons entered the final quarter with a lot of work to do. By this stage the afternoon sky was black as a dog’s guts, and the ball was like a bar of soap.

But the ‘Roys contested workrate lifted. Marco was getting right into the contest from the wing. Angus took a spectacular overhead grab with the wet ball. Elias muscled-in to the ruck duties, and Bruno was breaking through tackles like a steam train.

Sim was sent off for coughing up a lung, deemed a tripping hazard by the central umpire. Elias had one of his trademark ‘enough-is-enough’ moments and roosted a torpedo 57.5 metres up the line.

Henry N-type’s tackle count was reaching epic proportions. He seemed to be everywhere in the last quarter, and got reward for effort by snapping a superb roving goal.  

Luca struck a long set shot through the middle, and there was still a glimmer of hope. But we just left ourselves with a bit too much ground to make up.

We’ll get to work and look forward to next week!

Go ‘Roys!

Round 8

May 29, 2022

Preston Bullants    23.11 – 149
Fitzroy Wilson  6.6 – 42

2022-U15-3-R8In round 8, we jumped on the number 11 tram to take on ladder-leaders Preston at Zwar Reserve. Angus out with leather poisoning. Spence not flash either. Henry N-type all out of spare ribs. Ned taking a trip on a porcelain bus. So a few missing for Fitzroy… but coming back through revolving-door were Marcus, Henry W-type and Luca.

The Preston boys delivered a well-spoken Acknowledgement of Country, and we were off-and-running.

After a cautious start, the ‘Roys tackles started to stick. Our defence was looking solid, with Sim impassable across half back. Meanwhile, Jono, Elias and Cic formed the Wilson’s legendary Bermuda Triangle, where opposition attacking moves simply disappear.

2022-U15-3-R8The ‘Roys started to hit the scoreboard and it was a beautiful thing. Robbie was looking dangerous. Harry threw himself bravely into the contest to earn a shot on goal, and slammed through the six points. Luca surged forward to kick a long goal on the run. Some quick thinking from Marco got him within a whisker of snapping a major, and Jimmy’s set shot effort from the pocket wasn’t far off, either. 

The high-point came when the only Henry controlled the ball all the way from the centre bounce to boot a long range goal, with the aid of a big shepherd from James. The ‘Roys ended the first quarter 3 points up.

The pace of the game lifted in the second quarter. Marco, Bruno and the only Henry continued to battle hard in the midfield. 

2022-U15-3-R8But unfortunately the ants started to find space and get around us a bit too easily. We saw more than a few sail over our heads. Some intelligent clearance work on the last line from Tezza, helped the ‘Roys battle their way out of the defensive zone and limit the damage. 

The ‘Roys re-discovered their harder edge in the second half. Robbie stepped into the ruck role and followed up his tap work superbly. Eli was running hard both ways on the flanks, and the ‘Roys tackling pressure lifted around the ground. Great contested efforts from Sim and Tezza helped us get back in the game.

The backs continued to work hard under pressure, with Cic outstanding on the last line. Elias hit a torpedo right out of the screws to send the ‘Roys 60 metres downfield. Boom!

2022-U15-3-R8Marcus was presenting well on the forward line, but reward for effort was hard to come by for the ‘Roys. Jono moved up forward and steamed out from the goal square to clunk one, finishing off his great work with a goal. The only Henry kicked another ripper on the run, to keep the scoreboard ticking.

At the three quarter time break the Wilsons set themselves the task to finish off strong. 

In the last, Bruno went into the backline and was tenacious in the packs. Eli joined the forward line and displayed some great overhead marking.

Some outrageously straight kicking from the ants, and not much help from the law of averages, saw the margin blow out a bit. But the Wilsons kept up the fight.

2022-U15-3-R8Under the mistaken belief we had somehow played ourselves into some kind of golden-goal situation, we hit the last twenty seconds of the game with super-human intensity. A well-worked centre clearance saw the ball end up in the hands of Harry ‘G-Train’ Gruenert at half forward, who slotted a magnificent goal. A great note to end on!

The Wilson’s attitude is ya win, or ya learn. We’ll be waiting for our associate diploma in the mail after today. Enough learning for one afternoon, thanks. 

We’ll take this experience into next week’s game. Looking forward to it, already… go ‘Roys!

Round 7

May 22, 2022

Whitehorse Colts    13.11 – 89
Fitzroy Wilson  8.7 – 55

You could cut the feeling of deja vu with a knife, as we headed to the Whitehorse stables for the second time in three weeks. 

The young Lions were ready to roar for Indigenous round, honouring the late great Fitzroy legend Sir Doug Nicholls. We bottled some of Sir Doug’s courage from the Brunswick Street Oval grandstand wing, packed it in the team kit, and guzzled it down like pickle juice before running out to face the Colts. 

A wicked cocktail of COVID, the ‘flu, monkeypox and fankles had got the better of Beau, Marcus, Spencer, Luca and Henry W-type in no particular order… presenting a fantastic opportunity for the Wilsons to rise to the challenge.

From the first bounce, game day captain Elias and vice-captain Angus led from the front. Angus was tenacious on the ground and in the air, while Elias was a powerhouse in the middle. Both sides dialled up the pressure rating. Marco was thrown into the guts, and got the ball going our way with huge contested efforts. Bruno was keeping the clamps on, and the only Henry was clearly ‘on’. 

Up forward, Harry was lively at the fall of the ball, and Robbie was creating opportunities out of nothing, collecting a couple of majors – including one from a throw in that no-one else really seemed to want very much. Just one point in it at the first change.

The heat didn’t let up in the second. On the last line, Sim was holding down full-back magnificently… giving his opponent absolutely nothing. Eli was at his typical goal-saving best, charging in at every opportunity. Tezza was using his footy-nous to get to all the right places, and pick his way through traffic with some sublime kicking.

‘Buckets’ Cic was starting to build connection with the midfield, marking and kicking truly from a tight angle, then turning on a ten-cent-piece to make it two for the quarter. Ned took his chance to hit the scoreboard, and the ‘Roys opened up a small lead. Late in the term a couple of high-marking Colts entered the fray, and the margin closed once more.

As the half drew to a close, the drama compounded with one of the Whitehorsemen slow to get to his hooves after another uncompromising contest from the ‘Roys. With the ump screaming for the clock to stop, and the timekeepers having ducked off early to beat the half-time queue at the tuck shop, a siren-gate situation loomed. Cool heads and four-n-twenties prevailed, and we went into the sheds not quite sure what we were angry about… but fired up, nonetheless.

We entered the second half with the two teams neck-and-neck on the scoreboard. James made a statement early, by laying a huge tackle. The signs were good.

After a heroic – albeit brief – ruck-debut, the only Henry copped a whack in the ribcage… adding to the list of sore bodies out there.

The horsies threatened to break the game open in the third, but Jono had other ideas… dobbing a team-lifting goal after some unselfish play by the ‘Roys. Tezza booted one that never looked like missing, and the Wilsons went in to the last with some momentum… but trailing by a measly kick.

Into the last quarter, and the ‘Roys were ready to dig deep. Whitehorse pressed hard… finishing full of run and keeping us under pressure in the back half. Harry ‘G-Train’ moved onto a wing and provided some zip, James was rebounding with run, and Jono reading the ball superbly to try and hold back the tide. 

Angus, Marco and only Henry were working particularly hard between the contests, and Bruno was winning his share of the ball. A fantastic smother and chase down by Elias opitimised the Wilson’s endeavour. 

Unfortunately our legs couldn’t quite keep up with the determination in the last quarter, as the Whitehorse runners got on top. The margin blew out in a way that historians will say didn’t quite tell the tale… but what a great battle it was. Yet again, unquestionable effort right through to the final siren.

Top stuff, ‘Roys!

Round 6

May 15, 2022

Kew Comets    6.9 – 45
Fitzroy Wilson  10.10 – 70

The Wilsons’ round 6 challenge was a meeting with the Comets, at their quite un-Collingwoody Victoria Park stronghold.

After a couple of honourable losses on the trot, the ‘Roys were ready to bounce back. Massive ins. Marco for his first game for the ‘Roys after a complex deal costing us a future first round pick. And Marcus back for 2022, complete with a bionic arm that causes a few issues at airport screening, but gee-wiz comes in handy for tackling. 

With Cam C-type laying low with the sniffles, Coach Pete was finally able to unleash ‘The Flying Foxtrot’… a previously undefeated game plan last seen in 1989.

The ‘Roys executed brilliantly to dominate early proceedings. We can’t say too much, here… but it all starts with Beau rucking beautifully, and a couple of Henrys hunting the ball in the middle. Angus was running his opponent into the ground and driving the ‘Roys forward. Marco was making a super start in the tri-colour with a strong shepherd and some great hands in close.

The ‘Roys peppered the big sticks, with Jono kicking a ripper from the pocket, and Ned going bang, bang to give the Wilsons a 5 goal lead at the air horn.

The Comets were forced to change their orbit after quarter time, and the momentum swung. Bruce Willis would have found these comets hard to stop.

Cic, our Rock of Gibraltar, was reading the play and cutting off the Comet’s attacking moves. Spencer’s ability to find space and Tezza’s silky foot skills helped the ‘Roys fight back, and stay in front by 14 points at the main break. Game on.

In the third, we looked to our defence to hold firm. Bruno responded with some goal-saving efforts, Eli was as cool as a cucumber under pressure, and James kept the Kew forwards on a tight leash.

When the game was in the balance, the ‘Roys stood up. Robbie’s courage was on full display, earning him a shiner for his trouble. Harry booted a vital goal off the turf, and Beau marked and kicked truly.

The Wilsons entered the last quarter with a handy 28 point buffer, but weren’t done yet. Sim’s tackling pressure was immense, Elias was dashing through half back like a juggernaut, and Luca continued to give Kew some headaches. Marcus showed he hadn’t lost his touch, with some smart positioning and passing, to help the Roy Boys run out 25 point winners.

Another game played in great spirit, the Fitzroy way. 

Way to go, boys!

Round 5

Mother’s Day
May 8, 2022

Fitzroy Wilson    9.5 – 59
Hawthorn Citz  11.12 – 78

After a month long tour of duty, we put down the Melways and got into the blue shorts for our much-anticipated Mother’s Day clash.

Clearly still on a high after successfully delivering breakfast in bed, the ‘Roys were ready for the day’s next challenge against the top-of-the-table Hawks at Ramsden Street.

Matty out with a crappy backy. Bruno failed the last minute fankle test. Jimmy and Henry-N type late outs with general crookness. Some big boots to fill.

Determined to arrest our slow starts, the Roys hit the contest early. In a flash, the Hawks found themselves with front row seats to the Robbie Horror Picture Show… powerless to stop our mercurial forward kicking them from everywhere.

Elias was fighting hard in the ruck contests, Luca was adding some entertainment value with running bounces and the odd torpedo, and Henry was working overtime.

But the wees’n’poos also had a couple of tricks down their dacks, with some attacking run netting them 5 goals at the other end. It was a good ol’ fashioned shootout, with the ‘Roys 9 points adrift at the first change.

The ‘Roys defence came under siege in the second quarter, but Jono was up to the task, rebounding strongly. ‘Buckets’ Cic was grabbing everything that came his way, and the game became an arm wrestle.

Tezza was hitting his targets with precision, Angus was crunching into contests up and down the wing, and Ned was providing the ‘Roys with a forward target. With determination, Fitzroy pegged the difference back to just 5 points at the main break.

In the second half Sim entered the centre square and helped the ‘Roys get first use. Spencer was finding space and got us moving off half back, and Eli was holding out the Citz with some brilliant intercept marking.

Scoring proved difficult however, and it was the brown and gold that opened up an 18 point lead at three quarter time.

The never-say-die Wilsons threw everything at it in the final stanza. Harry’s desperation was a highlight, Beau was leaping into the ruck contests, and the ‘Roys managed to snare three majors to keep the pressure on all the way.

At the final siren it was the Citz who took the Mother’s Day chocolates by just a few straight kicks. Another bold team effort by the ‘Roys!

Round 4

May 1, 2022

Whitehorse Colts    10.17 – 77
Fitzroy Wilson  10.8 – 68

The team bus took us to Springfield Park in round 4, for a battle-royale with the Whitehorse Colts.

Bruno was missing with a fankle. Ned a big in for his first game of the season. The boys looked hungry in the sheds, but they often do before a one o’clock game.

Before the magnets, the Wilsons unveiled their leadership group for the season – with Henry Wallace deservedly handed the captain’s honours by his teammates. He was joined by Elias and Luca as deputies, making a formidable trio. Congrats, guys! 

The match was a tight tussle from the opening bounce. Neither side giving an inch. 

Tezza courageously dropped back into the hole, and saved a certain goal. Team lifting. Cic was rock solid in defence, Robbie and Elias brought pressure to the contest, to help keep the other mob to just a couple of goals.

For the second week running, we couldn’t quite translate our efforts into a first quarter major. Something for the match committee to stew on.

The second quarter started with one of the Whitehorsemen running the wrong direction with the pill. Totally OK with us.

But sooner or later we knew they’d find their bearings. It was their home ground, after all. And when they came at us, the ‘Roys defence was ready. Halfbacks Sim, Elias and Henry N-type formed a wall of steel. On the flanks Angus was linking up with his non-stop run, Spencer was looking lively and the ‘Roys started to piece together some precision ball movement. 

In the forward half, Jono was competing fiercely in the air and on the ground. Big game from him. James was clunking his marks superbly – setting up one goal with a cleverly-disguised pass to Luca, and another off his own hoof.

Fitzroy put through 3 goals for the quarter, to stay in touch with the wayward Whitehorses at half time.

The third quarter was a ripper… 

Robbie confronted the Colts’ man mountain and sat him down good’n’proper. BBAAAAWWLLL!!!!!

Matt kicked a long goal on the run. Momentum changer. Beau courageously crashed into the pack to make a clever tap on resulting in a superb team goal. 

Ned swooped on the ball at half forward and kicked the sausage roll of the day.

At the other end, the desperation of Harry and Eli on the last line typified the ‘Roys fighting spirit.

Newly-elected captain Henry W-type was putting together a four-quarter captain’s game. More votes than Clive Palmer.

The horsies frustration spilled over into a bit of lip right on the siren, to advance Matthew fifty closer to goal. Bang through the middle it went, to cap off a 5 goal third quarter for the Wilsons, and level the scores at three quarter time. Momentum firmly with the Roy boys. 

Fitzroy opened the last quarter in style, when Jono put the ‘Roys a goal clear with a sharp roving goal.

Luca and the Henrys found some chemistry in the middle to drive the ‘Roys into attack. 

Spencer gave his opponent the slip, and calmly put through a long range goal.

Then the ponies hit their stride, and wrestled back a narrow lead. Sam had the team defibrillator ready to service the ‘Roys faithful on the member’s wing. Pulsating stuff.

The ‘Roys battled right to the end, but at the final siren we fell just short on the scoreboard. More importantly, our boys left nothing left in the locker-room. Another step forward for the Wilsons!

Great stuff, ‘Roys!

ANZAC Round 3

April 24, 2022

Fitzroy Murray    7.11 – 53
Fitzroy Wilson  9.12 – 66

It doesn’t get any bigger than this in postcode 3065 at 1pm on a Sunday. The ANZAC round and a Fitzroy U15 derby/double header, no less… at our spiritual Brunswick Street home.

Our hosts, the Murrays, set the scene magnificently with their Acknowledgement of Country and ANZAC address. 

The nice ‘Roys lined up in the white guernseys (scientifically proven to go a bit faster), and the naughty ‘Roys in the traditional colours. At roll call we had Henry N-type missing with some rickety ribs, and Sim out with a bit of tennis-elbow. Otherwise, raring to go.

Matt English was suiting up with the Wilsons for the first time, resembling a caged lion in the rooms. Captains Angus and Elias had to physically hold him back before leading the charge onto the field.

Despite the perfect conditions, neither side found it easy to locate the big sticks in the first quarter. Defences were on top, and the pig skin ping-ponged back and forth. The Murrays were full of run – but our back half held firm, with Elias and Robbie rebounding strongly and the ever-reliable Cic holding up the last line. 

In the second, the nice Fitzroy started to ease back into the contest. Matt was leaping into every ruck contest, Tezza was getting his hands dirty in the middle, and up forward Eli was leading up superbly.

The Wilson’s G column ticked over for the first time on the electrofantastic scoreboard, to keep us in touch. The tide was turning – but naughty Fitzroy were making more of their opportunities. At half time, the Wilsons had 13 points worth of soul-searching to do. 

Enter the second half, and our men decided it was time to lift the pressure-rating. Jono took a no-nonsense approach to half back and repelled repeated attacks, while Henry W-type marshalled the troops to keep the ball in our forward half.

Bruno was tenacious in the contest, and eventually rewarded with his first goal for the ‘Roys. Big high fives.

Robbie moved into the centre square with immediate impact. Beau’s quarter was authoritarian. Starting with a checkside on-the-run goal, then a couple more to follow. Luca was also providing a focal-point, and the nice ‘Roys started to hit their targets with composure.

Our wingers were playing magnificently, with Spence and Angus running riot up and down the flanks. Our boys nailed 6 majors for the quarter, to open up a 17 point lead.

The game was well and truly up for grabs in the last quarter. Our three quarter time lead was quickly pegged back after some crafty clearance work by the Murrays. Desperately needing a momentum swing, Harry hit the contest at half forward and drove us back into attack.

With just a kick in it, James worked his way into the hot spot for a mark and clutch goal attempt. Never in doubt.

Some great desperation was shown by both sides in the final few minutes. At the final siren, the Wilsons held out for a 13 point victory. A fantastic contest that lived up to the occasion.

Go ‘Roys!

Round 2

April 10, 2022

St Marys    1.4 – 10
Fitzroy Wilson  17.16 – 118

For the bargain price of $37.18 in pre-election petrol, we got ourselves to Watsonia to take on St Marys. With an eye for detail, Cam A-type expertly removed a rear differential from the forward flank, and all was in readiness for captains Henry Nicholls and Luca to lead the boys out.

The signs were good early. The ‘Roys were full of run and support in the opening minutes, putting together some great movement of the footy. Robbie was breaking lines, Tezza and Elias were combining beautifully at the stoppages, and Angus was owning his wing.

Sonny found Beau with a level of connection rarely seen on an under 15’s footy field, and the bigger-bro did the rest.

The ‘Roys built on the momentum in the second quarter, with Spencer rebounding strongly to drive the pill into our forward half. Henry W-type was having a blinder, pouring on the pressure at every midfield contest.

The ‘Roys piled on 6 unanswered goals, including Luca’s ferocious chase down tackle on the oppo’s kick in, for a big 7-point play.

After the oranges, the Wilsons didn’t let up. Cic was miserly on the last line, Jono was charging at the footy, and Henry N-type was finding space up forward. Jimmy made life tough for the other mob’s defence.

The Saints lifted their physicality and the ‘Roys stood up. Sonny had the ribs rattled but pushed on like Dipper. Jono took a knock to the noggin and responded with a superb goal. Sim went into the guts and was typically hard at it.

The Wilsons were determined to finish off strong in the last. Harry G-Train was running hot in the forward line, Elias was a force to be reckoned with, and Eli was causing havoc in front of goal.

The ‘Roys added another 5 majors to seal our first win for the season. A great team effort!

Round 1

April 3, 2022

Kew Rovers 16.8 – 104
Fitzroy Wilson 10.13 – 73

Welcome back to Fitzroy footy!

To kick off season 2022 we took on the Kew Rovers, deep in enemy territory. Stradbroke Park turned out to be dead-set nothing like the island in the brochures… no valet parking and not a bloody palm tree in sight.

After putting in a solid block of pre-season training, Eli and James were rewarded with co-captaincy for the game. Bruno was on debut. Del out with a very, very bung hoof.

Kew threw some of their blokes over the fence to even up the numbers. No shortage of volunteers to get their instaworthy moment in the famous Fitzroy tri-colour. Respect to those Kew lads who jumped on board.

Into the action… and our boys came out firing from the opening bounce. It wasn’t long before Henry W-type kicked the first goal from long range. Looking sharp. 

Both Henrys laid some huge tackles to stop the Rovers in their tracks. Robbie was creating opportunities up forward, and Beau was strong overhead. But it was the other mob who made the most of their chances in front of goal.

In the second quarter, the Kew midfield brigade started to give us a bit of bother. But the ‘Roys stuck to the task. Tezza’s foot skills gave our forwards a good look at it, and Bruno was showing strength in the contest.

Riley stepped-up for his second game of the day, and started with a goal-saving effort. Cic was defending manfully at full back, and Eli using his dash out of the back line.

In one of the plays of the day, Elias launched himself into a 1-on-2 contest to put the Kew firmly back in their rack.

Sonny entered the fray in the second half, and made his presence felt with a crunching tackle. Sim brought some muscle to keep up the resistance. But as luck would have it, Kew kicked a couple outta their clacker to stretch their lead.

At three quarter time, the ‘Roys set themselves the challenge of outscoring the other mob in the last. And crikey, did they rise to the challenge.

Beau went into the ruck and gave the ‘Roys first use of the Sherrin. Angus continued to get in-and-under to open up opportunities.

A spread of goal kickers did the damage in a 6 goal last quarter for the ‘Roys. James positioned himself cleverly to mark and goal. Henry N-type snapped truly. And Luca delivered some long bombs.

The game ended on a high note with a blistering outside run by Angus, delivering to Sonny, who slotted through the after-the-air-horn major with high-school like composure.

A respectable scoreline in the end, and a great start to the season by the ‘Roy boys!


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