Coach: Cameron Conduit
0402 455-587

Assistant Coach: Linton Duffin

Team Managers:
Michelle Thomas
[email protected]

Miranda Frankel
[email protected]

Trainers: Sam Wilson, Emma Kitt, Clinton Kitt

Runner: Peter Hopkins

Photographer: Nina

Team Page Editor: Cameron Conduit

Round 4

Mother’s Day, May 9, 2021

Doncaster 4.8 – 32
Fitzroy Wilson 16.10 – 106

This week we took a trip up the freeway to the Cattery – the Doncaster type.

It was Mother’s Day, and the air of parental expectation was swirling in the sheds. The boys seemed relatively-aware of who they were playing for, and what they had to do.

If that wasn’t enough incentive, they had Angus cheering on from his hospital bed, trying to convince the nurse he’d be ‘right to go’ by the third quarter.

After a brief wardrobe-malfunction, Captain Robbie got his kicking boots on and led the ‘Roys into battle.

Harry was the spark that lit up the scoreboard in the first, with some brilliant forward roving. Daniel was leading strongly, helping Fitzroy to pile on 4 goals  in the quarter. Meanwhile on the last line of defence, Del, Eli and Beau refused to concede a goal to the puddy tats.

In the second, the boys continued to work hard. ‘Buckets’ Cic was swung into the backline and continued to pull in some big grabs. Toby was in everything between the arcs… delivering the ball with precision. Luca was taking his chances around goal, helping the ‘Roys to a handy lead at the main break.

The moggies kept coming in the second half and were strong in the contest. But our boys were equally determined to be first to the ball, and lift the pressure-rating.

We welcomed back Oskar this week after recovering from a bung leg. His fierce attack on the footy, along with James’ rebounding defence, kept Doncaster at bay.

In the dying seconds of the third quarter, Toby flew to take a goal-saving contested mark. A big statement right there.

Henry was superb in the midfield all day, and powered ahead in the last term with some dashing runs. Nic’s fierce tackling didn’t let up for a second… another huge running effort from him.

Riley did a great job crunching the numbers all day, and reported 13 tackles, 27 marks and one hot dog with sauce. We hope to see him back on the field soon.

In what felt like a closer contest than the scoreboard suggested, the boys finished off strongly to record their third win on the trot and keep their mums happy.

Another great team performance… well done lads!

Round 3

May 2, 2021

Park Orchards 1.2 – 8
Fitzroy Wilson 23.19 – 157

This week we donned the white shorts for the first time this season, in our clash with Park Orchards at Bulleen Park.

Eli was notching up his 50th game in the famous tri-colours and the ‘Roys were ready-to-rumble for the occasion.

In a hot start, Cic hit the scoreboard within the opening minutes, only to have the fruit-pickers strike back almost immediately. Game on.

That’s when Fitzroy started to kick into gear. Jono was competing strongly in the ruck, Henry Wallace was giving the ‘Roys drive out of the centre, and Daniel was doing the damage up forward.

David kicked a goal (the first of a hat trick) from the carpark, that had to be seen to be believed.

Robbie was at his brutal-best in a first-half domination. His efforts included a bold 50 metre run that might have ended in a goal if he didn’t have to stop for a Gatorade.

Sim brought a hard-edge to the centre contests. Toby’s class with ball created plenty of quality scoring opportunities, and when the ball went the other way, our defensive unit stood firm.

Elias took up where Jono left off, and dominated the ruck to give the ‘Roys first use of the footy through the middle stages.

Angus moved into the guts, and zip-zapped his way to every contest. A desperate smother summed up the efforts of the young man.

To their credit, the plum-gatherers fought on bravely with no players on the pine. A  3rd quarter injury to one of their blokes brought us into an impromptu huddle to re-hydrate and re-focus. The Wilsons were determined to finish the game out strong.

In the final term, Henry N-type peppered the scoreboard, and Harry’s brilliant crumbing goal was straight out of the small forward’s how-to manual.

Luca was clean below the knees and provided forward thrust, where Ned-on-one-leg was proving to be a focal point.

James’ strong shepherding cleared a path for his teammates, and Eli’s clever snap had ‘captain’s goal’ written all over it.

In the end, the scoreboard reflected a great team effort from every player.

Great stuff, Wilsons!

Round 2

ANZAC Day, April 25, 2021

Fitzroy Wilson 21.16 – 142
Ashburton 2.3 – 15

This week we enjoyed the honour of an ANZAC Day clash against the Ashburton Redbacks, at our historic home ground on Brunswick Street. Club-stalwart Scott Hamilton delivered a stirring ANZAC Day address to set the scene.

Captain Angus led the ‘Roys into battle, and won the all important two-up contest to point us towards the posh end.

It was a hot footy from the opening bounce. Harry passed a late fitness test and was rushed straight onto the wing, where he got right in amongst it.

Daniel was plucking them from everywhere, including a spectacular overhead that had all eyes on the scoreboard replay.

Nic continued his great form from last week, using his penetrating kick to great effect. The back six were solid as a rock, with Cic, Sim, Eli and Jono repelling just about everything that came their way.

In the second half, Marcus moved up forward and made an immediate impact, leading strongly and hitting the scoreboard.

Beau took a big grab and slammed through another goal, his first for the club and one of two for the day.

Dave ‘Dusty’ Hill just keeps putting himself in good positions and getting the rewards. That set-shot ball spin is quickly becoming a trademark. Wouldn’t surprise me to see some of the under 9s copying it this week.

Perhaps the biggest move on the whiteboard this week was to move the hydration-station into the same postcode as the player huddles. Clarkson-like ingenuity from the coach.

We even had a shirtless man (who wasn’t at peak levels of awareness) put his toes over the boundary line, which technically qualifies as a streaker. How many U14 games can lay claim to that?

There was also some pretty good footy being played while all this was going on. With the scoreboard well in hand the boys could have dropped off the pace, but ‘complacency’ and ‘packing-up early’ don’t get a look-in on ANZAC Day.

Daniel came out second-best in a heavy collision and decided it was time for a little lay down. Seeing their mate on the turf made the lads even more determined to fight right to the end.

Team acts were a highlight… including pressure acts from James, strong body work from Del, and the Henrys trademark aggression times two.

Eli picked up a front-and-centre rove, and then snapped truly to put the icing on the cake.

Back in the sheds, ANZAC Day Spirit award well-deservedly went to Elias, who worked tirelessly for his mates all day. He’ll be heading off to Dirty Apron cafe on Ramsden St this week for an ANZAC cookie or two.

Well played, Wilsons!

Round 1

April 18, 2021

Fitzroy Wilson 7.9 – 51
Glen Iris Hanger 8.4 – 52

And we’re back! After what has seemed like a lifetime, we were fortunate enough to be playing footy again, starting with a round 1 clash against Glen Iris. A huge thanks to all the club people behind the scenes that had managed to keep the fire burning through 2020, and get us to this point.

A few things had changed since we last played a game for points… some new faces to the club, the boots were a few sizes larger and the advertised position of scoreboard attendant now asks for an IT degree… but as soon as the boys caught a whiff of liniment in the nostrils, it was like they hadn’t missed a beat.

While the ‘Roys were suited-up and raring to go, the other mob arrived in dribs-n-drabs like they were dropping in for a cuppa with a sick aunty. On-field numbers were reduced to 15-a-side.

Cic and Jonathan had gone through 534 sleepless nights stranded on 49 games, but finally today they were leading out Fitzroy as co-captains and half-centurians. What a way for Jono to make his debut for the club! Great game, young man.

Angus was an unstoppable force in first quarter, running rings around his opponents and kicking multiple majors. Henry N-type was throwing around Glen Irismen like they were rag dolls. The mids were working well together, with Henry W-type particularly tough in the clinches. Fast start.

Meanwhile, Oskar managed to capture all the action while on crutches, and holding a four’n’twenty in his non-preferred. Great photos, Oskar!

A dramatic goal on the proper-siren kept the visitors in touch at quarter time.

The second quarter was a hard-fought affair. With legs moving faster than his torso, Riley came off seeking a hip-replacement and one of the Glen Irismen went down with claret from the snoz. This was becoming a war of attrition.  

Cic was magnificent in defence, marking just about everything that came his way. Robbie’s run out of the backline, and Nic’s penetrating boot were providing opportunities. The ‘Roys put on a couple more majors, including a team-lifter by Del.

In the third quarter the other mob started to get on top. It took some resolute defence to keep our noses in front by 3 points in front at the last change.

In a tense last quarter where scoring was hard to come by, Luca booted a beautiful un-goal… Oh Lord Newry, give me strength! In the frantic last minutes the ‘Roys worked hard to lock the ball in the forward 50, but repeated attempts to wrestle back the lead were to no avail. At the final proper-siren only a measly single point separated the teams.

A great contested game, played in good spirit and an excellent springboard into the season.

Go ‘Roys!

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