Coach: Cameron Aughterson
0418 551 897

Assistant Coach: Darren Oliver

Team Manager: Julie Oliver
0419 400 300

Trainer: Julian Gooi
Trainer: Jacinta Demise

Team Page Editor: Richard Hinds
[email protected]


The Team

1 Asher Carter
2 Sam Mellody
3 Oscar Welch
4 Lachlan Haydon
5 Thierry Aughterson
6 Pablo Gooi
7 Darcy Hornsby
8 Thomas Worn
10 Leroy Hinds
11 Elias Demant Rundgren
12 Sebastian Dimase
13 Fynn Donovan
14 Leroy Dunn
16 Tem Farrell
18 Asher Dunning
19 Milo Christensen
20 Miles Mehr
21 Xavier David Hanna
22 Daniel Shepherd
23 David Oliver
24 Xavier Di Scala
25 Louis Hodder

Fitzroy 1 Match Report Rounds 1-5

Fitzroy 1 Under-12s – The Grading Games and Round 5

1 Fitzroy 1 6.4 (40) d Camberwell 2 3.5 (23)

2 Fitzroy 1 13.9 (87) d Hawthorn Citizens A 3.3 (21)

3 Fitzroy 1 9.9 (63) d Greythorn 5.5 (35)

4 Fitzroy 6.2 (38) d Warrandyte 4.2 (26)

5 Fitzroy 4.9 (33) drew with Templestowe 5.3 (33)


What a tremendous start to the season.

In the first four grading games there were excellent victories over Warrandyte, Greythorn, Hawthorn Citizens A and Camberwell that all contained the same trade mark – four quarter effort and an even contribution across the park by every player.

In that period it was quickly apparent that there had been a seamless transition in the coaching ranks with Cam Aughterson adopting the same calm, measured and reassuring style of his predecessor Darren Oliver.

At the same time, the players settled into suitable positions while still getting a chance to challenge themselves occasionally in different roles.

While everyone contributed in these earlier games, a few highlights included the dash and booming left-foot of Thierry “The Whippet” Aughterson, the relentless efforts of Daniel and Sam, Asher’s scurrying to goal like a mouse to a piece of cheddar (or, in North Fitzroy terms, fine dauphinoise), Louis and Xavier David Hanna taking strong marks at both ends, our new X-Factor, Xavier Di Scala, making a great start by racking up possessions in the midfield, Oscar rebounding off a half-back flank, Tem resolute at full-back and Milo also making a strong debut with his brave tackling.

A particularly impressive performance was the final grading game victory against Camberwell 2 when an injury/absence depleted team won by 17 points. The daring of Elias and Leroy Dunn’s dashing contribution on the wing, Asher Dunning’s reliable defence, David Oliver’s strong marking and Darcy Hornsby’s relentless running to position were highlights. And special mention to team minion Darcy Dunn, who was just as assured filling in with the Under-12s as he has been playing above his weight for Edinburgh Cricket Club.

Indeed, so impressive were the boys, the YJFL decided it was too easy being in Green and promoted the Roys to the heady heights of Brown…

The result was a brilliant first up effort against Templestowe in which only a few unlucky bounces were the difference between victory and the inevitable result – a very hard fought draw.

Again, there were some exception efforts across the park. As usual co-captain Lachie battled hard despite getting a heavy knock, the other skipper Leroy Hinds hit up hard on a forward flank and got plenty of the ball, Tom was in the middle of every pack, Sebastian continued his rapid improvement as a ruckman/forward, Pablo read the play well and continued his rapid improvement, Miles again displayed great versatility going forward and back and a special mention to Fynn who worked tirelessly in attack in the final quarter when left one-out with his opponent.

After all that…the Roys were undefeated and in a great position to meet the greater challenges they will face in the higher division.

Awesome effort boys!



Fitzroy 1 Match Reports Round 6-9

Rounds 6-9

6 Fitzroy 1 5.5 (35) defeated by Heidelberg 6.6 (42)

7 Fitzroy 1 1.5 (11) defeated by Ashburton R 7.14 (56)

8 Fitzroy 1 4.5 (29) d Camberwell 1 4.3 (27)

9 Fitzroy 0.2 (2) defeated by Glen Iris N. 3.2 (20)

As we entered the chilly months, Fitzroy 1 did a fantastic job raising their standard to compete in the prestigious Brown group.

During the narrow defeat by Heidelberg, the very honourable performance against the talented Ashburton R and a very gutsy win over Camberwell, there were fantastic performances by the whole team.

While the 45 point loss to Ashburton R was an indication of the competition the boys now faced, it should be noted that it was only a few bursts of scoring that separated the teams and the Roys competed bravely for the whole day.

The Camberwell game was particularly exciting. With the indefatigable Daniel sidelined by a knee injury in the final quarter, the boys did a terrific job holding out one of the best teams in the group. A special mention to Tom who has become a terrific inside-midfielder with his tenacious attack on the ball. He led the way.

Sam Mellody and Leroy Hinds celebrated their 50th game on a cold, wet day in leafy Kooyong. While the Roys didn’t get the win, they battled hard. The scores at half-time were a World Cup tribute – Roys 2, Ashburton 1.

The ‘Burts forwards did more with their opportunities in the second half, but it was another very evenly fought contest. Sam and Leroy H. were both great contributors on their milestone days while Louis’s strong marking in defence, Sebastian’s efforts in the ruck against a much bigger opponent and Asher’s relentless running caught the eye.

But the three votes went to all those parents/volunteers who drove through the torrential downpour and stood in the rain to watch.

And just a note to parents about future games: Don’t send me a text asking if the game will be cancelled when it’s wet. It’s a winter game!!




Fitzroy 1 Under-12 Match Reports Rounds 10-12

ROUNDS 10-12

Fitzroy 0.1 (1) defeated by Ivanhoe 11.4 (70)

Fitzroy 4.2 (26) defeated by Glen Iris H 8.11 (59)

Fitzroy 2.8 (20) defeated by Templestowe 4.8 (32)

While the Roys couldn’t grab a win either side of the school holiday break, they continued to remain competitive against some tough opposition.

Only a few missed chances stopped the Roy overcoming Heidelberg in a fiercely contested round 12 match, and as usual the opposition coach was impressed by their ability to fiercely contest each play and move the ball.

Most importantly, as the season has gone on the contribution across the team has become more even with every play improving some aspect of his game and making a meaningful contribution during games.

The coaches will have their own thoughts. But from the parents’ side of the boundary, the following improvements in each player have stood out:

Asher Carter: Has done well on the ball and added some creative passing/teamwork to his already brilliant goal-sneak work.

Sam: Not only beating opponents to the ball, but tackling even harder (if possible) and always looking to set up teammates.

Oscar: Covering even more ground than before and always gets things moving from across half-back.

Lachie: Winning more hard ball and one-on-one contests as well as using his pace in the open spaces.

Thierry: Running back to cover defence just as hard as he runs forward and even more creative with his lethal left foot.

Pablo: Has shown he can be dependable ball-winner in the midfield as well as applying his customary tackling pressure in defence.

Darcy: Has done some wonderful work in defence where his athletic leap and ability to read the play has been vital.

Tom: Has become a fantastic in-and-under midfielder with his fierce attack on the ball and dependable hands setting up numerous attacking opportunities.

Leroy H: Learning to hit the ball harder and gain more possessions both as a creative half-forward and in the midfield.

Elias: Not just a dashing defender who breaks the lines but also now a reliable target in attack with his strong overhead marking.

Fynn: Learning to read the play better every week and finding the ball more, as well as applying his usual strong tackling.

Leroy D: Has added some strong overhead marking to his run and dash off the wing making him even more dangerous for the opposition.

Tem: Doing a great job in attack where his ability to win contests and also his strong voice brings teammates into the game.

Asher Dunning: Both his ability to win the ball and his skills have improved remarkably and he is constantly in the play when the ball goes into defence.

Milo: Extremely courageous in the way he attacks the balls and his opponents and now starting to be rewarded for his hard work with more possessions.

Miles: Has showed a lot of versatility going forward and back and getting more involved in the play as his ability to read the play improves.

Sebastian: Having a wonderful season pinch-hitting in the ruck and looks more confident with the ball in hand every week.

Daniel: Continues to attack every contest, bullock through packs, take strong marks and is now learning to lower his eyes going forward to hit teammates in better positions.

David: Has becoming a fantastic leader setting an example with his strong marking and showing the way on and off the park with his communication skills.

Xavier Di Scala: Across the season has added terrific defensive skills to his ability to win multiple possessions – including the smother of the season against Heidelberg.

Louis: Not just a rock in defence with his terrific marking, also very handy in the ruck and a real leader on the field.

Xavier David-Hanna: Not only a wonderfully reliable target in attack, now starting to set up teammates with his improved passing skills.

We continue to be enormously grateful for the efforts of our key volunteers – Coaches Cam, Darren and Matt, TM Julie Oliver, Junior Assistant Band Aid dispenser Julian Gooi, Water Woman Kate Cordukes, Flag Waverer Mick Shepherd and Ball Retrieval Expert Antony Di Masi.

Not only have they maintained a positive and encouraging environment for the team win, lose or draw, they’ve enabled Dale Mellody to stand on the sidelines drinking coffee.



Fitzroy 1 Round 13 Match Report


Fitzroy 2.1 (13) defeated by Ashburton G 10.4 (64)

The home game against Ashburton G started with four 50 gamers – Asher, Elias, Lachie and Pablo – bursting through the banner.

The milestones have been a real highlight this year (check out the picture page for all the banner bursting action) with Elias’s ability to rip through crepe paper particularly impressive.

Unfortunately, the first half didn’t quite go how the boys hoped. There were some really competitive efforts across the park with midfielders Daniel and Tom leading the way.

But a few defensive errors and concentration lapses against the very aggressive Burtonians meant the Roys were well down at the main break.

Coach Cam took the opportunity to call on the boys to lift their work rate and put in a really big second half effort. So it was fantastic to see the whole team respond with two great quarters against tough opposition.

As always, Sam’s tackling and attack on the ball was exceptional, Asher ran hard and kicked yet another goal and Oscar had a great game continually running the ball out of defence.

And special mention to Leroy Dunn whose party trick handball through and opponent’s legs was one of the highlights of the game.

Pablo, Elias and Lachie and Pablo also celebrated their 50th games with strong efforts.

Going up a grade has made it tough for the team to get more wins on the board. But great efforts like Sunday’s second half showed how much they are learning – not just in their skills, but in improving their concentration and perseverance.

Only two games to go – and two more chances to finish the season on a great note before getting out the bat and pads!

Volunteer Watch

Again, great praise to Cam and Darren whose ability to get the best out of the boys during some tough games while remaining calm, positive and supportive has been fantastic.

Mick Shepherd is in career best form between the posts having added a dramatic pause to his trademark flag work.

No sign of Dale Mellody, who presumably doesn’t like the choice of non-organic roasted beans available in Ramsden St.





Roys Match Reports Rounds 14 and 15


Fitzroy 1 5.2 (32) drew with Parkside 4.8 (32)

Round 15

Fitzroy 1 2.2 (14) defeated by Heidelberg 9.5 (59)

A challenging season came to a solid end with the Roys fighting out and exciting draw against Parkside and putting in yet another gritty performance against a talented Heidelberg team.

As the coaches noted after the game, the boys have gone up three grades to Brown (the second highest level) over three years which is a great achievement. While they might have played finals if they had not been promoted this season, the lessons learned competing against good teams should be valuable in the future.

We will celebrate the individual achievements at the club awards. But I thought we should touch on some of the things that made Fitzroy 1 such a great team to watch each week.

Teamwork: Nearly every opposition coach commented on how well the boys played together and moved the ball. While we had a few stand-outs, this was a credit to how often the Roys shared the ball and listened to the coach’s instructions.

Leadership: We had official captains for the first time, but it was also great hearing others using their voices in the huddles and on the ground to encourage teammates or give instructions. That was one of the big improvements over the course of the season.

Growth: Not just in size, but in the way they played the game. It’s been particularly exciting watch a few of the players who hadn’t played much football emerge to the point everyone was able to contribute something to the team in every game.

Friendship: Some of this team started together in AusKick, but it’s been great seeing the ball of string grow with new players welcomed over the years and close friendships being formed. The way the team celebrated its wins, accepted its losses and trained hard together was great to watch.

Sportsmanship: Fitzroy 1 played with great spirit and heart each week and with terrific sportsmanship. There were a few times players were challenged by opponents who wanted to imitate the niggling tactics of their AFL heroes, but for the most part our team responded by keeping their eyes on the ball and getting on with the game. This extended to our coaches who were incredibly calm and composed role models.

Fun: The most important aspect. While a few big losses against bigger and more advanced opponents were hard to take, the boys rallied every week and kept enjoying their footy. You couldn’t ask for more.


A big thank you to the following:

Cam Aughterson: Always calm, composed and encouraging. We couldn’t have asked for a better replacement for Darren…even though we didn’t actually replace him.

Darren Oliver: Just as influential as second banana. Tremendously reassuring and supportive for the boys and always looking for ways to make them better.

Matt Hornsby: While he lacks experience in big time football, Matt started to learn the ropes. The least intrusive and aggressive runner in the competition – which was much appreciated!

Julie Oliver: I’m not sure if she does absolutely everything or absolutely nothing and is just good at getting others to pitch in and fetch her Magic coffee – but she does it bloody well!

Julian Gooi: Pretty quiet season without his usual cadaver Will, but overcome his limited medical skills to be of some use.

Max Shepherd: A symphony in waving the twin calicos. Wasted at this level.

Kate Cordukes: Somehow kept the boys hydrated while also getting to Isaac’s soccer games and rushing home to fetch Asher’s mouthguard. The Joel Selwood of plastic water bottle carriers.

Antony Di Masi: Where was this man when Wayne Harmes scooped the ball from Row XX at the MCG during the 1979 grand final. A boundary umpire and a gentleman.

Dale Mellody: His coffee order summed up his season – flat white.

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