Coach: Craig Mitchell 0409 581 674.

Assistant Coaches: Burnie Breen and Andrew Hatton.

Team Manager: Grant Cotton

Trainer: Tim Darby

Photos: Ray Matsen

Team Page Editor: Tracy Bell

The Team

Game 2:

Amelie Simeone
Anna Stephens
Astrid John
Delia Scholz-Mitchell
Erin Cotton
Jessica Bell-Matsen
Lucinda Breen
Lydia Darby
Milly Le Gear
Mollie Cahill
Nasteho Hashi
Olivia Brock
Olivia (Liv) Louis
Pascale Larkin
Rachel Munns
Rebecca Filgate
Rose Halloran
Ruby Forssman
Ruby Clements
Selamawit Oullaris

Mikka Jordan

The 2018 season is now underway and we have a full team of enthusiastic girls and supportive parents.

This year the coach for Youth Girls 2 is Craig Mitchell, who has been with Fitzroy for a few years, nurturing his son and daughter through AFL.

The Assistant Coaches Burnie Breen and Andrew Hatton discuss urgent matters, but it would be greatly appreciated if you were able to first talk to the Team Manager, who is eager and willing to assist with any issues regarding injuries, attendance difficulties, uniform, fees, etc.

The team manager Grant Cotton can be contacted via email on [email protected] or via mobile on 0403 744 762.

If you’d like to make Tim Darby, the trainer aware of any possible injuries that need attention during the game please talk to him during training or before the game.

During the season I’m sure there are many parents and supporters who will take video and photos of their daughters best tackles, shots on goal or marks. If you have any outstanding photos and would like them posting on the website please contact Tracy Bell via email on [email protected]. The current volunteer photographer is Ray Matsen, who will try and grab as many good shots as possible during the season.