Coach: James Ciuffetelli
0419 556 303

Assistant Coaches: Chris Pekin & Michael Doherty

Team Manager: Marnie Daphne
0414 481 560

Trainers: Campbell McKenzie & Jenny Stewart

Team Page Editor: Andrew Jones
[email protected]

The Team

Dut Bol Kur
Luca Ciuffetelli
Luka Craven
Billy Daffern
Max Daphne
Quinn Doherty
Miles Fricke
Lewis Jones
Louis Jorgensen
Liam Kanizay
Alex McIntosh
Soren McKenzie
Kailan McKeown
Louis Murdoch
Louis Nason
Alexander Nikolajuk
Quinn O’Brien
Hugo O’Callaghan
Everett O’Donnell
Oscar Pardy-Wilson
Jack Pekin (C)
Roy Read
Harry Shaw
Archie Taylor
Kit Winstanley

U14-2 Blue Awards Presentation

Looking forward to the FJFC Presentation Day where it’s hoped all can get along to the Fitzroy Bowling Club on Sunday 10th September to celebrate a wonderful season.

The U14-2 Blue team slot is 11.30-11.50am (sharp).

Our time will acknowledge player, coach and parent contributions and award Best & Fairest, Coaches Award and Best Team Player Awards. With such a skilled and committed group of boys, the team awards were competitive this year with a number of contenders for each one.

See you there!

Message From The Coach

To the entire U14 Blue Football Community, boys, parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents and friends who made this year very enjoyable, thank you.

What a year we had. We missed out today (Runners Up to Doncaster) however from my perspective there were so many positive things that came out of this year that we should all be very proud of. Ultimately, we are all committed to our boys so that they can grow as young men, as footballers as teammates and as members of our wonderful members of the Fitzroy FC community.

As coaches we are only as successful as the boys that we are lucky enough to coach; and for that we are thankful that we coached your boys this season.

Although todays score did not end in the victory we had hoped for, as a team we competed hard from start to finish and the boys gave their all, something we did all season.

The season was a huge success and your young man was an integral part of the success of our team, a team which won and lost together and showed great respect for each other and their opponents in good and bad.

Thank you for you and your son’s commitment to the team.

Throughout the season each of you made sacrifices of your time and energy to ensure our boys would have a positive experience and it had a really positive impact on the team, thank you.

The boys represented more than just themselves and your families at training and in games; they represented FJFC, and they did it with distinction.

We have thoroughly enjoyed watching the boys grow as young men and similarly enjoyed watching them improve on the football field, we have all grown along with them as a community.

Now that the season is over, we will continue to have fond memories of this season and the moments we got to experience together.

We’re excited for the prospects this group has next season and look forward to seeing their continued growth.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the many successes we shared this season, we truly could not have done it without your support and encouragement.

Have a wonderful rest of year and we hope to see you next season.



James, Chris, Marnie and Michael.

Grand Final Week

Best & Fairest Nomination

Congratulations to Louis Murdoch on being voted by the umpires in the top 10 YJFL Best & Fairest players for the U14 Blue Division. A great achievement for Louis who has played a fabulous season demonstrating great skill, stamina and teamwork ….and kicked some very handy goals.

Louis attended the YJFL Annual Presentation Night and finished 6th with 11 votes.

A competitive field no doubt as many of the boys in our team alone have played a great season in terms of progessing individual skill, focus and team development.

Well done Louis on this great acknowledgement of your excellent 2017 season.

Presentation Day – SAVE THE DATE

Presentation Day for Best & Fairest, Coaches Award and Best Team Player awards will be Sunday 10th …time to be confirmed … SAVE THE DATE. It is great if everyone is available to come along.

The Grand Final

Fitzroy 2 versus Doncaster

Congratulations to all in and associated with the team for making the U14 Blue Division Grand Final!!

2:45pm Sunday 27th August. Please be at the ground by 1:45pm. Blue shorts.

Springfield Park West, corner Dorking & Springfield Roads, Box Hill North

Good luck and GO ROYS!! 🙂

Match Report - Semi-Final 2

Doncaster V Fitzroy

August 13th 2.45pm

FITZROY: 8.12.60

Yesterday we came up against Doncaster in the Semi Final for a chance to move straight into the grand final. Doncaster have been the best team in the competition all year and finished clealry ontop of the ladder finishing with 2 more wins than us for the season hence they were always going to be a tough assignment.

We had added incentive for the game with the super modest but super popular amongst his mates Alexander (Ander to me ☺) celebrating his 50th game for the club, so the boys were really keen on making an impression for him. Well done Alexander on achieving this milestione, the club is lucky to have a young man of your calibre.

We committed at training on Wednesday that OUR ATTITUDE was going to be the core area of focus and that in particular we would commit 100% to be playing as a TEAM and when we didn’t have the ball applying the maximium amount of PRESSURE on the Doncaster boys.

The boys attitude pre game was outstanding, it was nice to have the time and the ground available so as we could focus on ensuring they were ready to play, there was a real air of excitement in their approach and it was clear they were going to give it their all.

The ground was in good shape and the conditions were as difficult as they could be with a clear 4-5 goal advantage headed to the easterly side of the ground, hence winning the toss would be a key win and kicking with the wind first was going to be a huge advantage. We lost the toss and set up accordingly with numbers behind the ball knowing the pressure would be on us.

From the first bounce we were under siege and Doncaster dominated the centre clearances and were able to stream forward with attack after attack. To the credit of our defence they held firm and calmly contested every ball that came into their vicinity and used short sharp possession to work the ball out of defence with some really great skill and composure. Equally our midfield (Congratulations Miles on a BOG performance) worked hard running both ways and their ball use and movement was the best I’ve seen it, and the forwards did their bit to go back and make the first quarter a real arm wrestle. Whilst we didn’t score in the opening quarter our ability to work as a team and reduce the opposition to 1goal and 3 behins was the reason why we were able to be in a position to win the game.

In the second quarter we played outstanding attacking football, our midfield dominated around the contest and our back line was again instrumental in repelling their forward movement with attacking football. The pleasing aspect was that when the ball went forward our forward line were able to put scoreboard pressure on the opposition and that drove the momentum our way. We kicked the ball into the areas we discussed and our ball use was excellent. The only challenge (which was a challenge all day) was the dominance of their tall players and in particular their No.7 and No.35 who were able to use their size and muscle in the middle at will, our boys continued to prssure and find a way to force these boys wide which helped our cause.We went into the half time break having dominated the second quarter with a 4 point advantage.

The third quarter was another case of trying to defend with conviction and the ball was parked in their forward line for almost the entire quarter, desite us making some good rebound movements and scoring when we went into the forward line. Kicking with the wind in the third quarter allowed Doncaster to really apply some scoreborad pressure and they went into the last break with a three goal lead.

The last quarter was going to be epic and the boys did not let us down. Doncaster actually dominated the early part of the quarter and held onto a 10 point lead with about 4 minutes to play. The never say die attitude of our boys saw them continue to attack and they were ultimately rewarded with some excellent attacking moves that led to goals and a scorebaord that went our way, albeit on almost the last kick of the day (nice work Hugo)……GO ROYS.

I didn’t want to single out individuals as the TEAM played well and that’s what created the opportunity to win, at season end we will reflect on the team and I will have many brilliant things to say about EVERY boy and the role that they play for the team, suffice to say I am very proud of them all.

We played some outstanding football with all the boys contributing, our ability to ‘never say die’ and our desire to win the contest, then spread the ball with handball & kicks to advantage was outstanding, The boys adjusted well to the changing conditions and instructions (because of the wind) every quarter and were able to cope when we played numbers back and also when they did.

It was a fantastic performance, the attitude of the boys could not be questioned – enjoy the result, we now have a week off to prepare for what will be a grand final to remember I’m sure.



Dut was unable to play due to not having played enough games however filled the role of water carrier….well done!
Quinn is still on crutches however assures me he will be have for the GF.
Louis J was unwell from school camp however bravely took to the field such was his desire to help his mates….he’ll be fit for the GF too.


Training times for the next two weeks are 4:30pm – 6:00pm this Wednesday at Brunswick Street Oval.

Next match August 27th is the Grand Final up against the winner of Doncaster V St Marys T.

Match Report - Round 14

Camberwell V Fitzroy

August 6th 1pm

The final game for the season and the boys delivered a comprehensive performance to ensure we moved into the finals with some positive momentum.

I expected our opponents to be fierce in the first half and in the first quarter they more than matched us at the contest. It was a tight contest up until midway through the second quarter and the most pleasing part for me was the boys were able to absorb the pressure of the first 30 minutes and then used it to dominate every contest, they worked tirelessly for each other and there were so many contributors across the board, I was very proud of their attitude and effort.

Everett was inspired up forward as were Hugo and Quinn who were all dominant in attack and defense. A special mention to Jorgo who from my perspective got us going in the first quarter when the game was still in the balance with some clever football and conversion, well done.

Our midfield was dominant today, Billy was phenomenal in the ruck and the combination of Jack, Miles, Hugo and Louis M in the middle ensured we won the contested ball and drove the ball forward to an inspired Everett at entre half forward.

The boys were fierce all over the ground, finishing with 30 more Inside 50’s than the opposition and 25 more contested clearances. Wasteful kicking for goal has been a real challenge for us however today the team showed some real poise and class in difficult wet conditions, I was particularly pleased at their ability to switch play and attack from the northern side of the ground ( a definite strategy we had that the boys were able to execute.

The ability of the boys to work for each other and play like a team was evident today and the defensive combination of Alex, Kailan, Luka, Dut, Roy, Liam and Archie were brilliant in the first half and were like a wall in the second, our attack and pressure started with them.

Again I noticed that pre game the team was very focused, their warm up was fantastic, again they came ready to play and despite being challenged early were able to absorb the pressure quickly and turn the game on their terms.

We were challenged by a team (similar to last week) that played 8 players in our forward line and whilst this made it difficult we adjusted our play accordingly and our ball use allowed us to carry the ball and deliver it deep (over their extras). I was really impressed with our outside midfielders in Harry (who is on fire this year and one of our best players running hard both ways), Max, Soren, Kit and Jorgo who created space, switched the ball and drove the ball into the hot spot….well done.

A great way to finish the home and away season, the boys really deserve credit and should enjoy the result.; a massive well done to every member of this special Fitzroy team.

Wednesday training will be focused on getting the game right for our first final which is against Doncaster…..bring on the finals.

Go Roys.


Quinn D was on hand as an assistant today and is a few weeks away.
Oscar was unwell (Happy Birthday for yesterday) and we look forward to having him back next week.

CAMBERWELL 2: 2.3.15
FITZROY: 17.13.115

Match Report - Round 13

Fitzroy v Doncaster

July 30th 1pm

On Sunday we came up against the top placed Doncaster who have been the form side of the competition and have some of the best tall boys in the league, hence it was always going to be a challenging match.

For us it was a big game in that we were coming off two tough losses however the boys had decided from training last Wednesday night that their focus would be to play positive, team orientated football and that everyone of them was prepared to do their BEST for the game for their teammates.

We are reliant on all of our boys, we need them committed 100% to be an effective team and on Sunday I was very proud of them, not so much for the win (that was their reward), I was prouder of their ability to work for each other and play like a team. Despite a difficult third quarter where Doncaster threw everything at us our boys stuck to their task with brilliance.

The boys pre game warm up was fantastic, it was clear to me that they had come ready to play, I certainly got the feeling that they were ‘switched on’. Brunswick Street Oval is a ground that suits our style of football, but we have learnt that for us to be competitive we need to win the contest & pressure the opposition. Our aim was to dominate the contest and use the ball well and use the space.

We were confronted by a Doncaster team that played numbers behind the ball from the start – this made it difficult to be effective going inside our forward line particularly when we kicked the ball in straight lines to where they were set up around our half forward line.

We played some outstanding football with all the boys contributing, our ability to win the contest, then spread the ball with handball & kicks to advantage was outstanding, The boys adjusted well to Doncaster playing numbers back, maintaining possession through good handball and we were able to counter attack by using the ball to space.

It was a fantastic performance, the attitude of the boys could not be questioned, I hope they really enjoy the result, we now sit 2nd on the ladder with next week set to be a big final round against Camberwell.

I want to thank each of the boys and your parents for a brilliant year so far, everyone has rallied behind Marnie, Chris, Michael and I by helping out and ensuring we get on the ground. Thank you for your support – we have a great group of boys and parent, thank you.

I decided not to single out performances this week as the focus was the team and the entire team contributed to an amazing result, well done to all the boys, I’m very proud of them.

Go Roys.


Quinn D who has been in unbelievable form (probably our best player over the last month) was injured in a friendly clash with Alex and sadly will miss a few weeks.

Hugo was injured in a brave marking contest late in the game (bravery and Hugo go hand in hand), with some luck he will be available this week.

FITZROY: 9.7.61
DONCASTER: 7.10.52

2017 U14-2 R13 Ladder

Match Report - Round 12

Ashburton B v Fitzroy

July 23rd 1pm

In difficult conditions we arrived with the aim of improving in some specific areas from the previous round, playing against a team that was on equal points with us on the ladder.

We began the game with 17 and were fortunate to have Rohan and Darcy (U13) help us at different stages of the game. Sadly our captain Jack Pekin was carrying a significant knee injury however bravely insisted on playing as we were down on numbers.

The areas we wanted to improve were : attack on the football and winning the contested ball, staying with your opponent and winning your own personal battle, and taking the time and having the discipline in our forward line entries.

We are always keen to play a positive brand of footy, however today the boys were beaten in all three areas that we set up to focus on. We could not win the clearances at any stage and we were not giving our forwards many opportunities.

With Ashburton dominating every aspect of the first quarter our boys did well to battle hard in the second quarter and found themselves behind by 22 points at the main break. The game resumed after the half time break with rain now well and truly ensuring the game was going to be a slog, despite their lead the opposition attempted to stifle us by sitting extras behind the ball, limiting our ability to kick the ball long to the hot spot which we struggled to adapt to. Our defenders did a great job today cutting the ball off at the half back line, especially Quinn D who was one of our best all day, as were Kailan, Alex, Oscar, Liam and Hugo who were all solid and battled all day. Miles and Harry were good in the middle, however it would be fair to say the game became a bit ugly as a result of our over-possessing the football at times.

Trailing by 40+ pts at 3/4 time we assessed our pre-game aims and came up with a key focus for the last quarter which was to simply play man on man and win our individual contest and kick the ball long at all cost. The boys always give us their all however unfortunately today we just couldn’t get any part of our game working effectively and the final result was a reflection of that. The quarter became a slog with many numbers around the ball, we struggled to find time & space therefore our skills looked average.

As I’ve often said this season I really enjoy working with this group of boys and it is not about the result it is how we go about our footy and today was a disappointing effort compared to last week.

We will continue to prepare for our opponents next week by ensuring we play team orientated footy.

We will reconvene on Wednesday at training and focus on bouncing back next week against Doncaster.

Go Roys.

Jack played today however has an injured knee, we will see how he pull up this week.
Max hurt his leg and was limited in his ability to move however also battled through the game.

ASHBURTON B: 12.10.82
FITZROY: 2.5.17

Goal Kickers, 1 Goal – Jack P, Louie N.

2017 U14-2 R12 Match Day Stats

2017 U14-2 R12 Ladder

Match Report - Round 11

Fitzroy v St Marys T

July 16th 1pm

FITZROY: 2.6.18
ST MARYS T: 3.13.31

Match Report - Round 10

Surrey Park W v Fitzroy

July 2nd 1pm

Back on the winners board with a comprehensive victory over Surrey Park today.

A good performance, and whilst the scoreboard suggests it was one way traffic from my perspective it was a tough hit out for the boys and we take away some real learning knowing there is always room for improvement. We usually dominate the midfield clearances and get the ball going our way from the stoppages however today we were comprehensively beaten by their midfield and we had to work hard around the ground to win the ball back from turnovers and general play. We again set up to try and keep the forward line open however it proved difficult for most of the day as the opposition had extra numbers back and we just struggled to find the right set up in the forward line.

I was really impressed today in the way the boys actually drove attacks from our half back line, and then used the wings to really penetrate and score, well done.

We were down to 17 players today and despite the limited rotations (rest) on the interchange bench the boys played really well as a team which was pleasing. We overused handball last week and whilst there were glimpses of that early the boys were much more direct today and much more disciplined as a team around doing their jobs.

The opposition midfield actually beat us today so we will do some work around stoppages next week at training, I was pleased that despite this our boys rose to the occasion and found other ways to win the football and the game.

Special mentions today:

Everett for his 10 goal haul, awesome.
Alex for his first goal for FJFC and for a great game down back, he won his battle and together with the entire backline drove the ball forward repeatedly.
Our half backs and wings (Liam, Kailan, Hugo, Jack, Miles, Oscar, Louie N, Max and Harry) were the difference today and pushed the wall high, switched the play and set up many attacking plays that resulted in scoring opportunities
Our midfield didn’t win the contested ball however they did win the battle on the outside and Chris and I tried a number of players through the middle (Louis M, Kailan and Quinn) today who all performed really well and showed that we have real depth
I loved the run and carry today and our ability to be challenged by a team and respond by getting the structure right and by being unselfish and following the team game plan, well done.

Solid effort today we got the win we needed and I was proud of the boys.

Enjoy your week off ☺


Louis Murdoch hurt his wrist however will be good in a fortnight.

FITZROY: 14.16.100

Goal Kickers: 10 Goals – Everett; 3 Goals – Louis N; 1 Goal – Alex, Quinn

FJFC U14-2 R10 Stats
FJFC U14-2 R10 Ladder

Practice Match With The Kardinya Kats June 30

The Kardinya Kats from Perth were in Melbourne to watch AFL at the MCG and scheduled a pre-match Friday night friendly against our boys under lights at Ramsden Street oval.

A 5pm bounce followed by four 12 minute quarters presented a great opportunity to play a visiting team rounded off by a sausage sizzle and mingle.

Once again it was a terrific team effort from the players and parents who all contributed in making the Kardinya Kats welcome on a chilly Clifton Hill evening. Thanks to the first time trainers, kitchen hands and cooks, shoppers, mid-game dog poo champions, dog handlers, gold ⭐️ water carrier, umpires, sweepers, coaches, runners, back up trainers whose children were not present (two gold ⭐️!), speech makers and everyone else who participated.

FJFC U14-2 V Kardinya Kats 1
FJFC U14-2 V Kardinya Kats 2

Match Report - Round 9

Fitzroy v Parkside

June 25th 11am

A narrow 4-point loss against Parkside today, however from my perspective we will learn a lot from this game and the boys can hold their head up high as they more than matched it against a side that is rated to be the best in our competition.

The game was scrappy today, conditions were difficult and from the outset the sides were very evenly matched. Our effort today was excellent and as you cn see from the statistics the game could have gone either way. Congratulations to our defense today who were so tight and did exactly what we needed them to do and keep a quality side to a very low number of scoring opportunities, the midfield was also very good today, and this was evident in the clearance results. We tried hard to keep our forward line open today however the tactics just didn’t go to plan and it was an arm wrestle every time we went forward, 7 goals for the day was a reflection of how hard it was to score and the type of pressure that was being applied.

Chris and I set the boys the objective today of winning their own particular battle on the field by beating their opponent and I thought the boys really applied themselves today and it was another step in the right direction for the group. There were so many great duels across the day and the opposition team had a number of really elite footballers who we knew would be very challenging to match up, we were proud of the way the team responded to the challenge and whilst we didn’t win every duel we definitely had a contribution across the entire filed, well done.

Perhaps the only two constructive pieces of advice or conversation we could have with the boys would be that today we overused the football a touch and in the forward hald we started following the ball rather than holding our structure although both Chris and I felt the boys intentions were positive and we are proud of the fact that the boys continue to do the team orientated things.

A particularly pleasing aspect was the will of the team to battle their way back into the contest and even with seconds to go we had the ball deep in our forward line still fighting to win the game, well done.

We competed fiercely at ground level and we pressured really well and I thought our skills and use was a little off today most probably because of the windy cold conditions. We really ran at them, used it between the lines in the midfield and created many good opportunities, we weren’t able to convert and organize ourselves sin front of goal unfortunately.

The opposition had a number of players that were outstanding footballers and we more than matched it with them and I was thrilled at the way our boys rose to that challenge today and raised their game to another level.

We will learn from the loss and the boys I’m sure will bounce back in the coming weeks and we will focus our efforts on Wednesday with working on our precision kicking.

Strong effort today and whilst we didn’t get the win I was proud of the effort and intentions, well done to all.


Liam suffered a nasty knock to the head after a brave smother however returned to play in the second quarter
Luca has a broken arm/wrist has him sidelined for 8 weeks.

FITZROY: 3.10.28
PARKSIDE: 4.8.32

Goal Kickers: 2 Goals – Louis J.; 1 Goals – Roy

FJFC U14-2 R9 Stats
FJFC U14-2 R9 Ladder

Match Report - Round 8

Ashburton G v Fitzroy

June 18th 1pm

5 wins in a row after a positive 42-point win against Ashburton. Our goals were simply focused on playing the best brand of Fitzroy Football we could play by focusing on teamwork and playing our roles.

2017 U14-2 R3 Goals1
2017 U14-2 R3 Goals2
2017 U14-2 R3 Goals3

A specific focus today was driven by the fact that we were playing on a ground that is small and can often lead to very congested football was to take the time to find space either by foot or by hand, the boys did this incredibly well for three of the four quarters.

Our midfield was brilliant today, led by Billy who completed dominated the ruck work and this translated to the statistics with us winning the clearances 41 to 14. We have trained hard on specific setups to help open up our forward line (see below) and our inside 50 count was again really positive with a solid conversion rate off the back of that.

The boys were really switched on today and that was evident in the way they trained on Wednesday and also in the way they prepared and focused before the game, it was the best I’ve seen them all year and resulted in their best game day performance this year, well done. The pre-match meeting was focused on reinforcing our game plan/style and specifically the tactics and plans for each of our playing zones and the boys executed the game plan really well.

Our midfield led by Billy, Jack, Miles, Alexander, Max and Kailan were brilliant today and they controlled the stoppages and drove us forward all day, they were well organized and they dominated the contested ball. I was concerned about the small ground and crowding in the forward line so we had a specific plan to keep the forward zone open and the forwards executed this plan brilliantly, we played a very open forward line with the half forward line playing as attacking wings, this allowed Hugo and Soren to be extra midfielders and contributed to our ability to hit the scoreboard. Quinn O and Louis J played deep and this allowed Everett and Louis to play up higher.

We asked Quinn D to play a key role in our back line to combat their height advantage and he was brilliant! Liam was his usual super self, and Louie N was equally team orientated and aggressive, Luka, Alex, Oscar, Roy and Archie were rock solid and I loved how these boys were courageous enough to win the one on one contests and then brave enough to run with the ball and hit and option up the ground or switch the play….brilliant.

This backline group is so team orientated and we love the way they play, they are magnificent.

We dominated the clearances all day, held our structure really well in quarters 1, 2 and 4 and played some fantastic team orientated football. I was really impressed with the performances of Everett, Harry and Kit who both returned from injury lay-offs and both these boys attacked the football with real passion and had great games, well done.

In the third quarter, we lost our structure and started to crowd the forward line. In the midfield, we still dominated the hit outs but the opposition switched onto Billy’s dominance and started to rove his excellent ruck work. To the boy’s credit they were able to work through the challenge and were able to regain their composure and structure. Max continues to work so hard as a midfielder and we love his ability to run both ways, Soren’s attack on the football was inspirational in the last quarter as was Hugo, Louie M and Louis J’s movement to space in the forward line. So many positives to take away this week and also some areas for us to continue to work on, overall, we are happy to get another win, well done.

We will continue to work on structures and game plan in preparation for a return to Brunswick Oval next week.


Our brave captain Jack was injured whilst bravely putting his head over the ball in a contested pack, Chris tells me he’s ok.
Dut was a late withdrawal having suffered concussion this past week however was keen to play such is his brilliant team attitude.
Luca has a broken arm/wrist has him sidelined for 8 weeks.

FITZROY: 14.12.96

Goal Kickers: 4 Goals – Hugo, Louie M; 2 Goals – Louis J; 1 Goal – Kit, Miles, Kailan, Rohan

2017 U14-2 R8 Match Day Stats
2017 U14-2 R8 Ladder

Match Report - Round 7

Fitzroy v Macleod

June 4th 3pm

Four wins in a row, an eventful afternoon however ultimately an impressive 42 point win to the boys, well done!

My sincerest apologies as I did not collect the statistics for the game, nor the goal kickers however suffice to say the boys would have dominated most areas.

A really impressive first quarter and the team were very clear as to the way Chris and I wanted them to play and their fast, transition football was fantastic, resulting in a 32 to 0 score at the first change. I was really impressed with our midfield ability to dominate the contest (something they have been able to do well for the last month) and this set the side up to play direct football into our forward line which resulted in goals across the board. A big call out to Hugo who bravely held his ground on a high ball into the forward line and was taken out by an opposition player in a nasty clash. His ability to keep his eyes firmly on the ball was very courageous and resulted in not only a goal for us but a moment that lifted the entire team, well done.

Another special mention for the first quarter goes to Quinn D and Louis J who held their structures in the forward line and presented to the positions we asked them to work, resulting ion goals for each. Our forward line structures in the first quarter resulted in goals to all of our key forwards (Quinn, Everett and Louis) and set the game up perfectly.

Our midfield led by Billy who is dominating both at the stoppages and around the ground as well as Jack, Luca, Alexander, Max and Kailan who were brilliant today in their use of one handball, a switch kick or a long kick to the hot spot, really well done. I was particularly impressed with Miles who was one of the best afield running through the midfield and playing of half back.

Our defense was solid all day, Liam does what Liam always does and had another really solid game leading the backline, especially the half backs. Luka, Alex, Roy, Louie N and Archie had really good games and were able to hold the Macleod forward out in the first half. Miles has become our dedicated kick in player and we scored two goals again this week from his great ball use and then movement into the forward line, well done.

We really like the way the boys were able to execute the game plan in the first half, and ultimately use a run and carry style of football (fast), they looked inside and switched on so many occasions, this was pleasing as it opened us up and we were ale to use the ball to drive home our running advantage. Special mentions to Oscar who played a brilliant first half and Roy, Alex and Luka who were like rocks on the last line of defense.

One pattern that is staring to take shape is our poor third quarters (we’ll discuss it at training as I believe it’s purely attitude), and I must admit I was very vocal about my disappointment with the style of play at the three quarter time break. We were less concerned about the scoreboard, we were mostly disappointed that as a team we stopped doing the team orientated things that we were so good at in the first half, like positive talk, tackling, holding our structure and becoming far to selfish. Yesterdays opposition were extremely physical however our philosophy is that the best way to counter that is with positive football, hence we are very focused on ensuring this group of young men are able to rise above any negative tactics that may get thrown at them and respond with team orientated football. In any case the boys responded very well and took control of the final quarter and ultimately the match.

I asked the boys to reflect on the first half versus the second half so if you could have a quiet conversation around this with them we would be really appreciative, we’ll use that as the basis of Wednesday night’s game review prior to training.

We will continue to work on structures and game plan and we will look to address some learnings from the second half and third quarter, but all in all congratulations to the boys on another good win.


Luca broke his wrist in multiple places and sadly is out for the season.
Louie M came into the game with an injury and played a quarter before icing his thumb however will be right next round.
Dut was a late withdrawal having suffered concussion and not being cleared to play.
Harry was unavailable after surgery however he will be available in the next week or so.
Everett is nursing a bad hamstring however was able to play some solid time on an off and finished the game unscathed, well done.
Kit is recovering well from his knee injury and is a chance for our next round.

Post-Match from Team Manager Marnie:

Thanks everyone for your concern and support for Luca today. James and Luca are appreciative. Please pass this on to your boys who I know were all worried about Luca.

Poor Luca is in the right place now at Austin Hospital with confirmation of a broken wrist in three places. Painkillers and his fabulous resilience have him in good spirits.

Thanks also for all the help packing and cleaning up after the match, great team effort.

FITZROY: 10.9.69
MACLEOD: 4.3.27

Goal Kickers: TBC

2017 U14-2 R7 Ladder

Match Report - Round 6

Heidelberg v Fitzroy

May 28th 3pm

Three wins in a row after a solid 39 point win against Heidelberg.

For the second week in succession our midfield was really solid and this was evident in the statistics with us winning the clearances 32 to 13. We worked hard on having a set up that would lock the ball in our forward line and this worked with us getting it forward 43 times to 24, unfortunately our accuracy and ability to hit the scoreboard was not quite where we would have hoped, something for us to continue to focus on.

We started the match well again and stuck to our pre-match routine of keeping the boys outside for the warm up pre game. In the team meeting before the game we worked through our game plan and set the rules for the next 5 weeks and specifically discussed some specific plans for each of our playing zones that are an extension of our game style, the boys were very receptive and focused (there was a lot of information) and they executed the game plan well, particularly in the first half.

2017 U14-2 Jack BOG Indg Rnd

Our midfield led by Billy, Jack, Luca, Alexander, Max and Kailan were brilliant today and they controlled the stoppages and drove us forward all day. We played a very open forward line today with the half forward line playing as attacking wings, this allowed Hugo and Soren to be additional bodies around the ball and contributed to our ability to hit the scoreboard. Quinn D played his role and kept the forward line open by playing high and keeping their tall back out of the contest. Quinn O hit the scoreboard as he always does and he was well supported by Louis J and Louie M who were able to use the space to perfection in the first quarter.

We asked Liam, Miles and Louie N to be aggressive with the defensive wall and to push it (together) to the half forward line, the plan here was to lock the ball in attacking 50. Chris and I were very pleased with how well these boys executed this tactic as it requires real discipline and means that all three boys need to communicate consistently and work together, this was one of the highlights of our first half, well done.

Luka, Alex and Archie had the hardest job of holding the last line of defense and all three had fantastic games, these three are great examples of team orientated players and we love the way they play, well done boys.

The second quarter was much like the first in that we dominated the clearances, held our structure and really played some fantastic free flowing football. There were many exciting examples of great ball movement today however probably the play of the day was the coast to coast goal that started with Miles kicking it more than 50 meters and hitting Louie N who marked and handballed to Jack P who moved the ball quickly by foot to Luca C who then hit Soren who then handballed to Alexander who scored a beautiful goal. What was pleasing here was the quality of disposal, the use of voice, players following team plays and plans – well done. Jack, Liam and Miles were stand outs in this quarter and we also loved seeing Oscar and Roy getting really involved and playing fantastic quality football for Fitzroy.

The third quarter was disappointing in that we lost our way with our structure and started to get a little loose with our ball movement and reverted to just kicking blindly around the body, this allowed Heidelberg to score some easy goals as a result. Heidelberg played a very physical third quarter and we lost some focus and our ability to hold structures and tackle slipped just enough to allow Heidelberg to win the quarter.

We re-grouped in the last quarter and Billy dominated the ruck and continues to give us first use. Jack, Miles and Louis N were fantastic with their ability to win hard balls and drive us forward. Overall we are happy to get another win, really happy to have Quinn O and Max consistently doing a great job in front of goal, thrilled that Hugo kicked two and is becoming such a dangerous midfielder/forward, so many positives in the middle and down back (you’ll note I have a soft spot for our defenders, they do the job each week).

We will continue to work on structures and game plan and we will look to address some learnings from the second half and third quarter, but all in all congratulations to the boys on another good win.


Louie M was injured whilst bravely putting his head over the ball in a contested pack however returned to the ground
Dut was a late withdrawal having suffered concussion this past week however was keen to play such is his brilliant team attitude.
Harry was unavailable however he will be available in the next week or so.
Everett hurt his hamstring last week and was unavailable however we will have him back this week.
Lewis was a late withdrawal and will be available next week.
Kit is still injured however hopefully only one week away.

FITZROY: 9.12.66

Goal Kickers: 2 Goals – Quinn O, Max, Hugo; 1 Goal – Louis N, Soren, Alexander

2017 U14-2 R6 Match Day Stats
2017 U14-2 R6 Ladder

Match Report - Round 5

Fitzroy v Camberwell

May 21st 11am

A workman like 15-point win for the boys today against Camberwell.

2017 U14-2 Billy 50 1A

Our midfield was able to win first use of many critical contests, which we dominated 32 to 16 across the day. A blistering opening 10 minutes where we had the ball inside our 50m arc for much of the quarter (another statistic which we controlled). A theme this year has been our ability to get the ball inside our attacking area however our accuracy in front of goal has been a challenge.

We were celebrating our first game at Brunswick Street Oval, Billy’s 50th game as well as being thrilled to have Archie back on the park after a long layoff with a broken leg.

2017 U14-2 Billy 50 1
2017 U14-2 Billy 50 2

The team wore black armbands as a mark of respect for Kate, Paul, Kit and Darcy Winstanley as a result of the sad passing of Paul’s mum (Kit and Darcy’s grandmother).

We started the match well again this week and we believe our pre-match routine is working better at ensuring the boys are switched on at the first bounce. Our midfield led by Billy, Jack, Luca, Max Harry and Alexander drove multiple attacks in the opening term that saw the ball repeatedly inside 50 in the opening 10 minutes. Quinn O was awesome in his accuracy and finished the quarter with 4 goals, his ability to attack the contest and hold his marks meant that he was able to cap of the great work by Louis M, Louis J and Quinn O.

The only constructive learning for the first quarter (and possibly the match) was that whilst offensively we won the midfield battle and generally had first use of the ball moving forward we often were caught out when the opposition were able to rebound the ball and get it moving their way which meant that they had numbers streaming into their forward line which typically results in an easy score to the opposition. Our defense worked hard all day and were brilliant however they weren’t able to negate the extra opposition players and this resulted in a number of really easy goals for Camberwell.

Camberwell started the second quarter the same way they ended the first and their rebound pressure had our backline well and truly earning their money. Our defensive structure with Liam, Everett, Luka, Kailan, Miles, Roy and Oscar were able to rebound many attacks and get the ball going back our way. I was particularly proud of Archie in the first two quarters as he was able to use his brilliant ball skills and ability to read the game to repel many attacks, well done Arch. Our defensive line has been a real highlight of our season thus far and the tackling pressure typically defines how we go in games and our defenders tackled like Trojans today.

The third quarter was an arm wrestle and the ball was going backwards and forward for both teams. Our ability to withstand that pressure and create some really good transitional ball movement from defense to attack was great to see. Louie N had a real impact in this quarter as Max and harry on the wings. Liam, Hugo and Miles really controlled the half back line and they were able to drive their defensive wall in such a way that saw the ball bottled in our forward line on a few occasions which resulted in goals for Fitzroy from defensive pressure. I’d like to acknowledge Quinn D who we asked to go to full back and mark their tall full forward who had got the better of us (he kicked three goals in the first half), not only did he do a great job he did not allow his opponent to score another goal. This clearly impacted our structure in the forward line however it meant that we matched up a little better in the back half…well done Quinn.

The last quarter was a battle until the last 5 minutes with Camberwell closing to within 3 points and having constant inside 50s. The defensive work of Liam, Roy and Luka was brilliant and all three saved certain goals with ferocious tackling and marking. When the ball went forward in the last 10 minutes Louie M, Louie N and Max were able to apply scoreboard pressure to ensure the game was ours to win. Our midfield had a really good quarter (especially the second half of the quarter), Billy led the ruck contests (as he had all day) and Jack, Miles and Luca drove the ball forward with some really good ball movement.

It was pleasing to get a win today, our ability to move the ball through passages of play going forward was really pleasing. We will continue to work on our ability to run both ways and defend when we haven’t got possession by simply holding our structure, having greater awareness and using our voice to ensure teammates understand what is happening around them. Congratulations to all the boys on securing their first back to back win for the season.


Everett hurt his hamstring in the first quarter and bravely played on and we decided to rest him late in the third for precaution.
Louis J hurt his ankle in the first quarter although he had it bandaged and continued on in the second quarter
Archie got through his first full game, he had soreness but was excellent
Lewis was a late withdrawal with neck/back spasms so we are hoping to have him back next week.
Kit & Alex are both still inured however hopefully only weeks away.

FITZROY: 11.7.73
CAMBERWELL 2: 9.4.58

Goal Kickers: 5 Goals – Quinn O; 3 Goals – Max; 1 Goals – Harry, Louis N, Louis J


2017 U14-2 R5 Ladder

Match Report - Round 4

Heidelberg v Fitzroy

May 14th 1pm

Our boys breathed life into their season with a dominant 47-point win over Heidelberg today on a day where we were celebrating Mothers day.

A team performance thanks in part to the midfield who were able to win first use of many critical contests, which we dominated 33 to 17 across the day. Our boys seized control of the match in the opening half as they used a six-goal effort to bust the game open and take a 26-point lead into the main break. They dominated all of the statistics for the day (see table below) and perhaps the only area we could be critical of this week was our reward for effort when going inside 50, this has been a trend so far this year and whilst we improved today our efficiency when we do get inside 50 could be a little sharper.

The team was short on numbers today (we had a number of players away and unavailable) and we played the majority of the game with 18 players and on a ground that was arguably bigger than the MCG this meant our boys had to work hard running all day. On a positive note, we welcomed Miles for his first game of the season and he was handed the #10 guernsey and had a magnificent debut for the team this season playing off the half back line/midfield.

We started the match much better than previous weeks and the opening quarter saw our boys take control of the contests early and we established control around the stoppages – leading the clearances +6 in our favor, this allowed us to run and spread the field from there with swift ball movement inside 50. We were very good early as some slick movement from Billy, Max, Jack and Miles who was playing his first game for the team (congratulations) saw Louis, Luca and Quinn O. convert some significant time inside 50. Max had a number of attacking runs in this quarter from the wing and Hugo who was playing on the other wing took some telling marks and continued to ensure we drove the all forward. We spent the majority of the quarter inside our 50m area and Heidelberg did a good job of crowding the contest and not giving us space to create our run, hence 3.1 for the quarter was probably not a reflection of our domination in this period.

The second quarter saw Heidelberg lift their intensity and physicality, they started to win their share of contests and for the first time we were challenged. Our efficiency inside 50 was better and goals to Quinn O and Louie M meant that we were able to improve our advantage heading into the main break. The Heidelberg boys were very efficient inside 50 and were able to score 2 goals inside 30 seconds late in the quarter as a result of us not being able to clear the ball/rush it through and ultimately the umpire awarding two 50/50 free kicks in that area that resulted in Heidelberg goals. Our defensive structure was good today and Liam was using run and carry to perfection along with Lewis, Alex and Oscar, we continue to be impressed with the bravery and skills of Luka who continued to be outnumbered on countless occasions only to force a behind or throw in for his team as a result of his hard work.

We have been good all year in third quarters in terms of dominating possession although not the scoreboard and unfortunately for us today was no different, we went inside 50 ten times and just weren’t able to kick a goal, we did manage 6 scoring shots which resulted in points and with the opposition hitting the scoreboard with a solitary goal it meant the third quarter was a dead heat. Soren and Kalian showed some real class in this quarter and Max again continued to link and run through the midfield to create many offensive opportunities for the Roy’s.

Chris and I challenged the boys to finish the game strongly and to demand some reward for the effort. They really started to link the passages of play together in the last quarter from one end of the field to the other and their skill and ability to follow the fast-free flowing style of play we have been training was evident. Roy had a good quarter as did Luka and Alex who saved us on two occasions when we were outnumbered. The link and run from Miles and Liam of half back together with Max and Hugo saw us penetrate many times into the forward line quickly and create opportunities, Alexander (Anders) moved to the forward line in the last quarter and provided a real target there and our structure looked much better here as Soren, Kailan, Quinn O (who booted a bag full) and Quinn D all looking dangerous.

I’m really proud of the team’s effort today – obviously from a club perspective we are happy to get the win however I was pleased for the boys who have put a lot into a training and then to see them get some reward for all the work they’ve done, it was really important for them. We still have many areas where we would like to help the boys improve especially in our ability to run both ways, ball movement and structure and defensive pressure when we lose control of the all, that said today was a step in the right direction and a credit to the team.

On a sad note a special call out to Kate, Paul, Kit and Darcy Winstanley for the sad loss of Paul’s mum during the week, our thoughts are with you.

Louie M received a nasty bump in the second quarter and could have spent the rest of the game on the bench however he saw we were down on numbers and continued coming back on….well done!
Quinn O received a number of hard hits and bumps that resulted in blood noses however he showed real bravery and skill and with a bag of goals responded like great footballers do, on the scoreboard.
Billy D suffered a knock to the ribs and came off at the end after a great game (again) in the ruck, he will be available next week
Harry suffered concussion last week and didn’t play is a few weeks away but served as statistician for the game, thank you.

FITZROY: 10.10.70

Goal Kickers: 3 Goals – Quinn O; 1 Goal – Louis J, Luca C, Quinn D, Alexander N, Kailan, Billy D.

Match Report - Round 3

Fitzroy v Doncaster

May 7th 1pm

In difficult conditions at Ramsden Street Oval the team was beaten by 40 points at the hands of Doncaster.

Our boys were completely beaten in all areas of the statistics although the positive aspect of these numbers was that after half time the boys were able to win the key performance indicators for the second half although this did not translate onto the scoreboard.

Doncaster won the toss and elected to kick with a strong wind which we felt was worth 4-5 goals and they made sure they used it. For the second week running we started the game slowly and were unable to get our hands on the football which meant Doncaster were able to apply physical pressure and their height and strength in the air were difficult for us to defend, ultimately this led to a scoreboard that read 5.4.40 to nil at quarter time. Ironically the end result would be a 40 point defeat which was the score at the first break.

The second quarter saw us compete more at each of the contests and we started to get our hands on the ball. We had a wind advantage (which albeit faded after quarter time) however we were unable to convert a goal for our effort in the second quarter, another trend which was all too similar to last week. We saw some positive signs in the shape of defensive efforts in the second quarter from Hugo, Max and Louie N gave us a strong target and created movement that was lacking early on in our forward line.

We asked the boys to find some voice and to make the second half a battle for their opponents and they performed significantly better in the second half winning the half both on the statistics sheet as well as winning the scoreboard for the second half. Liam was a tower of strength in the backline and had a great match as did the back six in Lewis, Luka, Kailan, Roy, and Alex, they did a creating great counter attacks for our boys. The midfield started to win the ball and dominate the clearances and Everett, Luca, Alexander, Billy and Jack drove us forward on multiple occasions and our forwards were able to hit the scoreboard on multiple occasions through Everett and Louis M.

The boys showed some real character in the last quarter and won the quarter including the scoreboard and we were pleased with the marking efforts of Quinn O and Quinn D and suddenly we looked a little more convincing going forward. Max, Harry and Everett gave us some real drive in the last quarter and we enjoyed a period where we were able to move the ball through good passages of play.

However, at the end of the day we were outplayed over the course of the match and can’t afford to give teams a 40 point break in the opening term, our oppositions ability to control the football in the air (they were definitely bigger and used this advantage) is an area we will continue to work on a training. Our game style is built on a run and carry approach and means that we need to execute well with numbers at the contest, handball and kicking to space, we will continue to work on this.

I have a real belief in this group of boys and whilst we are disappointed with the loss we will continue to build on our ball movement, skills (holding marks in particular) and decision making as well as focusing on defensive pressure at training this week.

I would personally like to emphasize the importance of the boys really respecting the VALUE of the TEAM (It’s a team rule and an area I spoke about at season kick off). I talk to them consistently about this value and am of the firm belief that great TEAMS enjoy great success, infact teams that often end up on the winning are those that work well together. Learning to play a role, cooperate with others towards a common goal, respecting your coaches and each other is what builds character, friendships and important life skills for these boys to take beyond their time at FJFC. On the whole the boys have been brilliant in respecting this VALUE and team rule however I would appreciate you reinforce its importance in your conversations with your boys post todays game and pre training.

Oscar P tore his hamstring and was unable to take any further part after quarter time
Louie N received a nasty knock to the head in the second quarter and suffered concussion, we hope he gets through a medical next week
Quinn B received a knock to his arm although we are hopeful for next week
Billy D and Luca C both suffered corked thighs however both played on and should be available next week
Kit has torn his cruciate ligament and was an early withdrawal
Everett suffered a wrist sprain however battled on and had a big impact
Archie is a few weeks away but continues to serve us brilliantly by composing the match statistics, thanks Arch.

FITZROY: 3.5.23

Goal Kickers: 1 Goal – Louie M, Everett, Quinn O.

Match Report - Round 2

Fitzroy v Ashburton G

April 30th 1pm

Today we witnessed a spirited effort from our boys which saw 8 lead changes however unfortunately for us we went down by 6 points to Ashburton G at Burwood Reserve.

2017 U14-2 Soren 50 1

Celebrating Soren’s 50th game for the club as well as Kailan’s first game we asked the boys to focus on playing their roles and to work hard for their teammates. Despite the loss there were many positives to come out of the game and the boys showed real spirit to turn a twenty six point deficit late in the second quarter to a seven point lead at three quarter time, unfortunately Ashburton were more composed in the last quarter and were able to hold on for their first victory for the season.

2017 U14-2 Soren 50 2
2017 U14-2 Soren 50 3

The team actually dominated some of the key statistics (see summary below), notably the inside 50 count 31 to 23 as well as the scoring shots 17 to 13 however our efficiency in front of goals hurt us (11 behinds/2 rushed and 4 out of bounds on the full). After a slow start in the first quarter the midfield fought their way back into the contest and we actually were square in terms of clearances for the game.

We started the game slowly and Ashburtons ability to win the contest, drive forward and use their clear height advantage meant that our boys understood they were in for a genuine battle. Loui J. used his football smarts to present and convert our first goal for the game to get us going and Billy who had a brilliant game scored his first goal for the club not long after that. At the quarter time break we asked the boys to take accountability for their opponents and not let them roam so freely across the ground, especially on the counter attack, we also asked our team to be more team focused and look to lower their eyes and bring a team mate into play rather than try and do too much.

The second quarter saw a completely different Fitzroy intensity and the midfield started to contest the ball with more intensity and we actually started to drive the ball inside 50 on multiple occasions, at one point our forward pressure was so effective that we were able to hold the ball in our forward line for more than six minutes, unfortunately we were unable to convert a goal for our effort. Unfortunately, we overused the ball on a number of occasions by running a step too far, by not holding a mark that we should have held or by turning it over with a poor disposal all of which meant that the four times Ashburton went forward they made us pay with very effective use of the ball in front of goals. So despite making inroads in terms of statistics (we won them all except for the scoreboard) we found ourselves well behind at half time.

At the main break we asked the boys to find some voice and to make the second half a battle for their opponents, and that they did. Kit was giving us a real contest in the ruck and Billy was playing a super role as a sweeper and continuously driving the ball forward, Liam was a tower of strength in the backline and had a great second half and together with Lewis, Luka, Oscar and Alex they did a really great job at stopping the forward efficiency of our opponents. Our midfield started to win the ball and dominate the clearances and Harry, Luca, Alexander and Jack drove us forward on multiple occasions and we were thrilled that our forwards were able to convert the opportunities with 5 goals for the quarter, and an amazing 3 goal quarter by Louie M. and first goal for our new forward recruit Hugo. The most pleasing area of the third quarter was our ability to hit the scoreboard, unfortunately we gave them a goal late in the quarter from a turnover as we were running into our forward 50 and this was the only downside of this quarter.

The last quarter was always going to be a battle and despite holding a seven point lead at the last change Ashburton took a hold of the stoppages as well as dropping three boys back into our forward line to try and stop our run from the previous quarter. We had enough chances in the last quarter however our inability to adjust the game plan and play man on man meant that we kept kicking the ball directly into the defensive wall which had been built by Ashburton. On three occasions we were able to create the advantage and run towards goal only to turn the ball over by running too far or trying to do too a little too much in an effort to win the game. Sadly our star forward Louie M went down and was carried off in the last quarter and was unable to take any further part in the game. Max, Roy, Kailan and Harry continued to drive attacks forward and another brilliant goal from Billy meant we were only 6 points down with less than a minute to go.

We were outplayed in the last quarter, the oppositions ability to control the football from half back where they dropped extra numbers (an area which we will work on at training this week so the boys understand what we might do next time this type of situation arises) meant that they repelled many of our attacking moves with these numbers. Despite the loss there was much to be proud of, the way the boys never gave up and kept fighting back, especially in that third quarter. I was pleased with the boys increased intensity and voice in the third quarter and we will also encourage them to continue to use this voice and intensity as we move through the season.

The game was tight and whilst we are disappointed with the end result we will continue to build on our ball movement, skills (holding marks in particular) and decision making as well as focusing on defensive pressure at training this week.

Louie M received a nasty knock to the shin in the last quarter and was carried off the ground
Archie is a few weeks away but continues to serve us brilliantly by composing the match statistics, thanks Arch.

ASHBURTON G: 10.5.65
FITZROY: 8.11.59

Goal Kickers: 3 Goals – Louie M; 2 Goals – Billy, Louie. J; 1 Goal – Hugo.

Match Report - Round 1

Fitzroy vs Surrey Park W

April 23rd 1pm.

Our boys kicked off the season with an impressive team performance defeating Surrey Park W by 58 points at Ramsden Street oval on Sunday.

In keeping with the Fitzroy values and honoring the Anzac spirit we asked the boys to focus on teamwork and doing their roles for their teammates, and they did us proud. Inspired by a three-goal performance by debutant Quinn O. and multiple goals from Everett and Louis M. (2 goals each) our boys managed to turn a 6-point deficit at half time into a resounding 58-point victory.

The team led most of the statistics (see summary below) for the entire day and what impressed us was the ability of the boys to win the contests/clearance (we won this critical area by 23 clearances to 11) and keep driving the ball forward. We were pleased with the team’s ability on a really hot and demanding day for the boys to continue to tackle and apply pressure and ultimately get great reward for the multiple inside 50’s in the last quarter.

In a balanced first quarter, our boys dominated the major statistics however missed opportunities inside 50 and some slight overuse of the football meant that the game was locked at two goals a piece. In a quarter that felt like an arm wrestle for the first ten minutes our entire midfield was outstanding and took the game up and started to create some run for the team, even though at times we may have overused the ball. With the team desperate for someone to stand up and take a mark in front of goals Quinn O. did just that and stepped up with the first of many towering marks for the day after a beautiful passage of play that started on the wing by Max, Jack and Alexander N, and ended with Luca delivering a pass to a leading Quinn O who calmly slotted his first major, much to the delight of his teammates. Shortly after, Max combined with Luca and he was able to register his first goal for the season. With goals difficult to come by Surrey Park were able to win the battle of efficiency in the forward 50 and registered two goals in the period. Our defenders were outnumbered on a few occasions and some good communicating between Billy, Soren and Louis J saved the day or we could well have been down at quarter time.

The second quarter followed much the same theme as the first with our boys still winning the major indicators although it did not translate on the scoreboard with Surrey Park winning this battle and actually taking a goal lead into the main break. Max provided run all day as did Louie N, Harry, Oscar and Lewis who were major ball winners in this quarter and used their run and carry to open the game up on many occasions and drove the ball deep into our forward line. Unfortunately, when we turned the ball over we got caught out and the opposition made us pay with very effective use of the ball when they went inside 50.

With the margin not in our favor at the half time break we asked the boys to refocus on their roles and in particular on their voice and accountability for their opponent, we encouraged them to make nothing easy for their opponents in the second half. Our reshuffled backline led by Billy, Hugo, Alex and Luka did a brilliant job at not only stopping their opponents but also in ensuring that the scoreboard pressure that Surrey Park was able to apply in the first half completely dried up. This defensive pressure together with a rebound attack of half back through Lewis and Louie N created multiple inside 50 entries for us and started to turn the game our way. Our midfield and half forwards were again ferocious and brave in their attack on the ball and willingness to do team orientated things. The area that was also pleasing was our ability to hit the scoreboard in the third quarter and this was driven by some really good movement and structure in this area by Oscar, Roy and Dut who were all playing their first games for the club, well done.

We held a ten-point lead going into the last break and we asked the boys to give us 20 minutes of Fitzroy branded football (team orientated and courageous), and that they did! We moved Billy into the ruck (what a game from Billy) and pushed Liam and Kit into the defensive line and from the first bounce of the last quarter we dominated every area of the field. Our midfield controlled the ball from the contest and our ball movement into the forward line was efficient and precise. Dut almost took mark of the day in the last quarter after a dashing run and pass from Louie N and there were many courageous leading and marking efforts from both Quinn D, Quinn O and Everett capped up some great midfield movement from the entire midfield. We dominated every indicator in the last quarter, especially in the midfield that one 8 of ten contested clearances to get the ball going our way. It was also pleasing to see our efficiency inside 50 translate on the scoreboard so many times with some really good movement coming from Soren, Louie M and Louie J.

The game was a real fight, which is something we welcome and we want our effort and commitment to be like this each week as we will only improve with the boys showing this type of attitude. We were really proud of the efforts of the boys as a team and it was a really good way to start the season, we will focus on defensive pressure and ball movement this week at training in preparation for next week.

Quinn D suffered a knock to his shin after a courageous attack on the ball in the last quarter but will be good to go next week.
Max suffered bruising and scratches to his left should but played on to be one of our best and will be right next week.
Alexander suffered a knock during a centre stoppage and came off in the last after an immaculate display, he will be ok next week.
Archie is a few weeks away but continues to serve us brilliantly by composing the match statistics, thanks Arch.
Louie M is still recovering from foot soreness however played through his injury and was terrific.

FITZROY: 12.13.85

Goal Kickers: 3 Goals – Quinn O, Louie M; 2 Goals – Everett; 1 Goal – Luca C, Jack, Quinn D, Max D, Soren.

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