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The Team

Nina Bagaric
Phillipa (Pippa) Bisley
Tilda Burge
Amelia (Milly) Clarke
Pearl Clayton
Kai Dicker
Ciara Gleeson
Harriet Gooi
Gracie Halliday
Katherine (Kitty) Ingvarson
Alice King
Gemma (Gem) Lourey
Saoirse McPhee
Iris Mullan
Claudia Panichi
Lily Sawyer
Kalyca Vi
Eve Walker
Milly Walker-Guerin
Frances Ward
Mila Williamson
Aika Wright
Zahra Zakharia

Match Report 14 August 2022

The team enjoyed another exhilarating and hard-fought win on the weekend, catapulting themselves into second place on the ladder.

They can all be proud of their effort and determination. The forwards kept sustained pressure on their opponents, Kalyca and Frances put up a superb defence, and Nina and Alice also performed well in ruck and defence.

Finals glory is now achingly close. They have a qualifying final this weekend, and the winner of that game goes straight to the Grand Final. The loser enters a play-off against the 3rd place side for a place in the Grand Final. Boroondara are currently top of the ladder, and Aquinas third.

All the teams are pretty well matched at the moment, so they are in there with a real chance!

Keep up the magnificent work team, and Go Roys!

(With thanks to the Coach)

Match Report 7 August 2022

The team was hungry for a win and their hunger was satisfied with a glorious one  against the Boroondara Hawks.

Things got off to a promising start with an exhilarating goal in the first minutes of the game. Rather than letting complacence set in, it fired them up for a tight game, with the teams running neck and neck in the last nail biting quarter.

Each player contributed to a thoroughly deserved victory.  A special coach’s shout out to Claudia our star runner, who motivated and guided the team throughout the match.

We also wish Gracie a speedy recovery from a wrist injury.

The club song never sounded so good…and so loud!

Go Roys!

(With the usual thanks to the Coach)

Match Report 23 July 2022

After the apocalyptic conditions of the weekend before, a game in the glorious sunshine at Brunswick Street was quite the treat (despite the mud!).

It was a tough game, with both sides both sides playing hard.

They got off to a slow start, but a word from the coach at quarter time about effort and accountability spurred them on for the rest of the game.

Their efforts paid off with a close but ultimately unsuccessful result. Understandably, the girls were disappointed and frustrated, but hopefully the taste of near victory lit a fire for the rest of the season.

Go Roys!

(With the usual thanks to the Coach)

Match Report- Indigenous Round 17 July 2022

It certainly was a wild start to the season, with time being called mid last quarter due to hail and rain. To say the team (and  others!) got a soaking is an understatement.

Despite the weather, the girls cut a striking image on the field, proudly sporting their Indigenous guernseys to commemorate the recent Indigenous round.

Boroondara once again proved fierce opposition, but the girls persisted and there was no backing down.

A special coach’s mention goes to Millie who was tasked with stopping one of their opponent’s strongest players. She gave it her all and didn’t stop trying (and running!). She has shown so much improvement this season and can be proud of her efforts.

Once again it was great to see the girls’ enthusiasm, camaraderie and joy- even while getting a drenching.

Go Roys!

(With the usual thanks to our coach for assistance with the wrap up)


Match Report 19 June 2022 Farewell to Assistant Coach Jaime

Sunday marked the sad occasion of Jaime’s last game as Assistant Coach.

Jaime has been a wonderful coach and role model, and her contribution to the team has been invaluable. She will be greatly missed by all team members and their families.

The team was able to do Jaime proud with their ferocious and determined play. Despite their efforts, the pressure from Boroondara was too great.

Nevertheless, the team can once again be be proud of their play and attitude.

We wish Jaime all the best for her exciting overseas adventure.

Go Roys!

(With thanks to our Coach for assistance with the wrap up)

Match Report 5 June 2022 THE BIG 50!

The match marked a massive milestone of 50 games for Nina, Iris and Amelia. A huge congratulations to all 3.
The team marked the occasion in style with valiant and persistent play against the top team in the Division, Glen Iris. Glen Iris could only field 11 players and after discussions between the teams, the girls agreed to provide some players so that we could have a proper game. 
They led the game in the first half, but Glen Iris crept up in the 3rd quarter, with a narrow lead of 3 points. Despite dogged efforts in the 4th, their opponents finished the game just on top.
Playing for each other, camaraderie and team spirit are what they strive for, and this was certainly on display on Sunday. As always they can be proud of their play and their attitude.
A special shout out goes to Baker Extraordinaire, Antonija for the celebratory cupcakes. A fine way to end the game!
Go Roys!
(With thanks again to our coach for assistance with the wrap up)

Match Report 29 May 2022

Sunday’s game was one of high quality with 2 strong teams going head to head.

Our team can be proud of presenting their opponents with really strong play. The major difference between them was scoring efficiency. We had the ball in our forward line a lot, but weren’t quite able to convert these opportunities. Boroondara were able to capitalise on their forward entries, and that’s where the game was won.

A special Coach’s shout out goes to Iris for motivating the team at the start of the match when a spark was needed. Well done Iris!

The 50th game celebrations have been put off to this coming Sunday as Nina and Amelia were unable to attend. It will be a triple celebration with Nina, Amelia and Iris reaching this incredible milestone. We look forward to celebrating with them!

Go Roys!

(With thanks to our coach Julian Gooi for assisting with the wrap up)

Match Report 22 May 2022

The first official win of the season! And what a win it was. It could only be said that the team thrashed Aquinas by a massive 89 points.

They went in with a strong start and had a goal on the board within the first minute or two. There was excellent team work and link up play throughout. It showed that the team is getting used to the more complex aspects of playing football.

It was quite the  thrill to hear and see the excitement of the team song after the game!

Next week will be a milestone game for Iris and Amelia who will be playing their 5oth games.

Well done and Go Roys!

(With thanks to our coach Julian Gooi for assisting with the wrap up)


Match Report 15 May 2022

Welcome to the Inaugural U15 Girls Division 3 Match Report!

Against a severely depleted Doncaster, our team was able to make the best of a difficult situation and have a really enjoyable scratch/ practice match.

The game will officially be seen as a forfeit by Doncaster, but from what the coaches saw on the field, we would have had their measure regardless. The match allowed us to further emphasise and practice the things we have been learning in training.

Keep up the great work, and the positivity. The improvement in the team is fantastic.

Go Roys!

(With thanks to our coach Julian Gooi for assisting with the wrap up)

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