Coach: Tim Cairns
0459 848-078

Assistant Coach: Bruno Muraca
Assistant Coach: James Habersberger

Team Manager: Louise Dichiera
0403 155-082


Team Page Editor: Katie Brown
[email protected]

Photographer: Rob Oldfield
[email protected]

The Team

Ted - 2
Felix - 3
Max - 4
Taj - 5
Matthew - 6
Lachlan - 7
Joel - 10
Michael - 13
Arthur (Artie) - 14
Zac - 15
Dashiell - 16
Patrick - 17
Emil - 18
Jay - 19
James E- 20
James A - 22
Thomas (Tom) - 23
Angus - 24
Finlay - 25
Joe - 26

Round 7 - A tough test

Good game by the boys today. The team moved into space well, but were beaten by a better team on the day. Looking forward to meeting them again for the last match of the regular season.

Round 6 - Indigenous round

For the whole game the scoreboard was close.

The game started with Bruno sharing with both teams the story of Joe Johnson, the first recognised indigenous player who played VFL football for Fitzroy in 1904.

The game was won by one point, and the Roy Boys celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm!

Congratulations to James Edgar, the Joe Johnson medallist for our team who demonstrated: “Endurance, Tenacity, Courage, Loyalty and Pride”.

Amazing photos again, thanks Rob

Round 5 - as close it gets

The game versus Camberwell was a big test for the team after the grading games. Everyone put in a huge effort and the result was as close as it gets – a draw!

Round 4 - Points galore

If we thought last week was muddy, we were wrong. This week the mud was dark and vegemite like. Not much fun to get off boots and white shorts.

There were a lot of points, 12 actually, by the Roy boys, enough to get a victory. Every time we looked up, the goals were being peppered by shots from the team!

Congratulations on a hard fought victory, with a big effort in the final quarter.

Round 3 - Mud!!!

A bit of a novelty this round as the teams got to play in the mud. Back to the scene of the first game for FJFC for most of the team (and the coaches) back in 2017. The Fridge didn’t make an appearance…

Close game, but St Mary’s took the points as they kicked away in the last quarter. Congratulations to Emil who kicked his first goal, great to see everyone celebrating with him.

Round 2 - First game at home this season

First game at home this season versus Preston Bullants. Good win by the boys, great to see the team responding to the pressure of a tighter match.

Some fantastic running and linking play, continuing our coaching themes of supporting teammates.

Zac’s first game with FJFC, he and captain Matthew got to be in the middle of the circle as the Fitzroy theme song was belted out by the team.

Round 1 - What a start!

It was lovely to be in the sunshine watching the boys run out onto the ground. They made a solid start in the first two quarters, then really kicked into gear in the third and fourth quarters kicking 4 and 6 goals respectively.

James A and Emil played their first game for FJFC – welcome!

A big win for the start of the season!
Amazing photos from Rob are here:

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