Coach: Mark McNamara
0411 116 122

Assistant Coach: Stuart Welsh

Runner: Mark Brennan

Team Manager: Jane Ainsworth
0409 419 476

Team Manager: Melissa Smullen
0400 977 875

Trainer: Carmel Asdagi
Trainer: Bridgette Connor
Trainer: Jane Ainsworth
Trainer: Julie Savage
Trainer: Mary Belfrage

Team Page Editor: Paul Edwards
[email protected]

Team Photographer: Paul Edwards

The Team

1. Maisie Welsh
2. Til Exton
4. Alice McNamara
7. Eloise McMullen
8. Kate Livingstone
9. Dervla Belfrage
10. Molly McPhee
11. Ellie Brennan
12. Charlotte Tozer
13. Heidi Gardam
14. Zoe Carter
15. Tori Jenkins
16. Josie Armstrong
17. Charli Doyle
18. Abbie Connor
19. Lucy White
20. Tilly Currie
21. Zara Flanagan
24. Lucinda Symons
26. Elly Asdagi
27. Sarah Kincaid
28. Charlotte Edwards

Round 12 vs St Marys

No match report this week, but enjoy the photos!

Round 11 vs Banyule

It was great to see the girls having quite a bit of fun on Sunday and then enjoying returning to the winning list.
Congratulations to Abbie on her 50th game. It was good that Abbie could play her milestone game against Banyule where she played in 2015 and 2016 before returning to Fitzroy this year.
The efforts of Josie and Tilly when outnumbered were great, as was Charlotte Edwards’ work in the forward line.
I thought Zara’s vital running goal into the wind in the third quarter was one of the highlights of the season to date.
It was great to see Dervla winning the contested ball and kicking it to our advantage.
Our captain Elly led the team magnificently and her almost namesake Ellie (Brennan) had a very good game.
Molly McPhee is something of a last quarter specialist – her run and work in the last quarter was fabulous.
Hope to see much better numbers at training this week now that school holidays are over. Thank you to those of you who take the trouble to let me know when you can’t make it.
We will continue to work on kicking. This area has improved, largely due to the assistance that Vince Asdagi and Pete Flanagan have provided.
I should also again acknowledge Paul Edwards who takes all of the happy snaps and Jane Ainsworth who, never missing a single thing, organised the clash jumpers for yesterday.
This week we play St Mary’s at Whatmough Park, just across the creek from the little oval we played them on a few weeks ago. Jane will be in touch with the details.
Finally, we have no 50 game milestones in the last three rounds. The girls have enjoyed the photos so if anyone else wants to send a couple of early photos of their little angel in footy gear please feel free to do so and I’ll put them up in the rooms when I have a bit of a collection.

Round 9 vs Park Orchards

The game against Park Orchards was a disappointing result and a match of contrasting quarters. What a great first quarter, against the twin adversaries of kicking up the hill and against a strong wind. There were lots of fabulous efforts to win the ball and to put pressure on opponents.

Unfortunately the wind dropped a bit after quarter time and the second and third quarter efforts were disappointing. The intensity of the first quarter seemed to be lacking. Gone too was the run that is evident when the team is playing at its best.  Too many players were behind their opponents and seemingly allowed their opponents to win the ball or to watch their teammates battle alone against two or three opponents.

The last quarter saw a return to the intensity of the first, and the rewards came on the scoreboard. But alas, the deficit was too great to make up.

Congratulations to Kate and Alice on their 50th games. It’s Abbie’s turn next match!

We have a bye next week and there is no game in the middle weekend of the school holidays, so our next game is three weeks away against Banyule at 3pm on Sunday 16 July at A.J. Burkitt Reserve.

We have training this week but not the following week – 6 July. It is important that everyone makes it to training this week given we have 21 days without a game and will not be training the following week.

If anyone lost a black puffer jacket at training please let me know as I have it.

Finally, if anyone picked up a red mouthguard please let me know as a Fitzroy boy from the game before ours lost his.

Enjoy your couple of footy free weekends.

Round 8 vs Kew Comets

Hi Roy Girls and Parents

It was great to see the girls apply themselves consistently from the opening bounce – and Lucinda’s early goal – to put in their best four-quarter effort of the season to go down to Kew Comets by only 20 points.

This game was a clear demonstration of what the girls are capable of. I hope they can bring that attitude and effort to each quarter and each contest for the remainder of the season.

It was great to see Abbie’s hard work, Charli supporting the team from the sidelines, Charlotte Tozer locking the ball in the forward line, Charlotte Edwards’ mark and almost goal, Dervla’s attack on her opponents and the ball, Ellie Brennan’s second and third efforts, Elly Asdagi trying hard despite being restricted by injury, Josie’s endeavour, Lucy’s attack on the ball, Molly’s run and ball winning,  Sarah constantly repelling Kew attacks, Til’s run and getting the ball forward, Tori’s tackling and kicking, Tilly’s second efforts, Zoe throwing herself into the game at every turn and Zara’s movement through heavy traffic!

Congratulations to Maisie on 50 games and to Heidi for reaching that milestone last match.

Next week marks the 50th games of Kate (great goal yesterday) and Alice!

I haven’t been able to get the BBQ off the ground so we will do something else soon.

We have an early game, 11:30am – 10:45 arrival, next Sunday at Olney Oval. Jane will be in touch later in the week.

Mid-year Report

Hi Roy Girls and Parents
Just a few thoughts at the half way mark of the home and away season.
I think the League made a wise decision in splitting the U14 Girls competition, even though it means there are only 5 teams in division 1. The fact that we play each team (and have a bye) every five weeks is not ideal, but the 9-team competition was too lopsided. 20 goal wins don’t teach the girls much – except to respect the opposition and be gracious in victory, which they were!
I am really pleased with how the team has gelled together, and think our daughters are a great group of young people.
It was wonderful to have our first player (Heidi) play her 50th game on Sunday. I look forward to several others reaching that milestone in coming weeks, starting with Maisie in our next game followed by Kate and Alice the game after that.
The move to a single age level competition this year rather than girls having to jump from U12 to U15, as was the case in the first three years that Fitzroy had girls teams, is a major plus.
We have broad range of experience with 11 players who are in their third or fourth season and 11 who are just embarking on their footy careers. The new players have all fitted in well and are contributing in different ways. Most importantly, they seem to be loving playing footy! Stuart, Mark B and I are endeavouring to meet the challenge of developing the skills of players with a wide range of experience.
As is generally the case with girls footy, Kew Comets is the dominant team, with a gap to St Marys. We are currently third on the ladder, and I hope the girls can display a very positive attitude in rising to the challenge of meeting good teams every week. I believe the team has a lot of scope for improvement, particularly given its wide range of experience. The second halves against Kew in round 1 and against St Marys on Sunday demonstrates what the girls are capable of.
I am of course continuing to give every player a minimum of three quarters (save for Sunday where we had all 22 available for the first time and St Marys had only 15 and just wanted to play 15 a side, meaning that about half the team played only 2.5 quarters). I am also giving equal game time, although this sometimes has to be balanced up across two or three games.
Each player has played in lots of different positions but I plan to settle that down in the second half of the season. In doing so I will try as much as possible to take into account the preferences of the players, skill development, what is best for overall team structure and performance, and the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition.
Training attendances have generally been excellent and it is very pleasing that you are taking the trouble to inform me in advance if someone can’t make training.
I have arranged for Vince Asdagi and Peter Flanagan to come down to training and work with players on kicking on a one on one basis and in pairs. Junior footballers can never spend too much time on kicking! Thanks to Vince and Peter for offering to help.
Stuart Welsh and Mark Brennan are great assistants and I am extremely grateful for all the work they have done.
Thank you also to Jane Ainsworth and Melissa Smullen for acting as team managers and to Paul Edwards for his work on the team page.
Over the last couple of months a number of parents have provided me with suggestions, feedback, constructive criticism etc (as the girls are wont to do from time to time). Whilst I cannot always accommodate your wishes, I would encourage anyone with any concerns, suggestions, feedback or constructive criticism to contact me. The club’s very extensive end of year survey is a great resource but why wait until then if something is on your mind now!
I know I have been a bit slack in not organising a social event yet. One option is a BBQ after our 11:30am game at Olney Oval on 25 June. Please let me know if you would not be able to make it. It would be good if someone could offer to host our little gathering.
A reminder that there is no official training tonight. However, at least a couple of players are popping down to BSO for a kick with me and some skills work between 445 and 545.
Enjoy your long weekend, and girls – make sure you kick the footy around a bit.

Round 7 vs St Mary's

Today was a tough game against an experienced and skilful opponent. I think a lack of confidence and belief infected how the team approached the game. The second half shows what the team is capable of and I will be urging the girls to carry that attitude into our next game against Kew Comets.

Some highlights today:

– having all 22 girls together for the first time this year (at a match or training) – and thank you to Carmel for the attached photos.

– Sarah’s amazing somersault, to say nothing of her great game at full back.

– Zara’s outstanding game, particularly her stunning last quarter.

– Lucinda’s ruck work in the last quarter.

– Ellie Brennan’s great work in defence.

– Abbie’s great game.

– Til’s run and constant effort.

– Lucy’s attack on the ball and relentless effort.

– Maisie’s run, including sprinting about 30 metres to beat 3 St. Mary’s opponents in 3 on 1 contest.

– Dervla sprinting to the next contest after her shot at goal late in the game fell short.

– Heidi being the first member of the team to make it to 50 games. Thanks for the lovely photos Heidi!

Happy to report that Zoe and Lucy who went off in the last quarter are both fine.

A reminder that there is no official training this week and no game next Sunday due to the long weekend. Will see everyone at training on Thursday 15 June. But …. if anyone wants  a kick at Brunswick Street Oval this Thursday send me a text or an email and I’ll be there, let’s say 4:45 to 5:45. I already have one starter!

Round 6 Report vs Banyule

A great effort by the girls today to win convincingly against Banyule – and another “win” was that the rain (and forecast hail and thunder) stayed away. After a very good start I thought the intensity dropped off in the second quarter but after being challenged (by Banyule in the second quarter and by me at half time) the team responded magnificantly in the second half. Some highlights:

– Molly McPhee’s first goal for the Roys after getting on the end of a long kick from Sarah.

–  Josie and Charli’s run, marking and tackling.

– Tori’s tacking and hard work.

– Alice’s great positioning in the forward line and her two goals.

– Charlotte Edwards making herself a target in the forward line in the last quarter. After just failing to hold onto two marks, she clunked the next one and went back and kicking an important goal.

– Eloise’s very creative play in the final quarter, constantly winning the ball on the run and handballing to the advantage of a teammate, including setting up a goal by Alice.

AND OF COURSE, Zara constantly winning the ball and earning the Joe Johnson medal.

Round 4 vs Park Orchards

Hi Roy Girls and Parents,

A great effort by the team today in a very hard fought game against a quite physically strong opponent. Some highlights:

– The girls rising to the challenge when Park Orchards got quite close on the scoreboard in the third quarter and then finishing off the game really well.

– Josie’s first, second and third efforts in always fighting for the ball and to pressure her opponents – and her great goal!

– Charlotte Tozer’s crucial goal when the game was really tight – a shame that Reba and Paul had jetted off to watch older sister Sophia play her 50th game, with our U16 Girls.

– Zoe’s tackling and attack on the ball and constantly driving us forward.

– The chain of possessions from Til to Alice to Kate to Charlotte Tozer in the third quarter (for a goal) – the sort of quick ball movement we want to see lots of!

– Charlotte Edwards’ work when rucking for half a quarter.

– Dervla’s tackling and attack on the ball.

– Zara repeatedly winning the ball and showing great run and poise to drive us forward.

– Molly McPhee winning the ball time after time in the final quarter and firing off quick handballs to a teammate.

Early this week the YJFL will in all likelihood release the fixture for the next few weeks, and possibly for the remaining 10 rounds. I will keep you posted.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at training this week.

Hope the mums enjoy the rest of their special day and that the girls aren’t too tired to continue to dote on their mums after a tough game.

Round 3 vs Warrandyte

Another very good effort by the team today against a very inexperienced opponent. Warrandyte is fielding girls teams for the first time this year and after a bye last week today was only their second match.

We are fortunate to have a good balance of 6 fourth year players, 5 third year players and 11 first year players. It is very pleasing to see how our first year players are fitting in and are playing.

Some points of note today:

1.    Thank you to Charlotte Tozer (who volunteered), Molly, Josie, Zara, Lucy and Tilly for playing a quarter for Warrandyte.  Warrandyte had only 15 players to start the game and were down to 14 in the second half due to an injury. The rules provide that if a team requests a loan of players due to number shortages the other team must oblige. I am always keen to do so as otherwise we have more girls on interchange when playing less than 16 a side. I try to ensure the girls who play a quarter for the opposition then play all of the other three quarters for Fitzroy and was able to ensure that happened today. Next time we need to loan players it will be girls other than those we loaned today.

2.    Thank you to Charlotte Edwards and Abbie who came off the ground half way through the last quarter when Warrandyte had two further injuries and were down to 14 players (including Tilly and Lucy). Although they were not due to come off I selected them because they had already had the minimum of three quarters on the ground. I think strictly speaking we are not obliged to even up the numbers by taking players off the ground when there is an injury but I thought it was appropriate to do so.

3.    Congratulations to Lucy White on a great debut. Her endeavour in winning the ball and three goals were highlights. Not sure she was too fond of her coach when he asked her to play the last quarter for Warrandyte though!

4    Well done to Eloise and Tori who spent some time on the ball for the first time and did very well.

5.    Great game by Heidi, particularly when playing on the ball and in the cente.

6.    Abbie’s ball winning was a highlight. I was a bit worried when she opened the final quarter with four straight behinds, but she then slammed on three goals!

7.    Abbie’s reward for kicking 3.4 in quick time was to go to full back so that Sarah, who spends so much time at full back where she does an amazing job, could have a run in the forward line. It was great to see Sarah kick a goal!

8.    Finally, the girls creative use of handball and shepherding was very good today.

Round 2 vs Brunswick

A great win by the girls today. I was very pleased that the girls implemented a number of things that we have been working on including being first to the ball, moving the ball on quickly, and working together. A few other highlights were:

– The way the girls played the game right out to the end even when we had a big lead.

– The patience and understanding shown by the girls when we were throwing the team around to ensure that no one spent too much time in defence, and everyone got quite a bit of time in the areas of the ground where the play mostly was.

–  The debuts of Molly McPhee and Zara Flanagan.

– The efforts of first year players Dervla, Til, Tilly, Josie and Charlotte Edwards when they had a run in the centre or on the ball.

– Kate’s run and two goals in the second quarter.

– Sarah’s rebounding from defence.

– Zoe’s brilliant final quarter at centre half forward.

Round 1 vs Kew Comets

I was very proud of the efforts of the girls today, particularly how hard they fought out the game. That approach will hold the team in good stead as the season progresses. The girls worked hard to improve certain aspects of their play throughout the game and the results showed.

All of the new players – the eight who had never played footy before – acquitted themselves very well. Today was an invaluable experience against the club that for several years has been the powerhouse in girls football.

Our caption for the year Elly Asdagi put in a wonderful performance in leading from the front and her two goals were a highlight. We will appoint one or two vice-captains each week on a rotational basis.

We will be focusing this week on tackling, working together to help teammates and quicker ball movement.

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