Coach: Tim Cairns 0459 848 078

Assistant Coach: Bruno Muraca
Assistant Coach: James Habersberger

Team Manager: Louise Dichiera 0403 155 082

Trainer: Emma Gordon-Williams
Trainer: Michael Christie
Trainer: Luke Smith

Team Page Editor: Katie Brown ([email protected])

Team Photographer: Rob Oldfield

The Team

Taj - 5
Eloy - 15
Jay - 16
Patrick - 8
Joel - 10
Jasper - 25
James - 20
Angus - 24
Dashiell - 17
Matthew - 6
Finlay - 21
Max - 2
Lachlan - 7
Thomas (Tom) - 22
Felix - 1
Arthur (Artie) - 14
Ted - 3
Jayden - 12
Joseph - 23
Michael - 19

Round 14 - Big efforts all round

Great end to the regular season. All the boys built on their skills today – some targeted hand-passes, strong marks, tenacious chase-downs, and smothers…

The roof of the clubhouse nearly came off when the team song was belted out.

Thanks again to Bruno, Tim and Lou for coaching and managing the team.

Round 13 - Windy, Windy

What would Tom say?


And the team responded. A great 4 quarters by all the boys. There were smothers, chase downs, staying in position, handballs, kicks to a target… everything that the coaches could ask for.

Everyone should be proud of themselves.

More amazing photos here

Round 12 - Come back!!!!!

Best rendition of club song yet! So loud, so proud, so excited.

Such a different game from last week… After the disappointment of the first quarter, the team worked well together to use the wind and get back into the game. The third quarter The Panthers got on top again. The boys had to dig deep in the final quarter, James asked for a “Geelong effort” and the team delivered – 5 goals in the final quarter. Amazing.

Tim gave the fun award to the parents, carers and supporters. I think we deserved it 🙂 we were cheering extremely loudly!

Amazing photos from Rob again – check out the photos here

Round 11 - Wow

What an amazing game today! Everyone lifted, and there was a huge amount of skill on show. I’d say it was training but they’ve just had 2 weeks rest…

It was great to see everyone really trying their hardest. It all seemed to click today. Lots of discipline shown by players to stay in position, especially from our dancing full forward. A captains game from Jayden too. Well done all.

A beautiful, sunny day at Citizen’s oval and a bit of a blast from the past to see the traditional Richmond and Fitzroy jumpers playing off at a suburban ground. Looking forward to our home game on Sunday.

Round 10 - a valiant effort

Well done to all the boys today. It was a tough game with only 15 available players, with Ashburton filling in to make it closer…

Some huge efforts today, balls smothered, big tackles and lots of running (from me too 😉 ).

2 weeks off for school holidays as the Roys will be back to finish off the last 4 rounds!

From Coach Bruno:

Hi Boys,

A great game of football this morning!!!

As coaches and parents we were really pleased that you kept trying all game. 

In the second half we did man-up, which was really good to see.

An opportunity for the team is to improve our running game – running past your team mate for a handball. We will do some training drills on this tomorrow.

Ted – a great captains game.  Your personal goal of getting into packs and helping your team mates was definitely on display today –  great game!

Round 9 - Wet and cold but happy

Great game today.

Fantastic teamwork, running, talking, sharing the ball around, creating opportunities for each other.

Congratulations to the whole team, and to the supporters who weathered the terrible weather!

Also worth a mention: it made all of very proud to see the boys who were filling in for the other team really put in the same effort as they do for FJFC. Fantastic sportsmanship.

From Coach Tim:

Gday Team

I think it has taken me this long to defrost my fingers and get them working again after a cold, wet and windy day on Sunday.

Let me start this email by repeating the last words that were said on Sunday.. you were “AWESOME”.

I was really impressed by how you played with the Wintery conditions that were in full force on Sunday.
I know that it was probably uncomfortable out there for you, but you continued to run, continued to compete which was great.
I really think that you handled those conditions better than any other team could have.

Our team values are Teamwork, Development and Fun

The Teamwork was on display by everyone on Sunday and the opposition coach as really impressed by how we played as a team and by the Number 21, Finn, who passed to his teammates regularly.
In Terms of Development, the development this year has been huge, our first 6-7 weeks was all about structure, and on Sunday we didn’t mention it once, yet every time we looked across the field you were structured up really well and making sure that you were playing on your man. Great Job Guys
And Fun …. Whilst Angus kicked his first goal on Sunday, the Fun for all of us parents was watching all of the team congratulating Angus, We love watching the team spirt and fun that you guys have as a team.  Speaking of Fun, Tom won the Fun Award but also the Opposition team award, well done Tom, this is the type of game that we know you can play and expect you to play each week.

To all the players that won the Parents awards on Sunday well done.  

And lastly Lachie, you were chosen as the Captain on Sunday for a couple of reason, one was because you have a great knowledge of the game, especially how to play the wet weather conditions, but what continues to impress me about your play is how you encourage everyone and bring your other teammates into the play, great Captains game.

See you all next Sunday

Go Roys

Round 8 - Another close match

What a great game today. The boys put everything they had into running, chasing, kicking and handballing.  They make all the supporters very proud.

A week off to rest the weary legs and then back ready to go for Round 9.

Go Roys!

From Coach Bruno:


At the start of todays game with spoke about Joe Johnson and demonstrating Endurance, Tenacity, Courage, Loyalty and Pride.

We as a team – demonstrated all of themes.

We didn’t give up all day.

We were courageous with our play – linking up with handball and running.

As always, you make the coaches, team manager and parents proud.  You too should be proud of todays performance and wearing the Fitzroy Juniors football jumper each week.

Congratulations to Taj for being awarded the Joe Johnson medal.  Taj you stepped up to your challenge on the ball and you  also, played your role in the backline – well done!!!

Michael – well done for being recognised by the opposition team for great game.  You used your speed and skills which certainly stood out to both the opposition and your Fitzroy team.

Another great game from Finn who was our captain today.  Finn you consistently demonstrate the Joe Johnson attributes each week which provides great energy to the team.  Thank you for a great captains game.

This week, being Indigenous Round had a greater focus on individual awards.

Boys, individual awards are exciting, as they should remind you that if you keep practicing “your goal” and the “team goals” each week – then it contributes to both your development and the teams development.

As a team we are definitely developing, and as coaches after the game, we identified some areas of our game that we can develop both individuals and the team – such as overhead marking; contested play (running in pairs). 

Go Roys!!

Round 7 in the sunshine

What a gorgeous day for watching football! Sunny on the sidelines and watching the boys try their hearts out.

A close match with some amazing running and linking play. Nice to see the team staying in position and offering solid defence and a kicking target in the forward line.

Well done to all

Great photos too…

Message from Coach Tim

“Gday Team

We had a focus on the weekend of the Three T’s being Teamwork, Talking and Tackling.

We saw some great examples of all of these being applied by everyone throughout the game.

For Talking we wanted you to keep telling players they were hot but to also tell them when they were free and to call for the ball. From the coaches position we could hear a lot more talking.
For Teamwork we wanted you to hold your structures, and spread when we had the ball. We saw some great examples of this especially in the backline where the full back’s were on that last line of defence repelling the footy.
For tackling, i wasn’t keeping count, but I think everyone laid a tackle, which is great.

Lastly it was such an exciting game. I loved how in the last quarter how close it was and how you all tried even harder



Round 6 - At home at Edinburgh Gardens

Well done Team. A close test this morning and a super game of footy.

From Coach Bruno

“Hi Boys,

A great game of football this morning!!!

The game was a good test for us – we needed to play well for 4 quarters, and we did.

Our game plan of keeping our structure and running and handball is definitely improving each week.  It goes to show that if we continue to practice we do improve.

James – a great captains game.  Your words to the team to “help each other out” was really important today and the team showed they can do it.

Let’s keep practicing our skills and having fun….”

See you all next week 🙂

Round 5 - They did it for their Mums.... Great photos too

Sunshine and an early start for kids and parents this morning… What a lovely start to Mother’s Day to hear such a rousing rendition of the team song. Click on the link above for more great photos of the game from Rob.

Coach Tim says…

“Great team effort today.  Today was a fantastic opportunity for most of you to play in a different positions today and you did a great job at it.
You did an awesome job at playing in your zone, even after being changed into a different positions, and did an even better job at 2 way communication.  I think for these 2 traits you have set the standard for how we should apply these for the rest of the year.

From a development perspective I continue to be impressed at how you recognise your teammates for their excellent efforts. This is a sign of a great team, and if you look closely is one of our Golden Rules in understanding your teammates strengths and weaknesses.

Lastly their was some stellar individual efforts, which also included our captain today.  Matthew you did a great job on the ball today.  Well done

Enjoy the Roy Boy Footy Olympics tomorrow night”

Round 4

The email from Coach Bruno says it all…

“a fantastic game today, well done to all of you.

All coaches, team manager and parents are really proud, and so should you.

Our game plan of keeping our structure and running and handball, is definitely improving, and we saw this at its best early in the game.

A great effort considering we have only been practicing these skills from round 2.

Dash – a great captains game and some good advice to the team at the quarter breaks to “man up” and “spread”.

Let’s keep practicing our skills and having fun- the team reward will come.”

Round 3 - a close game

Fantastic effort by the Roys today as they hosted Banyule at home. All 20 of the team headed out in the sunshine (then rain, then sunshine again) in their 6 zones. We saw some great benefit in sticking to the structure. Taj and Felix both got a goal from being deep in the forward line. There was a wall across the centre that stopped the ball getting through and couple great marks deep in defence to stop the opposition scoring.

Lots of courage shown by the whole team today, and great support from teammates when people came back onto the ground.

All the supporters were very proud. Well done boys!

Round 2

Big effort from the Boys today at Camberwell’s home ground. Well done to everyone. Commentary from parents below…

“I thought the boys did really well today, Camberwell are always good and they had some big, skilful players. I thought our boys held their own and all of them made a contribution. They tried hard all day. Good team effort.

“Really excellent defence and efforts from our boys, onward and upward!”

Click on the photos link at the top of the page for all the action from Round 2. Awesome photos and a couple of great videos.

Round 1

Big day of firsts:

  • First game of the season
  • First game in the rain!
  • First game on a full oval, with no zones
  • First goal to the Roys

Well done to all the team on a great effort today. Everyone tried hard for all 4 quarters. Looking forward to an exciting game next week!

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