Coach: Jon Armstrong
0432 596 312

Assistant Coach: Adam Kooloos

Team Manager: Tamara Hodgson
[email protected]

Trainer: Julie Graney

Team Page Editor: Helen Kooloos
[email protected]

Team Photographer: Brigid Tram
[email protected]

The Team

3 Evie Goodsir
4 Zosia Hodgson
5 Eve Tram
6 Amelia Derrick
9 Lila Kooloos
10 Avie Pearson
11 Isla Wolstenholme
12 Zara Ferrante
13 Evie Scott
14 Abuk Jador Ayuel
15 Edie Donovan
17 Kitty Kelly
18 Matilda Wright
19 Charlotte Hamilton
21 Abigail Armstrong
24 Ella Griffiths

Round 4 - Templestowe vs Fitzroy - 1 May 2022

Fitzroy 8.11.59 def Templestowe 1.1.7

Captain Evie Goodsir led the team on to Templestowe Reserve. Matilda was playing her first match, and Mila was a special guest. And then there was Avie, another welcome returnee from the 2019 squad. All three played fine games too. Matilda’s fingertip marking adds another dimension to the team while Avie’s physical strength makes life difficult for the opposition.

Eight goals from eight different players – how’s that for sharing the ball around? The more avenues to goal we can engineer the better.

The girls built a winning lead on some powerful tackling, quick ball movement, accurate handball and determination. When you look at the photo gallery you see Zosia, Lila and Zara gritting their teeth as they attack the ball, alongside grace and flair from Eve, Edie and Matilda. And then there’s Evie: both of them. Evie G used her Stawell Gift speed to great effect, while Evie S broke the game open every time she went near the ball, selling candy along the way.

Speaking of candy, so good to see real oranges and watermelon appear at half time. Thanks Evie G and family.

Goals: Lila 1, Zara 1, Avie 1, Mila 1, Evie G 1, Evie S 1, Ella 1, Eve 1.

Round 3 - Bulleen Templestowe vs Fitzroy - 24 April 2022

Fitzroy 3.3.21 def by Bulleen Templestowe 10.7.67

Captain Abigail led the team on to Bulleen Oval for the ANZAC Day match. Kitty and Zosia were welcomed back from injury. Seeing Kitty back to her exuberant self was a wonderful thing.

A quality opponent was indeed waiting for us, and they taught us a lesson or two.

After two weeks of boredom at full back, Abigail was in the trenches doing what she does best: tackling, harassing, and glaring at opponents. The foot soldier imagery can be extended to Edie, who revealed a bash and crash side of her game that surprised many.

Overall though we were caught flat-footed, a legacy of being too strong for previous opponents. But gradually the girls adjusted to the pressure, and the last quarter became an arm-wrestle. This is a sign of fitness: the Bullants had a full bench, but we don’t have a bench at all.

Plenty of lessons to work on at training.

Goals: Zara 1, Edie 1, Eve 1.

Round 2 - Fitzroy vs Brunswick - 10 April 2022

Fitzroy 28.8.176 def Brunswick 0.0.0

Captain Edie led the team on to Olney Oval, which was flint hard thanks to the recent warm weather. Lily and Tessa were our special guests.

The match was dedicated to Isla, who would be out of action for weeks. So “win it for Isla” was the cry – and they sure did. It rained goals, with everybody joining the party. Lila ran riot; Evie S ran riot; Eve ran riot; and Zara kicked a lazy 10. The Fitzroy party really took off in the second, with Abuk and Charlotte snapping three goals apiece.

In the fourth, we threw the magnets around, experimenting with girls in unlikely positions. This was important for the coaches because tough opposition was just around the corner.

Goals: Zara 10, Eve 4, Charlotte 3, Abuk 3, Evie Scott 3, Amelia 2, Lila 1, Edie 1, Lily 1.

Round 1 - Fitzroy vs Northcote - 3 April 2022

Fitzroy 11.12.78 def Northcote 2.0.12

Captain Evie Scott led the team on to Olney Oval for the season opener. She last played in 2019, as did Edie, but from the word go it was clear that both girls had been working on their skills somewhere. Abuk was playing her first match, and Mila was a special guest.

Although the girls dominated proceedings, we suffered heavy casualties along the way. By quarter time Isla was nursing an elbow, and by half time Kitty was in the pavilion awaiting an ambulance. Mila was unwell and left at the long break while other girls soldiered on after seeing the Trainer. Yet they kept the scoreboard ticking over.

On the field, Evie S was a revelation in the ruck; Zara and Ella established terrific rapport up forward; and Lila and Eve could have been treated for leather poisoning.

Although visibly upset by Kitty’s plight the girls resolved to “win it for Kitty”, and the energy levels rose further in the final quarter. They danced away to a resounding victory, having indeed won it for Kitty. And that’s when the season’s theme emerged: more than just footy, it was Heart & Soul footy. You give everything you’ve got, and then you give some more.

Goals: Zara 3, Lila 2, Kitty 1, Mila 1, Evie Scott 1, Edie 1, Ella 1, Amelia 1.

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