Coach: Phil Murdoch
0412 569-896

Assistant Coach: Bea Laufer
Assistant Coach: Rebecca Filgate

Team Manager: Lou Sweeney
[email protected]


COVID Officer:

Team Page Editor: Jacinta Maude
[email protected]

Team Photographer: Jacinta Maude
[email protected]

The Team

Amelia Gelai (16)
Bethany Cox (7)
Bethany (Beth) Jackson (8)
Charli Doyle (12)
Chloe Lynch (19)
Dulcie Breen (1)
Ella Hart (17)
Ella Payne (21)
Eloise Mcmullen (10)
Estela Pintos-Lopez (32)
Esther Ryan
Eve Bell Layton (11)
Francesca (Frankie) O'Leary (2)
Maeve Sharrock (15)
Maisie Welsh (5)
Matilda (Tilly) Currie (13)
Maya Rogers (37)
Miranda Cooney Hunt (14)
Sophie Hargreaves (18)
Stazja Vroland (9)
Yasmin (Yass)Tzanakos (3)
Zoe Foggiato (6)

Great to see the team back on the ground

Round 14 – Youth Girls-2 vs. Kew Bears, Sunday 1 August, 3.00pm at  Victoria Park, Kew.

It was great to see the team excited to be back on the ground doing what they love.

Unfortunately the scoreboard was not in our favour this week.  Despite the Kew Bears being too strong the Roy Girls gave it their all until the end showing true courage and resilience and scoring two magnificent goals in the second half.

Fitzroy Youth Girls-2 2.4=16 defeated by Kew Bears 10.9=69

Go Roy Girls !

A top shelf win for YG2

Round 11 – Youth Girls-2 vs. Brunswick, Sunday 11 July, 3.00pm at  Ransford Oval, Park Street, Parkville.

There was a lot to celebrate this week.

Before the game the team cheered on Stazja who played her 50th game and an outstanding win for YG2.

An impressive last quarter by the team with everyone giving it their all and a spectacular goal by Maya (a beautiful set shot according to coach Phil) saw YG2 take out the match defeating Brunswick 7:3=45 to 6:4=40.

Go Roy Girls !

Social game with Warrandyte and coaches and managers try their hand

Round 10 – Youth Girls-2 vs. Warrandyte, Sunday 4 July, 3.00pm at  Brunswick Street Oval.

Lots of excitement this week when the coaches and managers from both sides took to the field to demonstrate their footy skills.  Luckily no injuries.  A pretty impressive performance from Lou and Phil which saw the Youth Girls-2 come out on top defeating Warrandyte 10:5=65 to Warrandyte 6:4=40

Go Roy Girls (and Phil and Lou)!

A comfortable win for the Roy Girls

Round 9 – Youth Girls-2 vs. Richmond (Black), Sunday 2o June, 2.30pm at at Citizen Park, Richmond

Having a break from footy for a few weeks did the trick for Youth Girls-2.  The team came back in force defeating top team Richmond comfortably by 50 points on the final siren.

Final result Fitzroy 8:13=61 defeated Richmond 1:5=11

Go Roy Girls!

It's back on!

Exciting news that our games are back on commencing this week

Round 9 – Fitzroy -2 vs. Richmond -Black at Citizen Park, corner Church and Highett Street, Richmond. Game starts at 2.30pm.

Training will resume on Tuesday 15 and Thursday 17 June at the usual time at BSO.

Go Roy Girls!

Gummy Bears and Jackson Macrae

Round 6 – Fitzroy vs. Kew Bears-2, Sunday 23 May, 3.00pm at Brunswick Street Oval

It was a tough day on the field and the results may not have been on the board for the Roy Girls, but what a round!

The sun was out, Team Manager Lou averted a crisis at half-time when she dashed back to the rooms donning her new driving cap to retrieve the forgotten  ‘Gummy Bears’ and an unexpected appearance by Jackson Macrae, AFL mid-fielder for the Western Bulldogs.

The final score Fitzroy 02.01=13 lost to Kew Bears-2 13.12=90

Go Roy Girls!

It's A Win!

Round 5 – Fitzroy vs. Aquinas, Sunday 16 May, 3.00pm at Ringwood

Despite the cold and muddy conditions the Roy Girls – 2 delivered the goods with a comfortable win over Aquinas  16.14=110 to 2.2=14.

Go girls!

Congratulations to Our New Team Captains

Round 5 the 2021 team captains were announced by coach Phil Murdoch

Congratulations to the following girls:

Top Age

Maisie Welsh – Captain

Beth Jackson – Vice Captain

Bottom Age

Maeve Sharrock – Captain

Evie Bell Layton – Vice Captain

Together they will bring to the team experience, dedication, focus and enjoyment.

A Mighty Second Half

Round 4 (Mother Day Round) – Fitzroy vs. Brunswick, Sunday 9 May, 3.00pm at  Brunswick Street oval

The sun was shining and pre-match the team showed their appreciation and gratitude to their mums by presenting them with flowers.

It was a tough game but what a mighty second half! Real connection and understanding between the girls.  Every single player contributed to the game.  Unfortunately the scoreboard did not reflect the amount of effort on the day.

The final score Fitzroy 03.02=20 lost to Brunswick 05.10=40

Great stuff Roy girls!

Effort and Commitment Until the End

Round 3 – Fitzroy vs. Richmond (Black), Sunday 2 May, 3.00pm at Brunswick Street oval

The commitment and effort of the team never wavered.  They played it out until the end.  Unfortunately it wasn’t enough on the day with the stronger Richmond side defeating the Roy Girls.

The final score Fitzroy 01.03=03 lost to Richmond (Black) 06.11=47

Go Roy girls!

Anzac Day Round

Round 2 – Fitzroy vs. Kew Bears-2, Sunday 25 April, 3.00pm at Greythorn Park, North Balwyn

A scoreboard doesn’t display the grit and endeavour of a team.  It was a tough day on the field but these are the days you learn how to hang in there and the Roy girls definitely did that. There was a lot to like about this game,  well done team.

The final score Fitzroy 03=03 lost to Kew Bears-2 12.20=92

Go Roy girls!

A great start to the footy season

Round 1 – Fitzroy vs. Aquinas, Sunday 18 April, 3.00pm at Ringwood

A great start to the season with a comfortable win at the Aquinas home ground.  The final score Fitzroy 04.06=54 to Aquinas 02=02.

Go Roy girls!

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