Coach: Scott Hamilton
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Assistant Coach: Gerry Ward
Line Coaches: Paul Winstanley & Sav Rocca

Team Manager: Inger Pearce
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Trainer: Bek Avery

Team Page Editor: Rob Oldfield ([email protected])
Team Photographer: Kym Johns

The Team

Sam Ward (Capt.)
Stanley Nicholson
Tom Ward
Finn Cleary
Joe Martin
Noah Dekker
Kyle McKain
Lachie Hamilton
Mason Johns
Gabe Garriock
Issac Taylor
Darcy Winstanley
Laird Ramshaw
Will Moore
Sam Clarke
Lucas Rocca
Jack Oldfield
Dom Moore
Mitch Lester
Yianni Syrbopoulos
Joel Avery


2016 Match Reports & Photos

2015 Match Reports & Photos

Round 12- Clifton Hill vs Beverley Hills

Photo of the week – Lachie in action (Kym)
Round 12

For the first time this season we were playing on Olney oval. It was a cold and chilly day with a very strong wind.

1st Quarter

In the first quarter we were kicking against the wind to the freeway end. The ball was thrown up and the game started Joel got the first hit-out, but they got the first clearance. Throughout the quarter Laird did some really good tackles and in and under footy, also Joel did really well in the ruck. Beverly Hills got some quick scores on the board. As the quarter went on we fought ferociously, but we got unlucky when they got a goal after the siren and we were then behind by 16 points at Quarter time, we needed to lift our ball movement and hold our structure. Scott also mentioned “don’t kick off the ground”.

2nd Quarter

In the second quarter we had the wind they got the first clearance again, but luckily Jack picked the ball up went for a run and then banged it long. The first five minutes it was pretty even, but the ball was in our forward half for most of the time. About midway through Dom kicked the ball down into the forward pocket and Mitch picked it up and slotted the goal. We then got the ball out of the middle and it was kicked long again into the forward pocket and the ball spilled out the back of the pack and I snapped a goal. At this stage they were dropping their heads even though they were up by four points. For the rest of the quarter it was played in our forward half. Mitch did some really good tackles and Darcy had some good runs.

3rd Quarter

In this quarter they had the wind it was tough for the first half of the quarter. Beverly Hills got two goals but we didn’t give up and lifted in the second half of the quarter. We had a couple of deep entries inside fifty, but we weren’t able to capitalize on the scoreboard. At full back Will and Yianni were working hard together and Sam Ward and Laird were also working hard. For the rest of the Quarter we fought hard, but were three goals down at three quarter time.

4th Quarter

It was a tense start we needed three goals and it was going to hard. For the first minute the ball was locked in the center then we got the clearance and headed forward through midfielders. It was then played around in our forward fifty we had got a couple of points but not a goal until Mitch took a contested mark and banged it long to the top of the square where Laird took a pack mark and quickly kicked a goal and we were eight points down. The rest of the Quarter was disappointing we didn’t get another goal and they nearly did (they missed it in the goal square). In the last minute it felt like we gave up. Overall we had some great moments and plays Darcy got the medal for his great runs and defense. The final score was a disappointing 30-22.

Author: Stanley Nicholson

Round 10 - Fitzroy v Balwyn

Photo of the week – Isaac in action (Kym)
Round 10

A day out for the Fitzroy Lions all began with the mentioning of Finn Cleary’s fiftieth game, which had the ‘Roys’ pumped prior to the bounce. Brisk air, sun hiding from behind the clouds following a frosty night in Melbourne, the weather was far from ideal in anticipation for the first quarter bounce.

The bounce was a signal for a Fitzroy onslaught of worthy opponents Balwyn Tigers. Outstanding positioning on the wing from Sam Clarke and blistering acceleration from Darcy led to the first goal for the ‘team of the lion hearts’. It came with a quick, sharp inside 50 entry where Lucas mopped up the scraps and booted a major score for Fitzroy that, quite possibly, set the tone for the rest of the match. As a result of strong position holding from the half backline and midfield, the opposition couldn’t do anything to prevent the magnificent rebounding from the Lions. Lucas, Dom and Isaac guided the way for Fitzroy by quarter time with magnificent marking, kicking and positioning.

Although Lucas couldn’t add to his and the team’s total of two goals in the second quarter, an elaborate move by coach Scott in moving Yianni to full forward was the cause of a conversion from a spectacular contested mark to a goal slotted straight through the middle! A careful play through the guts of the Ramsden Street Oval saw Kyle dribble an absolute beauty from the pocket for another sausage roll. Balwyn were quick to reply with a bomb out of the middle spilling over the top of the contest where a smaller forward crumbed the leftovers and ran into an open goal. This couldn’t stop the surge of the mighty Lions with a quick passage of play through the the middle involving a hard-nosed Laird and a classy Jack Oldfield where Yianni could slam yet another major score through the big sticks for Fitzroy. At half time Balwyn had their heads planted into the earth and the ‘team of the lion hearts’ were determined to show their opponents that they were the team on top, jogging into the rooms as a team full of confidence. Scott emphasised how the ‘Roys’ had showed effort, courage and discipline throughout the game; however, we needed to keep it up so we could take the game out of Balwyn’s grasp.

Solid vision and kicking out to the wing in Darcy and Sam Clarke to spread was an ideal way to begin the ‘premiership quarter’ as said by the coaches and players. A stunning snap from Finn Cleary converted and, boy, did the boys get around him in his fiftieth, but the game was far from over. For the rest of the quarter the ball was blocked down in Fitzroy’s defence with some influential rebounding from the Balwyn midfielders. Our defence held strong with Mason, Noah, Sam Ward and Isaac tackling, running and carrying the ball strongly to just give away two goals in over ten minutes. When three-quarter time came Assistant Coach Gerry explained how Balwyn would come out hard in the final term and we needed to hold out position in this game.

The final term of the game started with a bang with a tap from Joel to the class of Tom Ward who was able to work the bicycle chain with other on ballers Darcy and Laird. The ball was worked to Mitch, the bull, on the wing who was able to centre it inboard to Sam Clarke. It was then kicked to Gabe, who took a strong overhead mark. He then executed a marvellous kick to the lead of Stanley. This was one of the standout passages of play that occurred during the match. A free kick later in the game for high contact came the way of Darcy, who then slotted it right through the middle. The game was pretty much out of Balwyn’s hands but not before a monstrous snap from Sam Ward that sealed the team’s largest ever winning margin. Late in the last quarter the ball was launched deep inside Fitzroy’s forward 50 that was followed by a very controversial ‘hike’ as proclaimed in American Football by ruckman Joel Avery. The ball was flicked to Yianni, leading to his next goal to seal his bag of three for the match.

Post game Scott talked about how well we maintained our structure throughout most of the game and we sang the team song with pride.

Fitzroy: 11.4.70 Balwyn: 3.0.18

Round 8 - Kew Rovers vs Fitzroy


How could it not be a great match – Melbourne turned on the best day for footy – air crisp, sun shining and no breeze – even Stradbroke Park was looking at its best – perfect conditions.

Coach Scott gave the team their final instructions and the boys ran onto the field with great enthusiasm ready to take on whatever came their way. It was Umpire Appreciation Round and Umpire Mitchell, while no taller, and looking not that much older than the players themselves, through the ball in the air to commence the game. We had a different set up than usual with Jack closer on ball able to use his pace and determination from the beginning of play and Dom in Full Forward greating a fabulous target for the boys to aim for, supported by Gabriel in the forward line and Lucas the superboot with those penetrating kicks on goal. The strategy change worked a treat and we were off to a good start by the end of the first quarter.

Second quarter came and every player held position and played accountable football. Tom stoic and fierce as ever, Finn and Stanley laying some great tackles, Sam W and Laird clearing the ball from stoppages with some wonderful tap-outs from Joel, Mason and Darcy our flyers down each wing and ever-ready for the back-outlet passes from the packs to bring the ball forward. Our defence line held strong with Yianni, Kyle, Mitch, Sam C and Will not letting a single entry into the opposition 50 go without a fierce contest and thanks to their super efforts and relentless pressure on the opposition rebounding the ball back to our mid fielders to capitalise and send the ball moving down to the forwards.

By half time we could smell it and so could the coaches – no dog poo on shoes involved – it was the very subtle hints of a victory in the air, although there was much work ahead before the final siren. Line coaches got the boys in their groups and with a final address from Coach Scott out the boys ran again FJFC lion hearts beating as one to continue the task ahead. Quarters 3 and 4 saw much of the same thing except for Noah who kicked his first goal – albeit not in the most glorious of styles, but who cares – 6 points is 6 points – the boys got around him and it was great to see. The team displayed a wonderful brand of footy and due to their tireless determination, victory was achieved with the sound of the final siren – well done team.

Final scores RoyBoys 7-4-46 defeating the home side Kew Rovers 1-1-7.

Author: Ramshaw/Pearce Family

Round 7 - Glen Iris vs Fitzroy

Photo of the week – A determined Tom Ward kicks out of trouble (Rob)

No match report this week.

Round 6 - Fitzroy vs Greythorn

Photo of the week – Stanley Nicholson blasts away (Kym)
Round 6
It was a wonderful day for football not a cloud in the sky for the Indigenous round game. The ground was a little bit wet but not so much that you couldn’t bounce the ball. First Sam Clarke and Kyle ran through the banner for their 50th games. The siren sounded as the umpire bounced the ball. It was palmed by Joel to Laird who exploded out of the centre. Laird kicked it long to a pack where it was punched away to a crumbing Stanley. He kicked it to a running Sam Clarke, who fumbled the first time but ran on to it and kicked an off balanced left foot kick to dribble through the goals. Later in the first quarter the ball was trapped in the Roys forward line where Stanley went hard at the ball and was rewarded by a high tackle. He went back and calmly kicked the Roys second goal of the quarter. At quarter time Scott talked about how Greythorn had the wind and they would come out hard. The second quarter started. A fired-up Greythorn pushed the ball out of the midfield. Using their fast run, they moved the ball towards the forward line where was kicked it to an open player twenty metres out from their goal. He went back and slotted it. Later in the quarter, the ball was booted down in to Greythorn’s forward line between Jack and another Greythorn player. It landed in front of them and then they ran on to it. There was a race which was dead even, then Jack gave the other player a heavy bump. The other player went flying and Jack went on and kicked it up forward again. Later that quarter the ball was in the Roys forward line. A Greythorn player kicked it out where they had numbers. They then got it and used their run and a chain of handballs to get it up to the other end as quick as a bullet. There a player scrolled in to an open goal. The siren went and at halftime Fitzroy lead by the bare point. In the next quarter Fitzroy had the wind but they couldn’t convert. At first Lucas had a long kick to convert but it just fell short. Later Lachie had a shot at goal but again he missed. Mitch was very prominent using his strength he got the ball many times and kicked it up the line. Later to his dismay the Greythorn coach noticed his dominance and proceeded to double team him to shut him down. Several times Sam Ward got the ball on the boundary line and using his superb left foot kicked it up the line again. Tom was doing an excellent tagging role and completely shut down their usually dominant number four. Mason as always running up and down the flanks faster than a cheetah. The third quarter ended with the score lines Roys 13 and Greythorn 13. The fourth quarter started and Fitzroy had it in their forward line, but again Greythorn used their fast game to run it up the other end to kick an easy goal. At one point the ball had been sent to an open forward line and Gabe and three other Greythorn players running at the ball. Gabe ran on to the ball and worked hard to create a stoppage where Fitzroy could catch up to the ball. The quarter ended with Greythorn kicking away. The final scores where Fitzroy 13 and Greythorn 27. After the game Scott talked about the indigenous round and Joe Johnson a Fitzroy player back in 1904 and the first indigenous player to win selection in the VFL. Mitch and Stanley well deservingly won the two medals and though Fitzroy lost, it was a good game none the less.

Author: Jack Oldfield

Round 5 - Beverley Hills v Fitzroy

Photo of the week – Laird Ramshaw shows how its done (Kym)
Round 5

Congratulations Sam, Jack and Tom on 50 great games. This was one of the greatest of them all in sunny Doncaster on a big ground, barely a breath of wind.

It must have been the teal clash jumpers or the sad late night for the Hawthorn fans that left us still sleeping when the starting siren went. Within 6 minutes, Beverly Hills had 2 goals at the city end and our forwards had not seen the ball. Laird got our first clearance and then another from a great tap by Joel. And then the play of the quarter, Darcy running, kicking to Mason then Lachie then Darcy again. The last 5 minutes of the quarter, we were looking better, both teams brought great pressure around the ball and great tackling. The siren blew – we were down 2-0-12 to 0 but we had a real sniff.

In the second quarter, we were kicking to the city end which was to be the scoring end. Laird kicked our first goal from a free kick, a just reward for going hard at the ball – set shot, goal. Then there were more forward entries and for the next 10 minutes they only had the ball twice up their end. There was a lot of work for our boundary umpire on the grandstand side – throw in after throw in, all with perfect air. We were peppering the goals and their defence rushed a couple of behinds before Finn marked a great kick from Mitch and was paid a 50 metre penalty. This brought the mark to top of the goal square – great flag waving by Matt! At half time we had our noses in front by 1 point.

The 3rd quarter was a tale of defence. Jack, Lucas, Dom and Kyle all took goal saving marks in our back half, Rance inspired (All Australian Full Back). And when we didn’t mark it, we tackled and tackled and forced the ball forward with quick hands or short quick kicks. And when we got the ball into our forward 50, there was the Laird wall, keeping it down there. Both teams were good in defence that quarter and there was no score.

We had the scoring end for the last quarter and having seen the Tigers lose the last 3 weeks in the final minutes, we weren’t going to let this one slip and leave our suffering parents with more heartbreak. We were hungry for it. We got the first clearance and again we kept it in our forward half for as long as we could. There were more dashing runs from Darcy, even after a heavy knock to his left ankle. And more great marks from our 50 gamers, Sam W and Tom. We had a couple of chances to score a major in the last quarter and couldn’t take them. But our defence stood tall with marks, clearing punches and more hard tackling. When the siren sounded, we were all so happy – what a great team effort. Well done Roys!! Final score Beverly Hills: 2-1-13 to Fitzroy: 2-4-16.

Author: Stanley Nicholson

Round 4 - Fitzroy vs Greythorn

Photo of the week – Darcy Winstanley in match winning form (Kym)
Round 4

No match report this week.

Round 3 - Balwyn Y vs Fitzroy

Photo of the week – Lucas Rocca impressing the coaches (Kym)
Round 3

This game had it all – rain, wind, sunshine – usual Melbourne footy weather and the old cliché of a game of 2 halves – first half all FJFC and second half all Balwyn.

We started the day with Yianni streaming through his 50th Game banner in style followed by his trusty team mates – everyone is pumped for another win.

Q1 and we’re off to a flying start. Our rucks were tapping to all the right places, mids were clearing and our wingmen were streaming up the flanks and forward line was on fire – we had most of the footy with our inside 50s although only converting 1.1 to Camberwell 0.0 at the first break.

Our coaches gave the boys further instructions and Q2 was underway. The weather closed in and the rain came down and didn’t stop for most of the quarter. But the Roy Boys just kept on coming, although Balwyn had started to put some moves on us, we had some hard tackles, and bursts from packs which saw us at the half time break with a great lead given the wet conditions 2.2 to 1.0 our way.

We lost our mojo during the break and the third quarter saw us up against a refreshed Balwyn who took us on. Unfortunately, we also sustained some injuries during this quarter which didn’t help our cause – Joel with a corky to the bum from a super tap-out, Laird off for most of the third after a hard in and under attack on the ball resulted in banging heads with the opposition and Lachie also in a crunch tackle on the wing. Scores are level at the change 2.3 a piece.

The sun finally decided to reappear but it was not to be for FJFC. We still fought hard and saw the game through, although limping over the line. Things just didn’t go our way, be it the ball not bouncing in our favour or just when there was a glimpse of an attack, Balwyn quickly shut it down. We didn’t score for the last quarter, it was a hard day at the office for the Roy Boys. Final scores Balwyn a victorious home side 4.5.29 to Fitzroy 2.3.15.

Author: Laird Ramshaw

Round 2 - Camberwell 2 vs Fitzroy

Photo of the week – Sam Clarke in action (Kym)
Round 2

Sunday was a difficult day playing against 3-4 players taller than our coach.
They got away early but in the second quarter we were easily the better side. Darcy lit up his wing and with Laird and Isaac playing well we went into half time a couple of goals in arrears.

They came out the better side in the third quarter but we never dropped our heads and kept trying.

The final quarter we were starting to match them again. Isaac was starring in defence, but in the end they were just a bit too good but we will get our chance to redeem later in the season.

Finally, listen to your coach train hard and things will turn our way.

Author: Will Moore

Round 1 - Fitzroy vs Kew Rovers

Photo of the week – Mason Johns in action (Kym)
Round 1

It was a new era for the team, with Scott Hamilton taking over as coach. Having worked the boys hard during the off season, Scott’s address before the first game focused on courage and teamwork. He stressed the importance of the team getting the better of Kew in the first five minutes and urged the boys to be first at the contest. The first quarter started in fine form, with Lucas bombing a Rocca special to score the team’s first goal. New Team Captain, Sam Ward, was leading by example, as was Dom, all class as he weaved his way out of trouble with the ball. After a period of scrappy plan and despite the best endeavours of the defenders, Kew kicked a goal to equalize the score. With both team’s working hard to gain advantage, Mason, Darcy and Tom were finding some early season form and Gianni was an inspiration in defence. New recruit, Gabe, was getting his first touches of the ball as a Fitzroy player and having an impact. The first quarter ended with scores level. The second quarter commenced with Jack getting lots of possessions and Isaac working hard in the ruck. With the ball in Fitzroy’s forward line, Sam and Finn were desperately unlucky not to score goals, while Darcy was tackling hard to help ‘build the wall’.  Finally, the hard work of the team was rewarded when Sam, Joel and Laird teamed for Laird to kick the team’s second goal. In the blink of an eye however, and despite the best efforts of the Fitzroy defenders, Kew managed to score an equalizer at the other end of the ground. With Kew on the attack again, this time Fitzroy defenders managed to stabilize the situation and close out the quarter. Scott praised the boy’s efforts at half time. He stressed the importance of the boys ‘building the wall’ to keep the ball in their forward line and the importance of maintaining momentum when bring the ball forward. Kyle and Noah’s outstanding efforts were called out. The third quarter started with Noah taking a courageous mark and Joe playing hard and dogged at the ball and not giving up. Joel was showcasing his groundwork while Lachie, Mitchell and Sam Clarke were working hard to help the team build momentum. Their efforts were rewarded when Jack took an overhead mark and kicked a goal. Unfortunately, this followed with the fleet footed Kew midfielders clearing the ball from the centre and kicking an equalizer. The quarter ended with a wonderful smother from Sam Ward. Scores were level. The final quarter started with Kew on the attack and kicking another goal. Finn took a terrific contested mark and Noah applied one of his match saving tackles. Sam Clarke took a great running mark. With the game in the balance and Fitzroy behind, both teams where desperate at the ball. Not giving up, the boys worked the ball into their forward line. After a period of contested play, suddenly, seeming out of nowhere, Will kicked a goal to equalize the scores. The tension was now palpable. With seconds remaining, the Fitzroy midfielders cleared the ball again from the centre.  Not wanting to let the opportunity get away, Laird took matters into his own hands. Twisting and turning, he snapped at goal and managed kick his second for the game. The siren blew and the first time in four seasons, the boys had won their first game. A great team effort for the Roys!

Author: Oldfield Family


Scott Hamilton on the season ahead.

Vale Colin Ward

It was with sadness that the players and parents mourned the passing of Colin Ward, grandfather to team captain Sam Ward and father to Nick. Colin was one of the team’s most enthusiastic and committed supporters and much loved by all. His insightful views on the team’s performance and his friendly presence around the ground will be greatly missed.

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