Coach: Keli Symons
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Assistant Coach: Andrew Nelson
Assistant Coach: Richard Colyer

Team Manager: Courtenay Moxon
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Trainer: Lana Nelson

Team Page Editor: John Harms
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The Team

The Squad

1 - Seb
2 - Joey
3 - Dylan
4 - Meg
5 - Theo
7 - Finn
8 - Elias
9 - Roman
10 - Marlo
11 - Henry
12 - Jasper
13 - Leila
14 - Oliver
17 - Olive
18 - Gus
19 - Johnny
20 - Karl
21 - Paddy
22 - Matthew
23 - Frankie
24 - Leeroy

Lightning Premiership - Fitzroy Under 10-3 v The World: Photo Galleries by Charlotte White and Richard Collyer

On a freezing day at Bulleen, the mighty Roys Under 10-3s beat Kew Rovers and Brunswick North, but went down to the old foe, Richmond Centrals, to just miss out on the final.

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Kew Rovers W v Fitzroy Under 10-3: Photo Galleries (Charlotte White and Richard Colyer)

Kew Rovers W                    1.3.9
Fitzroy Under 10-3           10.15.75

Charlotte White and Richard Colyer tell the story of the terrific Roys’ win in pics.

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See Richard Colyer’s (some photos are by Flynn Colyer) full gallery HERE.



Richmond Centrals v Fitzroy Under 10-3: Thriller by the river (by Theo)

by Theo Harms


The Kevin Bartlett complex is in parkland by the Yarra River. There are many beautiful gum trees. It wasn’t that cold. It was tropical compared to frosty Alfred Crescent. But that’s because we warmed up really well. (It was the parents who were shivering – JTH).

We were playing Richmond Centrals who looked like the Richmond Centrals because they were the Richmond Centrals and they also looked like the real Richmond.


Dylan won the toss and we kicked with the breeze which meant that Roman’s kicks were going about 60 metres. We need to find out what Leeroy had for breakfast because he had MEGA – ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!! He was dominating the forward line. He just kept getting the football. When he marked it he would play on straight away. But he kept kicking points. I had a good view of it all because I was in the forward pocket. Ollie kicked a goal which fired everyone up. Roman kicked another goal. We had a good wall. But we kicked a million points – well, actually, seven points. The score was 2.7 to 0.0.


It was so much harder in the second quarter because we were kicking into the wind. It was strong. Roman’s kicks were only going 59 metres. Our backs were under pressure and Joey and Elias were standing up well. Our mids were getting back to help. It meant we had to do a lot of tackling which we did. We managed to kick three more points. The score at half-time was 2.10 to 1.4.


The third quarter there was a domino effect. Players kept going down, one after the other, with injuries. It was a physical game and my main job was to stop the other team kicking goals. Then we would get the ball forward. We attacked a lot. We had the ball in our forward 50 for most of the quarter but they defended well too and we kicked 1.1. Roman was our goal-scorer. He was having a blinder. The score was 3.11 to 1.4.


We led by 19 points but the wind was up and we knew they would finish strongly. My job was to watch and yell out encouragement because it was my turn on the bench with Meg. It was a very exciting last quarter. It was the best game we have ever played. We tried so hard. But they just kept attacking and they were able to kick a couple of goals. The crowd was really barracking. We could hear all the parents supporting our team. The ball seemed to fall for the Richmond players at the end and they kicked a goal to get ahead. We tried to fight back. Everyone was desperate to do what they could to get the footy forward. We looked like we were coming back – but the siren sounded.

The final score was 3.11 to 4.7. We lost by two points.

We felt that it was a great game but we did not win. We felt no disappointment because Keli and all my team-mates tried so hard.

I hope we can beat Kew Rovers!


Richmond Centrals       4.7.31
Fitzroy Under 10-3        3.11.29

Photos by Karen Colyer.

See the complete galleries of Karen Collyer and Charlotte White HERE.

2017 FJFC U10-3 R12 Gus and Dylan

Gus burst clear on numerous occasions. This time, while Gus looked like Malcolm Blight, Dylan used the time-honoured Ronaldo aeroplane shepherding technique which, while effective, saw him land on the sixteenth at Yarra Bend Golf Club.

2017 FJFC U10-3 R12 Leeroy in the ruck

Leeroy had a fine game both up forward and on the ball. He was particuarly good at absorbing (and repelling) physical pressure.

2017 FJFC U10-3 R12 Theo hair

Apart from making a stack of tackles Theo was also offering local birdlife somewhere to carry out their Spring nesting.




Richmond Centrals v Fitzroy Under 10-3

by Coach Yabby

a light breeze, sun is out
finn is a late withdrawal
dylan wins the toss

off to a strong start
the midfield machine on fire
intense contests all

leeroy takes chances
roman to ollie sneaks one
fist pump from his mum

I make some changes
we are still winning contests
and into the breeze

the captain attacks
the way all good captains do
jasper’s on the ball

leeroy soars; 8’s down
“looks good for us” says Roman
the bench is pumped up

last half, breeze is up
I see that yuri is puffed
gus is strong and fast

johnny’s hands are clean
he has reached the next level
paddy roves his own kick

marlo is possessed
henry is reading the play
frankie takes no crap

we all tackle hard
the crowd know our names “go theo”
seb and matt are fierce

meg, strong in the wall
our intensity lifts still
it is hard to score

some hits behind play
now the wheels might come right off
I ask for cool heads

richmond are not cool
the coach said ‘you hit ‘em hard’
I don’t like it much

the breeze is stiff now
we so want to win this one
we throw ourselves in

elias and karl
ollie trying their hearts out
just one more goal please

they get away quick
olive, joey desperate acts
Leila tackles tough

siren sounds too soon
you wouldn’t be dead for quids
we did not concede

Photos: Charlotte White (check out Charlotte’s full gallery HERE)

Check out Karen Colyer’s photos HERE.

2017 U10-3 R12 huddle and Keli

Yabby promising she’ll write this one up in haiku if everyone puts in.

2017 U10-3 R12 Seb mark

Seb, about to squeeze the air out of the Sherrin.

2017 U10-3 R12 Leeroy

“Cocco!” has a hint of the “Capper!” about it.

Kew Rovers v Fitzroy Under 10-3

This week we had two photographers.

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Fitzroy Under 10-3 v Park Orchards B: As cold as ice (by Dylan Colyer)

It’s as cold as Ice, I’m willing to sacrifice my warm bed, I want to play for the Roys on Alfred Crescent. The car is covered in ice, the seat warmer is nice, the sky is cool and the hot air balloons are high in the sky.

The oval is covered in ice, I’m frozen, I’ve lost feeling in my feet.

2017 U10-3 R10 frost pre-game


Our opposition is Park Orchards, 8:30am and it’s game on. The Roys get the ball down forward fast, I am in the play and score a point. There’s shepherds from Elias, Matt, Ollie and Finn. Meg takes a brilliant mark in the centre. Joey’s down in the back line and he stops a goal. Roman’s going in hard and was unlucky by hitting the post twice. Paddy is having a purple patch, Elias slides one in.


Leila wins the tap out and Seb is on the receiving end of a hard tackle, Gus takes a great mark, Elias snaps the ball into the goal. Roman has a big left foot kick from the pocket.

Ollie takes a brilliant mark in the back line, Henry is battling in some great contests.

We’re in for the tackles this quarter, Theo going in hard, also Roman, Henry and Seb.

Frankie passes the ball down to me and I score a brilliant goal from the left pocket and we are all smiles.


Joey  and Olive are working hard in defence and Matt clears it out. Roman’s in for another hard tackle, sends it forward, Karl’s in the pack, then Henry takes a mark.

Finn is on for a contest at half back and he stands up.

Olive goes in hard and again, what a tackle, Roman clears it out and Johnny scoops it up, he’s on the run. Henry great tackle, Seb marks it, Meg’s chasing.

Frankie and Ollie are tackling.

Gus puts in a big attack on the footy and dashes away.

Roman passes to Paddy.

Seb makes a great  smother.

It’s 7.3  to 2.5.


Leila starts the last quarter with a great tap in ruck, Paddy’s on to it, then Elias scores a point.

Lots of attacking from the team.  Dylan shepherds, Theo tackles and Dylan tackles hard. Dylan gets the handball away.

Roman kicks it down forward, Dylan gets pushed in the back, he lines up for a goal, its going, going, oh no it hits the goal post

Elias scores an amazing goal. Leila wins another tap out.

Park Orchards are just a bit too strong for us.


Park Orchards were a tough opponent at times they made it hard to get out of defence. We put in a really good team effort.

Marlo did a great defensive job on number 21, Leila was going great in the ruck, winning many tap outs. Supported by the mids working hard around the ground and forwards worked to go for goal, conversions made by Elias and Dylan.

Joey worked hard at full back, supported by the half backs defending the goals.hey were kept busy. Matt getting free from time to time and clearing out the ball. Johnny running well in the backline, circling around and get the ball forward

There were lots of tackles by the team, Roman/Henry/Gus/Olive/Dylan and especially Seb, he must have made about 20 amazing tackles and he was tackled hard by the opposition in the first quarter. Theo got a few handballs and was making some excellent tackles.

We may have lost the game but our team play is getting better and better. We are starting to move the ball well by passing it to each other down the ground.


Fitzroy                     3.7.25
Park Orchards       8.5.53


See the full gallery of Richard Colyer’s photos HERE


2017 U10-3 R10 Dylan goal


2017 U10-3 R10 Roman tackle




Macleod v Fitzroy Under 10-3 (by Ollie and Jasper)

by Ollie and Jasper

On Sunday we played Macleod at their ground. The game started at 11.30. It was cold and windy but when the sun came out it was much warmer. It was quite an advantage to kick to the road end. In the first quarter Macleod kicked 3 goals and 2 points and we, Fitzroy, kicked 1 goal and 3 points. Dylan kicked the first goal for Fitzroy, which was extra special as it was Dylan’s first goal of the year and it was his birthday.

The second quarter was by far our best quarter. In the first minute Roman snaps for a goal but gets a point instead. At the two minute mark Dylan worked hard at the ball and was rewarded with a goal. Suddenly the ball came flying out of the pack into Roman’s hands, one-step, bang! Straight through the middle! Well into the quarter, from a big kick from the mid, Gus ran from the box into the hot spot to mark the ball, even though the defender spoiled it Gus managed to pick up the ball and kick a goal.

At half time I (Jasper) was so busy eating oranges I didn’t know what Keli said.

Macleod had the scoring end again but Joey and the backs kept Macleod from getting any goals, they only scored 5 behinds for the quarter.  Fitzroy did not get the ball down their end much and didn’t get any scores.

In the last quarter Macleod where always first to the ball. But early in the quarter the scores were level . Handball to me (Ollie), I quickly slammed it onto my boot thinking I could win it for the Roys but it missed by a whisker.  I thought “how could I miss that?” They overran us in the dying moments of the game. The final score was 45 to 34 Macleod’s way. Then the coach said something like keep your heads up and eat some snakes.

Macleod    6.9.45
Fitzroy       5.4.34


See Richard Colyer’s full gallery of photos HERE.

2017 U10-3 R9 Ollie tackle

Ollie is glad Seb is not tackling him.

2017 U10-3 R9 Jasper

Jasper is helping Matt by surveying the territory upfield.

2017 U10-3 R9 Dylan goal

In the finest tradition of The Dominator and other left footed half forward flankers, Dylan can find a goal.

Fitzroy Under 10-3 v North Brunswick (by Olive and Henry)

Match report by Henry Nelson and Olive Nicholson (Prizes for working out who wrote which paragraphs!)

We were playing against North Brunswick at Alfred Crescent on a cold day.  The opposition didn’t have a full team so we had to lend some of our players. Olive was our captain.

First Quarter

Beeeeep went the siren and the match had begun. I had to play for the opposition this quarter which kind of sucked but in the bright side I got to tackle some of my friends which made it worth it, especially Ollie! Gus kicked our first goal.

The other team was very good but we kicked the first goal. We kept on trying. We did some very good defensive work and Seb laid some great tackles. Then the score was even. I was so cold I got goose bumps.

Second Quarter

Gus, Johnny and Leeroy got some more goals. Leeroy’s goal was a whopper. We were in the lead! It felt good because we hadn’t been in the lead in a match for ages.

We were playing great which helped us to do some fantastic ball movement. Then after trying hard we got a few more goals. Leila had some good disposals.

Third Quarter

This quarter Elias was playing for the opposition and guess what? He kicked a goal for them!

Elias tackled hard for the other team and kicked a goal. The North Brunswick coach was cheering for him. Meg was great as she got a kick that set up a goal.

Fourth Quarter

This quarter Elias kicked a goal for us instead. By this time we were leading comfortably and when the siren blew we let out a great cheer! It was the first time we had won in this grade! After that we sang the song and went home. It was a GREAT game

We were pumped and ready as we went onto the ground. We were all ready to play the final quarter. All of us were feeling great as we kicked a few goals and then the siren went we had won.



See Richard Colyer’s full photo gallery here.


2017 U10-3 R8 James goal umpire 2017 U10-3 R8 James2 2017 U10-3 R8 Johhny mark 2017 U10-3 R8 team

Fitzroy Under 10-3 v Fitzroy Under 10-2 (by Marlo and Gus)


Sup ya’ll, Marlo and Gus here from fat, angry sheep corporation and I’m here to tell you all about the derby between the two Fitzroy teams. But before we get into the nitty-gritty stuff there are a few things you need to know. Well first of all, with a half broken wrist Finn still managed to get his butt onto the pitch. The weather seemed to cooperate and it was quite sunny. Pre-game Keli told us that we needed to get numbers around the ball. Then, behind Elias we all jogged onto the field.


In this quarter we did quite well. We started off strong and had a few good transitions into our forward 50. Meg got a lot of the ball and so did Roman. Unfortunately they got the better of us and achieved more scores.


They dominated the second quarter. Even though we did well they were better. Seb was fantastic and he laid about half of the team’s tackles. Luckily for us the opposition were really good at missing. Also in this quarter the coach’s favourite kids  (Meg and Ollie.) passed to each other a lot. Speaking of the coach’s kids I expected the Ump to give us a little bit of a hand!


Apart from Keli’s advice the highlight of this break was the kids dying of thirst. Fortunately Sturt McGain came to the rescue with a few water bottles when the water boy didn’t arrive.  Anyway, what  Keli said to us was to not give up and that we could still win this thing.


Finally the premiership quarter (as Frankie would call it,) came. Leila was in ruck and started the first hit out well. Leeroy was also amazing and Jasper found the footy a bit too. Seb (yes him again,) did extremely well, as well. We seemed to get tired, but like a true Roy would, we kept on going.


Last but most definitely not least came the last quarter. We started off in the centre circle and slowly (but efficiently) worked our way into the forward 50 where Frankie scored a beautiful goal. Halfway way through this quarter things started looking up for us we got another goal and a lot of the footy as well. Until they got the ball inside their 50, this put a lot of pressure on our defence. Luckily, we managed to get the ball back to our end of the ground when the siren rang for the end of the game.

And even though we lost. I thought we did a really good job. So, hopefully we will win our next game. Also don’t forget to wish Paddy a happy birthday (June 5).

Go Roys,

By Marlo


See the full gallery of Richard Colyer’s photos.

Fitzroy Under 10-3 v Fitzroy Under 10-2 (by Gus and Marlo)


Why hello there, we are Gus and Marlo and we will be giving you the latest news from this weekend’s football derby between Fitzroy 2 and Fitzroy 3 (that’s us).  After the fog lifted over the Alfred Crescent oval, the glorious winter sun shone over our homeground. Thanks to the nice work of Nick Tweedie the ground was divot and animal doo doo free.

First Quarter

Both teams came out hard and strong, getting the ball and passing it out. Unluckily, Fitzroy 2 just got the edge on us and scored more goals and points than we did.

Second Quarter

The ball spent most of the time in the opposition’s forward half and we didn’t score or get a lot of the ball. Seb went really well though, laying some ferocious tackles on the opposition and breaking out through the pack with the golden ball in his hands.

Half Time Huddle

At the big break we had some pretty sour oranges which helped put a little spring in our step. Keli’s main message for us was to keep going, never give up, get the ball and go for it. With those wise words in our ears we were off to start the second half.

Third Quarter

Nice passage of play from Roman who handballed it to Leeroy and then back to Roman who did a nice kick down to our forward 50 … then out of nowhere Frankie took a HUGE mark 20 out from goal!  Unfortunately his kick fell just short and the opposition were able to make a runner down to their forward 50. Olive kept the pressure up and laid some beautiful tackles. Marlo was quick with his hands helping us have some great opportunities.

Fourth Quarter

In the last quarter we came out hard and furious, getting the ball and doing some great clearances.  Frankie and Roman scored 1 goal each this quarter.   Karl laid some pretty good tackles and was in amongst it all a fair bit.  Johnny also did a few great sprints down to our forward 50 in this final quarter.

Even though the match didn’t go our way, I think we were pretty resilient. We had a great game.


See the full gallery of Richard Colyer’s photos.


2017 U10-3 R7 Gus

One of reporters, Gus, stands strongly in the tackle and snaps around his body.


2017 U10-3 R7 Marlo in the ruck

Our other reporter Marlo battled hard in the ruck for much of the match.


2017 U10-3 R7 Seb flying

Seb threw himself into the contest all day and even flew for a speccy.

Glen Iris v Fitzroy Under 10-3 (by Johnny)

[Nice companion pieces from Johnny and Roman – Ed]


It was a cold, windy Sunday morning when the Roys headed over to Glen Iris in Hawthorn.

1Q. Seb kicked a lovely banana from the boundary and it went through the big sticks. Leeroy chased down the tackle of one of their fast players  and found a free man and that man was Roman. Roman kicked a left foot snap directly in front of the two big sticks.

2Q. In the second quarter Gus took some lovely marks to stop them from getting goals. Olive did some great tackles to stop the ball from getting it into their forward fifty.

3Q. We played way better in the third quarter than we did in the second quarter. It was great that we managed not to let them get lots of goals. They got one goal, one point but we got one point.

4Q. We won many contests in the ruck this quarter. They also scored a couple of goals. Later on, Roman put on a beautiful tackle just inside the square and played on quickly, kicked it to Elias but Elias didn’t mark it. Roman came sprinting through roved the mark and hand balled it over the top to me, I then ran closer to the goals and followed up with a goal. A few minutes later we got it to our forward line again and Roman got the ball hand passed it to me and I missed the shot, and it went on the boundary. Then Matt gets the ball and does an Eddie Betts style from his pocket and he drop punted it and it went through the big sticks.

GO ROYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Captains: Theo and Johnny.

Glen Iris                          12.7.79
Fitzroy                               4.2.26


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2017 U10-3 R6 Johnny mark

Johnny takes a captain’s mark. (All thee pics by Richard Colyer)

2017 U10-3 R6 Theo mark

Co-captain Theo also flies for the mark.

2017 U10-3 R6 Twins

Twin trouble: an unsuspecting Gladiator about to get the thumbs down.

Glen Iris Gladiators v Fitzroy Under 10-3 (by Roman)

On the 28th of May 2017, the Roys headed over to Glen Iris in Hawthorn for the Indigenous round. It was a cold, windy Sunday morning, but the Roys were ready to play.

1Q. Seb kicked a wonderful banana from the boundary and put the Roys on the board. The next goal came from a beautiful assist from Leeroy to me and I kicked a left foot snap directly in front of the goals.

2Q. In the second quarter Paddy calmly tapped the ball down to Leeroy and he put the jets on all the way into our forward line leading to a great Roys goal. When the ball came down into their forward line Gus took some courageous intercept marks to stop them from getting goals.

3Q. During the third quarter Oliver took some great marks and some lovely kicks to start a couple of goals and also Olive did some strong tackles against some of their stronger players to hold up the ball and stopping it from going into their forward line.

4Q. Matty did one of those Eddie Betts style from his pocket and after that he turned around to the crowd and showed them how the Roys play as a great team. We continued to kick 2 more goals from a great player Johnny. Even though the score board wasn’t on our side we are still growing stronger as a team and we want to make Keli our coach proud.

We are looking forward to this week’s DERBY at our home turf.

GO ROYS!!!!!

By Roman Moxon #9


Glen Iris                         12.7.79
Fitzroy Under 10-3       4.2.26


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2017 U10-3 R6 Roman medal

Roman and Huckleberry Finn won the Indigenous Round medals. (All three pics by Richard Colyer)


2017 U10-3 R6 Jasper hair

Jasper asking Olive, Karl, Dylan and Paddy whether they would like to join his New Romantic band.

2017 U10-3 R6 Dylan marking

Dylan on the lead.


Fitzroy Under 10-3 v Richmond Juniors: Match report (by Karl)

This week we had an early morning match against Richmond. Fortunately it was not as cold as last week! We knew that the game would be tough since this week we had moved up a grade. Henry and Marlo were our co-captains this week. It seemed like we had some good luck when we won the coin toss.

Q1: This quarter Richmond started strong with five goals and one behind. Roman also kicked our only goal for the quarter, from the boundary. This was the quarter when we found out that the other team was pretty rough! Frankie got a black eye and had to be carried off the field.

Q2: This quarter it was a bit more evenly matched with Fitzroy scoring one goal and one behind, and Richmond scoring one goal and two behinds. I also got elbowed in the stomach by one of their roughest players, but at least it meant a free kick which led to a behind.

At half-time Keli told us to focus on the ground balls, because the other team was getting too many of them.

Q3: The sun was still shining, but our hopes were fading, as they kicked three more goals and three behinds, while we only kicked one of each.

Q4: We were getting very tired by this quarter. It had been a tough game and it wasn’t getting much better. Unfortunately Frankie was injured again, this time getting winded by a Richmond player. However, the Roys kept going and scored a goal and three behinds. One of the behinds was actually a Richmond own goal.  This confused my dad who was having his first go as goal umpire.  Luckily Courtenay was there to explain the rules to him.  We managed to finish with a bit of excitement, with Roman having a free kick just on the final siren. We all hoped for one last goal, but it was a tough angle and distance and he did well to put it through for a behind.

After the game Keli encouraged us not be put off by our loss, or by rougher opponents. She said with a bit of extra training we’d get there before too long.

Final score:

Fitzroy Under 10-3       4.6.30
Richmond Juniors        13.8.86


See Richard Colyer’s full gallery of photos.


2017 U10-3 R5 Karl chasing

Karl (our reporter) keeping his eye on the play – and his opponent.

2017 U10-3 R5 Joey flies

Joey going the fly. He later took a Huddo-like mark and slotted home the set shot.

2017 U10-3 R5 Leeroy in the ruck

Leeroy has been watching Shane Mumford.

Fitzroy Under 10-3 v Richmond Juniors: Match Report (by Elias)

by Elias


On Sunday we had an early home game.

It was our first game in our new division. We played Richmond.

Our co-captains won the toss.

The game started okay. Our opponents were rougher than us.

At half time Keli told us we can still win this game.

We tried our best, however Richmond were the better side on the day.

We lost our first game.

Keli was proud that we tried our best.

We are looking forward to improving next week.

Go Roys


See the gallery of Richard Colyer’s photos.

2017 U10-3 R5 Leila and Elias

Leila goes up in the ruck while Elias (our reporter) readies himself to pounce.

2017 U10-3 R5 Roman reach

Just too high for Roman as Theo crumbs.

2017 U10-3 R5 Henry Jasper Seb

Jasper looks very concerned for Henry who is in danger of swallowing a low-flying Magpie as Dylan and Seb rove the spillage.

Fitzroy Under 10-3 v Ashburton (by Paddy)

When the game started it was wet, soggy and hard to bounce the ball. In the first quarter our midfielders and forwards were playing really hard, so it was quiet in defence.

The opposition was a good team at collecting the ground ball, but was not able to score much.

In the second quarter Oliver kick a goal as well as Gus who kicked from a long way out.

Johnny excited the team by kicking a banana goal during the third quarter, whilst Frankie got a kick from a boundary throw in that dribbled and dribbled all the way through the goals.

In the last quarter the midfield started winning the ball all of the time so the forwards scored a lot.

Henry had a magnificent game in the midfield, Marlo was great in the ruck and Layla did a great handball that led to a goal.

Everybody sang the song really loud and we got to give our mums a muffin after the game thanks to Roman’s Mum.

Go Roys

Fitzroy Under 10-3      13.3.81
Ashburton                       2.3.15


To see Charlotte White’s full photo gallery CLICK HERE

2017 U10-3 R4 Paddy

Paddy (our reporter) was rock solid across half back.

2017 U10-3 R4 Frankie on the left

Frankie kicked a couple of goals and was happy to kick with his left foot a few times (like this one).

2017 U10-3 R4 Henry on the burst2

Henry broke clear of the centre a number of times. So did Matt especially when he started working with Marlo on the taps.


Fitzroy Under 10-3 v Ashburton: Mothers' Day footy (by Theo)


Fitzroy Under 10-3 v Ashburton

Alfred Crescent (home)

8:30 am

by Theo Harms


IT WAS COLD. REALLY COLD. The moon was sinking below the horizon. It was big, round and smooth, impossible to miss just above the trees.

Q1: When the siren sounded, no one ran very fast, because it was TOO COLD! We won the toss and were kicking to the playground end. Johnny started the game really well – he ran around a lot.

Ashburton were going good and were hard to get past. They blocked off any goals we tried to kick and as the ball came back it ended up going through the behinds.

Q2: Marlo was in the ruck the whole game and I did not see him lose a tap. We had started to warm up and were starting to speed up too. We had finally managed to kick a goal. The scores were 1-2 to 1-2 (along the way). After a few more minutes both teams had scored a goal and a behind, so we were still even. We scored again.

Q3: H had started to break through Ashburton’s tackles and was soon free running with the footy. That allowed us to lead out and receive a kick and get the ball into our forward line, but they were really good defenders. At the end of the quarter, we had booted a few straight kicks through the goals.

Fourth quarter = BEST QUARTER EVER!!!!!!!!! We tapped the ball straight from the ruck, blasted it down the scoring zone, and through the two grand goal posts. And then just … repeat that about 9 or 10 times! As the last siren sounded the scores (definitely not even) were 13-3-81 to 2-3-15!

Because it was Mothers’ Day, Roman’s mum Lucy had baked everyone’s mum a cupcake. It was also Joey’s birthday so after we sang the Fitzroy song we also sang happy birthday to Joey.

We remain…undefeated.


Fitzroy Under 10-3            13.3.81
Ashburton                            2.3.15


To see Charlotte White’s full photo gallery CLICK HERE

2017 U10-3 R4 Gus 3

It’s not all easy going when you kick five. Gus wins the tough ball.

2017 U10-3 R4 Olive kick

Olive roosts the Sherrin forward while her opponent laments the fact his mother stuck his arm on the wrong way.

2017 U10-3 R4 Finn2

Finn started like a house on fire, taking on the Ashburton side.

Camberwell v Fitzroy Under 10-3 (Matt)

It was late Sunday morning when the Roys came out to play against Camberwell Sharks. The weather was cloudy and it rained after the game. I was captain. Camberwell were very disorganised and didn’t have an umpire and they didn’t do a coin toss. I got to choose which way we were going without the toss. I chose the way of the breeze. It was very strong.


Q1: In the first quarter Gus kicked two goals. We had the breeze so it made it very hard for them to get it in their forward 50. We had lots of scoring opportunities and I’m pretty sure we scored 5.1.31 in this quarter. We had a strong lead going into the second quarter.


Q2: In the second quarter we were kicking against the breeze. Elias  got his first goal for the Roys. A couple of times Marlo tapped it forward beautifully and I roved it and ran away from their mids and kicked it into the forward 50. We had a great lead going into half time


Q3: Before the third quarter started, we were running onto the field and they were already on the field. In this quarter we got some goals from the boundary. First Leeroy was on the boundary and snapped it in straight through the middle. Joey also had a boundary shot right next to the post and he ran around and had a shot with the banana and he converted it. Roman was also pushing up from defence as well as Leeroy and Joey. It was a beautiful pass from the midfield to Roman and he took the overhead mark and quickly handballed it off to me. I had a free shot on goal with no one close to me at all but I thought I had someone on my tail and I rushed and kicked a behind. We all thought we were surely going to win and wouldn’t let them score a goal.


Q4: This was the last quarter of the game. I was moved to the forward flank in this quarter. They had the breeze and we were all tired. They kicked two goals in this quarter and I was pushing down the ground because they were getting heaps of it. We got it in the forward 50 twice this quarter but we couldn’t convert and we weren’t able to even score a point. We won by 57 points in the end



Camberwell         2.5.17
Fitzroy U10-3    11.8.74


Photos by Charlotte White. See the full photo gallery here.


2017 U10-3 R3 Matty poise

Matt was elusive all day.

2017 U10-3 R3 Olive

Olive had one of her best games ever.

2017 U10-3 R3 Gus

Gus was dangerous up forward.

Round 3 - Camberwell Sharks v Fitzroy Under 10-3 (Meg)

by Meg Orr


It was a cold, windy day and it looked like it might rain at Lynden Park. Last time we played Camberwell we got thrashed. We’ve got a bit better since then so I thought it was going to be a close game.


The game was started by a magnificent tap by Marlo. It came in quick to the forward line. Next tap, Marlo passed it to Matt who sprinted to the forward line and passed it to Gus who scored a great goal. Then all out of nowhere Olive got the ball into the forward line and before we knew it we had 3 goals!


We thought it would be harder in the second quarter to score goals because we were kicking against the wind, but our midfield just kept getting the ball. The mids, like Matt, Olive, Seb, Johnny, Theo and Henry just kept getting the ball and sooner or later Frankie got a goal.


Then in the third quarter the Lions were unleashed and goals came from everywhere, even the backline. The Sharks didn’t give up but unlucky, they didn’t get a goal.


In the last quarter the Sharks managed to score but Fitzroy managed to get a win even though we ran out of breath. I thought it was a great game because the Sharks didn’t give up.


I think I played a good game because I got the ball, I shepherded my teammate and I passed to my teammates and they scored goals. I think Matt, our captain played one of his best games this season and all my teammates played well too.

Camberwell           2.5.17
Fitzroy U10-3        11.8.74


Photos by Charlotte White. See the full photo gallery here.


2017 U10-3 R3 Ollie and Matt

Matt played a terrific game in the centre. Ollie made the most of his chances and set up a goal with a beautifully timed handball.

2017 U10-3 R3 lining up to tackle

The Roys were lining up to tackle like they were buying hot Hungarian salami at the deli.

2017 U10-3 R3 Paddy

Paddy had a huge last quarter.



Game preparation

Henry ‘H’ Nelson uses the time-honoured method of game preparation.


2017 Under 10-3 Henry - game preparation

Round 2 - Fitzroy Under 10-3 v Banyule (by Frankie)

by Frankie Donnini


Today was our first home game of the year and our team was ready.

Last Monday at training our team trained really well and I was chosen captain.

Everybody at the game was revved up.  It was time to do the toss.  Our umpire tossed the coin and I called tails.  I won, so I chose to go to the the park end because there was a slight wind advantage.

The game was a great contest for the whole of the match and our team was winning.  There were lots of highlights through out the game and some of these were…

  • Leeroy took marks like you would be taking a specky. You could even see the gap between his feet and the opposition’s head.
  • Roman kicked 5 goals 11 behinds. Roman even kicked a goal from 20 metres out on the boundary line.
  • Seb tackled like a beast. Nobody that could get away from. When Seb tackled, they handballed and as soon as the opposition received the ball Seb would be on that person.
  • Henry played in the backline and he took the ball out of his position and kicked the ball so many times I could not keep count.

It was such a close game.  Fitzroy only won by 9 points but everybody played a really good game.

Fitzroy Under 10-3       8.19.67
Banyule                           8.10.58



2017 U10-3 R2 Johnny 2017 U10-3 R2 first bounce 2017 U10-3 R2 Leeroy


Round 2 - Fitzroy Under 10-3 v Banyule: Match report (Joey)

Fitzroy Under 10-3       8.19.67
Banyule                           8.10.58


by Joey Barnard


The game was played against the Banyule Bears. It was our first game in Roys jumpers. We played on the soft surface of Alfred Crescent.


First Quarter

At the start of the game, the ball was mainly in our forward half. Leeroy booted the first goal after a quick behind. They came back quickly scoring 1 goal 1, even faster than we did. Soon after they started to get away, moving 7 points out of our reach. We replied to equal up the scores late in the quarter.


Second Quarter

In this quarter, I was moved from Centre Half Forward to Full forward. Dylan and I did well to lock the ball in our forward line. Eventually I kicked my only goal for the match, barely even crossing the line. Seb’s tackling was incredible. In the end, we had a four point lead at half time.


Third Quarter

Karl played impressively this quarter and got a few handballs out. Matthew played a good role in defence this week. Gus took some impressive marks this quarter. Roman grabbed the ball and started running along the boundary line and he eventually punted it through. We kicked multiple goals this quarter and ended up with an 11 point lead. Roman took a mark on the siren 30 metres out on the boundary. He torped it, although it bounced, the defenders didn’t bother getting it and it eventually went through for a behind.


Fourth Quarter

I went into this quarter unconfident because I had been reading the scoreboard wrong. One boundary goal wasn’t enough for Roman. He had a few more tries from the boundary line, missing them all. Leila took some great marks. Only a couple of minutes left in the game and I realised what our score was. In the end, we won by 9 points. The final scores being Fitzroy 8.19.67 and Banyule 8.10.58.



Banyule were a great opponent and they played fairly. They were good at taking marks. Overall, it would have been better if we passed more rather than kicking from a long way out, which resulted in us winning by 9 BEHINDS. It would be good if we practise a bit on our spoiling. Their fullback did well because they rushed two behinds. It was a bit disappointing because the umpire let us kick off the ground even though we’re not supposed to. Before the game, Roman’s dad Courtenay cracked his knee after he twisted it the wrong way.

I believe Frankie was a great skipper. He won the toss and led us to our second victory of the season, this time by nine.

GO ROYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Photos by Charlotte White. To see the full gallery CLICK HERE

2017 U10-3 R2 Joey2 2017 U10-3 R2 Roman4 2017 U10-3 R2 song

Round 1 - Beverley Hills v Fitzroy Under 10-3 (Seb)

by Seb Donnellan


Today (April 23) our Fitzroy team took on Beverley Hills Junior Football Club on a sunny day at a lovely oval called Doncaster Reserve.

Match talk:

I thought our team played particularly well in the first three quarters but the last one we slackened off a little. Overall we had a really good game. We attacked the ball well, defenders stuck to their men at crucial moments, mids got back when needed and it was a beautiful game to play in. Everyone gave a full commitment to the Royboys which I was really proud of. I think the entire game was played in the good Anzac spirit, playing for others not your self .

U10 R1 Seb tackle


U10 R1 Seb

C’arn the Roys

Fitzroy                   4.7.31
Beverley Hills       2.3.15

Round 1 - Beverley Hills v Fitzroy Under 10-3 (Leeroy)

by Leeroy Cocco

Fitzroy and Beverley Hills were getting ready to play their first footy match for the season. It was a beautiful sunny morning for the beginning of our under 10’s exciting year ahead.

In the whole game both teams played really well . There was lots of running, tackling and kicking from both sides.

Joey kicked 1 goal 1 behind for the match.

Roman kicked 2 goals 2 behinds, Johnny kicked 1 goal, Frankie kicked 1 behind and I kicked 2 behinds. For the match we kicked 4 goals and 7 behinds, for a total of 31 points.

I think as a team we will need to improve on our goal-kicking.

In the last quarter Fitzroy crumbled and Beverley Hills kicked 2 goals and 3 behinds. In this quarter our defence was lacking that’s why they got their points. We also need to work on our  manning up.

Our captain for next Sunday is Frankie. Let’s practise our footy during the week and hope for another win.



Fitzroy Under 10-3       4.7.31
Beverley Hills                   2.3.15


Here are some pics taken by Charlotte White. [See the full photo gallery by clicking HERE]

2017 U10-3 R1 season's first ball up

2017 U10-3 R1 Leeroy2

Roys guard of honour at Etihad

Last Saturday some players from the Fitzroy Under 10 teams formed a guard of honour and ran through the banner with the Brisbane Lions side as they prepared to take on the Western Bulldogs. It was Bob Murphy’s 300th game.


2017 U10-3 Lions Etihad 4

2017 U10-3 Lions Etihad 3


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