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Roys U15-1 Match Reports for 2019

Round 8 Match Report

Round 8

Kew-Templestowe v Fitzroy, 16/6/19, Templestowe Reserve

Q1 Q2 Q3 Final
Kew Tempy 1.2 – 8 4.4 – 28 6.5 – 41 6.7 – 43
Fitzroy 3.4 – 22 4.5 – 29 6.6 – 42 7.7 – 49


Round 8 at Templestowe Reserve – to quote Neil Finn, it was four seasons in one day.

After the long weekend break, we were on the road again, out to the hills and old orchards of Templestowe. Kew Templestowe (KT) are challenging for a finals birth (it would be embarrassing to miss the top four in a five team comp) and with much of their team coming off Yarra Magpies representative duties (in a curiosity of selection), they fancied their chances on their own dung heap. And the Roys had something to fight for also – 100 game milestones for Connor and Torren. There was a sense that both teams were up for the battle.

The first quarter was an open and free flowing affair played in fairly sunny conditions. Both teams looked to move the ball quickly with sharp hands and long kicks. The Roys were more effective with this early finding targets all over the ground and it wasn’t long before this was rewarded. Johnny took a great mark in the goal square and converted the set shot. This was followed by Parky slotting one on the run from the pocket. KT muscled their way back into the game to hit the scoreboard with one of their own, but as the clock ticked down to quarter time Zek was able to get his foot to one and push the advantage to 14 points at the break. It was a strong team effort early, with some solid defence lead by Connor.

The second started brightly enough with Noah goaling on the run after some hard work in contests from Zek and Harry through the middle of the ground. But this seemed to trigger two things – the Roys dropping off in intensity and KT getting up and about. Maybe the two were related but the Roys certainly found themselves under pressure as KT put on three unanswered goals. Halftime couldn’t arrive quick enough and the players headed to the rooms with the Roys leading by the narrowest of margins.

At the break Brodders put it on the lads to lift. Using David King like stats to prove his point, the coach asked each player raise their intensity and get the game back on our terms.

The game entered arm-wrestle mode early in the third quarter. KT took the lead with a couple of goals, but the tempest brewing in the western sky seemed to spark the Roys to life. From the halfway point of the quarter the Roys lifted with players like Kyan, Daff and Max winning crucial one-on-ones and Torren, Darcy and Noah finding space to run and carry. Tristan and Tommy D started to break even in the ruck too. On the back of this Harry kicked a great running goal and then Jack took a superb intercept mark and put the Sherrin straight over the goal umpire’s head. The rain started as the three quarter time siren sounded with the Roys leading by a solitary point.

The start of the final quarter saw the Roys continue to press for the win. The our lads seemed to like the rain (or at least KT didn’t seem to care for it) as the ball spent more time on the ground and contested marking became difficult. Peakey, Oscar and Parky lifted, as these blokes like the close in stuff, and helped keep the ball in our forward line for much of the quarter. A scrambly (is that a word?) passage of play got the ball to with in range of the Roys goal and Johnny was canny enough to slap it on the boot to secure a vital goal – as it turned out it was the only one of the quarter. A late flurry of attack from KT was withstood by an excellent backline effort from Lenny, Connor, Finn AF, Rigs and Charlie. As the final siren sounded the rain began to ease and the sun broke through – the footy gods had shone on the Roys as they came away with a well earned six point win.

In the rooms, the boys were all smiles and delivered the song with some extra gusto. It was a great team effort to get up in the conditions and it was made even more satisfying to be able to salute for Connor and Toz.

Round 7 Match Report

Round 7

Glen Iris v Fitzroy, 1/2/19, TH King Oval

Q1 Q2 Q3 Final
Glen Iris 2.3 – 15 6.4 – 40 8.6 – 54 9.7 – 61
Fitzroy 4.4 – 28 6.5 – 41 7.8 – 50 12.10 – 82


Round 7 at TH King Oval – what’s TH stand for? Terrifically hard-hitting?

Well, your trusty correspondent just couldn’t stomach heading out to the leafy suburbs of Glen Iris – the air out there would not have agreed with him. So it was time to send the “cub reporter” (his pen name is Jimmy Olsen) on his first assignment. Enough of getting coffees around the office, it was time to earn his stripes. And I think you’ll agree that what follows below captures all the thrills and spills of a hard fought encounter. So sit back and enjoy young Jimmy’s work…

It was a good win by the boys in round 2 against Glen Iris but what would this game have in store on their home deck? From the first bounce Fitzroy played with intensity around the ball and kept the ball in the forward line that included a sensational mark by Charlie and Parkey snagging the first goal. When Glen Iris did push forward the boys were able to defend and rebound with pinpoint foot passes. Torren kick-started a clean passage of play to Peakey, and then to Jack and Tristan, and finished off by Parkey: goal! Tommy was providing a pivotal contest in the ruck and Oscar was a driving force out of the middle, including his kick to Tristan who was infringed in a marking contest. Taking advantage, Darcy swooped and kicked another one. Peakey was tough in the clinches and Darcy and Jack showed their class in a number of passages of play, cruising through the wing and half forward. But then a lapse in concentration from the boys let Glen Iris get a look in and they kicked two quick goals. In the final passage of play Peakey got it to Kyan out of the middle who kicked it to Noah who found Oscar who converted truly from a set shot on a tight angle. Two goals up at quarter time.

In the second quarter Tristan contested strongly in the ruck but a couple of crucial turnovers resulted in two goals to the opposition. Glen Iris got their running game going and looked threatening. Riggers was strong off the half back line and smothered a number of opposition forward entries. Fitzroy missed some gettable shots until Darcy seized the opportunity with a beautiful pickup and spotted Tristan in front: goal to Tristan who was on fire! Glen Iris got the next goal through their big forward to go one goal clear. Then Max took the game on, streaming through the middle, had a bounce and kicked to Johnny who crashed the pack, the ball falling to Darcy who was front and square and found Noah in the goal square for a major. One point in it at the main break.

Glen Iris had the run of play in the first five minutes of the third quarter and kicked two quick goals to put some heat on Fitzroy. Against the run of play Zek took a great mark on the wing and through a chain of handballs Noah goaled. Fitzroy one goal down. Torren and Connor worked hard to repel a number of attacks and with the pressure on tempers flared with a couple of free kicks paid to Fitzroy and a Glen Iris player sent off. Fitzroy responded through a slick passage of play involving Tommy, Harry, Kyan, and Johnny but all resulting in one point only.  Four points down at three quarter time.

At three quarter time Brodders had a message. Half time may have been more head than heart but this address reversed the order and the players were put on notice to lift as a group. And at the start of the final quarter we didn’t have to wait long to see the results. Tristan was dominant in the ruck and Parkey took advantage of this out of the centre and found Harry at half forward who kicked truly. Lenny took a saving mark at half back and nothing typified the lift in intensity than a smother by Kyan which resulted in a chain of possessions from Lenny to Finn A to Harry, a contest from Tommy and Oscar, and finally a goal to Noah. Tristan continued to compete hard and, after goals to Johnny and Harry, helped himself to a running goal in the dying minutes of the quarter. Five goals to Fitzroy to one goal to Glen Iris in the last quarter saw the Roys run out worthy winners by 21 points.

Wow, that was a superb read – thanks Jimmy. My job might be in danger, so I’d better get my act together after the long weekend break. Catch you then.

Round 6 Match Report

Fitzroy v Camberwell, 26/5/19, Victoria Park

Q1 Q2 Q3 Final
Fitzroy 3.1 – 19 7.4 – 46 9.6 – 60 12.11 – 83
Camberwell 2.2 – 14 2.3 – 15 3.7 – 25 3.7 – 25


Round 6 at Vic Park – beautiful one week, cold and windy and ugly the next.

A second game in a row at the Lulie St Playground and despite the weather, it’s always good to be “home”. It was time to get back on the winners list.

Well, I’m happy to report that the start of this game was very different to the previous rounds. None of this “both teams fighting to gain the early advantage” – it was very quickly “advantage Roys” today, with 3 early goals on the back of some dominant centre clearance work. Harry and Oscar we’re up and about winning the ball and surging it forward. The first goal came from Noah with a snap from the pocket after some sustained team pressure. Then Johnny kicked one from at set shot after Peakey hit him up with a trademark bullet pass. The third was to Harry who got the hand-off from Noah. After this burst, things settled into the familiar first quarter arm wrestle as the windy conditions started to play havoc with both teams’ ball use. Camberwell found their feet to kick two goals of their own and go to the first break 5 points down.

The second quarter was possibly the best quarter the Roys have played this season, and this wasn’t only because they kicked four goals to none. From fullback to full forward, it was an outstanding team effort. As a group, the Roys were strong everywhere, being first to the ball and then breaking into space to have Camberwell constantly on the back foot. Lenny was swung forward to great effect (some have called it a coaching masterstroke – who knows, Brodders might have heard that there was a job about to open up at Arden St), as he was ranging everywhere, providing a new target and a strong contest from which others benefited. After snapping truly, Harry pumped the air with a roar (possibly because his two previous, very gettable attempts, hit the post and sailed out of bounds). Johnny snapped one in traffic from the edge of the goal square and Harry kicked his third from a set shot after Noah and Darcy linked up to get it to him. The icing on the coach’s cake was a “show time” left foot banana snap from Lenny on the stroke of halftime.

The five goal halftime lead was pushed to six with a goal to Darcy in the first minute after the break. A centre clearance kick to Lenny was crumbed by Noah and he charged into goal slamming it straight at the hapless man in the white coat (lucky he is so nimble). The quarter time positional changes also bore fruit in this quarter with Charlie having a strong period down back, ably assisted through great intercept marking by Tommy D on his return from illness and Finn AF, who is just getting better and better each week. Darcy was able to get on the end of some more good contested work for his second. As the quarter finished with the Roys a commanding 35 points up, you couldn’t help but feel that it could have been more, but the wintery conditions were making skill execution difficult.

The final stanza saw the Roys post three more unanswered goals. Oscar finished another game with a goal – a set shot after taking a mark on the lead. Following this, Tristan also took a set shot, and using all of his anemometric knowledge “gave the pill a roost” to post a long-range major. And to round out a terrific game, Darcy finished a long run with a kick to the hotspot where Harry did the rest. In the end the Roys were too strong for the Sharks and ran out comfortable 58 point winners.

The teams gathered after the game to exchange pleasantries and award the Joe Johnson Medals to the best players from each team. Darcy was a worthy recipient for the Roys after a great game.

In the rooms, the boys were pleased to be back on the winners list and belted out the song with gusto. An excellent team song after an outstanding team effort.

Round 5 Match Report

Fitzroy v Surrey Park, 19/5/19, Victoria Park

Q1 Q2 Q3 Final
Fitzroy 0.3 – 3 2.6 – 18 4.7 – 31 6.7 – 43
Surrey Park 2.3 – 15 3.5 – 23 7.6 – 48 12.8 – 80


Round 5 at Vic Park – where the sun is always shining. What a beautiful day for football.

Surrey Park made the journey from the leafy electorate of Chisholm to the inner city mean streets of Melbourne for a post election showdown. Would it be an easy Bandt-like victory to the locals or a hard fought battle between two closely matched rivals, with barely distinguishable game styles (but both with some questionable policies)? Surrey Park are the incumbent “party” of this age bracket, ruling for a number of years, and so they come with some pretty serious credentials. But lately they’ve taken a dip in the “opinion polls”, with a loss last round to Kew-Tempy following a surprise loss in last year’s election, I mean, grand final.

Could the Roys force a swing against the “government”? Could they be the “voice of the people”?

The start of this game was no different to the previous rounds, with both teams fighting to gain the early advantage. The defensive crew again held their ground, with Connor, Lenny and Darcy (in his fist game back) leading the way. Johnny and Charlie were also involved through the middle early to help link with the forwards. This battle went longer than most and it wasn’t until about the 16 minute mark that the first goal by either team was scored, with Surrey opening their account. They followed this with another just before the quarter time siren which hurt the home team. The Roys did have some chances but went to the first break without a goal.

The second quarter followed the same pattern as the first with the ball moving from end to end quickly as both teams sought to switch play and open up the game. Rigsy, Kyan and Tristan in the middle were giving excellent drive which resulted in the Roys getting their first goal to Peakey, as he finished some excellent link up work to kick truly on the run. Zek started to clunk some strong marks and the second goal from Peakey was the result of a Dane-Zek-Peake chain of possession. Defensively, Finn AF and Max led they way, showing their growing confidence within the team, and we conceded only one goal for the quarter. This solid all round performance meant that the Roys had outscored Surrey to narrow the margin to 5 points at the main break.

The halftime fire and brimstone act from the Surrey coach seemed to have some impact as they came out and really increased their pressure around the ball in the early part of the third quarter. For the most part we pushed back against the storm, as Parky, Noah and Torren worked hard around the centre and FAF, Lenny, Jack, Connor and Max repelled multiple entries, taking many excellent intercept marks. Unfortunately the sustained pressure brought results for Surrey with four goals in the quarter. They didn’t have it all their own way though, as the Roys hit back with set shot goals to the ever busy Oscar (after marking on the lead) and Parky (from a hard earned free kick – the calls of “BAAALLLLL” ringing out around the old Colosseum were music to the ears). The 17 point three quarter time margin in favour of Surrey, while not insurmountable, was very handy for them.

The physical nature of the game began to take its toll in the last quarter, as after so much hard work, bodies (and tempers) were beginning to fray. To their credit, Surrey took advantage and were able to put on five last quarter goals to put the result beyond doubt. But to the Roys credit they never gave up, and despite injuries to Connor, Dane and Peakey, the team willed itself to score two goals – one each to Harry and Jack.

So whilst this analysis lacks the wiz-bang Antony Green style graphics, “your Tony” (and not the Abbott form, thankfully) reckons after rounds 4 and 5 the Roys should now know what the bench mark in U15-1 is. However no radical leadership challenges are necessary (luckily we don’t have any “Albos” in our group), just some tinkering and readjustment in performance might be required.


Round 4 Match Report

St Marys v Fitzroy, 12/5/19, Whatmough Park

Q1 Q2 Q3 Final
St Marys 4.3 – 27 9.7 – 61 9.10 – 64 11.14 – 80
Fitzroy 4.4 – 28 6.4 – 40 9.5 – 59 12.6 – 78


Round 4 at Whatmough – what is it good for? Absolutely nothing…

Well, not absolutely nothing, but certainly a very close game that ended with an empty feeling for our valiant boys.

The team journeyed out to the far reaches of the YJFL to take on our friends from St Marys. Past visits out this way have been difficult as the locals are renowned for their “in your face” physicality – and that’s just in the car park at Greensborough Plaza.

St Marys won the toss and chose to kick up hill, against the slight breeze in the first quarter, possibly hoping to come home with an advantage in the last. As has been the case in all our games so far, the opening exchanges were willing, with the ball moving from end to end at pace. St Marys struck the first blows on the scoreboard, but the Roys came back strongly with two goals each the Harry and Rigsy from set shots and snaps. These came on the back of some great run and carry from Jack and Noah through the middle of the ground. The team highlight occurred in the last minute and started with an excellent intercept mark from Connor at half-back, who moved it quickly to Torren and then Noah and finally ended with Rigsy kicking a great running goal. With scores almost even at quarter time, the stage was set for an excellent game.

Taking full advantage of their local knowledge, St Marys put in a strong second quarter. Their pressure around the contest meant multiple clearances and forward entries, resulting in them kicking 5.4 for the quarter. It wasn’t all one way though, as the Roys made the most of their limited opportunities with two goals (crumbing snaps to both Daf and Harry) that helped make the margin a manageable 21 points at the main break.

The rooms at halftime were subdued as the size of the task was evident. This was the cue for Coach Brodders to deliver some of his finest work. A firm but not unreasonable challenge was laid down to the team – “How can you impact the game?”

The response was almost immediate as the Roys lifted as one in the third quarter. Increased pressure – being first to the ball and using it better – meant that St Marys were now chasing the Roys and they didn’t care for it much. There was a bit of pushing and shoving but the Roys wouldn’t be shaken and their efforts started to bare fruit. With a seething burst, Kyan burnt off his man on the wing to spear the ball into the space between Harry and the goals – and you all know how that ends. Parky chipped in with a terrific snap after a sustained forward push and Dane’s mark and goal (not without a slip-up – literally) rounded out a great 3 goal to none quarter. The margin was now less than a kick at three quarter time – game on!

The last quarter was epic. Scores were always close, with the lead see-sawing, as each team took a turn to press it’s claim for the win. First it was the Roys. A desperate tackle by Lenny ending with a goal to Harry (his fifth) and then Parky found some space to mark and goal from the set shot after getting on the end of a trademark Roys’ switch kick. St Marys then had their turn with a couple of scores to stretch the lead to 10 points. It was a massive effort from the defence to repel the attacks and keep us in the game as Connor and Finn AF (Faf?) showed cool heads to move the ball away from danger on numerous occasions. Then Tristan had a coming of age moment as he strongly out-marked his opponent and then slotted what was later described as a terrific inside-out, mongrel punt goal (was it ever going to miss?) to close the gap to three points with only a few minutes to play. Something needed to go our way and it did in the form of a free kick on the wing. As the St Marys players stood around delivering their customary umpiring advice, Peakey grabbed the ball and, taking the advantage, tore through the centre to hit up Zek within range. Alas the shot only resulted in a minor score and the final seconds ticked down with the ball sitting in the groundside bushes.

A tremendous effort that ultimately fell just short. Brodders summed it up beautifully when he said the outstanding second half effort really showed the development in this team. There was a lot to take away and learn from this game and this will hold the team in good stead going forward.

And at the end it was great to see the mothers (and grandmothers) risk permanent damage to their olfactory senses to join in the postgame song.

Go Roys!

Round 3 Match Report

Fitzroy v Kew-Templestowe, 5/5/19, Bulleen Park

Q1 Q2 Q3 Final
Fitzroy 4.2 – 26 9.3 – 57 11.6 – 72 11.7 – 73
K-T 1.3 – 9 2.5 – 23 4.7 – 31 7.8 – 50


Bulleen Park again? It feels like a home away from home.

Another challenge, this time against “the combine” of Kew-Templestowe. Traditionally, Tempy were always a tall team and Kew a physically strong team, so we would have expected this team to be, I don’t know, tall and strong? But the Roy Boys have been eating their veggies and tofu too, and were up for the challenge. Great to have Zek back after his early season hiatus and his “grunt” would be a welcome addition.

As with the first two rounds, the first quarter was a test of wills for the initial 10 minutes as K-T pushed forward hard, scoring an early goal. But it wasn’t long before the backline started to organise itself and effectively push the ball our way, with Parky and Torren leading the way and Connor and Lenny assisting. From the midway point of the quarter things began to click as our midfield started winning more of the ball and getting it out to the likes of Noah and Johnny to feed it into the forward line. Zek kicked the first goal after getting a free-kick for a high tackle – what is it with his melon that blokes just want to whack it? A great centre clearance from Peakey to Harry ended in a goal to Rigsy. Then a left foot snapped goal from Peakey (and they said he only had one side) was followed by a well executed set shot from Jack, to round out an excellent four goal to one first quarter. Advantage Roys.

It was if there was no quarter time break as the second started as the first finished. A five goal to one quarter provided what ultimately became a match winning buffer. Harry dominated the scoring with three goals after benefitting from some great work up the ground. Being strong at the contest to win the ball and then moving the ball swiftly to give the forwards excellent opportunities to score has become the signature style when the team is playing well.

One of the highlights of the day was the first goal of the second quarter by Michael (that seems so formal – can we just call him Daf?). After working hard to gain possession in the forward pocket, Daf looked up to pass off to a teammate in a better position, only to see all options covered. What to do? Take a non-preferred, left foot snap and kick the goal? OK then. And that’s exactly what he did. This bit of play encapsulated not just Daf’s growth this season, but that of the team. Work hard, win the ball, look for a teammate first, finish the job when you need to.

Kew-Tempy were always going to come out after halftime and apply some pressure. This produced an “arm wrestle” in the third stanza with scoring made difficult. Both teams kicked two goals, with Harry and Oscar making the most of limited opportunities by kicking truly from set shots. This quarter saw some great physical struggles and the likes of Charlie, Tristan, Tommy D, Max and Finn AF all put in efforts to contest and challenge when needed. These efforts don’t show up on the stats sheet but within a game, and particularly when the opposition are pressing, are vital to the team’s success.

The margin was a tick under seven goals to the good guys at three quarter time and, as it turned out, that lead would come in handy. K-T pushed hard to take advantage of their comparatively large bench numbers and tiring Roys’ legs. It was a credit to all the boys, and the backline in particular, to resist the onslaught, allowing only three goals. Ultimately the early game hard work and superior finishing skills were the difference, and the Roys ran out weary, but comfortable 23 point winners.

The mood in the rooms after the game was again buoyant, as would be expected from a 3-0 start to the season. The ever grounded Brodders though suggested there was still work to do for continued improvement. Always thinking of the next game…

Go Roys!


Round 1 Match Report

Ashburton v Fitzroy, 7/4, Bulleen Park

Q1 Q2 Q3 Final
Fitzroy 1.4 – 10 7.4 – 46 9.5 – 59 14.7 – 91
Ashburton 4.2 – 26 6.4 – 40 7.5 – 47 10.8 – 68


The 2019 season started with a bang. New division, new team, same result –  a win to the Roys!

Whilst it seems like forever ago, the main thing to stand out from this game (apart from the dust rising from the ground at the home of the YJFL) was the way the team gelled. It took a quarter for everyone to find their roles, but a six goal second quarter turned the game on its head. A strong last term saw the Roys run out comfortable 23 point winners.


Round 2 Match Report

Fitzroy v Glen Iris, 28/4/19, Victoria Park

Q1 Q2 Q3 Final
Fitzroy 4.1 – 25 7.2 – 44 8.3 – 51 12.3 – 75
Glen Iris 0.1 – 1 2.3 – 15 7.5 – 47 8.8 – 56


Round 2 at Vic Park – a return to the field of dreams for the first home game of the season.

The Roys knew Glen Iris would present a challenge and they came to play, putting on some physical (and verbal) attitude from the first bounce. Their early forward attacks put pressure on our backline but Finlay P (“Parky”), Torren and Max combined well together to win the ball and clear it up the field. From there Dane and Tommy D got involved to link with the forwards. This resulted in goals to Harry, Oscar and a pair to Tom R (“Rigsy”). The Roys were away – 4 goals to none.

The second quarter was another strong effort with solid back work from Lenny and Connor complimented by some excellent contested work from Michael up the field. Goals to Harry and Darcy mid quarter kept the distance on the scoreboard. In the dying seconds of the half, some excellent work by Noah resulted in Oscar having a tight set shot in the forward pocket. An old hand at this sort of thing, Oscar coolly slotted the banana kick over the goal umpire’s head to extend the lead to 29 points.

After halftime Glen Iris came out all guns (and mouths) blazing and rallied to kick four unanswered goals. It was a challenging quarter for the Roys as the defence was put under immense pressure. We were finally able to get some breathing space and a trademark passage of slick ball movement along the grandstand side wing resulted in Dane taking a strong mark and kicking an excellent long range goal to steady the ship. Another goal to GI had them entering three quarter time just four points behind.

At the break, in his usual calm but firm manner, Coach B put it to the lads, and the midfield in particular, to get to work. And work they did. Led by Tommy D in the ruck and Finn P (“Peakey”) at ground level, the Roys dominated the clearances to take the game away from GI. A well executed 30m kick off the ground from Harry got the scoring started. This was followed by a snap from Johnny and set shots from Oscar and Dane to seal the deal.

In the end it was a strong 19 point win to go to 2-0. The song was delivered with gusto and there were smiles all around in the change rooms after the game. It was a tough game and the boys now knew they were in “Gold” – and they loved it.


Welcome the the Roys U15-1 2019

A special welcome to our new players – Darcy, Tom, Jack, Finn, Noah and Max – and returning players – Michael and Charlie. Through some great preseason sessions, the boys have fitted in really well to the Roys Family. Now let’s play footy.

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