Coach: Scott Hetherington
0438 149 405

Assistant Coach: Sam Tram
0413 524 928

Team Manager: Laura Jennings
0438 047 182

Team Manager: Annalisa Giudici
0419 138-000

Team Page Editor: Ju-Lin O’Connor
[email protected]

Team Photographer: Emily McKie
[email protected]

The Team

#1 Misty Maine
#2 Sophie Tram
#3 Alexandra Illiades
#4 Grace Davis
#5 Ari McMahon
#8 Cara McKie
#10 Sophie Heatherington
#11 Harriet Dennis
#12 Claudia O'Farrell
#13 Eva Mandy
#14 Alexandra Louis
#15 Madelena Petrilli
#16 Daisy Stoove
#17 Jaidah Lowe
#18 Emily Blood
#19 Rachel Da Silva
#20 Bethany Ryan
#21 Cherisse Fox
#22 Amelia Dent
#23 Eloise Bisley
#25 Lara Maidment-Griffiths

Welcome to the Fitzroy Under 14 Girls Team for 2019!


Indigenous Round

RoyGirls U14s will play their Indigenous Round this Sunday at 11:30am against Glen Iris in Kooyong.

As part of Indigenous Round, Colts will be playing under lights on Friday night – opened by the U9s.  The club would love to see you there!


Round 5 Wrap from the Coach

Hi Roygirls and families. It’s hard to believe but we are one third of the way through the home and away season already.

It was good to see that the St Mary’s ground was not its usual mud pit self on Sunday. Nice.

Their style of play has not changed and is physically aggressive. It was a good learning experience.

From the opening siren the Roy girls were put to the task and had to fight for every possession and metre of ground.

St Mary’s have some really strong girls who were able to dominate contests when the ball slowed down.

In a similar fashion to last week’s game, the girls got ahead when they used their pace. It was the consistency of running that made a difference.

We saw some great instances of the girls tapping to advantage to keep the ball moving out of contests and playing on.

With regard to defending there was some gold as well. The number of don’t argues has increased this season which indicates growing confidence.

Another sign of this was the number of smothers that we saw. It takes courage to put yourself over a kick but it  creates a vital opportunity for the team.

In the end the score may not have gone our way but the successes that we had in individual pieces of play showed that the Roygirl’s run and carry game is more than up to the task.

We are a running team. Focussing on our consistency of movement is the key to beating the best.

See you at training on Thursday and lets make that happen!

Go Roy Girls!

Round 4 Wrap from the Coach

Hi Roy girls and families and welcome to the first match wrap for the year.

Although its taken a little longer to get a match wrap out this season, I can’t imagine a better game to begin with than that from the Sunday just gone; round four.

There was nothing usual about our game against the Kew Comets. Firstly the venue. One hundred and thirty-six years of Fitzroy history stood behind the girls as they ran out for their first ever game on the hallowed turf of the Brunswick Street Oval. Exciting.

Its a lot bigger than Ramsden Street or Olney and the girls had to factor this extra space in.

The first quarter was educational with a prime example of what not to do being set by the Comets who bunched up around the ball, dragging our girls into a very scrabbly ground contest in our back line from which Kew was able to score some points.

Getting down the ground required moving the ball into space and then running, running, running. We needed to play our own game. The girls showed their fighting spirit, they did not submit in tackles and kept their feet in order to pass the ball out. They tackled relentlessly with

some girls making first, second and third attempts. They were giving it all they had in the scrum style of the game that Kew was playing.

The next unusual thing that happened was the unfortunate dislocation of one of the Comet’s knees. Play stopped as the player was attended to, the time ran down and the quarter ended. There is something to be said for the rhythm of a game and the second quarter was broken

up by the arrival of the ambulance. By the time the orange bucket came out, the score stood at 5 points to Kew.

With only one goal standing between the Roygirls and victory, it was time to regroup. The girls had to start playing their own game. It was time to run. And run they did.

The ball moved out of the centre and into our forward line as the Roy’s kept their structure open, moving the ball into space. It was no cake-walk but the ball remained in our forward line for most of the quarter and the girls scored a point – we were on the board!

There was a great energy during the third quarter break. The umpires let us know that we only had ten minutes for the final quarter due to the earlier disruption  but the way the girls were playing, ten minutes should be enough. It only took five to score the first goal as the Roys

burst through Kew’s defences in an outstanding dash to the Western end of the ground. We were ahead by one point.

Jubilation turned to disbelief however as Kew responded in short order with a goal of their own. It was now goal or nothing. The ball moved into our forward out of the centre, it was forced back onto the northern wing and then forward again by our brilliant midfielders. This time it

kept moving forward, now the contest was metres directly in front of the goals, it got free…and then the siren!

What a game. The girls from old Fitzroy certainly deserved their place on the old ground.

A big thank you to everyone who makes our games possible, Rohan for training, Jamie for running, Colin on photography – if you haven’t checked out the excellent photos search up Fitzroy Junior Football Club on Flickr – Mark on the boundary, goal umpires, umpire escorts, water

carriers, snake and orange people, timekeepers and especially our fantastic Team Management Team – Annalisa and Laura without whom none of this stuff can happen at all.

Go Roy Girls!

Match Overview for Round 3

In Round 3, the girls returned to their home ground at Ramsden St Reserve and again brought home a stunning victory against Glen Iris.

Here some pics of the girls in action. For additional pictures please click on the Photos link at the bottom right of the feature image.

Go Roys!

Congratulations Sophie on your 50th game!

In Round 3, the girls celebrated Sophie’s 50th game in style!


Match Overview for Rounds 1-2

In Round 1, the Roy girls played at their home ground of Ramsden St Reserve against Ivanhoe. In Round 2, the girls scored a stunning victory against Kew Rovers W at Greythorn Park.

Here some pics of the girls in action. For additional pictures please click on the Photos link at the bottom right of the feature image.

Go Roys!

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