Coach: Matty Drew
Assistant Coaches:
Darren Driscoll
Damian Carr
Team Manager: Denzil Flood

The Team

#1 Jhy Lay
#2 Tai Hill
#3 Rohan McKenzie
#4 Ned Goodwin
#5 Finn O'Reardon
#7 Riley Flood
#8 James Kanizay
#9 Patrick Quilty
#10 Lachlan Kanizay
#11 Flynn Colyer
#12 Oscar Teakle
#13 Tyler Drew
#14 Satchmo Kennedy
#15 Sam Willee
#16 Daniel King
#17 Leo Norman
#18 Dominic Carr
#19 Max Bourke
#20 Patrick Schickerling
#21 Reuben Edwards
#22 Jacob Atkinson
#23 Jack Driscoll
#24 Owen Eade
#26 Logan Canole-Kakouri

Round 12 Match Report

From Guest Scribe, your favourite Runner and mine, Mr Darren Driscoll

17 July, 2016
Fitzroy-2 v Doncaster
Ramsden St Reserve, Clifton Hill

Consistent with forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology Sunday morning presented as ideal for football with a gentle winter sun and limited breeze. Consistent with our experience at Ramsden Street Oval as the coin was tossed nature unleashed a fierce northerly wind of biblical proportions that would once more dictate the manner in which our game would be played. We are thinking of changing our club song to “Oohh Ramsden Street where the wind comes sweeping down the flanks” (sung to the tune of Oklahoma.)

This week we were to take on our traditional rivals the Doncaster Cats. The boys from Shoppingtown well and truly had our measure in the drizzle of our last encounter however the confidence is growing in the team that with a full list our best football can beat anyone. We had to bring our best football – and we did!

Losing the toss and playing into the wind did not worry the Roy Boys as the team is fast learning on how to play in tricky conditions. We needed to start well, tackle hard, run in support and hold the ‘hoops’ up – and we did! Riley opened our account with a hard running goal into the wind showing his offensive polish to complement his blue collar work ethic. The efforts of defence were outstanding in this quarter to hold out the hard running Cats and frustrate their entries into attack. Well done Reuben for marshalling the troops and to Sam who improves his defensive capability each week. We were in front at quarter time and the Donny boys knew they had a fight on their hands. Fitzroy 1.1-7 to Doncaster 0.1-1

In accordance with Coach Drew’s instruction we used the wind perfectly in the second quarter. “Kick long, create space up forward and run on to the ball” he cried – and we did! Leo’s effort from the 50 metre line had the Roys fans to their collective feet and was a fitting reward for his tireless running in the ruck. The kick was so long it caught goal umpire McKenzie frozen in disbelief before he signalled the all clear. We were clearly leading however to their credit Doncaster battled into the wind to score a major setting up for a tense second half. Fitzroy 2.6-18 to Doncaster 1.2-8

The boys decided to rest on the ground at half time as our opponents sought refuge from the wind. The third quarter was to be our most important for the season. We asked Paddy Q to use his run and carry skills into the wind and help us score – and he did! Not once but twice a flash of pink boots could be seen moving up toward the club rooms to kick goals and inspire the team leaving a litter of young cats behind. Doncaster was pressing too – this was important game for them and they managed to kick four goals in the term. Their last from a stoppage with 30 seconds to go will be replayed in the nightmares of the coaching team for weeks to come. Doncaster 5.6-36 to Fitzroy 4.6-30

The maths was simple. Six points down multiplied by 15 minutes to go divided by the wind ratio squared by the circumference of the oval gave us the calculation that we could win if we ran out the game. This simple calculation was somewhat complicated by injuries to the courageous Leo, Riley and Reuben. It was a tough game and boys did not shrink from the contest and played in a fair spirit – Roys footy! The efforts in the last quarter were heroic. Full team participation working toward one goal. A great snap by Tyler and magnificent long bomb from Satchmo (who lifted his game to a new level) were scoring highlights and the game was in our grasp. The tough team that Doncaster is meant they would not lie down and they gave it their all. Edge of the seat stuff and time and time again our defence desperately cleared the ball. As Dom picked up and kicked forward the siren sounded to the joy of all connected to the team. Well done Roys – lead by the captains from Thornbury Primary in Sam and Tai and we had our best win for the year. We are taking it “week by week” but it’s almost time to consider the “f” word if we can continue to play at this level.

Fitzroy 7.12-54 def Doncaster 6.9-45


Round 11 Match Report

10 July, 2016
Fitzroy v Camberwell-3
Ramsden St Reserve, Clifton Hill

Ramsden St, where the wind comes racing down the Merri Creek and kicking against it is like voting Green; it feels right as it leaves the boot but pretty soon it’s obvious it’s just not going to reach the target!

We were expecting a tough outing against our traditional rivals Camberwell Sharks, tackles would need to stick and our goal was to lay at least 10 solid tackles per quarter. With limited training over the school holidays, you never know what to expect, and the pre-match address was all about teamwork, maximising our opportunities up forward and is Vietnam the new Bali for the middle classes. The sharks circled the field, proceeded to win the toss and kicked with the breeze.

The first quarter was about having the novelty of a full squad taking the field (a luxury we’ve been waiting for all season) and having Tai back was, we hoped, the last piece in a winning puzzle. Kicking against the wind, we needed to ensure we restricted the opposition’s ability to get the jump on us. The Roys did a great job, close quarter running and tackling only to unfortunately have a momentary lapse and concede a goal in the last 20 seconds before the quarter time siren – the traditional coach killer (along with idiot team managers and unpaid bookies)! Camberwell 1.3-9 to Fitzroy 0.2-2.

In the second quarter, we had the wind at our backs, and the run of the play. Restricting the Sharks attacking players worked and they failed to trouble the scorers. We had the ball in our forward 50 for the majority of the quarter but, as is still our major weakness, the scoring zone became overcrowded and whilst we kicked a couple of goals we probably should have kicked more given the opportunities we had. The boys need to be disciplined and lead into space and also try to draw their defenders out of our “hot spot”. Most pleasing was Tai’s goal with his first kick of the season – and a smile that leaves no doubt that it’s good to be back. The Roys in front at the break. Fitzroy 2.5-17 to Camberwell 1.3-9.

At half-time the message from the Coach was once again drawn from his list of mature seaside homilies and he declared that if the Sharks got up he would take his bucket and spade and go home. Our ruminating Captains Oscar and Paddy Schicks decided that short of singing the chorus from Oklahoma there was little to do but lead the boys back into what might very well become a Shark Tank.

In the third quarter we expected Camberwell to fight back, and so they did, they pushed hard and played well in the windy conditions. We came close to scoring against the tide but the Sharks were resolute in defence and cleared the ball with big kicks to put them back into attack. They scored 3 goals to none maximising the wind advantage and took a 10 point lead into the last quarter. Camberwell 4.4-28 to Fitzroy 2.6-18.

The final quarter saw us feeling confident, we had the wind, plenty of fresh legs with 6 on the interchange, and the 3/4 time message was simpler and not quite as long as a senate voting sheet – kick it long and kick it to Rohan! Not letting us down, No.3 lit it up in classic style, 30 seconds in Satchmo from the middle and Rohan had 1, then he had 2… and then a 3rd on his left foot and we had a buffer. The Lions looked home but the Sharks sensing a resistance not quite at the Mick Fanning level kept trying to take chunks out of the Roys lead and a late Camberwell goal narrowed the gap to 3 points. Time for one more lunge from Camberwell… the ball arcs into their forward line and it’s…..Reubssss who is solid as a rock taking a standout mark under pressure to stop the flow. The siren sounds, a great game from both sides and we are still a mathematical chance to scrape into the finals as we are to win the lotto. Pleasing aspects were; the boys willingness to tackle with intent (more than 40 for the match); players using their opposite sides (Paddy Quilty 3 kicks on his right foot!!! – but two short of the number required for the PlayStation upgrade that was the basis of a protracted negotiation with his father – tough love Paddy!); and the Roys finishing strongly to once again win the last quarter.

Fitzroy 5.7-37 def Camberwell 5.4-34

Round 10 Match Report

26 June, 2016
Greythorn Vs Fitzroy
Greythorn Reserve, Balwyn North

The sun was shining as we drove down Alpha St to an afternoon start at the home of our traditional opponents Greythorn Falcons and well it might have, for here in all their splendour was one of the best examples of faux French provincial McMansions that the eastern suburbs has to offer – “we don’t get out of bed for less than 3 votes and nothing civilised starts until after lunch!”

Coach Drew back from his sabbatical up north reminded the boys that today was about dogged determination as Greythorn was the number one team in the comp but we had improved a lot since they bested us in Round 4.

The first quarter was about getting used to the wind, it blew hard to the southern end of the ground and it was clear that if you made the most of it you would win the day. Jack despite being up against the best ruckman in the comp won his share of the hit outs and this gave us opportunities but scoring against the wind was difficult. Greythorn were booting it long into the forward zone but pressure from Reuben and Ned saw Greythorn kick only a single goal and a few minor scores. A number of attacks were stopped on half-back too as the ubiquitous Leo and Dan intercepted the opposition forwards with more persistence than those people with the how to vote cards on election day. All in all a competitive start Greythorn 1.4-10 to Fitzroy 0.1-1.

The 2nd quarter was our turn with the wind and it was galloping Paddy Quilty who led the way and his speed with the wind behind him was terrific. Goals to Paddy and a great goal from Rohan gloriously balançoire as ever had the Roys momentarily in front before Greythorn got a goal against the run of play to maintain a slight lead at the long break. Greythorn 2.5-17 to Fitzroy 2.3-15.

At half-time the message from the Coach was to smother Greythorn’s kicks so that they could not use the wind to their advantage and if the ball was in our forward line make the most of it. Captains courageous Paddy Q and Finn O led the boys back on to the windy wasteland of woe with a view to delivering all the love that ‘Holden’ stalwarts reserve for the Falcons’ namesakes at Bathurst.

The 3rd quarter saw the wind blowing even harder and the Falcons superbly took flight. Whilst the Roys had an impressive 4 scoring shots to the six of Greythorn it was the run of unanswered goals in the middle of the quarter by Greythorn that saw them take control of the match. Highlights for us though included the Log rolling over two opponents in the goal square to prevent a certain Greythorn goal, Max gliding past to pop one through on the angle and Paddy running harder than Bill Shorten in a marginal electorate. Greythorn 7.6-48 to Fitzroy 3.6-24.

The last quarter saw the Roys struggle as the cold settled into tired bodies (surely people had cancelled Everest summits in better conditions than this) and the wind would not fill our sails as hoped. A single goal was all that was managed between the two teams in the desperate search for majors and in the dying stages even the elusive Paddy Q was brought to ground and carried off to receive the stalwart ministrations of our resident first aiders Carlee and Bec (love your work). So it was that the Falcons soared to a solid victory on the favourable winds of the third quarter but from Round 4 the improvement by the Roys was much evident to all and well noted by the opposition coach.

Greythorn 8.7-55 def Fitzroy 3.9-27


Round 9 Match Report

Fitzroy 6.8-44 def Hawthorn Citizens 6.6-42

Round 8 Match Report

Doncaster 6.14-50 def Fitzroy 3.0-18

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