Coach: Michael Tyrrell
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Assistant Coach: Cam Conduit

Team Manager: Jaqui Francis
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Team Page Editor: Cam Conduit
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Photographer: Peter English
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2019 Grand Final Match Report

Fitzroy 4… 6… 30
Ashburton 1… 6… 12
At Ford Park

After a week off in the ice-baths, Grand Final day was finally upon us. It was the first day of Spring, Father’s Day, and Luca’s mum’s birthday – none of which provided any inspiration to the boys, whatsoever.

This was all about the premiership prize, with perhaps a few parental-concocted incentives including inflated pocket money, bonus screen time, and a pony for crying out loud.

Then there was the added significance of Gabe suiting-up in ‘Roys colours for approximately the 50th time. Congratulations Gabe!

The Fitzroy boys burst out of the sheds to the roars of family, friends and club mates. Not even two barriers of crepe paper, placed a challenging distance apart, could hold the boys back.

From the first bounce it was a hot September footy as you might expect. Our midfield battled manfully, with Spencer getting right into the contest and Ned T-type using his pace to keep the pressure on.

Robbie’s slick hands, and hard-running on the outside from Angus helped the ‘Roys surge the ball forward. Sim was reading the play superbly to keep the ball locked in Fitzroy’s forward half.

Henry T-type took a strong mark and converted to give the ‘Roys the all-important first goal, and a 7 point lead at the first change.

In the second quarter it was the other mob’s turn with the breeze. Our back half suddenly found themselves under siege. But Matthew marshalled the backline troops, and with determined efforts from Felix, Eli and Henry N-type, kept Ashburton at bay.

Josh D-type was super-strong around the ball. Will A-type landed a team-lifting smother – the kind of thing that wins grand finals. Ashburton brought the tall timber today, but didn’t count on Fitzroy’s lumberjacks. Josh W-type and Solly were working tirelessly to wear down their opponents, and started to get on top in critical contests.

By the time Graeme had sliced up the citrus, the other mob had their noses in front by 3 measly points.

The third quarter presented our last opportunity to kick with the wind, and we needed to hit the scoreboard. Gabe brought the muscle, while Ned R-type and Luca worked hard to set up scoring opportunities – but the Sherrin was determined to bounce the wrong side of the sticks.

Documentary maker Lindsay picked up a couple of adjectives in the effects mic that could only surface in a Grand Final pressure cooker. Fixed it in post.

The ‘Roys were eventually rewarded when Seb gathered, turned on a ten cent piece and snapped truly. It gave our boys a 5 point lead just before the airhorn. Too close for comfort.

At the final break, Coach Michael brought the huddle in close. Not sure what was said in there, but we’re tipping the warm-and-fuzzies about fitness, fun, friendships and personal development were left in the locker room. This was time for cometh-the-hour, cometh-the-man kinda stuff.

Lou had shutdown the stat-pad by this point, being heard to say ‘You can’t measure heart and soul’… the only things that would matter from here.

Charlie was keeping the interchange raring to go all day. Will A-type got crook in the leg, but Charlie had another trooper ready to step right up.

In the final quarter Henry T-type came out firing, willing himself to contest-after-contest, and tackling ferociously.

Will B-type was thrown into the middle and brought some grunt. James F-type started to run riot on the flank. Josh-D type went up another gear. David and Marcus were providing forward targets, and the ‘Roys didn’t stop believing.

Through sheer determination the ‘Roy boys piled on two glorious goals. Henry T-type bagged his second, and Hollywood Hamilton’s sealer sent the crowd into a frenzy. There were a few jinggly-janggly nerves out there… but to their credit, the grown-ups on the member’s wing started to regain their composure.

In the end, Fitzroy held on for a gutsy 18 point victory. Every player made a magnificent contribution, but it was Henry T’s four-quarter effort that saw him rewarded with a B.O.G. medallion. Hats off to Ashburton who were gallant in defeat.

The post-game celebrations continued long after school-night curfews. Sam was last seen on top of the bowls club verandah, chugging 600mls of Fanta from his left footy boot. We hope he made it home ok.

Enjoy the winning feeling, boys… and always remember the mates you shared it with. Congratulations from family and friends of the FJFC!

Way to go, ‘Roys!

Photos by Peter English

Well done, Will... 50 Great Games

Will Attard became our latest fifty-gamer on Sunday, and what a way to celebrate! Will has had a fantastic season, and is highly-respected by all his team mates. Congrats, Will!

Semi Final

Fitzroy 3… 3… 21
Parade/St Damians 1… 2… 8
Gillon Oval, Brunswick

The ‘Roys went toe-to-toe with Parade/St Damians in the second-semi, with a place in the granny up for grabs.

If that wasn’t motivation enough, Will A-type was playing his 50th game. The boys dug a bit deeper for their mate.

The player-appointed leadership group led the side onto the cow paddock – a well-deserved honour for Captain Ned T, and vice-captains Josh W and Henry T.

From the first bounce Fitzroy was in finals mode. Josh W crashed into every contest, Robbie and Ned got in-and-under, while Sim and Will B-type piled on the pressure. Spencer threw himself into a couple of desperate smothers and the ‘Roys tackling was manic.

Their efforts were eventually rewarded when Henry T-type calmly slotted through a set shot, the only goal of the term.

The pressure didn’t let up in the second quarter, and scoring chances were few and far between. The strong cross-breeze made it difficult to attack the goal face. The Gillon Oval pockets were deeper than Gina Rinehart’s, and seemed to suck in the Sherrin like a vacuum.

It took a bit of Josh D-type-magic to break the game open… turning his man inside out and dashing into an open goal.

Tempers got a little frayed on the half-time airhorn. The ‘Roys flew the flag. Runner Ben somewhat-unexpectedly got caught in a water fight. No harm done, but probably time for both sides to cool their jets.

Up to this point the ‘Roys rock-solid defence had kept the opposition scoreless and wondering if the scoreboard was on the blink. But our boys knew the job was only half done, and Parade would come out spitting orange pips after the break.

The third quarter highlight reel included a courageous mark from Angus, running back with the flight of the ball. Shades of Nick Riewoldt.

Typically brave defensive efforts from Eli and Matthew repelled the opposition, but just seconds from three-quarter time, Parade scored a major. Wasn’t in the script. Game on.

The ‘Roys entered the final quarter clinging to an 8 point lead. The other mob figured a couple of extra players on the field might come in handy. ‘Yeah… nah’ said Coach Michael.

It was tight, tense, finals footy. The cheers from Fitzroy club mates on the sidelines lifted our boys to another level.

By this stage the Josh, Solly and Matthew ruck combination had worn down their opponents. James F-type was using his speed, while David and Gabe were finding space and looking dangerous. But it wasn’t until the dying minutes that Henry N-type weaved through traffic and snapped the sealer.

Fantastic finals footy ‘Roys! A magnificent effort from every player. Now on to the big dance!

Photos by Peter English

Congratulations Angus and Seb... 50 Games!

Two more half-centurions added their names to the honour board this week. Seb and Angus are both fearless competitors who typify the Fitzroy spirit. Congrats from all the boys!

Round 14 Match Report

Fitzroy 5… 8… 38
Whitehorse 3… 4… 22

In our last home-and-away game we took on Whitehorse at Ramsden Street – another tough assignment.

Ever since he got a serious haircut, Sam’s been in the frame for a captaincy role. This was the week. ‘Dusty’ Dave also got the tap-on-the-shoulder from Coach Michael. The co-capataincy was recognition of both boys’ huge efforts this season.

Unfortunately we were missing Charlie’s presence on the field, out with a cracked hoof. But like the team-man he is, ‘Chuckles’ was on hand to help in the coaches box. Ned R and Solly were also late scratchings, testing the ‘Roys depth.

In brighter news, Angus and Seb were celebrating milestone games. Coach Michael – a little weary of Seb’s absenteeism – recently threatened to hold Seb’s 50th game without him. Physically and mathematically impossible, of course… but thankfully the threat was enough to encourage Seb back on the park.

The ‘Roys came out snarling from the first bounce. Our playmakers, including Angus, Sim, Will B-type and Robbie were using their pace to devastating effect. Quick hands and smart midfield play helped the ‘Roys surge the ball forward. Boundary ump Pete was kept on his toes with the ball zipping along the hotdog stand wing. Seb and James F-type were working beautifully in attack.

The Fitzroy boys kept up the effort in the second quarter. In a tough physical contest, the ‘Roys took the ascendancy with strong rebound out of defence. Our captains led from the front – David owned front-position in the contest and became a focal point in attack, while Sam clung to his opponent like an Aldi business suit. At half-time the ‘Roys had opened up a handy 16 point lead.

After the oranges, our lads jumped out of the blocks. Within the first minute, Hollywood Hamilton had kicked a clever goal to stretch the lead. The ‘Roys piled on another couple of majors with some fantastic teamwork.

In the last quarter the other mob started to extract the pill out of the centre, but were quickly met with Fitzroy’s legendary stonewall defence. Felix was unpassable, Eli was hard at it, and Gabe was ready to steamroll anyone unlucky enough to get in his way.

The ‘Roys got numbers around the ball, and fair to say the play wasn’t moving in a hurry. Photographer Pete made the difficult decision to switch shutter speed from sports-mode to family portrait.

Sure, Whitehorse managed to sneak through a couple of goals, but Fitzroy had already done the damage. In the end, the ‘Roys were able to grind out a hard fought win and claim top spot on the ladder.

Superb work, boys!

Photos by Peter English

50 Games for Spencer!

Spencer celebrated his 50th game in round 13, having joined the ‘Roys as a ‘Big Fish’ recruit during the trade season. Spencer’s work ethic and teamwork have made him an important part of the side. Congrats, Spence!

Round 13 Match Report

Fitzroy 2… 9… 21
Ashburton 1… 2… 8

This round saw the much anticipated top-of-the-table clash with the Ashburton Redbacks.

Ramsden Street’s first fixture of the day had our volunteer brigade hunting for dog poo in the dew at 7.30am on Sunday morning. Quite a comedown for those that have just returned from European summer holidays.

Spence was celebrating his 50th game, and boy, were we glad it was in a Fitzroy jumper. Spencer played a ripper, and as is our tradition, his mates honoured the occasion with 110% effort.

Logistical challenges continued beyond the doggy doo. Ashburton’s forward pocket slept in, and the ‘Roys loaned out a player to even up the numbers. The lure of a pizza voucher proved too strong… and Luca put up his hand to join the dark side. He ran out in an Ashburton guernsey, and was effectively dead to us for the next hour and a bit.

Will A-type had the well-deserved captain’s honour today. For all his great work, a couple of team-lifting diving smothers in the first half, stood out. True ‘Roys grit.

Will B-type was equally strong Will’d, with trademark tenacity from the first bounce. The ‘Roy boys were using their pace to break lines and turn defence into attack. But for all their endeavour, Fitzroy were just two points to the good at quarter time.

In the second quarter our lads worked hard to create chances but continued to kick the wrong side of the sticks. This was a game for the purists. Tough in the clinches – and not always pretty to watch. It was tailor-made for Josh D-type and his fearless attack on the ball. Meanwhile, iron-fist Eli was making life tough for the Ashburton tall-timber, with great defensive contests.

The game opened up a little in the second half, as the lactic acid set in. Big shepherding efforts from Charlie typified the ‘Roys team-first philosophy. Angus and Robbie were running hard on the wings and creating opportunities. Ned R-type was owning his space in attack, and taking some big contested grabs.

We finally swapped our ugg boots for kicking boots in the third quarter, when Josh W-type clunked a strong mark and converted the first major. Monkey off the back.

But in a tense last quarter, Ashburton refused to lie down. A trouble-maker slotted one for the Redbacks to close within one straight kick. With the game on the line, the Fitzroy defence once again proved the difference. Desperate efforts when it counted from Matthew, Henry N-type, Sam and Solly saved the day.

The result was put to bed when Josh W capped off a magnificent game with a huge tackle and free kick from point blank range.

This was a ding-dong battle between two evenly matched sides, played in great spirit. Top stuff, Reds!

50 Great Games - Well Done, Charlie!

Congratulations to Charlie, who reached his 50 game milestone on the weekend! A heart-n-soul clubman who gives his all every week. Thankyou and congrats from the whole team.

Round 12 Match Report

Glen Iris 1… 1… 7
Fitzroy 7… 10… 52

This round we journeyed to the leafy eastern suburbs to face-off with Glen Iris. The near perfect weather conditions and Dijon mustard on the canteen condiments table, hinted we were in for a quality affair.

Charlie was celebrating his 50th game, and his teammates were ready to rise to the occasion.

Glen Iris brought the heat from the opening bounce, but the ‘Roys were ready for the contest. Against a physically imposing side, our boys hunted the footy relentlessly.

Josh W was bulldozing the ball out of the centre bog heap for our runners to swoop. In the open spaces, Captain Will B-type was getting plenty of it, and Will A-type was dominant in the air. Marcus and Luca were providing attacking avenues.

In the second, our mids came out tackling ferociously. Despite some superb team play resulting in shots on goal, the space between the big sticks was proving elusive. Seven straight points on the board.

Intelligently, following each behind the Fitzroy forwards and mids immediately swung into defensive mode. Our boys trapped the ball in their scoring zone for much of the quarter, although the scoreboard didn’t reflect the ‘Roys time in attack.

With seconds left on the clock, Henry T gathered and got the ball onto the boot for a major. Somewhat of a sirengate controversy bubbled away until the electronic scoreboard was righted a few minutes after the oranges.

In the third quarter, the ‘Roys absorbed everything that was thrown at them. Spencer used his poise to set up some great scoring opportunities. In the back half, Charlie used all 50 games of experience to shut his opponent out of the game. He was well supported by a galvanised defensive six – including big efforts from Eli and Felix.

A Glen Iris lad ran through several postcodes and took 13 bounces, before Matt got in the road by marking on the last line. Possibly the biggest anti-climax since the Y2K bug, which seemed to break the spirits of the home side.

At the end of the third, a sirengate sequel loomed as a potential holding the pill decision against the ‘Roys landed just north of the airhorn. Airhorn duty was becoming a tougher gig than our timekeeper Mark had signed up for.

With the opposition emotionally vulnerable, the ‘Roys dialled up their intensity in the last quarter. The goals began to flow. Ned R clunked a big overhead and sealed the deal with a beautiful drop punt. Josh D snapped truly from an impossible angle. And James F-for-Flying hit the scoreboard.

In the end, it was an excellent four quarter performance from every player.

Keep up the fantastic work, Reds!

Photos by Peter English

The Fifty Fab Four - Congrats Robbie, James, Matthew and Henry

An amazing achievement from Henry, Matt, James and Robbie on the weekend – sharing their 50 game milestone in style. These lads are amongst the first picked for their skill and determination. Congratulations boys!

Round 11 Match Report

Fitzroy One 9… 10… 64
Fitzroy Two 3… 6… 24

Under-12-Boys-Green division footy doesn’t get any bigger than Derby Day at Ramsden Street. ‘Roys versus ‘Roys. Mate versus mate.

The match took on even more significance for our lads, with a quartet of fifty-gamers – Robbie, Matthew, James F-type and Henry N-type. Despite last-minute concerns over whether James would actually show up, and if there should be a double-t in ‘Matthew’, seeing four names on the XXL banner was a sight to behold.

All of our half-centurions did themselves proud with strong performances.

Our team drew the long straw and was declared the home side. Opposition Coach Courtenay – a shrewd motivator – used the indignity of the away sheds, cold showers, clash guernseys and ‘Visitors’ name on the scoreboard to fire up his mob. Although it must be said, the alternative all white Fitzroy outfit did look magnificent.

Will B’s recent efforts were rewarded with the captaincy this week, and after some cunning ‘tails never fails’ toss-work, Will pointed to the adventure playground end. The surprise decision to kick into the wind had Courtenay’s dug-out visibly rattled.

From the opening bounce, our boys were prepared to run and link up. With slick hands, we moved the ball up the hill with precision. Both teams had come to play, and all players on the field were made to earn every possession. Our midfield brigade’s hard work, including gut-busting efforts from Eli, Angus, Ned T-type and Henry N-type, was rewarded on the scoreboard when Luca snapped the first major.

Solly took a turn in the ruck this week, giving Josh W-type a well-earned chop-out. Sol’s tapwork at the stoppages and desperation in the contest was outstanding from the outset. This freed rampaging Josh W to impose himself in other areas of the ground.

In the second quarter, Hollywood Hamilton brought some X-factor to the forward line, weaving through traffic to kick a superb goal. Henry T-type was well held in the air, but unstoppable at ground level. Clean hands and a cool head helped him keep the scoreboard ticking for our side.

At the other end, Will A type continued where he left off last week, in a Jeremy-McGovern-like role at half back. Will’s excellent judgement and strong marking helped repel numerous attacks. Aided by Charlie, Sam, Felix and ever-reliable Matthew in defence, our boys managed to keep the snow troopers’ scoreline in-check at the oranges.

Josh D-type moved into the engine room in the third quarter and was in everything. Another superb performance. However, aided by the breeze the snow troopers peppered the big sticks to claw back three unanswered goals. It could have been four goals if not for a desperate tackle by Will B in the back pocket – who was prepared to give away a few kilos, but no easy kicks to the other mob.

Trainer Belinda was kept busy with Robbie spilling some claret from the snoz, and Spencer taking a dent to his noggin. Both boys were inspected but politely knocked back invitations to sit on the pine – hard as woodpecker lips.

It was Angus who finally wrestled back the momentum with a brilliantly timed sprint into the forward line, and accurate kick on the run.

Enter the last quarter, and our lads didn’t take their foot off the pedal. The boys continued to run into space and create team plays. None better than the chain of passes starting in defence with David’s strong mark and pinpoint kick to a teammate.

In another highlight, Ned T sprinted thirty metres before shooting from long range, hoping to clear the snow troopers on the goal line. Goal Umpire George sent the decision upstairs for review, but dang it – goal of the year was denied by a dirty fingernail.

At the final airhorn, no-one could deny Fitzroy and football was the winner. Club El Presidento Phil was on hand to see the spectacle and liked what he saw. Two great sides demonstrating the spirit that makes this club great.

Well done to both teams. Go ‘Roys!

Photo by Peter English

Round 10 Match Report

Parade/St Damians 0… 2… 2
Fitzroy 8… 4… 52

We’re always wary of the potential combined strength of teams with a slash in their name, and so we travelled to Binnak Park expecting a tough contest.

With school holidays over, Coach Michael had the difficult task of dragging the boys’ minds away from fast cars, girls and rock ‘n’ roll (or modern equivalents)… and back to focussing on the Sherrin.

After some pre-game hypnosis, the ‘Roys jumped out of the blocks in the first quarter. Josh D type was at his damaging best, pumping the ball into attack. Captain Ned R, Ned T and Henry T got on the end of a few, and slotted four majors between them from long range. Brilliant finishing.

Will B was reading the play to perfection, playing the position of ball magnet all afternoon. By the final quarter he was starting to show signs of imitation-leather poisoning and may need a medical certificate to play next week.

In the second quarter against the wind, the backs had more work to do. Will A type was having a blinder off half back – taking intercept marks at will and using the ball well. Some seriously good lock-down roles from Eli, Matt, Felix, Solly and Marcus kept the other mob goalless. Miserly.

Henry T slotted through his second in red-time, and the ‘Roys went to the oranges 32 points up.

As expected, the home team were stung and came out hard in the third quarter. The game started to open up. The opposition loaded their defence and it was ping-pong between the arcs for a while. Ned T’s foot-speed became more damaging as the game wore on, rebounding superbly. Spence and Luca seized their opportunities to extend the ‘Roys lead.

In the last, Fitzroy maintained their intensity. Typified by Gabe, who introduced his opponent to the lawn clippings with a tackle only Gabe could produce. Some slick handball chains showed the type of teamwork the ‘Roys are capable of.

In the end, the game was a far more even tussle than the scoreboard suggested. A great contest played in great spirit.

Keep up the awesome work, Reds!

Photos by Peter English

50 Game Milestones - Well Done Ned and Sim!

Congratulations to Simeon Duffin and Ned Tyrrell! Welcome to the 50 game club. Both lads are fierce competitors and great clubmen. Congrats from all your team mates.

Photo by Peter English

Round 9 Match Report

Fitzroy 7… 9… 51
Ivanhoe 2… 1… 13

This week we hosted Ivanhoe at the Ramsden Street House-of-Pain, at some ungodly hour. It was the first game of the U12 Green Fitzroy double-header… tremendous spectator value for the admission price.

Ned T and Sim played their 50th games, and the whole team was determined to honour our half-centurions with 110% effort.

In the opening quarter we pushed up the hill and into the fog. Strong work in the crunches by Josh D-type and Ned T-type gave us plenty of inside fifties.

The other mob planted some tall timber in their back half, making it tough for us to bother the scoreboard attendant. At the other end, the ‘Roys backline held firm with fierce resistance from Marcus and Matthew. Bit of a stalemate at the first airhorn.

In the huddle, Coach Michael had some well-chosen words for the forward line. The boys hit their straps in the second quarter with some fantastic team goals. Disciplined field position and hard running helped us pile on 4 goals to zip.

Sim and Solly were making their presence felt through the middle – hard at the contest. Henry T brought the polish with classy goal kicking, including one brilliantly shepherded over-the-line by James F.

After the oranges the Reds kept the momentum going. Will A and Captain Ned R rebounded strongly off half-back, and started chain possessions. Spence and Luca were finding more open space than Burke and Wills. Champagne football.

The third quarter highlight reel included a team-lifting, goal-saving chase and tackle from Sam. Come to think of it, the ‘Roys contested ball work was top-notch all day.

In the final quarter the other mob tried to curb the influence of Josh W with a bit of Greco-Roman stuff – but were promptly put back in their weight division. And when Spencer sold some candy and snapped truly, a well-deserved victory was sealed.

Go ‘Roys!

Photos by Peter English

50 Great Games - Congrats Josh and James!

Well done to James Hamilton and Josh Daly! Both played their 50th game against Warrandyte on the weekend. Two great athletes and top blokes. Congratulations from the whole team.

Photo by Linton Duffin

Round 8 Match Report

Warrandyte 3… 1… 19
Fitzroy 4… 4… 28

The team bus headed to Warrandyte this week – far enough from the city that you can swim in the Yarra, they reckon. Before the bounce we warmed up with some backstroke and filled the water bottles. Felix managed to catch a trout with his bare hands.

But the big story was Josh D and James H playing their 50th games for the club. The team was fired-up for the milestone game and ready to take on a large quantity of crepe paper.

The ‘Roys were on from the opening bounce. Marcus attacked the pill and was un-bloody-passable in defence. Ned T was working tirelessly in the middle while Angus provided the outside run. Henry N-type made a successful return from a spider bite, which had clearly given him super-human powers.

Spring-heeled Henry T was clunking everything and dobbed the first major. Luca chimed in by snapping truly, and the la-dee-da electronic scoreboard had us 2 goals to the good at quarter time.

In the second, Josh W got the ball going our way with some deft tapwork. Henry T continued where he left off in the first and snagged another couple of majors. The ‘Roy boys extended the lead to 19 points by the main break.

The only hiccup at this stage was Gabe’s home shorts wardrobe malfunction, which had Manager Jacqui swapping players in and out of shorts all day. That’s why she gets paid the big bucks.

After the oranges and river water, Warrandyte hit back hard.
The other mob caught us out with their spread and pace in the second half, while we played our footy in a phonebox. Lessons learnt.

Despite James F-type’s strong leads out of the goal square, our scoring dried up. Determined to hang on, the boys stood up in some crucial contests. Matt charged out like a bull from full back. ‘Dusty’ Dave squared a one-on-two skirmish that saved a certain goal. And Spencer was cool as a cucumber with the ball.

The final digital display reflected a hard-fought, 9 point win. Coach Michael looked relieved to take the trout and the 4 points back to Brunswick Street.

Great work, lads!

Photo by Linton Duffin

Round 7 Match Report

Whitehorse 4… 2… 26
Fitzroy 11… 6… 72

In round 7 the boys pulled on the white shorts to face a white-hot Whitehorse. Try saying that with a mouthful of jam donuts.

The ‘Roys were looking to make it three on the trot, but those pesky Whitehorses jumped out of the gates. Despite some fierce resistance from Seb in the backline, the bad guys managed to steal a couple from us in the first quarter.

Fitzroy’s intensity lifted in the second quarter, and the fightback was on. Robbie became a clearance machine out of the centre mud heap, Josh W put the clamps on their chief troublemaker, and by the oranges the ‘Roys had edged in front by a solitary point. Exciting stuff.

In the third, big Ned R stamped his authority on the game, and captain Henry T ran riot in the middle. Will A was showing his class in the air and on the ground. Our blokes owned front possie right across the ground and played smart, team footy.

We entered the final quarter with the game still up for grabs. That’s when the ‘Roys now semi-famous fitness levels came to the fore… Josh D had the ball on a string up forward, and Ned T provided his trademark run and carry off half back. Charlie charged in at vital stages to deny the other mob.

It became a goalfest – Henry T kicked his fourth if you don’t mind, James F got amongst it, and not to be out-Jamesed, Jimmy H kicked a great goal. He then topped it off with a hundred metre aeroplane celebration – easily Jimmy’s longest sprint for the season. His flight’s been delayed but we’re expecting him to land at Tullamarine by Wednesday.

A tremendous effort by every player, showed on the scoreboard and in the team song. Go ‘Roys!

All photos by Peter English

Congrats to Josh W

Round 6 was our Indigenous Round match, when we proudly represented the club where Joe Johnson – the first recognised Indigenous football player – played VFL football over a century ago.

The medal named in Joe Johnson’s honour was awarded to the player that best demonstrated ‘Endurance, Tenacity, Courage, Loyalty and Pride’ on the day. Josh Winkler was the well-deserving winner. Great stuff, Josh!

Round 6 Match Report

Ashburton 2… 3… 15
Fitzroy 10… 7… 67

Apologies to all concerned. Industrial action by our sports writers and photographers this round, has delayed this week’s match report to the point where it is hardly even relevant.

Fortunately, we managed to track down a local resident that happened to be walking her border collie in the vicinity during the game and was happy to put her observations on record. Accuracy cannot be verified…

The ‘Roys faced Ashburton B-type this week, and started behind the eightball when Eli got his preferred jabbing hand slammed in a door, and couldn’t take his place.

Coach Michael asked for spread this week, and the boys made like Vegemite. Robbie and Spence were particularly damaging from the outset… finding space and running their opponents ragged. At quarter time, the good guys had their noses in front by a kick.

With the breeze at their backs in the second, the boys piled on the goals. The ‘Roys were brilliant at both ends, with the backline including Charlie, Solly, Ned R, Sam, Felix and Marcus standing tall.

In the premiership quarter, Seb dominated proceedings in a sweeping role. Surely if he swept that well at home his pocket money would increase. Henry T was marking everything that came his way. There was just one point scored to each side in the third, and our stand in reporter seriously considered taking her border collie home, and making a cup of tea.

Fortunately she stuck around, and the ‘Roys lit up the scoreboard in the last. In a very entertaining spectacle, the Reds kicked another four goals. Ned T and Josh W kicked majors to put the result beyond doubt.

Great work apparently, boys!

Round 5 Match Report

Fitzroy 7… 14… 56
Glen Iris 2… 7… 19

The Coach’s Press Conference…

Round 5 saw the beginning of the post grading season, and despite the early setback of late withdrawals Luca and Felix due to illness, and Matt English unable to play due to injury, the ‘Roys hit the opening quarter breathing fire. Led by solid defence and a dominant midfield, the Roys set the scene kicking 2.9 to nil, aided by the breeze.

The second quarter we kicked uphill, into the breeze, but the boys pressured the Glen Iris boys for the entire quarter and held them goal-less. At half time it was Fitzroy 2.9:21 to Glen Iris 0.6:6.

The third quarter we kicked with the breeze and played our best quarter for the year. The back line didn’t give an inch, the mids took charge and the forward line played smart footy to go to 3/4 time with a handy 6.13:49 to 0.6:6 lead. The highlight being Gabe’s display that best represented everything we have been practicing. Effort, perserverence and a never give up attitude. Gabe laid and bonecrunching tackle, fought hard for the loose ball, then snapped a magnificent goal that made Cyril Rioli look second rate.

The final quarter was a fight to the very end. Glen Iris kicked a couple of late goals, but the Roys held on for a well earned victory. The final score of Fitzroy 7.14:56 to Glen Iris 2.7:19 was a fitting reward for weeks of hard training, and 100% effort by all on match day.

Second highlight of the day was the boys rendition of the team song post match. No contenders for Eurovision among them, but sung with gusto nonetheless.

Round 4 Match Report

Park Orchards 16… 3… 99
Fitzroy 4… 1… 25

On Mother’s Day we journeyed out to Park Orchards – the place that sounds pleasant enough to visit, but rarely is. The 10am away-game start resulted in a few instances of drive-thru McMuffins for Mother’s Day breakfast. Less than ideal.

The ‘Roys welcomed back Henry N type this week after he passed a rather tricky times-table based concussion test with a solid B+… in line with his NAPLAN results, so given the all clear. Coach Michael spun the magnets this week. Many of our lads experienced a new role and relished the challenge. Well done, boys!

The opening quarter was a bit of a blur, we gotta say. Not sure whether the Park Orchard boys were chasing percentage, or simply respect their mothers just that little bit more… but they jumped out to a commanding lead.

Coach Michael swapped the whiteboard for a mirror at the quarter time huddle, and the boys took a good hard look at themselves. It turned out to be a largely-symbolic coaching masterstroke.

In the second quarter, crikey, Fitzroy started to flex their muscles. Angus was at his tenacious best – in the thick of every contest and using his dash to get the ball going our way. Matthew was unstoppable charging out of defence, and Josh W reminded the other mob they were playing a contact sport.

The scoreboard started ticking when Luca kicked a major into the top-tier that he could have easily dribbled through. Fetch that, Park Orchards! The Reds were running hot when Henry N weaved his way through traffic to snap a goal-of-the-year contender. To finish off the half, Henry T took one of his trademark overhead marks and slotted it perfectly.

After being made to look a bit silly in the second, Park Orchards came out hard after the oranges. But to our boys credit, the ‘Roys kept up their determination.

David collected some hard-earned kicks by playing in front, and taking a couple of shoves for the team. Robbie, Will B, James F and Sim showed their class and pace through the guts. And when Seb added some polish to a chain of Fitzroy possession, we had our fourth sausage roll in the oven.

At the final airhorn, the boys had given it their all in a very entertaining game. After a lacklustre start, the ‘Roy boys managed to win a quarter against strong opposition – proving they can mix it with anyone. A lot of positives to take away back to Brunswick Street this week.

Great stuff, Reds!

All Photos by Peter English
Look out next week when the players take charge of the match report!

Round 3 Match Report

Fitzroy 2… 6… 18
Heidelberg 2… 8… 20
at Ramsden Street

Stemming from an unfortunate mix-up at the YJFL Animal Nickname Conference of 2006, we ended up facing ‘the Tigers’ for the second week in a row. This time it was the Heidelberg species.

Fitzroy captain Ned T led the charges out of the shed with a warm up lap at Grand Final half-time sprint pace, and the serious punters could see the ‘Roys were ‘on’. Ned’s speed and tenacity didn’t let up all day, in a true captain’s game.

The ‘Roy’s defensive ranks were rock solid in a hotly-contested first quarter. Marcus took charge on the last line, ensuring Heidelberg’s dangerous full forward didn’t get a sniff.

In the second, Josh W and D-types, Henry T-type and James F-type stuck some big, big tackles and the ‘Roys started to build momentum. At half time the visitors retreated into the rooms for a cup of milo and iced vovos, while our boys stayed on the park and on their toes.

The third-quarter was hard-fought. Angus added some zip to the wing, and Matthew was dominating in a new ruck role. There were great efforts all over the ground, but somehow the Tigers managed to extend their lead to 3 goals going into the last.

In the final quarter Fitzroy’s never-say-die spirit shone through. Some huge clunks up forward from Josh D and Will A started to turn the tide. All of a sudden Heidelberg was starting to look more like the Hindenburg.

Will A calmly slotted a goal before coming off with a knee injury. Scans will reveal the full extent of it on Monday, but we’re hopeful the initial ACL diagnosis will be downgraded to an abrasion of the epidermis. In the final minutes Spencer snapped truly and the home crowd erupted as the ‘Roys closed within a kick.

After fighting right down to the final airhorn, Fitzroy was only a layer of powdercoat from a famous victory. The offending goalposts were immediately removed at the direct order of coach Michael. Proceeds from the scrap metal trade-in will go directly towards the team’s end of season trip to Coburg.

An excellent effort by all the boys this week, and a competitive game played in get spirit. Not much more we could ask for.

Go ‘Roys!

All Photos by Peter English

Round 2 Match Report

Round 2 – ANZAC commemoration game

Fitzroy……not a lot
at Citizens Park

Before the bounce both teams paid their respects to our servicemen and women, past and present, who have served and died in the line of duty.

Facing the top-of-the-table-Tigers on their own dung heap, was always going to be a tough assignment. Not to be intimidated, the boys started strongly and managed to keep Richmond to just a solitary point at quarter-time. Footy fact – the best defensive quarter against Richmond, all season!

OK, so from that point on, the Tigers got off the leash a bit. Our midfield toiled manfully, but weight of forward 50 entries saw Richmond run away with the game.

But scoreboard-shmoreboard… it was the Roy boys that owned the highlight reel.

Seb made a brilliant pirouette that was straight out of ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Henry T took a screamer. Would have just about won him a car if he was old enough to drive. Sam dished out a bone-rattling tackle that you could hear over the Church Street traffic.

Stat Matt confirmed the perpetual Fitzroy-Richmond Broderick-Gale-Dundas tackle-count trophy will be taking an Uber from Citizens Park to Brunswick Street Oval where it belongs. Estimated fare $14.80, wait time 4 minutes. Charged to RJFC.

We’ll be back to hit the scoreboard next week.

Go ‘Roys!

All Photos by Peter English

Round 1 Match Report

Fitzroy 4… 5… 29
Ashburton 7… 11… 53

The U12-1 boys are off and running in season 2019! We took on Ashburton today at Ramsden Street in the first game of the day. The sun was shining and the ground was in great nick. Spectator comfort levels were high, with hotdog sales commencing at 9:47am.

Josh Daly was our Captain Courageous for the first game, and did a lousy job at the toss – resulting in the boys kicking up the hill and into the breeze in the first quarter. Fortunately, Josh D improved immensely after the coin flip fiasco, and led from the front with a typically hard-nosed four-quarter effort.

The midfield and entire defence held up well in the first quarter, restricting Ashburton to a modest first quarter score. Led by desperate efforts from Seb and Sim, the entire defence stood tall.

In the second quarter the boys came back hard… the Neds, the Henrys, the Joshs and the Berryman were dominating, and it looked like how far the Roys. We went in to half time trailing slightly but with all the momentum.

Gabe put an Ashburton lad four rows into the members stand with a text-book tackle. Quite easily worth three standard tackles. Stat Matt could barely keep up on the iPad, and Coach Michael warned he may need to limit Stat Matt’s screen time in the second half.

In the third quarter the other mob got off the leash a bit with some lucky, dribbly, uninspiring goals. But our boys effort and tenacity could not be questioned. Our tall timber – Matty English and Big Ned – continued to get to contest after contest, and look set for big seasons.

The boys fought it out in the last, but couldn’t quite bridge the gap. The pride in the jumper showed through, with desperate efforts like James Fiddes’ desperate lunge to stop a certain goal to the baddies.

David, Henry T, Spencer and Felix were wearing the Fitzroy colours for the first time in a game for four points, but they looked very much at home. Henry kicked a couple of sausage rolls and was in everything, David took a great mark and fought hard, Felix made it very tough for Ashburton to score, and Spencer’s polished display was briefly interrupted by a quick chat to Chris Mew, before coming back on in the second half. Brave.

Every single player played very well, and can hold their heads high! Great start, boys.

Look out for Peter English’s pics from the game on the team Flickr link. See you on the track this week!

All Photos by Peter English

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